Things To Ask When Looking For A Natwest Charge Card

There are many different bank cards available for anyone looking to commence a credit rating portfolio. Among these may be the NatWest greeting card. This card, like all significant credit card supplier, gets the support of large savings. It’s wise that comfort and ease and steadiness as a way to help allay any fears regarding the way forward for a company. If you are considering obtaining a NatWest credit card on your upcoming requires, the subsequent describes more details on what you need to take into account. Beyond just the NatWest credit card, you should realize these questions in addition to their solutions facing any business or possible business on your credit score wants.


You will need to know just how much credit that you would like on your minute card. Each and every credit card is unique along with the bank will likely collection the volume of monies that you’re permitted to use. Should you be looking for a set amount of an personal line of credit, take into account talking to the business you are contemplating. Often, there is certainly ersus some wiggle space and they also might be able to give you what you need in a timely fashion. Also, ensure that the sum you are looking for is just not too large. You do not are looking for the enticement of shelling out a lot of therefore a credit card has a big restrict, think about picking an additional. This may be a great way to ensure that you will get the most from your card without having risking entire out going under.


You will also want to think about the settlement preparations on a card before you decide to consent to acknowledge the credit card. Repayment buildings can vary greatly derived from one of card to a different but there may assuredly be one discussed for your requirements. NatWest can be a business which is available and informative regarding settlement objectives. Itrrrs this that you need to ensure that you take advantage selection of a card that you can pay off successfully and with no feeling weighed down.


Lastly, you might want to think about and discuss the service fees of the card. Borrowing money on credit rating just isn’t totally free. There can be big charges connected with them. Because of this, you’ll want to make certain you have every one of the details that you need to ensure that you just make the most of your card and are not in a tight by large amounts of cash wanting to be paid back. For this reason, talk to your card provider and ensure you realize all service fees concerned. Take into account any yearly fees, monthly fees, along with the rates too. This will be relevant to make certain that you get what you look for without getting in a tight straight into large charges.


When you have queries, be sure to speak with your credit card company. This is your monetary long term which is within your protection under the law to boost any concerns you will probably have. This can make sure that you stay healthy and happy inside your monetary future.

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  • Nelson says:

    Ok, I’m new to this so bear with me.

    Ok I’m 20 years old and I’ve found myself in a bit of debt.

    My debts are……

    Student Overdraft – £670. Lloyds TSB. Not started paying yet.

    Student Overdraft – £450. Natwest. Paid off £50 so far.

    Student Rent – £800. I’ve already paid off £2800 of it.

    Student Rent – £10,200. I went to University in London, I left a couple of months into my course and now they’re chasing me to pay it. I left in January last year.

    Phone bill debt – £800. Orange. Just stopped using my phone and stuff but now theyre chasing me for about 13 months of debt.

    I am on Jobseekers allowance, I have no assets and I live in a 3 bedroom house that is privately rented. I live with my girlfriend and her daughter. So I have a dependant child.

    Ok here is my twist….. On my 2 student rent debts, my mum signed as guarantor. So If I am declared bankrupt, will the debt companies still chase my mum for the debts??

    Also, Ebay are chasing me because I sent a camera to someone but the customer said they never received it so Ebay gave them their money back and now want me to pay Ebay!! But I am fighting this debt.

    Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Many thanks

  • Angela says:

    Is this possible to have a student account with a different bank whilst having a standard account with a different bank to put all your savings in?

    Also with student accounts, can you borrow money?? I am really stupid I know but I am so confused with student credit cards and student current accounts ???

  • Dusty says:

    most i have seen charge a lfee to get the thing, AND then to topup with money, or even to use it- not really helping the people its targeted to..

    any cards (UK based) that do one without topup or transaction fees? want to use online and maybe abroad when I save enough..

  • Jefferson says:

    I am considering claiming back some bank charges from the last couple of years but I am worried that I will be asked to close my bank account if I am sucessful. The amount in question is relativly small (but I would rather have it my pocket than theirs!), so if I know that my account will be closed I will probably not bother getting the money back. An article on the BBC News site mention that one bank has used this practice but does not name anyone. Has anyone else tried to get money back from the Natwest, and what was the outcome?

