The price tag on Sailboat Insurance policy for Smooth sailing

It was a single warm matter for us over the past two weeks. Precisely what does it expense to have appropriate insurance coverage to your boat? Because we are preparing to do expanded away from-shore smooth sailing, the ideal insurance plan for the vessel should not just be a general liability insurance but we wished a complete comprehensive luxury boat insurance that would deal with any harm on our boat, no matter what happens. Hard process.

From my knowledge about my previous 37 ft . boat, which I sailed first year in Fl I know that there are many of factors to check out when it comes to get insurance plan on your boat. For example natural disaster time, region or nation you’re cruising, sea pathways, one handing, constitution organization and so on.

Another thing was very apparent in the beginning: We probably would not go for the most affordable marine insurance and neither would we love to indication some type of on the internet marine insurance which has a dealer or company we might not know. A lot of investigation indicated that this isn’t doing exercises for most of the cruisers out there. Rather great to cover less if nothing comes about, if the worst comes to the most severe you are most probably misplaced and among this insurance companies.

Effectively, simply what does it genuinely cost to get the perfect insurance plan for the sailboat? The following quotations which i have received are personalize-designed for our specific fishing boat.

The 1st firm I had been taking a look at was the main one the last seller experienced her covered with. The cost first year with common insurance and a complete extensive insurance coverage was EUR 1,500. Beneficial I believed. The coated place was North The european union like the British and into England. We were holding requesting precisely the same volume for something south of England including the Traditional western Med and off-banks to Madeira, the Azores and Canary Island destinations. This is a large insurance carrier specializing in luxury yacht insurance coverage.

My internet search on subjects like boat insurance, luxury yacht quotes, common expense of marine insurance or marine insurance organizations came back a lot of search engine results and i also put in the higher half of each day on the telephone to have a lot more quotes. I flipped those lower, who probably would not produce a price indicator on the telephone immediately. I’ve spoken to boat insurance firms in the usa, the united kingdom, France, Belgium and also the Netherlands. Price ranges to get a mixed package deal with standard legal responsibility (+Per- EUR 2 Mill protection to the responsibility component) and entire complete coverage brought back delivers in the region of EUR 1,200 approximately EUR 1,900 for your Eu area.

Humorous enough these so called specific marine insurance companies have been the costliest kinds most abundant in conditions on the part of the excellent insurance.

Now will come the fun component. During the last little while I was also attempting to don’t forget the specific private yacht insurance professional that we acquired in my motorboat in California. I recall them as a small German born-centered organization with global get to, which customize their marine insurance provides the particular needs of lengthy-term cruising motorcycles.

A week ago I finally appreciated the identify and called that woman straight away. Do you know what? She recalled me. I discovered this spectacular as our last make contact with was like 6 years ago. Inside an hours I’d a comprehensive offer you in my inbox, which coated every thing I wanted for the buying price of EUR 960. A week later I signed the reports.

One of the benefits could be the reputation on the list of cruising motorcycles. Tips over in the distant spot? No problem, you contact them, fall them a message plus they instantly take control without worries remaining for you personally. Individuals cases have already been described more often than once by guy cruisers all over the world.

I don’t want to fall titles below using this program . not linked to this company at all… but if you would like an e-mail, remember to make me aware i would be glad to present you with more info.


  • Dawn says:

    i am 17 and im looking to buy a car. i wanted to know what kind of car will give me the cheapest insurance possible. including the color. and what ways can i save money on car insurance?

  • Shanell says:

    I was thinking of purchasing a 17 to 24 foot in length crownline boat with a V-8 engine (not sure how big of V-8) and trailer. I have no idea what insurance will run and thought I would ask. Thanks in advance for your answers.

  • Tad says:

    I’m loooking into renting an excavator. And the rental company requires insurance on the equitment. Where do I get it??? My insurance company does not offer it.

  • Tamatha says:

    I just had my baby last week and his father hasn’t put him on his insurance yet because he claims that the baby has to be in his custody in order to get coverage. Its not gonna happen-him having full custody. That just doesn’t seem right to me. Does anyone know? Does our child really have to be in his custody in order for him to be covered by military(USMC) insurance?

