The importance of paying your charge card from Sears over time

The Bad and also the Ugly

One of the leading credit card banks, Sears has experienced an enormous listing of defectors determined by its unexplained charges charges on delayed obligations. Like a lot of credit card banks, it has become an awful development to raise interest rates due to past due installments, without the particular due method. Granted, their offers are of help, and very necessary, but making the most of its clients is at really bad tastes. A sears personnel confessed on what an applicant does apply for starters credit card then ultimately ends up acquiring 3, all in the name of enhancing revenue. Its an unpleasant craze which essentially movements to extreme caution around the hazards of getting cards without right discussion.

A sears credit card owner does have a bunch of incentives to anticipate although, unexpected special offers, no interest levels, in addition other rewards that include the card. Necessities such as sort of issues that a sears greeting card owner will take benefit and pounce on. It is not all doom for greeting card cases, since it lets you do have its great amount of buying benefits. The issue only will come in if you are enable on a payment, whereby you’ll cough up, in a major way!

What are we investigating here? The idea is usually to be aware of particulars before signing something. Never pullup payment strategy which you can’t get caught up with, and before getting a credit card, make sure you specify on the sears worker that you want one and not a few. Be additional attentive to the fine print, that’s how you get digging your own severe. The program will be consistently mindful of your financial wellness, plus your potential to keep pace with your payments. Also communicate with the sears personnel to learn once they change the due date to your obligations. A overdue, in case you were not informed of the alteration of deadline day, cost from about Money25 to as much as Bucks39.

Staying away from additional fees is a full time job, for the ones who should never be overdue! The plan is to preserve reminding your self if you are delayed Sears will mess you more than! When the granted deadline day is supplying you with trouble, then transform to one that’s far easier and that fits together with your compensation plan. Then keep a lower stability, a normal overdue fee is about Bucks26, keeping an equilibrium of below Money100 drastically lowers that amount.

So why do vital that you pay out with time?

After 2 or 3 late payments, your sears greeting card rate of interest rises.

Folks who wants pay you then instantly grow to be dangerous, then they’ll in the end lessen your accessible credit rating.

Decreased credit means reduced credit standing. This implies your probability to acquire credit rating will go reduce with each penalty you have.

Sears is the same as other credit card companies it is a good expenditure, so long as you settle with time.

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  • Thanh says:

    It is a Sears child’s saddle from the 1950’s or 60’s it has a little condition issues but not bad. Just normal wear and tear.Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  • Delmar says:

    I have an interview tomorrow for the Merchandising and Pricing Associate position. I was wanting to know what the daily duties for this position consist of. For those that have done this type of work with Sears, or any other company, is it a difficult job? I’ve worked in retail as a cashier and a sales associate, but this will be my first time going for a position not related specifically to customer service. Thanks for the answers.

  • Micah says:

    How old do you have to work as a cashier at Sears in Upstate NY. I looked around and got some mixed results. Is there someplace online were i can do a online application?

  • Garnet says:

    I have a 1994 Plymouth Sundance and I need front wheel alignment bad. How much would Sears Charge me for the alignment? I’m looking for a $45 – $50 price range. If they can’t do it for that much anyone know any other place in the Detroit MI are? Thanks!

  • Jadwiga says:

    So I bought this tv from Sears this past weekend and I hate it. I really want to return it. Is that possible? Its been opened and used. I live in Ontario btw, in case that makes a difference.

  • Kiyoko says:

    I have an interview for a cashier position at Sears, what should I wear and what other tips can you give to help me do well at my interview? I recently got out of the Air Force so this interview thing is brand new to me. All input is greatly appreciated.

  • Jesenia says:

    So far i completed all the necessary paperwork and i’ve already passed my drug test. Its been 3 days already and i’m getting anxious. How long does it take for sears to call you back to schedule an orientation?

  • Edmund says:

    I am a newly hired cashier at sears. My manager and the head of HR are really pushing me to convince people to get as much credit apps as possible. My friend also told me that I can get fired if I don’t get people to open up cards. I’ve worked 3 shifts and asked every single person and no one said yes =( What can I possibly do/say in order to convince people? PLEASE HELP :(

  • Danial says:

    I’ve worked in the restaurant business for 8 years and I thought about applying at sears for part time, how much do they pay? Will they consider my experience with costumer service and cashier to pay me a bit more then they would start? Should I go full time ? They say they pay about 7.25? plus comission?