  • Ayako says:

    Two and a half years ago I opened a bank account at NatWest because my uncle was in need of a business bank account, and he was not able to open one himself, for a number of different reasons. After I received the card and the PIN number, I have given them to my uncle and moved to Spain permanently with my girlfriend.
    The problem is that now it turns out that there was a £3,000 overdraft limit on the account and he has spent it all without repaying a single penny ever, and the account got closed 2 years ago because I forgot to tell them that I was abroad so they couldn’t reach me, and also because of the debt.
    I know it was a huge mistake and a really stupid thing to do, but I was only 19 at the time, and I kinda trusted my uncle, so please don’t bash me.
    Now the question is, that what has happened in the last 2 years I couldn’t be found or contacted in the UK? I assume I’m gonna be paying a lot of charges and interests for the next few months/years, but apart from that, is it possible that I have been sued by the bank and a court has made a verdict on my case even if I don’t know about it?
    Is it possible that they are looking for me, and will arrest me at the airport if I go back? That would be quite embarrassing.
    Will I ever have a good credit record? What happens if I want to rent a house in the UK and the landlord or real estate agent checks my credit records?
    Any answer would be helpful

  • Azalee says:

    I have a natwest student account and have a £500 overdraft. It says I can increase my overdraft for the second semester but does anyone know when.. it will be a big help for christmas as my loans are coming in january to pay most of it off?
    Help please?

  • Cortez says:

    How long would it take for somebody to send me money from their Natwest account to my Natwest account?

  • Sylvia says:

    Anyone with Natwest (using online banking) who ordered a card-reader and received it? How long did that take?

  • Dianne says:

    I have a Natwest bank account with a branch in Edinburgh. However I am now back home in Northern Ireland for a while. Can I deposit money into my Natwest bank account in Edinburgh using my local Ulster Bank branch? There is no Natwest branches in Northern Ireland only Ulster Banks which is like the smaller brother of Natwest.

    If this is possible are the funds available immediately?

    Any help much appreciated.

    Thank you.

  • Dave says:

    Hi wanting to transfer £50 from my natwest account to someone I know who lives about an hour away to purchase something off her and she’s going to post it on to me?
    I have her account no and sort code and know full name and that its a nationwide account?
    Any one work in natwest or know the system to transfer money and does it cost more to do do it and can they just do it in my local branch if I pop in?
    Also how long it takes to transfer?
    Any help would be appreciated never done it before :)

  • Noemi says:

    I recently opened a Natwest Adapt account, They sent me the forms that I had filled in on the internet, I think my account number was on there. I posted the forms back to Natwest as requested and now my card has arrived. For security, I now need to tell them my account number, and I posted it to them, is there any other way I can find it?

  • Tamatha says:

    I haven’t been given my pin code, and want to know where i could find it? Do i need to visit a Natwest branch or do i do it online?

    Thanks, help is appreciated!

  • Domenic says:

    I have to send some money to Manila and was told that I can deposit the money into the main PNB account through NatWest and then PNB will send it to the bank account in Manila. Do I have to give Natwest any other information?

  • Tianna says:

    Hi all and thanks for your answers in advance. I have no clue when it comes to bank accounts but i’d like to transfer some cash tommorow from a Natwest account to a TSB account and i want it to go in on the same day. How do i go about this?


  • Evita says:

    with a NatWest adapt account it says something about doing surveys for money on Dubit informer but when you follow the Dubit Informer link on Natwest’s website it goes to another survey site called Quench and i checked that both websites exist. does anyone know if the company changed or if its part of the same group ect.

    i will most probally check in a branch before doing anything but i wanted to see if anyone had any info here.

    thanks in advance x

  • Eveline says:

    I have just a normal account with NatWest, but I want to get it changed to a student account. If I was to go into Natwest tomorrow to get it changed, how long would the change take?

  • Kathern says:

    Okay so I opened an account with Natwest recently and sent them my birth certificate as proof of identity (didn’t want to send my passport) and my account was opened, so obviously it got to them in one piece. I got a letter saying it’d be returned shortly as well as all my other bank details, but I never got it. It’s been a few weeks now, so I’m just wondering if anyone knows how long it takes them to send it back?

  • Odell says:

    This may sound silly but I don’t know what an overdraft is and how it’s paid back?
    I’m curious because I start university next year and I’ve been told several times I could use an overdraft is I really need to, but I don’t know what it is?
    Also, what UK bank account do you recommend a student using?

  • Margrett says:

    i have a natwest solo card, and im going on holiday next month to south america, my solo card says on the back maestro which means it can be used if seeing that logo. will it work in south america ?

  • Jimmy says:

    I have opened my student account with natwest,and was told by the advisor that to get the free rail card offered with the account, I should apply online for it. I have been on the natwest website, and can’t find a link anywhere, all I can see are links to actually apply for the account, which I have already got!!Please help!!!

    Thanks :)

  • Sixta says:

    What kind of information I need of his Natwest account? Can I transfer directly online? BTW, im not in UK right now. Thank you very much.