  • Jennefer says:

    The military partner cheats on his spouse and decides to divorce her. Spouse has been working but dependent on the military partner for health insurance.

  • Kristeen says:

    Should I pay $108 for the travel insurance coverage so that I can cancel my flight for any reason just in case something happens and I could get a refund? Would it be a bad idea not to purchase something like this? My plane ticket is $1000. Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated, thank you.

  • Emma says:

    I got a couple of questions about about auto insurance coverage. Namely, what’s the best amount of liability and medical coverage to select. 1) For the liability, I know it’s wise to get the best liability that one can afford to cover your assets. But how about if one also gets umbrella coverage. For example, if one gets an umbrella coverage at a $2 million limit and the liability limit for the auto insuarance is $300,000 or $500,000, does it make sense to select the $500,000 or is it better to select the $300,000 limit since the umbrella coverage would kick in? 2) for medical, is this redundant coverage and not needed because wouldn’t the liability portion also cover medical expenses? Or is it wise to get this, for example, if a passenger is not insured (no health insurance), so the medical part would help out in that case?


  • Jacqualine says:

    A friend removed a hot frying pan from my stove when the handle broke and the pan landed on my linoleum melting it severely. I had an extra piece of linoleum available so I cut it to fit the burned area. It looks terrible, and I would like to know if my insurance would replace the linoleum in the kitchen. (I have complete insurance coverage with a small deductible.)

  • Danilo says:

    In Illinois (and the entire US, possibly), who is responsible for verifying health insurance coverage (if doctor is in-network) and if any procedures done (echo, stress test, blood draws, etc) are covered? Should it be the patient or the doctor’s office?
    Shouldn’t dealing with the professionals in the insurance company be done by professionals in the doctor’s office, instead of the patient who sometimes does not understand half of how the health system works?

  • Vincenzo says:

    I remember being really lucky with my first job out of college; I only had a 30-day wait until I was eligible for insurance coverage. Is that typical or do most companies have a longer wait period? What is the max wait period? Do some companies not even have a wait period?

  • Candida says:

    I was denied new health insurance coverage in May 2007 because of lower back pain in January 2007 for which I received physical therapy. I have had continuous health insurance coverage for more than 2 years with no history of back ailments. If I reapply again now (for coverage starting in September), am I likely to be denied again? Is there anything I can do about it? My group coverage through work is very costly, and I’d prefer to have a more affordable plan.

  • Temple says:

    Is pregnancy considered as a pre-existing condition for somebody to be denied of insurance coverage. esp maternity/delivery. And I will not have any lapse period of insurance coverage. My insurance from my old job is still good before I start my new job.

  • Maurine says:

    If I provide insurance coverage to my 21 yr old child who is in college can I deduct medical expenses? There was an illness which I paid @ $20,000 in out of pocket expenses not covered.
    She will file her own 1040 this year and is not considered anyone’s dependent.

  • Tom says:

    The myth is that law suits drove med costs through the roof. The Reality is that the Insurance companies lost their shirts in the 80’s recession with investments in the stock market which drove up their costs to recoop.

    Now that another recession is occuring, what effect will it have on insurance coverage/premiums and medical care?
    East Coaster (below) If they killed or permenently damaged people, they SHOULD be driven out of business. Do you agree?

  • Yolanda says:

    I applied for health insurance coverage and received a letter denying it based on several medical conditions that I have never had but they say there were claims filed for them. What is the best way to approach this, to correct the bad information and reapply for coverage? Where do I start?

  • Ahmad says:

    I am changing jobs and my medical insurance coverage in my new job will start only after 30 days of completion. My Wife is pregnant and will be 24 weeks far by the time i join and will be 28 weeks once i have the medical coverage, i don’t want to risk anything during this 4 weeks. Please let me know what are my options.

    Note: COBRA is useless for me since my medical coverage i have right now is only for WA State (Group Health) and i will be moving to Texas.
    Also wanted to check what happens if i have a medical emergency during the COBRA activation time lets say within 10 days of my termination? I heard employers can send us the COBRA form with in 30 days. Please advise.