  • Sana says:

    Sears Tower in Chicago = 1707 feet tall

    To find how many Sears Towers buildings are equivalent to 1 mole of a Sears tower how would i do this..,,,,,,,,,,,?! Please help ;)

  • Staci says:

    I worked at Sears back in 2006 and I got fired because I gave a discount that wasn’t authorized. I went to put an application in for Sears online and it says I can’t complete it because I’m not allowed to work there anymore. How do I go about trying to get a job there again?

  • Wes says:

    I bought the 3 year extended warranty from Sears when I bought my plasma tv from them. What is covered under this warranty? I’m not sure I still have my policy laying around. Does this cover only internal malfunctions, or could it cover damage caused by my child?

  • Antone says:

    Aiming at those who have worked at Sears or still do. Does Sears do annual drug test on employees or random drug test?, how soon and how often? Do they choose based on the employee work performance?, Personal experiences are welcome.

  • Jeanna says:

    I want to redeem my sears gift card and buy a Playstation 2 with my gift card, but it is currently not available at Sears at the moment. Supposedly it’s just temporary. Does anyone who work for Sears or know about Sears store restocks their inventory for playstation 2’s? Please advise if you know and thanks.
    I want to redeem my sears gift card and buy a Playstation 2 with my gift card, but it is currently not available at Sears at the moment. Supposedly it’s just temporary. Does anyone who work for Sears or know about Sears store know how often they restock their inventory for playstation 2’s? Please advise if you know and thanks.

  • Emely says:

    If the old one only makes it through 100000 cycles and your oven cycles once every few seconds when you cook, then how many minutes of cooking would you get from that sensor and shouldn’t Sears give me a new one since the replacement costs me $75? They don’t tell you that when you buy an oven and this part wears out it’s welcome pretty quick during ownership. How long should a manufacturers part last? What do commercial ovens use? Are they any better? This was a top of the line kitchen appliance, digital and everything!

  • Jamison says:

    I was wondering if employees of Sears wear black or tan khaki pants? I am also wondering if they have a certain dress code? Does Sears provide a shirt? Anyone who works for Sears as a sales associate please let me know. Thanks a bunch! :)

  • Chester says:

    Sears Tower Height= 1707 ft. tall

    Uranus’ distance from Earth= 2.57 x 10_9 km away from the Earth
    (2.57 multiplied by 10 to the 9th)

    Conversion factors and all included also………Please and thank you so much!

  • Man says:

    So I applied as a seasonal cashier for Sears. All went well. Then I read up some stuff online and most people said that they got to select an interview time after completing the application. Is this with ALL sears? Cause I didn’t get to select an interview and I’m worried that I didn’t pass the assessment test. If you failed does it let you know?

  • Marcela says:

    I ordered walkie talkies at Sears online, but the next day I found better less expensive ones. Is there any way to cancel my order?

  • Tory says:

    I’m trying to start my own business and I was wanting to know how much to expect to be paid yearly when my business starts booming. So, I decided to find out how much money the owner of Sears makes just to get a general idea of how much money I will be making. I know my yearly pay depends on a lot of factors but I’m just asking, how much money does the owner of Sears make per year?

  • Shiloh says:

    I want some pictures of me and my boyfriend… so we were thinking about Sears. I imagine that it’s cheaper than an actual “professional studio”. Any suggestions would be great also. Thanks!

  • Omer says:

    Back in 2009, the Sears Hardware in my town closed, most likely due to recession. Since it was a very popular store, It could be profitable. It was alot cleaner, cheaper and the staff were more helpful than at the nearby Home Depot. Is there some way we could get Sears to re-open this store?

  • George says:

    I have a new Nikon D3200 and someone wants to give me a few lenses. They all are the same Sears brand and all are pretty old. But i’m wondering if they will be able to fit on my Nikon D3200 somehow. Is there some kind of attachment that i can buy?