  • Tammi says:

    I have an adapt account..

    And I would like to know whats better for a 15 yr old, is Natwest or Barclays better for my age?

  • Louise says:

    Does the natwest gift card (the visa electron one) have a CVV on the reverse? I’m looking to purchase one but I am unsure if they have this and it is required to make most online purchases. The main purpose for this is to avoid the credit card charges that ryanair impose, so if anybody has used one for this purpose I would be particularly interested to hear if it worked or not.

  • Ricardo says:

    Has anyone done a transfer from barclays to natwest since this fast transfer thing has been out?
    Also is the fast transfer an hour, instant or a day or so?

  • Dominique says:

    I put a cheque in on Friday around midday with Natwest. I just wondered when the cheque is cleared so I can use those funds, it is only like a fiver but just curious :)

  • Alma says:

    Just expecting a cheque deposit to become available to me today. Was just wondering what time Natwest update their systems each night.

  • Gil says:

    I am wih Lloyds and my mum is with Natwest. I need to transfer just over £1000 to her account, is this possible? Or will I have to withdraw it as cash and have her pay it into her account.

  • Shasta says:

    I have regular money going into my Abbey account every week and wanted to put a small amount each week into my Natwest account. How can I take some of the money from my Abbey account and put it in my Natwest account online? Thanks very much for any help.

  • Dusty says:

    I want to transfer £49 from my natwest account to my friends account who is with nationwide bank but lives two hours away!
    I was going to pop into a local nationwide branch an pop money straight into her account but turns out the local one is over an hour away!
    Does it cost to transfer money? Any ideas how I could do it? My natwest branch isn’t open until tomorrow to ask (small town)
    Can anyone help which will be the best way, anyone work for natwest etc?

  • Perry says:

    I require the bank statement with my address on it tomorrow so can’t wait a week for Bank to send it to me. I have logged on to Natwest Online and viewed my statement but I see no option for printing. Anyone know how to print it out with my address? Thanks in advance.

  • Bryce says:

    To get it do I HAVE to be a Natwest customer? Can you only get it from the actual Natwest banks or can I get it from shops, too? If you can get it from shops, then what shops? Also, does it cost anything? Thanks.

  • Arlyne says:


    I am thinking of investing about £25000 in the Natwest Adventurous stock and share account. Is now a good time to invest in such account?

    I appreciate any suggestions.

  • Jennette says:

    I had opened the Natwest student account in 2006 and I returned home about a year ago. Have valid bank cards as well. Would like to know if I’m going to get a new debit card after the current one expires. Help please…

  • Wendell says:

    I have recently received my natwest adapt card in the post. It came with the Natwest Adapt welcome pack. It says to activate the card, fill in the form included and either send it off or hand it in to any Natwest branch. I would just like to know if i handed it into a natwest branch how long it would take to activate??

    Cheerz :)

  • Georgia says:

    Do I need to speak to Nationwide or Natwest, or both? Thanks

  • Melina says:

    Ive received some PPI return money from Natwest bank. I don’t want to pay this into my current account, I want to pay it into my savings. My savings account is with the Yorkshire Bank, can I still pay the cheque into my savings?

  • Benny says:

    Im having problems using my UK natwest maestro debit card in sydney, I have been told this may be because there is some scam protection on the card and I will need to ring a 24 hour line to confirm it’s me using the card, anyone know which number I need to ring? I cant find anything on the natwest website!!
    Thanks in advance!!

  • Augustine says:

    Why? I can’t get cash from any of the ATMs near me I have to travel ages to use them(can only use RBS/Natwest/forgot other 1) and it’s annoying, so it makes me just want to switch banks, so surely other people think the same thing so they’ll just lose more and more people.

  • Carter says:

    Basically i have just appied for the 11 to 18 Adapt card from Natwest online and they said that they will send a letter.But what is this letter going to be about ,How long does it take for it to come and what proof of identiy will i need,also when i’ve given the form back (all filled in) what happens next?Thanks

  • Nickolas says:

    Hi guys
    When I go to make a payment to someone using natwest online, it says I have to fill in the name of the person (ok) their sort code, their account number and their reference. Does anyone know how I should fill this in when making a payment to someone overseas. Is their account number included in the IBAN code or something?
    Many thanks guys


  • Celsa says:

    How safe is natwest (offshore account) to gaurantee 300’000 pounds in one of there accounts. What would your advice be to do with the money, with the current financial crisis.