  • Allan says:

    I have just health insurance. I do not have dental coverage. I desperately need my wisdom teeth extracted (they are coming in). Would regular health insurance cover this surgery or not? And in general – how much would this procedure cost me?

  • Cody says:


    i bought a car for my brother in india,on his name…he doesnt have any drivers always had to rely on call drivers or temporary drivers for driving the car.

    in that case,if any acccident happens,will the claim still be honored even it is not driven by the long as the driver as the driver has a valid driver license.

    i came across a situation with my friend..where in the call driver ran away from the scene after the accident..can we still make the claim even in this case?

    i see in my car insurance it has owner-driver coverage…what is that..
    is there any add on that i need to add to my insurance so that it covers even if driven by any temporary or call drivers..

  • Denae says:

    I’m a first time car buyer and I’m also on the look for new auto insurance coverages for my new 2009 Honda. My question is regarding the different coverages and premiums that insurance companies have: What do they mean? What do they cover? I am totally clueless when I come across things like insurance! Please help!

  • Brenda says:

    I moved to another state, need to change insurance companies, and have a 2000 pontiac sunfire.. its still in good shape and would like full coverage.

    What the BEST, and cheapest insurance to get full coverage on??
    I’m not a student (already graduated) and its paid in full. Good idea, I will jsut go around and get quotes. Can you negotiate for a better deal though or is it a final decision?

  • Maryalice says:

    The insurance my husband has through work doesn’t cover much of anything and it doesn’t cover prenatal and I am 24 weeks pregnant (I was using Nuvaring birthcontrol when I became pregnant). Right now the insurance allows six doctor visits for my husband, son, and myself per year. They are counting my prenatal visits as a doctors visits but my next appointment is my 6th appointment (Oct 4). They will count my delivery as a surgery and will cover $1500 (Average delivery cost without insurance is between $10,000-$17,000 without complications, with complications or c-section it costs between $15,000-$25,000). So I’ve been looking for insurance plans in my area (87323), I’ve looked at over 40 different ones today and none of them cover prenatal. Do you know what insurance plans cover prenatal? I’ve already checked with
    Nope no confusion, I don’t have any co-pays the insurance pays their portion and I am billed with the rest. My husband and myself spoke to them and this is what they told us, They cover $100 for lab tests, they cover $75 per doctors visit, and because they don’t cover prenatal they will count my delivery as a surgery and they’ll cover $1500 of it. Also I thought because of Obamacare that pre-existing conditions no longer applied? The agents I’ve spoken with today explained that because they HAVE to cover birth control they are opting out of paying for prenatal because they are spending money to insure you don’t get pregnant.
    We have Beech Street Insurance which everything single Doctor I’ve seen has never even heard of it and was surprised they accepted it. We pay over $400 a month for shitty shitty insurance

  • Kristie says:

    Suppose someone had an insurance plan where they only paid 30% of their urgent care visit and they had a $1,000 deductible. If the cost of the urgent care visit was $300 and the deductible hasn’t been paid yet, does that mean that the person would have to pay all $300 for the visit, or would the insurance pay for part of it?

  • Kacy says:

    My mom’s car has full coverage insurance on it. I am not added to her insurance as a driver because I only drive it once a month or so. If I ever got into an accident, will her insurance still cover her car?

  • Shannon says:

    When you get an explanation of benefits(this is not a bill) from insurance company stating the cost of your medical expenses and what percentages were covered…….does this mean everything is finalized? it says something like all remarks appear after final claim does that mean this is not final? Im
    OK…i think you misunderstood my question. i have had coverage for 8 months or so…..i mean i recently had some tests done etc and i got the explanation of benefits and it says what was covered and what i have to pay. if i was to leave my job and the insurance is canceled in the next few days, would I be ok? maybe that makes more sense lol

  • Saul says:

    “excess” coverage means, you file first under your own health insurance, and anything not covered would be considered under their insurance. I understand that but what if i don’t have an insurance company? Then will they pay fully for the injury if i break my leg or something?
    (this is for judo membership btw)

  • Cyril says:

    my insurance ran out. i dont really need a full coverage on car insurance since my car is old. I have a lifetime medical insurance. Im a pretty confident driver.