  • Timmy says:

    I have a little 7 month old and everyone keeps telling me to get her into some baby modelling for magazines etc.. (Sears Catalogue)
    I am not into exploiting my child, but it would be a great way to help her start saving for university.
    Could anyone tell me how I would even get her started in such things??
    Not long term, maybe for the next few months until she turns 1 ??

  • Toby says:

    I would like to get pictures done of my family, but I dont have a whole lot of money. Has anyone gotten pictures done at Sears? I was just wondering about how much they cost. I know Wal mart does them too, are they good quality and do you know if they are much cheaper?Thanks!

  • Jarred says:

    I went to sears to exchange my 25′ tape measure and I was told they don’t have tape measures (craftsman) anymore.

  • Guillermina says:

    The commercials talking about getting $5 dollars off your Sears purchase. Whats the song used in the commercial?

  • Shane says:

    Today was my first day as a cashiers at Sears. I was told to try and get people to sign up for the Sears card but how do I do that successfully?
    I ask people if they want to use their sears card, they say no, I ask them if they have a sears card they say no, I ask them if they would like to apply for one and receive $15 off their purchase, everyone says no.
    However, the person training me has had 142 applications opened!

    What is the right way to word it so people will sign up, and does body language and confidence have anything to do with it? Also, how do I know when to back off and not seem too pushy?

    PLEASE any help, suggestions, and techniques would be appreciated!

  • Tori says:

    Ok. I’m getting ready to take my senior pictures for of course my senior year in high school. And I’m taking them at Sears. Well I want to take them in October probably on the 18th. Our senior pictures are due for the yearbook on November 14. So what I was wondering is how long would it take Sears to complete the pictures and get them back to me?

  • Shawn says:

    i attained a interview after an online application with sears for a LPA. i dont have any job experience and im quite surprised i got a call for an interview. i didnt really know what LPA does and i just clicked it because it sounded interesting. i was wondering what i would be doing if i got hired and if someone without any experience can actually get hired.

  • Dexter says:

    I found a noize jacket on sale on Sears for 89.99. It’s just my style, it has those little furs on the hood and looks like a green camping jacket but sleaker. Does anyone know if I can find anything good like that in Walmarts in Canada?
    I’m really looking for what looks better on me and price.
    Let’s just make this clear since everyone is getting the wrong idea on my question.. I do not care about being warm. Cold isn’t bad for you anyway’s. I want something fashionable.

  • Earleen says:

    I have a job interview at Sears so i went and bought a nice button up floral dress with black leggings and some flats. Is this a good outfit to wear for an interview at Sears?

  • Margert says:

    I am 16 and applied for a summer job. I just got a interview time from Sears and am wondering if EVERY person who applies online gets this opportunity. If they do or don’t, how likely is it I get the job if I have a pretty good interview? Also, do I get to choose what department I work in if hired…do they ask what department you want to work in?

  • Lela says:

    Don’t be dissin sears clothing on this one. Its sears online shopping 4life. Sears clothing with labels for life! Biatch!
    I agree. At my age sears clothing for adults with labels is a status symbol.
    Hey dumbass. I don’t give a damn bout your stupid blogs on fashion boy. Because I am so good looking I can wear sears and impress far more than you can wearing your so called trendy outfits. What the hell are you gay or something?

  • Darnell says:

    My husband and I want to get some maternity pictures done before I have my baby. Most Studios want 300-400 dollars and right now that is not in our budget. We saw sears and want to know what does it cost to get a couple pictures taken? Have any of you had experience with sears?

  • Loren says:

    There’s rumors that Sears may file for bankruptcy this year and go out of business. But since Sears has 400,000 employees nation wide, do you think the government would actually let that happen? And yes, I know other retail chains have recently gone out of business. But they’re all relatively small compared to the number of employees Sears has. Circuit City by comparison has only 30,000 employees. So do you think Sears could actually go out of business or will the government step in and try to prevent that from happening?

  • Ferne says:

    I Have a job interview tomorrow at sears, after applying yesterday and calling today. I just want to have an idea about the process.

  • Trenton says:

    I need to transfer a balance from my sears master card to a capital one card. how can i do this i went to the sears mastercard website and signed on but i cant find the link for transfering balance! my bill is due today please help..AH!

  • Arlena says:

    Is there any eye doctors that always operate the store next to luxottica side by side in sears?
    or is the eye doctor always different and depends on the locations??

