Washington Mutual Plastic Card Evaluate

Buenos aires Mutual is one of the most significant finance institutions of America plus it provides an wonderful various charge cards. The you are the Buenos aires Shared Us platinum Minute card that will come with quick approval thus you don’t need to await times to know the position of the request, you are free to know quickly whether or not the job for the California Shared Us platinum Credit card is eligible or otherwise. Like a way of safety contrary to the illegal services that are on a rise, the Washington Mutual Us platinum Greeting card incorporates Bucks fraud legal responsibility on not authorized buying so you don’t need to spend difficulty sleeping in case that happens.

With no yearly price and discount rates from well-liked suppliers online this card is difficult to resist. The promotional stability transfer Annual percentage rates is as low as Per cent for that first 12 accounts receivable series as it is the introductory offer and after that the annual percentage rate for acquisitions is different from 9.99Per-cent to 19.99Percent. The California Good Platinum Greeting card also provides you with a elegance duration of 25 nights when the asics is paid completely punctually of the repayment as well as the equilibrium is calculated in line with the technique of these two-routine common daily stability such as new buys as well. With the Wa Shared Us platinum Minute card you’re incurred at the least Dollar1 as a finance fee and 1Percent of every obtain as the deal payment for your buying that you simply make outside the Ough.S. and its particular territories. The California Shared Platinum Card charges 3Per-cent for each and every stability shift ranging from at the least Dollar5 to at most Dollar75 and 3Percent from the advance i.electronic. at the very least Bucks10 is charged within you as the advance loan charge. If you’re delayed in paying of the bill, late fees different from Dollar19 to Money39 is charged according to your balance and if you go beyond your arranged credit line during any payment never-ending cycle an overlimit charge of Bucks35 is charged within you.

The Wa Common American platinum eagle Minute card also will provide you with the initial and fun California Mutual Credit history account supervision offering you a package greeting card whenever you visit the visit the website thus growing client base and assisting you in the difficulties of looking and trying to get a card.

Not to sometime ago the Washington Mutual took control of the Provident Credit Card which has been the erstwhile bank card large and possesses nabbed the 9th placement in the credit card rating in America subsequently and after this it offers you three more playing cards to pick from one too to be the Providian True Advantages Minute card. The Providian True Benefits Card is different from other folks since it rewards you with details every time you use it and the rewards are available in different forms and thus providing you with independence of preference. So with Providian Genuine Advantages Card you may use your returns for getting flight tickets or as bistro deals.

Yet another greeting card available from the California Shared is the Providian Cash Return Greeting card which provides you money back again on any acquire you’re making and thus supplying you with enough possibility to get your cash back with every purchase created by you.


  • Rickey says:

    I just knew that WAMU has failed. The largest US bank to fail in history.
    Are the checking accounts still free monthly fee and free check book?
    Also, what happen with my mortgage with Washington Mutual?

  • Maryalice says:

    In other words, if I buy Washington Mutual at the 16 cents it’s at right now and they go through reorganization of the company will I still be holding the same company that might come out of bankruptcy?

  • Billie says:

    Is it smart to invest in Washington Mutual as a long term investment?

  • Lora says:

    I am considering opening a very modest account at Washington Mutual because I like terms of one they offer. I realize that such accounts are insured and protected, but I wouldn’t want to go through any hassle at all should the bank be forced to close it’s doors due to mistakes it made in its lending practices.

    Is it even possible that such a large bank could fail? And, if it did, how hard would it be to access any money that might be in one of its combination checking/savings accounts?

  • Sunday says:

    I had an acocunt with Wells Fargo, and they had so many silly fees, that it was not even funny. Washington Mutual has a good reputation; I hope they’re as good as everyone says they are.

  • Alejandra says:

    I am traveling abroad soon to the UK. I have called Washington Mutual and told them the travel dates that I would be there. They told me the card should work, but cant guarantee that it will not get block for possible fraud. Has anyone else used a Washington Mutual Visa Credit Card abroad? Am I likely to have issues with declined transactions? Thanks ahead of time for any replies.

  • Earleen says:

    I currently have a savings account with Washington Mutual. my birthday is on December 26th, 1991. im not sure what my accurate age is, but im pretty sure that i am 17 right now. i was wondering if you are 18 years old, then can you withdraw money out of ur savings acct? when can i start withdrawing my money out of my acct?
    my mom is the custodian
    i am the donee

  • Michel says:

    Does any body know about money market accounts with Washington Mutual? I wanna open one up if it’s worth it. I wanted to know the do’s and don’ts.

  • Karlyn says:

    Is their any chance, even if it would take 5 to 10 years that Washington Mutual stock, WAMUQ, has any value? The price is very low and I am very confused how the whole take over works.If you could explain that, that would be appreciated. If the stock really won’t change then why is it still on the market?

  • Dwight says:

    I have 2 CDs in Washington Mutual (well, JP Morgan Chase now) that are well under $100,000. If I were to wait until they both mature to withdraw them, would I go to Washington Mutual to do that? And would I get all my interest? My parents are telling me to close the CD accounts tomorrow… should I?

  • Hui says:

    I have a checking account in which my check are directly deposited to from where I work. If I open another account with washington mutual, and I want to put some money into the accont as like a savings type account..can I use paypal to transfer the money back and forth? If so, are there any drawbacks?

  • Fidel says:

    I just got a b of a account only because they let me open an account with only 1 form of id.I initially wanted Washington mutual.I’m curious when i get my debit card (which I believe can be used as another form of id)
    what do i do to transfer my money to Washington mutual and close my b of a account?
    will I get charged if so about how much?
    I went to Washington mutual first today and they said i needed 2 forms of id.
    Bank o0f American also wanted to forms but they let me with only 1

  • Allan says:

    What do you think the effects will be? Banks seem to get bought out all the time, but this is the biggest bank failure in American history. How will it effect the current Washington Mutual customers, and more importantly, how do you think it will effect America?

  • Ruthe says:

    I work for an attorney’s office handling an estate and we have just the Acct. No. and the name Washington Mutual Fund. Is there a place where I can call them directly? I can’t seem to find any info.

  • Micah says:

    What one is better for someone who doesnt have much money?

  • Morgan says:

    I have been given information that Washington Mutual Banks could go Bankrupt (possibly bought out by Chase Co.) My friends called from the East Coast and said that Today (September 16, 2008), TWO banks have already closed, and at 3:00 p.m., Washington Mutuals Ceo’s are going to file bankruptcy. I went onto Google Trends and checked the stocks. It looks like they went down today 85%, down to $2.32 a share. Does anyone know anything about this. Please confirm this, or at least add some info. Thanks!!!!

  • Daniel says:

    I bought $1000 worth of WAMUQ stock at .11. It is now .02 a stock I don’t know whether to sell it or keep it. I was told by a WAMU manager that the stock is valueless and once they become Chase that I will lose all the stocks because Washington Mutual will no longer exist. Does anyone know if this is true? Any suggestions as to what I should do?

  • Janelle says:

    I have the same kind of account opened with capital one, are they safe?

  • Gregg says:

    By Peg Brickley
    It has to do with a waterfall…

  • Marianela says:

    her main account and saving acoount said she has nothing
    the last time she checked she had 12,000 in her bank account and now she has checked it and she has not spend it but it came up with a zero balance and she is scared.

  • Siu says:

    so i am trying to get over losing alot of my hardearned money by solely investing in Wamu, but now i am wondering if the price will ever go up or even down and if i am able to sell it anyways! is this still a company and are people still allowed to trade it in the future?
    washington mutual?

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