  • Chauncey says:

    I am 34 weeks pregnant. I am on my dad insurance and they are paying 100% for the delivery. They said they will not paying anything for the baby once he is born though. I have been told by some people that legally they might have to, at least until I leave the hospital. I’m not really sure.

  • Ethelyn says:

    I am looking for dental insurance that covers mini dental implants for dentures?

  • Sandy says:

    So I am looking at increasing my auto insurance. I currently have 100/300/50 but I think I need more. I read that you need enough insurance to protect your assets… I own a house worth 150,000, have a mortgage on a vacation home for 100,000, and own three cars which probably total 40,000 in value. How much do I need? I know wrongful death lawsuits can go for millions of dollars and what would happen if I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and accidentally caused a car related fatality? If I have 300,000 worth of coverage would I not loose my assets? Thanks

  • Ashley says:

    Just denied by Aetna for my hospitalization for depression in Feb. In 2005 I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis but have not had problems since…diet change. I also have an under active thyroid of which is under control using Synthroid. Any chance on getting at least a high deductible insurance coverage?

  • Celsa says:

    My parents are retired in Florida. Their health insurance carrier is pulling out of Florida and non-renewing coverage. My father has cancer and is not yet eligable for Meidcare. Is the carrier obligated to find them new coverage. Is coverage with a new carrier going to exclude pre-existing conditions like cancer? Is there anywhere my parents can turn for help?

  • Carmine says:

    I just got a new insurance and I declined ‘Uninsured Insurance’ cause it was about $50 extra.

    Now they sent me a letter stating that I must sign a ‘contract’ stating that I am declining this coverage because I live in California.

    So I am now kinda unsure if this is a coverage I should get or not.

  • Catharine says:

    My school project wants me to compare health insurances, including the deductibles, premiums (I know what that means), etc., and the “insurance coverage amount.” What does that mean? And is that even accessible from a simple quote of insurance?

  • Coy says:

    I am a 32-year-old single mom of a daughter who is 11 (her father is not involved). I do not own a home, nor in debt. I also have no health problems, nor does my daughter. How much coverage should I take? Once you choose your coverage, is that locked in, or can you always add more (if your situation changes)? Do I need to make a will of some sort (like placement of my child if I should die)? She would go to my mother’s or a family member (would not want her placed in a foster home, so does a legal documentation need to be written or signed)? I do have life insurance coverage with my job also (not sure how much), but don’t want to rely just on that (in case I would quit or something). Do I take member only or family plan? How does this all work?

  • Jeanette says:

    My friend got into a recent car accident on the freeway in L.A. A car cut her off on the highway and forced her to hit a big rig. The car left the scene and the only thing was recorded (Car and Make/Model of Vehicle). Also, another car was forced into an accident from the hit and run driver. Hitting the big rig too.

    A police report has been filed. However, there were some passengers in my friend’s car who are also hurt.

    If my policy is purchased one way and no medical payments coverage, is it enough proof and evidence to convince the insurance carrier to open up a Uninsured Motorists Bodily Injury and Property Damage claim?

    Also, the car is seriously damaged. Should I even take the car out from the tow yard?

  • Felipe says:

    When a finance company forces insurance on a car your financing from them,what is exactly covered?Is it only an accident that ‘s covered?

  • Arnulfo says:

    My wife’s employer offers health insurance coverage where the employee pays 50% and the employer matches. She signed up for this about two years ago and has had two years of coverage and is now pregnant. On our first doctor’s visit last week (which is covered under her policy) we learned that her policy was cancelled in January for non-payment. In checking her pay stub, the employer has been deducting her 50% of the health insurance premium every pay as recently as last week, but according to the insurance company, the employer has not payed on the policy. She is not the only employee who has experienced this recently and NONE of the employees were alerted to this issue by either the employer or the insurance company. Otherwise she would have just paid the entire premium to avoid cancellation.