  • Edison says:

    Its been 2 weeks and 4 days since I applied at Natwest. They told me in 10 days everything should be done, and if is something wrong with my application or so, they will call me. I didnt receive any call so I believe everything is alright, but why didnt I receive anything? Does anyone applied to Natwest? And how many days have you waited?

  • Zita says:

    Ive had to cancel last minute and called for a claim form, does anyone have any experience with Natwest of how long the claim takes to go through and payout?

  • Sixta says:

    Hi im new to online banking. On my full statement on Natwest, one of the transaxtions is highlighted in a pale red. I cancelled this order today, does the highlighted red mean that it has been cancelled ? Thanks

  • Alden says:

    ive just got a credit card with natwest, and already have 2 current accounts linked on my online banking. how do i add my credit cards to my online banking so that i can put money back onto it when i’ve spent?

  • Pura says:

    what is the charge natwest give you on each credit card transaction in the usa cheers ‘

  • Diana says:

    Its been 2 days since I’ve transferred money from my paypal account to my bank account in Natwest and the paypal transaction shows the status as ‘complete’ but after checking my bank account online the balance is the same so I’m a bit worried. Does it take this long?

  • Salvatore says:

    I’m off to Spain in august, what month would be best to get my money exchanged for the best rate? Also will it be ok to draw money out in Spain from there ATM machines?

  • Arlena says:

    Can I take money out while the switch goes on because I can’t be left like a week or so with no access to my money, can I?
    How long is it after I get an account with Natwest can I get a credit card?
    How long is it after I get an account with Natwest can I get a Loan?
    I’m switching banks as I need a loan, Lloyds has 29.9% APR where as natwest only has 19.9%APR as I’m 20 and therefore I’m under 23 the only loan I can get is through my bank unless i want ridiculous rates (please don’t comment on the fact that I want a loan, it’s only for £3000 towards educational costs, just answer the questions)

  • Robin says:

    How long does it take for a cheque from natwest (orange mobile) to clear in a barclays account?

  • Tabatha says:

    I am currently waiting on some winnings from a bingo site who said the pay released by them today (friday) natwest have told me nothing is showing as pending yet, does anyone know how the process works?

  • Fidel says:

    I want to open a natwest adapt account. But what card comes with the account. Is it visa electron ,visa or solo. May get one today or tomorrow

  • Giselle says:

    I am trying to sign up to NatWest online banking and its asked for a debit card number and it is not th 16 digit number across the cad as that was the previous question? help please!

  • Jacquline says:

    I don’t live near a barclays bank. But i have money in my wallet that i need to pay in. Can i walk into a natwest bank (or any other bank for that matter) and receive the money in my barclays account. Or can i only pay money into a bank where i own an account??

  • Ching says:

    For the last few weeks NatWest have been advertising their financial advice on television and radio claiming that they can help us manage our money better.

    Natwest is owned by Royal Bank of Scotland, who last week announced the biggest loss ever by a British company. How can they seriously expect us to listen to financial advice from people who can’t manage their own money?

  • Cody says:

    More specifically when it is a cheque from one Natwest account being paid into another, I have a personal account and my employer has a business account. The business account of my employer happens to be held at the same local branch I pay my wages into. Tried calling Natwest but have had a different answer every time, anywhere from 2 days to 8.

  • Isidro says:

    There isn’t a Natwest branch local to me (Stirling, Scotland), can I use RBS?

  • Diego says:

    Hi, I am 18 years old and I have planned on going to london this april for my spring break.I am going to travel by myself and meet my british citizen cousins who live there. I am just curious I checked the flight is $1200 from San Francisco to London (Roundtrip) I just hope that it wouldnt go up to like 2000 because right now I feel it’s cheaper because its too early to purchase a flight. Is it better off If i purchase the flight ASAP that way it’s cheaper because if its march will it go up?? Due to too many people wanting to go when the time comes. If I should purchase the flight from either British Airways or Virgin Atlantic then when should I purchase it like before February?? Or january or even now. I have 1000 in my bank I still am working at a job and saving a lot of money and im getting my paycheck soon. I have a debit card visa would that work?? I will buy a hotel too but that will probably happen if my cousin doesn’t have room for me to stay at his flat. He doesn’t know yet. Also once I get the hotel/flight dealt with. For pocket money, how many DOLLARS would I need. I will then put those dollars on my bank account then convert it to british pounds once I arrive to barclays bank. So How many dollars for 6 nights POCKET money is necessary? I want to go out for restaurants only lunch and dinner, including alcohol drinks and starbucks coffee, etc. I am not going to spend too much money like for fancy restaurants ( I wouldn’t go fancy) and I don’t shop for clothes you know… so let me know your answer will be highly appreciated :)

  • Damon says:

    I will be taking a trip with a school group to Paris and then London this coming year. I’ve been trying to figure out everything I would need and want. They suggested we might spend 50 dollars a day, which would mean at the very least 500 dollars for spending money on the trip.