    Thank you!!

  • Tianna says:

    I saw a tool advertised by sears and need the name of it. It was a driver that would sink a bolt into thick wall.

  • Mariella says:

    I just bought a nifty Sears Roebuck (but not Free Spirt) 5 speed touring bike at a thrift store. It is blue, looks like it comes from the early 1970’s or thereabouts. The decorative insignia on it are just like the Austrian (Puch) Sears bikes, but nowhere have I found anything that tells what country manufactured the bike. Any hints?

  • Kurt says:

    If just want Sears to put the tires on my rims I can put them on my car myself how much would this be???

  • Josette says:

    I am seeing a product at an excellent price on sears online store, but no sure whether it is an scam.

  • Lane says:

    Do you just take the vacuum to a Sears?

  • Catharine says:

    I just started working for Sears Lawn and Garden. My base pay is $6 an hour plus commission. I live in southern california. Have you worked for sears before, what was your average pay including your commission.

  • Melony says:

    Have never done the ‘sight-seeing’ thing in Chicago, and am working on planning a bunch of activities, and am curious what the average time a “tourist” spends at Chicago’s Sears Tower/Skydeck?

  • Margarite says:

    About a week ago I saw a jacket I really liked at sears. It costed $40 but I didn’t have enough money at the time. I will have enough in about another week. Will the jacket still be there?

  • Darnell says:

    I currently work at Sears in BC but am moving to Saskatchewan for school. I was wondering if when I start looking for a job should I look for something new or should I transfer to a Sears store there?

  • Lavina says:

    I am a newly hired cashier at sears. My manager and the head of HR are really pushing me to convince people to get as much credit apps as possible. My friend also told me that I can get fired if I don’t get people to open up cards. I’ve worked 3 shifts and asked every single person and no one said yes =( What can I possibly do/say in order to convince people? PLEASE HELP :(

  • Arnulfo says:

    I recently just got hired by my local sears pending a drug test. I’ve been on unemployment for almost year and I was glad to finally start working again. I’m going to be a backroom associate which we pretty much unload trucks and tag merchandise. A couple of my friends work similar jobs and make a minimum of $10 an hour( I wasn’t expecting that at sears but something higher then minimum). I went and aced the interview and when it came time to talk about pay the manager quickly said they start at minimum and I was shocked. I asked for more but was shoot down. In January however, my state (New Jersey) will raise its minimum rage to $8.25. I’m tired working minimum wage jobs but would the $8.25 make it better? Plus how is it like working at sears and how do the pay raises work? My last job i got one 15 cents raise a year and that just doesnt cut it for me. Should I stick with the job or search for something better?

  • Claire says:

    I don’t put very much oil and you need it to be on high heat in order to sear and get that gold color instead of gray. How do you stop the oil splattering? that shit hurts.
    …chefs don’t use shields to protect themselves. There’s a proper way of cooking a steak without it what is it.

  • Stewart says:

    I usually buy the huge 7-bone roasts and they’re hard to sear because even my largest skillet is too small. What a pain in the rear. Would it affect things too much if I skipped the searing step and put the meat straight in the oven?

  • Joe says:

    I am planning to have Sear siding installed on my home. It appears to be on the upper end of price, but also seems to have a very good warranty and service. I would love to hear about others experiences.

  • Kendrick says:

    I made seared tuna last night for dinner and want the rest of it it today for lunch but I am worried about cooking it all the way through cause then it wont be seared anymore!

  • Ashlie says:

    I purchased a gas Nexgrill from Costco as a replacement for an aging and rusting old Sunbeam gas grill. You don’t get much selection at Costco but generally get great value for the money.

    At any rate the new grill came with a separate rotisserie burner and searing burner. The rotisserie burner makes sense but what is the searing burner used for. Do I “sear” something to start with and then move the meat to the main grill? How long? Why? What’s the difference between searing something and simply grilling it?

    Know any good web sites for more information?

    Thank you in advance.

  • Luther says:

    I cooked pork chops tonight and the recipe said to sear the pork chops and then place them in foil. What about the liver disease that manifests itself in uncooked pork, am I to feed that to my family and wish them good bye in morbid and painful death?
    Off subject…I am new at this site. Why do I keep losing points every time I ask a question. I started out with 101 and now I am down to 88…I thought you were supposed to gain points from asking and answering questions.