    QUESTION: Due to this and other issues, she has contemplated quitting her job, but without an active health insurance policy, does HIPPA provide ANY protection for her at all to be able to maintain the same policy without her current employer, even after its been cancelled by no fault of her own? Remember, she’s pregnant now and we simply can’t just take out a new policy because coverage for services related to pregnancy would not be covered under the pre-existing condition clause.

    We can sue the employer for fraud (they deducted insurance premiums from her sallary but never paid the insurance company), but SHE NEEDS THE INSURANCE NOW.

    WHAT DO WE DO???????

  • Toney says:

    We ended up in a situation where both my wife and I have insurance for our family through our employers. Now, we would like to drop one of them. Is there any way of doing that?

    The biggest problem is that our daughter has a major medical problem and only my insurance will pay for the best place for treating it. Unfortunately, because my wife’s birthday is earlier in the year than mine, her insurance is the “primary” one and my insurance says that her insurance should be covering us (I guess my insurance’s only responsibility now is to take our money).

    Any suggestions on what we could do? Thanks!

  • Sean says:

    In 2005 I was in an accident, not my fault. My 1997car was totaled, due to a small area of body damage. I kept the car. Comparing notes with my friend, he said I should not have been paying for collision these past 4 years. When I called to tell my insurance company I bought a new car, I asked why my rates didn’t go down after the accident. They said only I could have made a change. Question: what would have happened had I been in another accident that would have “totaled” my car a second time. Would they deny me. Are they obliged to counsel customers about keeping collision insurance on an already totaled car. Do I have any recourse. Could I get a refund. (My question mark key is gone on my keyboard.)

  • Alma says:

    AND which company charges the most for the same insurance coverage?

  • Carmelo says:

    What is the difference between full cover insurance and the regular one? I am 19 and would like to know what kind of insurance would be better for me if I get a 2 door coupe such as an eclipse or Honda civic/accord. I would like to know what the difference between them is and which one I should choose if I am going to be putting the insurance under my mothers name. Which one would be better if Im looking to save money on insurance

  • Clifton says:

    My car caught fire.. The problem is with the insurance companies… I’m not expecting anything because I gave liability insurance but my car melted my roomates car… She has full coverage.. Thankfully.. Her car is being covered except for the tires… If the tires got messed up in the accident why won’t full coverage cover them… I think the insurance company is trying to pull a fast one

  • Karly says:

    This morning my husband was driving back from his night shift when he landed on black ice and skidded. His car turned over. He managed to get the driver side open and crawled out. He wasnt hurt and he hit no one. However since the car turned over the windshield broke and the top of the car is badly bashed in. It may be unusable and this is still being analyzed.
    When he called Geico , they said that this incident has nothing to do with them. They refused to provide him a rental car and refused to lodge a claim.
    Does that mean that Insurance companies dont cover this type of accident at all or did we miss a coverage we should have taken. We do have comprehensive and collision .
    Please advise.

  • Precious says:

    I am currently pregnant with my first child and my fiance and I are both self-employed. We are looking for a new insurance policy the covers maternity care. The one we have now does not cover maternity and the hospital bills for the delivery seem to be quite high. Does anyone know of any companies that offer coverage?
    I make to make money to qualify for most fed programs so it makes it difficult. Also pregnancy cannot be considered a pre-existing condition… It is against federal law.

  • Alexandra says:

    I know that it can cost 102% of whatever the company pays for the insurance on a group plan, but I want to know what people have actually paid for their continued insurance under COBRA. Real figures from the past year are appreciated.
    This would be just for an individual, so if your real-world experience is for more people/larger family, please note that in your answer. Thanks!

  • Phillip says:

    ok so im wondering about the lapband system? What insurance companies cover the Lapband? Can anyone give me all the names? i dont really wanna search a website for all this info, but i will if u give me one =)

  • Sal says:

    I was recently laid off and offered a severance package that included continuation of full health insurance coverage for 6 months for me and my spouse; I will begin another job which offers health insurance; can I be enrolled in both plans under my name? and What happens with pre-existing conditions?