    However I ran into a little obstacle. I am completely lost on understanding money in both France and England. Do they both use the euro? I know England uses the pound but will they also accept euros and vice versa with France? The transition from the American dollar and the euro is shown on google if it is looked up, but it doesn’t mean much to me….I’m not really sure if it is because I do not understand the money or if that was worded very strangely.

    I know most of my questions may seem incredibly obvious and kind of stupid, but I’ve never been the best in understanding money, even in America. If you are able to give me a rundown and any information on my best way to understand switching my money and using it wisely while in these foreign countries, then please tell me as much as you can. Thank you so much and hopefully your information will help me out.

  • Jarrod says:

    I only require basic banking no loans or overdrafts just Direct Debit and Charge card. I know a saving account that actually pays interest is too much to ask.

  • Micheal says:


  • Tangela says:

    There is one mobile phone insurance company that was sort of tricked me to buy an insurance, and took my money again after a year even after they told me they wouldn’t take any money again from my account. How can I block this company from taking my money again through direct debit in the future?

  • Ross says:

    Hi there. I recently sent some items back to Amazon because I was short of money and needed it. However I just got a a confirmation that I will be getting a refund but to my card of the bank I just upgraded. Does this mean that I will have to go into store or write a letter to Natwest/Amazon regarding this refund to go to my new account or will they send it straight to my new account?

    Thanks to any replies I receive in advance but I need to know because I still need that money and I need to keep the return process’ time to a minimum.

  • Huey says:

    I deposited a cheque (HSBC cheque £700) yesterday (Tuesday) into my Natwest Step account. Today it shows up as in the account but not available. Been reading that it should be available to me tomorrow. Any body who banks with or works for Natwest confirm or deny this?


    Just to let you know, the money became available today (Thursday)

  • Danilo says:

    Natwest has been down for a couple of days as most people know. My employer pays my wage through Natwest and I were suppose to be paid on Friday the 22nd of this month. With the Natwest problem fixed, is there a chance my wages will be in the bank tomorrow?
    I myself use HSBC.

  • Jarred says:

    I’ve been overdrawn for 3 days, i didn’t notice until today but i get paid later in the morning.
    Will i receive a charge and does anyone know how much roughly?
    I was overdrawn by £1.05, damn itunes.

  • Saul says:

    I’ve had a student account with NatWest for three years and have now graduated. I think my account has switched over to a graduate account (it now says student/graduate when I log in to online banking)- but my overdraft has yet to be increased and i have heard nothing about graduate loans etc. Will my graduate overdraft automatically come into operation? Grateful to hear from anyone who has been in the same situation.


  • Glen says:

    Does anyone know whether it’s more expensive to get euros from bank machines than it is to get them from the post office before I go? I always seem to get too much out if I go to the post office so thought it’d be nice and easy to do it as I go along whilst in Europe!

  • Leonardo says:

    I lost my Natwest debit card today and have had ot have a replacement ordered. I don’t work near a bank and have no way to access cash until the new card comes through…..has anyone heard of/used the new(ish) emergency cash feature from Natwest, can someone advise me as to how this works. The person I spoke to cancel my card made no mention of this feature to me! Thanks in advance!
    Thanks! How does this work though, I’d assume if you had no money in your account they woouldn’t let you access cash right?? Yes I’ll definetley be more careful in future although its the first time ever and been with them 15yrs!

  • Dewey says:

    Is Natwest Bank of England located in that address ??

  • Idell says:

    using your Maestro card abroad? What is the %? And is it the same for if you use it to take money out of a hole in the wall and when just using the card (in a shop for example)? Thank you!

  • Elizabeth says:

    Overdraft – as I have changed my mind now and don’t really want one anymore as I don’t want to get myself into debt, what do I do?Can I cancel it?

  • Alma says:

    I opened a natwest student account 6 months ago and got an overdraft of 850 and used it. i havent used my account in 6 months and now have recieved a letter about it saying that i havent used it. they want me to ring them within 14 days. if i put some money in my account and then take it out. will that be ok, showing them that i am using it. i am going to pay off the overdraft at the beginning of may. help!!!