  • Hans says:

    Also, what is the difference between sear grade and sushi grade? Thanks.

  • Corey says:

    I am going to sear 5 chicken breast then would like tio transfer them in the oven. What do I set the oven to and how long do I cook them for ?

  • Rebecca says:

    I asked the guy working the meat counter if the yellowfin tuna steak is good enough to sear. He specifically said I would be be ok searing it. I then asked him how does one know if you can sear it and if the quality is good enough. He said “if it looks good”. The tuna steaks are remarkably good looking, but I am thinking that there’s more to it that just looks. Am I safe to sear this?

  • Irma says:

    I’m just wondering, if you pan sear something, do you always finish it in the oven? Or is it just semantics, and it means the same thing as to saute?

  • Hunter says:

    I’ve cooked chicken, potstickers, fish, etc., and have always produced a great-tasting meal by steaming and/or boiling them, pouring the water off, and then adding a touch of olive oil to give them a nice brown sear. Yet the pros say to do the opposite — sear and then add water. In my experience, that method produces watery, inedible shit. Am I insane, or is the searing-before-steaming method totally misguided?

  • Nelson says:

    I love seared ahi tuna, and I would like to try to make it myself. I’ve found some recipes but I was hoping to get some suggestions from people who have cooked it themselves. Do I need sushi grade tuna to make it? And can I find it at my local HEB or Kroger’s, or must I go someplace special?

  • Dee says:

    I’ve always eaten seared fish like salmon & tuna steaks, but I don’t know how to prepare them for mysel! Help with this would be greatly appreciated!

  • Janelle says:

    I was told that Kmart bought Sears as a part of their bankruptcy deal, is this true and if so , when did it happen?

  • Tiara says:

    Does anyone have this brand of windows offered from Sears? Just looking for some reviews. I am replacing a bay window and looking for a quality brand.

  • Nestor says:

    Im in my early twentys and i just saw an eye doctor and have my script then i heard about the sears optical sale on glasses…. 2 for 99$….is there a wide variety to choose from? Is it worth checking out? Help! Im about to go blind ;)

  • Berna says:

    what does the SEARING of meat in a fry pan do?

  • Shelba says:

    Was given a tool for Christmas, want to exchange it for a pair of jeans or shoes. I don’t have the receipt and can’t ask him for it without hurting his feelings. It’s unopened. Will Sears let me exchange it?

  • Roscoe says:

    Got caught shoplifting at sears. Item was $40. 18 years old. They didn’t call the police. But they said Sears will send a fine in the mail. Is it going to be on a criminal record ?
    They took down the social security #. Is that being booked??
    had to sign a form saything that shoplifting occured.

  • Emery says:

    I can’t quite remember all of the dream, but this one point stood out the most. I saw a strange symbol…I can’t post an image (I’m ignorant) so just try to picture it in your mind. It started with a silver fingerprint, and it had a trail below it, a wavy path flowing down beneath the starting fingerprint, vertically…but the path was not colored silver…It was red, like blood. I heard a voice say to me, that my purpose on this world was to “sear away the darkness” What could it possibly mean?

  • Garth says:

    Hey one of my friend got caught by sears security bcoz of stealing an item of 20$…the time he was out of the store security guys came and took him to the back door…..he filled some papers and signed…no cops was involved….they taken a copy of his passprt, visa….finaly they said that there will be no record as dat was his first time….they said that they will sent him a fine of 160$ through mail….he is getting very scared now that wat will be happened next…..they said that there will b no record as cops was not involved….he just want to know is der will b any record which effect his carrier….what the letter contains exactly? is just the amount of fine or anythng else which effects him???? reply asap guys so that he will b normal in his works….finally he realized alot and thought a big lesson in life….reply asap frndss thnk u….

  • Tyson says:

    I am 17 and really need a job. I have applied everywhere and I never get a call back. I found several openings at Sears and you can apply online, buy everytime I apply online somewhere I never get called back what would be the best way to get a job there?

  • Rebecca says:

    A marketing book says that After all, Edison, Graham Bell, and Sears did not use focus group. here, Sears is one of inventors in the start of 20century? or just it means a retailer?