  • Noemi says:

    I have hypo thyroid problem for past 2 years for which I have to take medicine every day. My present insurance is covering it. However, I am planning to change my job which has a different insurance. Will my hypo thyroid is considered as a pre-existing condition and will I have to buy my own medicine? If so for how long will this be considered as pre-existing.

    I am sure many people might have gone through similar situation, since lot more people will have problems like Diabetes, Hypertension etc.,

    Any feedback will be appreciated.


  • Rolland says:

    I live in PA (orig. from Jersey) and I will be moving to Florida in June. I am covered under my parents plan until I turn 23 and lose coverage end of December. My Aunt told me that in NJ companies cannot deny you of a plan if you apply for one. Is this true for FL as well? I also have what they will call “pre-existing conditions” anxiety, back problems, an auto-immune disorder among other things. I am very frightened to be without affordable coverage. I know in PA if you have insurance through an employer they cannot deny you of anything “pre-existing” …is this true in Florida as well? Please so not try to sell me anything…Thanks!

  • Tamatha says:

    my daughter 27 years old was in a car accident was not injury,but the car was total and had full coverage insurance,because it was finance. she owned about $10,000 on the car now the insurance will only pay $7,000 on the car because the blue book say that what it is worth. i have never heard of that, full coverage is full coverage. so has anyone ever heard of this? we live in indiana thank you
    the bank loan you x amount on the car and require you to have full coverage and than year later it;s total you pay the difference makes no sense. if that’s the case then the bank and insurance need to be on the same page.

  • Fidel says:

    I had my first daughter last year in the state of California. I was put on bed rest for 2 1/2 months by my doctor due to premature contractions. I was working full time and had to go on disability until she was born. My employer covered my medical insurance premiums, but when I was put on bed rest, they said I was now responsible to pay the FULL premium if I wanted my insurance to continue. I was still considered employed with them and went back to work for a couple of months after the baby was born. Can they require this or are they supposed to continue paying their portion while I am out? I paid about 1000.00 to keep my insurance while I was on disability, but I realize that some people wouldn’t be able to pay it. Then would they lose their coverage right at the end of a pregnancy?
    It wasn’t thru cobra. It was my regular medical insurance. My employer just required me to pay the portion that they normally covered or said my insurance would be discontinued. I wasn’t out of work longer than FMLA covered me.

  • Ernest says:

    Ok, my car insurance is outrageous and I am reading the fine print. What is: (First one to answer with simple understandable answers will get 10 points)

    A) Comprehensive (with 500 deductable) – I already know what deductable is, but what does comprehensive cover? What do I need it for?
    b) Collision? (Is this supposed to cover car repairs after accident? My car? Other car?)
    c) Uninsured Motor vehicle (bodily injury)?
    d) Underinsured motor vehicle (bodily injury)?

  • Vince says:

    I’m now covered by the employer’s health insurance (with dental) plan. After I quit/leave current job, how does this health insurance coverage work? Before I’m hired by other company, what options do I have on the health insurance?

  • Noemi says:

    I am 23 years old with Group Life Insurance. I was wondering what is the maximum amount of Life Insurance Coverage I need at this point in my life? I am single, no kids, and I rent an apartment. I have money for college, a car note, a few credit cards. I currently have $400,000 coverage for group life. Is that too much? Will my family not receive all that if something was too happen to me today? Is group life a good way to go? How much coverage should I have?
    I have group life through the VA. VGLI or OSGLI.
    Veterans Group Life Insurance.

  • Cyril says:

    I had an accident with another car on the highway, road condition was icy. I traveled with 46-50 miles/hour, kept the car in my lane, followed the cars with normal distance. The other car – one lane or two lanes to the right of me hit an icy spot and crashed into the right side of my car at the door and partially the right fender. I had no damage in the front side of my car, but the front of the other car is damaged substantially. First she admitted that she hit an icy spot, but gave the police another untrue statement about the accident. No tickets were issued by the police. We both have full insurance coverage. The damages on both cars clearly indicates, that her spinning car caused the crash. I already contacted my insurance company.
    Is there a chance that the insurance companies will be able to work this out and her insurance company will pay for the repair on both cars? Therefore, I will not have to pay my deductible amount? Can the ins. co. override her statement if the independent investigation indicates that her car caused the accident ?
    Thanks for your answer.