  • Isidro says:

    I have an account with Natwest. Last October, they charged my account 2 times for a slight overdraft of 3p. I know I can take them to court to recover these costs but that isn’t my problem. My problem is, these charges caused me to go further overdrawn and they charged me again, all on the same day. The total of which was around £100. I couldn’t afford to feed my kids so called the bank and asked if they could add these charges onto my overdraft and cancel it. I would then agree a term to pay them the whole amount back on a weekly basis. They refused this and I had no option but to get my money paid into my savings account. Every month they continue to charge me another £30 as I’m always overdrawn. They refuse to close the account as they say they can’t until the money is paid. i told them I’m on benefits and cannot pay it in full and c0nstantly ask them to freeze the account and allow me to settle weekly. Citizens Advice wrote to them but didn’t get a reply so closed my
    File telling me to pay £1 a month, but what’s the point if they keep slapping on £30 every time I pay. The amount now has gone up to £600. What can I do to get them to help me pay my original debt. Can I get them to write off the charges they keep slapping on as I have asked for help but they refuse, so do I have to pay them?Thanks in advance x

  • Rosalina says:

    I have a scheduled payment going of my debut card.. is they any way to cancel it on line ( i have online banking)????

  • Catarina says:

    Please help anyone with a NATWEST account. I am trying to access account through online banking and telephone banking but the systems are down. I was expecting payment like clockwork on this day but it’s not shown up on system. They say the system should start running in a few hours but will this mess up all payments being paid in as usual? Arrrrrrrrr!

  • Winona says:

    I am looking for Natwest iphone app old version. Ever since I upgraded to the latest version my app has never worked and no one from the bank or IT department can help. Please help.

  • Shanelle says:

    can i apply for it still if im in college cause i know its offered to university students but i would of thought college students would count too?


  • Lue says:

    i use to be on the current plus account but i got transferred into the student graduate one in Natwest and their interests rates are so low. i know its to the with recession etc but its always been low, before the recession especially compared to the likes of Nationwide. why is this? why is natwest interests rates so low?

  • Vince says:

    I went -2.99 into my bank, and natwest have sent me a letter saying that there was insufficient funds to pay items.

    I have one item at 2.99 which they are planning to charge me a return fee on. How much will the return fee be?

    I am no longer in negative balance…

    Please help.

  • Tennille says:

    This is a little tricky, but that is why I need a second opinion.

    Natwest have told me (at least four times – I phone them every single day to ask the same question to different people just so I know it isn’t me) that even when a payment is pending it shows as ‘gone’ on your balance so that you know what you have available to you, to prevent over-spending.

    However this doesn’t happen to me all of the time. For example. I had a bank balance of £50, the bank had told me that all ‘pending’ payments had updated on my balance, meaning whatever I saw when I logged into my online banking, was what I had available. Again, just like I said above.

    However, they then took £112 in purchases from about a dozen different stores, on four different days, which took me over my limit and I incurred charges. Now according to every single person I speak to, although it can take up to five days to actually take the money, the balance itself should update within a 24 hour period, again so you don’t overspend.

    Another thing that constantly happens is this:

    My bank balance is, for e.g. £100.
    I go to the shop, I spent £10.
    Therefore, when it DOES update properly my balance when I return and check my bank is £90.

    I’ll spend nothing and pay nothing in. Then, I’ll check my balance in the morning and my balance will be £105 or whatever. I’ll call the bank, they’ll have no record of my balance being any different and will confirm nothing has been paid in.

    Does anyone else have these problems? I’ve only been experiencing them since November 2010, and I’ve had the same bank account for 12 years. Sure, I go shopping on pay day, but I’m not stupid; I check my balance 5-6 times a day, and even when I do I call the bank each time. I couldn’t watch it any closer.

    But with such sporadic patterns in my balance and the way the deductions seem to work I’m finding it impossible to cope.

    Anyone else had this trouble? I’m going to write to them, but it would be nice if I had another opinion. Thanks.

  • Adrian says:

    Recently my natwest app on galaxy nexus isn’t working properly, it’s not showing me how much money I have at all.

    Has anyone else experienced this and if so have you resolved it?

    I can’t find any sources on google?


  • Karin says:

    I have £40 leaving my account every month for internet, and I forgot to put some cash in yesterday and only had £5 or something left in my account, yet according to my bank statement £40 has left my account. Does that mean natwest have paid the £40 for me and I owe them some money? Or does it mean something else? please help …

  • Chester says:

    Would anybody recommend it?
    Or have people had problems with them before?