  • Reuben says:

    I need someone to tell me where i can find a magazine for this rifle. It was given to my dad from his dad back in the sixties. My grandpa bought it at sears and its been in the family since. unfortunately the magazine for it has long since gone missing and niether my dad nor myself have any idea where we could find one. The rifle is bolt operated but magazine fed since the mag is missing i have been manually feeding each bullet into the barrell before driving home the bolt. It would be nice to not have to do that anymore by applying a magazine the gun which was made to use one anyway. I hope you old timers out there could help with this. Also the gun is fully restored polished stock and barrel. gun fires very accurately but i was wondering since it is kind of a collectors gun now due to its age could it be worth any money?

  • Tressa says:

    Pleasee don’t say anything stupidd:

    So me & another person recently got caught shoplifting at sears. they had us on camera & everything. i am 16 & tha person i got caught with was 21. they caught me was 99$ worth of clothes & tha other person had 50$ worth of clothes they banned us from the storee & they called the cops.. they gave us a ticket & on tha ticket it said it was a misdemeanor we have court on september 27th. tha cop said we could get a lawyer but why would we need a lawyer?

    What happens in court?
    What will they do & what will they tell us?
    & will it affect our record?
    Will it affect us getting a job?
    Our record is cleann. this was tha first time.

  • Buster says:

    I found an old bike with tag that says sears and roebuck’s it is pretty rusty still has rims no tires handle bars are missing

  • Andy says:


  • Nu says:

    Person who sent me the e-mail checked it out, and received a letter from Sears confirming it.

    If you work at Sears and get called up for service, Sears pays the difference between your service pay and your salary. They keep your job open with all your benefits, insurance, etc. for up to two years. So while there you lose no money and your health insurance stays intact.

    I shop at Sears and am glad I do.
    If this is federal law, then how come other companies are held to it?

  • Clifton says:

    I’m an employee at a Sears Essentials. I love my job (I’m a commisioned sales associate in electronics, hardware, lawn and garden) and I notice how many people are dissatisfied with our service.

    Usually when I speak to customers it is the other way around, they are dissatisfied with Wal-Mart, Best Buy, etc. All the customers I come across I treat as best I can and try to offer them the best service possible, and it kind of makes me feel bad when I hear about how bad customers are being treated. I know that I wouldn’t like Sears (or whoever) very much either if I had to put up with some of the crap I’ve heard. I guess I treat people like I want to be treated. Sounds simple, but it rarely seems applied in today’s retail. I actually care about the people I help. Is that uncommon?

    My question is, is this a trend that occurs in all retail, customer shifts in attitude and tastes and retailers? And is there any other advice you can give about how to make the customer experience better?

  • Winona says:

    I have never had a credit card before. I’ve been tempted to get a Sears store card- it’s the only credit card my dad ever owned. I am responsible with payments, for my bills and car loans, so I wouldn’t get myself into debt. But is there danger in getting the card if I only use it once in awhile? Anyone have any experience of being punished for seldom using the card? I just want to once in awhile buy some tools or clothes and pay them off in 3 months or less. I also hate getting junk mail, I get very little right now- does anyone know if Sears has a electronic only billing?

  • Sofia says:

    Does anyone have a PS3 from Sears? Cuz I heard they get them in and that’s the only place that I’ve found them at. And I really want one. So, I’m askin’ if they’re ok cuz I thought they stopped makin’ them so I’m wanderin’ where Sears is getting them from. I hope they’re ok cuz I want one real bad. So, if you have one from there tell me how it is. Thanks.

  • Jermaine says:

    Ok i need some tips on pan searing some rib eye steaks, so that they arent bleeding but still slightly pink, juicy, and tender?

  • Ranae says:

    if you work at SEARS how do you like it?? whats your position/department??? ive worked there for a year and i love it!!! what are your likes/dislikes?? also if anyone is thinking bout working there or is in training and has questions, email me!

  • Carmelo says:

    I want to sear my filet mignon but how long should I keep the meat on the pan, what should the temp in the oven be? One filet is going to be medium rare and the other will be medium. How long should I keep both in the oven….or am I just better off pan frying them?