  • Floyd says:

    My wife is starting a new job and she is already on my insurance. We are thinking of having her on two insurance plans (Blue Shield HMO and Blue Cross PPO). We want to do this because we get so many medical bills, despite already having insurance. Will the secondary coverage cover a lot of those? How does that work?

  • Darrick says:

    ok im having a really hard time calling these people and getting no answers. its plain and simple. I have health insurance through my mother. I recently had a baby and i was told he will only be covered for 2 months and after that i will have to get his own coverage. Now the question is this. I want to get my own insurance so he can be under my name, meaning i want to be off the one my parents have me under. is that possible? and if otherwise, would i have to put him under my moms or what?

  • Quincy says:

    Dear All, I want to go for a life insurance plan in Tampa, FL. Pls suggest a good health insurance which substantially covers Fertility Expenses and be good in rest of the medical coverage as well. The health insurance must cover Fertility Procedures (IUI, mini IVF and IVF) and Fertility Drugs (Drugs prescribed during fertility procedures) I am ready to spend 300 USD per month for me and my wife. Pls suggest.

  • Tai says:

    I currently have insurance but will be having a baby and will need additional coverage. Does anyone know anything about secondary health coverage that can help cover the costs? How does it work? I am currently covered up to $10,000 per year but the delivery costs alone will be more than that. I probably need at least $20,000-25,000 total coverage for the year. I don’t know if it matters, but I am not pregnant yet, just planning for it.

  • Ned says:

    My boyfriend and I found out not too long ago that I am pregnant, we plan to marry before the birth. Will I be covered on his insurance once married or will my pregnancy be deemed as a pre-existing condition? Any info is appreciated! Thanks!

  • Bruce says:

    My husband and I are not yet pregnant, but we are already trying. We do not qualify for medicaid and have no health insurance. We do not want to wait the twelve month waiting period before getting pregnant. So far my only option seems to be Ameriplan. I was hoping for more options.

  • Keena says:

    Hi there,

    Both my wife and I are working but in different states. She started work earlier than me and had her own insurance before, right now I start working too, and my company provide a full coverage on my family, which I already add my wife as a dependent.

    My wife has already use up the funds in her own insurance. When she went to a doctor, she filled a form in ‘primary insurance’ with my insurance but didn’t fill anything about hers.

    Right now my insurance company has paid the fees but send us a claim form, which is asking my wife’s pre-existing insurance etc. I am wondering if that mattered because she didn’t say anything about her own insurance ? Would us be considered cheating here ?

    PS: She went to the doctor after I claimed her as my dependent and the insurance was effective.


  • Chi says:

    I am in southern Ontario. I rented a truck for a personal move and backed the truck into a car causing maybe a grand in damage to the parked car. My fault obviously .Two questions:

    Does the rental companies insurance cover this automatically?
    If not, does my personal car insurance (for my own vehicle) somehow cover for the damage to the damage I inflicted with the rented vehicle?

    Thanks: I know different states or provinces vary in their policies, but what about Ontario (as it pertains to my situation).


  • Vince says:

    So I just bought a 2009 Pontiac Vibe GT. I am 23 years old and I am trying to find a/an insurance company that isn’t going to cost me a fortune. My driving record is spotless. I really don’t want to pay over $1,000 for six months but I do want to pay the lump sum.

  • Lane says:

    My homeowners insurance just came in the mail for the yearly renewal. I live in wonderful Florida where the “Citizen’s Insurance” owns the insurance world! They have raised my sinkhole deductable from $1000.00 to 10% of my home now $20,000. How the hell am I going to pay $20k to cover that when I can’t afford the yearly premium now? Insurance said I can drop it and have coverage if my house is considered “condemed” from a sinkhole, (thats included in my policy). If I keep the coverage and god forbid get a sink hole Im screwed I dont have $20k, guess the bank would get the house back. Can’t wait to see how this is going to help our economy…..