  • Fredia says:

    Sorry to be a bother but i could really use the help and i have searched everywhere.
    basically at 1:30pm yesterday my friend rang me to let me know he had a 46p overdraft on his natwest visa card so i went down to the bank at around 2;00pm and put £10 in the account, his card doesn’t have an overdraft usually when there are sufficient funds in his account it wont let him purchase anything, but yet his card still managed to end up 46p overdrawn, what i was wondering is since the card is 46p overdrawn if he tried to purchase anything else would the card let him purchase it? i think the 46p overdraw was Vat related to something he bought of an online service, any help would be really appreciated
    sorry i meant Insufficient

  • Morgan says:

    I cancelled a DD with my bank Natwest a couple pf months ago – only to received a letter a couple of weeks later saying i had a £38.00 unpaid item fee for the DD i had cancelled!!

    I then went to the bank again with the confirmation in writing of the cancelled DD only to be told that the same company had tried to take out the direct debit again under a different reference number??? They cancelled it again but i now have another charge as yet again ‘they have tried to take it out under a different reference number’!!!

    Surely this doesnt matter? The company should be stopped from being able to take anything out, regardless of the ‘reference number’
    they input!!!

    I am livid and think this is unfair – Natwest obviously loving the fact they get £40.00 a month from me because of a DD that i have perviously cancelled and they are just letting it go through.

    What should i do? Am i within my rights to claim back the charges? And should i close my account, because they are not listening!!

    Many thanks :)

  • Adria says:

    I opened a Natwest Student account in August 2006, my degree finished in 2009 and I was told my overdraft would continue to be interest free for ONE YEAR after my degree had finished (2009/2010).

    So I am assuming from August 2010 they will start to charge interest, but I don’t know how much, does anybody?

  • Shon says:

    I load the natwest app and it wont let me press continue on the activation im entering ive recently updated my system update on my phone please help its just not workin? x

  • Columbus says:

    would like information on NATWEST BANK in England

  • Vanita says:

    They’ve taken money from mine and my husband’s current account to pay off a debt for his ex-girlfriend on their now-defunct joint account. Are they allowed to do this? Why should I have to pay her debts with my hard earned money?
    He removed his name from it years ago but she’s just let it run into an ever increasing overdraft. How is that MY problem???!!!

    And yes I have called the police. This b!tch is gonna get what’s coming. And I’m all for changing accounts once this has been sorted out.

  • Micheal says:

    I’m coming to the end of my first term now, and the end of my £500 overdraft. The overdraft has mostly gone on living expenses textbooks and the like. (I had to use it before I even came to uni to buy all of my pans and start up stuff which is why I’m in my overdraft and not my student loan type money. Doesn’t help that student finance decided I should get less this term and more in the others). I’m fine for food and everything and so I’m good till I get home for that sort of thing. However me and few others have been looking at houses and we’ve found one we would potentially be getting to rent. We’re worried about it being rented soon so don’t want to wait till next term when our student finance comes back in so we may get it next week. This however involves a £200 deposit which obviously at this point I don’t have. My dad has recently changed jobs so my parents don’t have the money to lend me and the extra £250 from increasing my £500 first term overdraft to the £750 second term one would be great right now. They say on the website that £1000 is the limit for first year but that these term amounts are reccomended. Does this mean I’ll be able to change it on Monday when I go into the bank?? If not, is there anything you guys could reccomend for me raising the money for a deposit? Like another bank scheme I don’t know of? I can pay the money back next term when my job starts and I get the uni bursary. Its just right now when things are tight for me. My housemates are good for the money and I’d hate to be the one who lost us the house because of money.

    Thanks for your help!
    BASICALLY, if you don’t want to read it.
    When I can I increase my £500 first term overdraft to the second term £750 overdraft. If its not soon, do Natwest offer any small (like £200) loan type things so I can pay a deposit on a house :)

  • Cleo says:

    I applied online 3 weeks ago and have not received an email or letter or welcome pack which they say i was suppose to get. Iv called up the number for welcome packs which is automated . this was twice but still have not received the pack. So i cannot get all the benefits until i do. Anyone know what else i can do?

  • Lowell says:

    I’ve tried to look on the site but I just can’t find my way around it. Does anyone have a debit card with them? Has your experience with the bank been good? Does a regular amount need to be inputted each month? Is it easy to get money out? What’s the application like? Thank you for any advice and answers

  • Mary says:

    i live in west norood is natwest bankopen tommorow?

  • Lucinda says:

    I’m heading to Dublin in a couple of weeks and I wish to use my natwest debit card while I’m there. Will I be charged for using it out there or should I just get some travel money sorted?

  • Shawn says:

    ive tried buying things with two differnt natwest credit cards and none of them are working, is the bank down today?