  • Christine says:

    I’m 16, and I would like to get a job at Sears. My question: there is a tab that says desired pay…i don’t know what i should put. Minimum wage is 7.15; is 7.50 a good asking price… secondly, can 16 year olds be cashiers at sears? Thank you in advance:)

  • Cleotilde says:

    Has anyone ever been happy with Sears’ service on large appliances? In my opinion, their service SUCKS, and their customer service representatives are absolutely useless. I won’t ever purchase another appliance from Sears and would recommend to anyone considering making a major appliance purchase to choose a business other than Sears. Sure, they’re quick enough to take your money when you’re purchasing something but when you have problems with the item, they don’t want to be bothered. An entire week has gone by and I’m STILL waiting to have my refrigerator repaired! Their service sucks, Sucks, SUCKS!!! BUYERS BEWARE!!!

  • Trinidad says:

    Any Chicago peeps out there- can you tell me if it’s possible to watch the fireworks on July 3 from the Skydeck at Sears Tower? I know they’re open til 10 normally. Would that be late enough? Is it too crowded to be feasable? Are they even open for it, or have a special event? What’s the scoop? We’ll be in town that day and i wanted to figure out the best way to enjoy the festivities with the kids. Thanks.
    Thanks dessy! When I asked here about downtown Chicago fireworks a couple years ago, I was told they do theirs on July 3rd and not 4th… anyone else know about this???
    and BTW, Sears Tower is one of the tallest buildings in the world, so I didn’t think anything else would be in the way

  • Dusty says:

    How do i get to Searing gorge in world of warcraft??
    I am horde sorry

  • Anibal says:

    I need galsses and contacts…glasses have to no line ,and sears is having a sale…do any of you know ifthey are good ..has anyone had problems with ,please tell if u did…or anything good about them…thank you

  • Julieann says:

    So I think I lost my glasses in the Sears change room, and I am freaking out!! Do you think I should call Sears, or should i just forget about my glasses and move on? But seriously, I really need my glasses. What Should I do??!?!

  • Berna says:

    Which one is easier to get approved? I tried for the sears store card and got denied due to an account i got closed like 6 years ago. The guy at the store said the sears mastercard is easier to get approved for because it’s dealing with two banks instead of just one like the sears store card. Is he right? So if I tried to get a Sears Mastercard is it more likely that i get approved then just get the regular Sears Store card ?
    All answers are appreciated (:
    I’ve have a credit card that says “due to my good payment history, you are eligible for a second card” and i keep getting offers from them in the mail…
    there apr is low.
    should i just get this instead card instead of a sears mastercard?

  • Joe says:

    Okay So I applied Online at sears (I know not the greatest Place to Apply But Hey I Need a Job And anything will do) And after I was Finished with my Application, They Ask me to select a Day where I Can come in for a Interview, Now My Main Issue was What am I going to wear. Now My Question is Do I even show up? Like I’ve read stories about other peoples experiences with sears interviews and they weren’t really good ones. And i know i can’t base my future on with how things went for other People. So any advice? and Please don’t tell me “Oh you shouldn’t work at sears and Blah Blah Blah” A job is a job that’s how i see it 17 years old with no work experience any job will do. I Just want to know How Legit it is, I was going to call and Confirm tomorrow about my interview.
    Oh by the Way I applied for retail and customer service.

  • Rocco says:

    I received a letter from my sears master card and they said they were going to decrease my credit limit due to my current expenses meaning i don’t use it as much? Is there anything I can do to avoid that from happening?

  • Danilo says:

    OK i have a Sears job interview on Monday…What should I expect…Will they tell me on the spot if I got the job or will they call me later on
    I’m 17 and applying for a cashier position

  • Dwight says:

    I have second round of interview in sears with store manager for sales associate position i want to know what questions will be asked and if any other tips for the interview wouild be appreciated

    Thanks for any help

  • Joel says:

    I’m going to have an interview in two days at Sears for a cashier position. I did an interview a few days back for the first time and I think I have some parts to improve on. I was just wondering if someone could give me some pointers on these questions.
    1. Why do you want to work here and why should we hire you instead of someone else?
    2. What do you know about our company? (In this case, it is Sears but I don’t know what to exactly say)
    3. What disputes I have settled? (Can anyone give me an example on this)
    4. Describe myself in paragraph form. (I have no clue what to say)
    Is it okay to talk about academic stuff and high school volunteering stuff since I don’t have much work experience? If you know their specific questions, can you tell me and what you said? Thanks in advance.