  • Ismael says:

    Karl owns a large electrical contracting company. They primarily do electrical work on large industrial and commercial buildings, but also have a division that specializes in residential work. Karl has been in business for 10 years and currently carries the following limits of insurance.

    Inland Marine
    Karl has scheduled equipment coverage for equipment items over $10,000 in value
    Karl has an installation floater for $100,000

    General Liability
    Karl has liability coverage as follows

    General Aggregate$2,000,000
    Products Completed Operations Aggregate$2,000,000
    Personal and Advertising Injury Limit$1,000,000
    Each Occurrence Limit$1,000,000
    Fire Damage Limit$100,000
    Medical Expense Limit$5,000
    Property Damage Deductible$1,000

    Business Auto:
    Karl has the following business auto insurance

    Bodily Injury and Property damage$1,000,000 CSL
    Includes Hired & Non-owned
    Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists$1,000,000 CSL
    Medical Payments$5,000
    Comprehensive$250 Deductible
    Collision$500 Deductible
    Hired Physical Damage$50,000

    Q.A pickup truck owned by Karl catches on fire and burns up. A toolbox, with hand tools are in the truck and also burns up. The vehicle is a total loss and the loss to tools is $8,000. What coverage if any does Karl have for this loss?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Danial says:

    institute cargo clauses, ITC Hulls, York-Antwerp MI ACT etc.

  • Kellee says:

    I’m the sophomore of 4year college
    I just talked to the recruiter today. recruiter tell me Marine reserve is best for me not the active duty.He tell me after college I can apply for the Marine officer and he also tell me that Marine will pay my college is that true?
    does Marine reserves get enlistment bonus and what kind the benefit do I have as the Marine reserve?
    is that really bad as the age 21 to join the active duty? my recruiter tell me that is bad for me because my age…he said that if I join after 4year I will be 25 then 2 and half yer for the college. so I will be 28. It will be hard to find a job as age 28.

  • Rod says:

    What kind of insurance will i need to carry for duct cleaning peoples homes and how much monthly would it cost

  • Geri says:

    Karl owns a large electrical contracting company. They primarily do electrical work on large industrial and commercial buildings, but also have a division that specializes in residential work. Karl has been in business for 10 years and currently carries the following limits of insurance.

    Inland Marine
    Karl has scheduled equipment coverage for equipment items over $10,000 in value
    Karl has an installation floater for $100,000

    General Liability
    Karl has liability coverage as follows

    General Aggregate$2,000,000
    Products Completed Operations Aggregate$2,000,000
    Personal and Advertising Injury Limit$1,000,000
    Each Occurrence Limit$1,000,000
    Fire Damage Limit$100,000
    Medical Expense Limit$5,000
    Property Damage Deductible$1,000

    Business Auto:
    Karl has the following business auto insurance

    Bodily Injury and Property damage$1,000,000 CSL
    Includes Hired & Non-owned
    Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists$1,000,000 CSL
    Medical Payments$5,000
    Comprehensive$250 Deductible
    Collision$500 Deductible
    Hired Physical Damage$50,000

    An employee of Karl is on his way home in a company vehicle when he looses control of the vehicle on slippery spot on the road and rolls off the highway into a creek. Fluids from the vehicle contaminate the creek water. The cost to clean up this pollution claim is $20,000. The damage to Karl’s truck is $10,000. What coverage if any does Karl have for this loss?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Chester says:

    True or False Inland marine insurance covers oceanic property against loss or damage while it is being transported over land?

  • Geraldo says:

    Marine insurance covers a loss or damage to the cargo during the transit from an exporter to an importer. However, it does not cover any financial loss incurred to an importer from a late shipment or non-shipment. How can an importer protect himself from these types of losses?

  • Georgeann says:

    small business for marine insurance brokering and need a programme to manage our accounts

  • Sandy says:

    My older brother is wondering if he could get cheaper insurance if he went on an auto insurance policy with me. Im active duty Marine Corps if that helps. I don’t get much spare time, so any help on this would really help, thanks.

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