  • Dave says:

    So I’m only 18, and I’m fairy new to the whole banking and online payments and my parents recently gave me a credit card, with Barclays. And I normally pay my credit card off with my Natwest account, but Natwest aren’t working. Anyway, I accidentally went over my credit limit by £10.00 will I get blacklisted for this? My payment isn’t due for another few days but because I’m a student I need to pay It off to use it again for my study resources. Help?

  • Thea says:

    I got two emails from this bank on an email address that I don’t usually give out, especially not to places like a bank, saying something about how security is their top priority and asking me to log in (I don’t have an account as far as I know) and “follow the directions on the screen”. What exactly’s going on? I don’t use Natwest banking and the bank I use has my gmail account.

  • Quincy says:

    has anyone tried to reclaim their bank charges back from the NATWEST bank.

  • Jacinto says:

    if so would i be able to make a transfer

  • Pura says:

    how long does a cheque take to clear with natwest?

  • Shantay says:

    i went today to set up my student bank account with halifax today but looking it up online natwest looks like a better account, (natwest does the student rail card which i really need!)
    can i still change it to natwest or am i screwed? and if i can change it who do i talk to?

  • Sofia says:

    So I logged into Natwest online account today to discover that my authorised overdraft has disappeared – which I’ve had since 2008 – and my savings account is suddenly not there any more…
    They were both there yesterday i was a few hundred into my overdraft…

    I’m currently staying and working in the US for a few months, which Natwest knows… I tried to purchase something from, which payment failed – which they then tried to take payment a few more times – All failed…

    I know I need to call Natwest, but from the US it will be very expensive… But in the meantime could anybody enlighten me on why you think this has happened?

    Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated… Thank you!
    I’m still a student, just on my placement year, i go back to university next year for my final year
    natwest know abiout this

  • Shanda says:

    I opened a new bank account with NatWest last year with the Select Silver account.
    I became homeless and had no use for the account, but was charged for the £6 for the select silver services (which I never ended up using!) I think I was charged for around 3-6 monthly £6 charges which would rack up to about £36 debt with them! which I fully accept I must pay as I selected that service to begin with and got into contract with them!

    the thing I don’t understand is how can they justify all the charges and interest they’ve heaped on top which has come to a total of £658! They didn’t freeze it after I’d been in store explaining I couldn’t pay it and the woman at the desk simply told me nothing could be done about it at I would have to pay it (when I went in it was already at about £300-400!!)

    EVENTUALLY they stopped adding onto the debt.
    By this time I had begun ignoring them as I couldn’t do anything about it, and didn’t know how to go about it!

    Now they’ve passed onto a debt collection agency (Robinson Way or something)
    But before that I found out they had passed my account onto a company called Triton, whom I was put through to when I requested my bank statements. I gave them my new address details (thinking I was still talking to natwest) so that they could send me bank statements so I could get a better idea of what ridiculous charges they had put onto my account!

    I’m just wondering because it’s being passed onto this Triton company, can I even wipe the debt that I owed NatWest??

    It surely can’t be legal charging over £600 for £32 worth of services????


  • Hillary says:

    I recently applied for a adapt acount at a natwest branch now what happens? What do i get??!! Thanks

  • Teena says:

    back in 2007 they made me go over drawn by £5 and charged me £28 for this. even tho i didn’t agree a over draft. i payed this charge and because they charged me it keep in over drawn for 3 months i payed all 3 months worth of charges. on the 4 month i wasn’t overdrawn and they still charged me putting me in to a over draft again. so from that moment i thought stuff you and never used the bank since.
    so n ow a year and half on the debt as gone up to over £450 and they expect me to pay for it. ive sent them letter and they still asking for it. threatening to take me to court over money which as never even touched my hands. they are sitting adding figures on a computer.
    so i have researched in to this and found out by common law, which is the only law we have to abide by. what they are doing is illegal.

    if any one knows any more about common law and what i can do next please get in touch


  • Tammy says:

    can anyone remember that advert in the early 80s i think it was about a childrens savings account and you could get a natwest pig when you open the account all i want to know is where could i download this advert i have looked on loads of sites where you can look up at things can anyone help its just to bring back memorys and that song what they sung

  • Selina says:

    I have a lot of coppers and some fives. Was just wondering if I sorted them and put them into money bags would my bank (natwest) change them for me I have about £10 in twos and ones and about £5 in fives

  • Kathrin says:

    can someone please explain this to me because I have no clue
    what it all means. if I saved £20 every month how much interest would I get.

    I have a NatWest adapt account and ive read what it says online
    “Earn interest on everything you pay in”

    Type of
    current account
    Adapt account
    Amount held
    in account
    Any amount
    Rate %
    Rate %

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