  • Curtis says:

    I know it’s expensive to pay for those things like 9k or 7k around there, but If I get it from Sears do you know if they have monthly payments for it? I’m not sure I can do the 9k cash right there. Similar to like there appliances where you pay Monthly for it. I can do that.

  • Cody says:

    Hello, Has anyone had any luck getting an interest rate reduction from Sears MasterCard (currently 19+%). I read the CapOne posts and see that they won’t budge. I’ve tried 3 times with Sears and I always get the “we don’t negotiate interest rates” song. Even asked would they lower the rate if I put a request in writing. Asked to speak to a supervisor, still no deal. Should I surrender?

    Also, this card is my oldest, since 1986. If I pay it off and close it, will my credit rating take a big hit? They have this thing where you are supposed to spend $600 in purchases every year, I don’t know what happens if you don’t spend that much ( I know, I am a drone, I just do what they tell me!) My next oldest card is from 1999.

  • Lewis says:

    Are Sears Acrylic stains made by a name brand company?

  • Marleen says:

    I’m making pulled pork in a slow cooker and don’t know if I should sear before slow cooking.

  • Jazmine says:

    I am 18, a senior girl in high school. I only have work experience in retail(cashier) and as a receptionist in a photo studio. I applied to Sears for MCA position but they’re only offering the vacuum commision job. As you can see, my wording is a bit awkward since I’m not very experienced in the job industry!
    Anyway my question is, am I qualified for this job? I’m not extremely outgoing and persuasive but I am not the least reluctant in confronting people.
    How is the job like? The pay?

    I can work 30-39 hours a week.

  • Catharine says:

    Hi:)…Im 19 and have no credit, I am trying to build up my credit and at the same time I am making a 200 dollar purchase at Sears. How does a sears card work??? Can I use it to pay my purchase off little by little, its a very necessary purchase but I have very little in my account…what should I do?

  • Hermila says:

    has anyone got their brakes done at sears. just the standard package. and how much was it?

  • Ronnie says:

    Does Sears actually have a customer service department and do the even care?

  • Torri says:

    I need to make dinner tonight and I want to make pan seared cod. Any ideas what spices I can cook it with and any side dishes I can serve it with?

  • Erika says:

    Is it still called the sears tower? when was it made? why was it made?

  • Louisa says:

    I first heard this commercial today (actually, just now). It’s the Sears commercial for back to school clothes shopping. The only lyrics I can make out is “Break it out” (or is it “Break it down”).

    The commercial ends with the following advert voiceover:

    “Back to school styles with incredible prices”


  • Ted says:

    I work at Sears right now as commission sales. Been there for 1 year. Best Buy called me for an interview. What’s a better place to work at?

  • Gene says:

    I’m somewhat limited in cooking supplies, but have a kick ass cast iron dutch oven. I’d like to pan sear then bake my steaks, but the heaviest pan I have is only ok. Would this work in my dutch oven? Could it handle high heat?

  • Glen says:

    my parents bought a heater with a.c unit from sears about 2 years ago the thing has not worked right since day 1!!!!!they had to have it serviced many times….they been without heat and without a.c..they have been seriously ripped off…who can we get to help them??they are in theyre 70’s and dont know how to go about this??please help???

  • Victoria says:

    I want to go to Sears to get some pictures done.

    I want to take maybe 2-5 poses, with my boyfriend.

    How much is the sitting fee?
    How much does the CD cost if I am only taking at max 5 pictures?
    If I don’t get the CD, how much will it cost? Just the sitting fee?

  • Omer says:

    Does it really suck. I have heard many bad things about SEARS how they overwork their employees, how the managers are mean and fire people for no reason, that employees at registers are required to get people to sign up for credit cards and if not they lose their job. Is this true?

  • Cristobal says:

    I have a Hawaiian parlor slide guitar from the 1930s. A guitar person said it looked like a sears roebuck guitar. The back wood if flamed maple, which I don’t think that sears and roebuck would use for guitars.

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