The 4 Numbers of an Insurance Career

You may see a lot of newspaper adverts tying to hypnotize a prospective realtor saying how effortless it really is to generate Money100,000. Furthermore, they stress easy it really is within the first year. Make sure you supply a nickel to the 1,500,000 qualified existence and health care insurance brokers that can’t reach that goal. (Dollar75,000 should you be computing). Just before Bucks100,000 of greenbacks is available, most agents should obtain at the very least the next or else last level.

Degree 1 Here is the insurance plan trainee, just starting out and continuing the 1st twelve months. This stage is definitely much more about tactical than it is about income. Numerous insurance student real estate agents lessen financial savings accounts, question relatives for mortgage loan help, and in many cases remove another home loan on his or her house. Both they need to haven’t sent applications for the job or perhaps the insurer provides inadequate support to ease the broker’s burden. In nearly all cases, it is the afterwards. Only 20% of real estate agents wrestle by, only to encounter another enduring fight.

Degree TWO This is actually the insurance policy first year, who’ll be dealing with three more years of constant difficulties. Once again, tactical appears inside the image, as well as ample revenue to maintain from sinking. Living preserver will depend on the two agent’s mindset and selling expertise. Marketing expertise commence with choosing the best individuals to focus your attention on. People who go with your comfortable zone and have to have an insurance item you are familiar enough offering. This may lead to offering a satisfactory volume of appointments. Even so, company supplied pieces of software certainly are a hard strategy to use when performing a presentation.. From the appointments manufactured, can the even now unskilled broker create enough sales for any decent earnings? Only 8% of the starting up real estate agents now stay.

Degree THREE These are the basic insurance plan forerunners with 4 years encounter and under 8. Are they all innovators? To outlive the have damaged virtually all the location company principles of the intend to success. First, they’ve got tossed out the insurer presentation e-book, occasionally in favor of an ordinary yellow-colored authorized mat. The organization presentation talk has been discarded and only a genial chat. The insurance coverage head utilizes a lead purchase program that speedily brings about the highest qualified prospects. This adviser has halted just as one insurance policy retailer. As a result aids advice the possibility with a designed prepare that becomes the prospect right into a consumer. Moreover, the insurance policy chief carries a important foundation of piled up customers for further income.

As insurance is now basically a career, couple of these brokers give up. A lot of will specialize in marketing fewer products. A good deal now are somewhat-impartial and some even their very own organizations. For other people they’ve created please take a new course, with a distinct business or company that would seem considerably more guaranteeing. Profits tend to be similar or maybe more compared to nationwide typical.

Amount A number of The real insurance plan pros. Numerous pros are totally impartial. They have often agreed upon agreements with six to eight or even more impartial life insurance coverage service providers. Others are semi-impartial, who may have less than however taken the final break free phase. Usually do not believe that are all economic coordinators exclusively serving rich clientele. There are numerous experts offering lengthy-time period attention and treatment promises to older persons, other people especially in writing staff advantage intends to employer organizations. The normal earnings array is produced by Dollar70,000 to Money110,000.

In insurance coverage, you do not visit college for 6 to 10 decades to turn into a specialist. You discover via learning from your errors along with your intuition. There are no guides to analyze, only a few ce classes which are item centered. You development with do it yourself-discovered selling skills as well as the serious dedication handful of sales staff have. It’s an insurance plan occupation without having cutting corners.

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  • Rodolfo says:

    I am presently in class XIth (commerce) & very much interested in Maths & I want to become an actuary.
    So can somebody tell me how to enter into that field after class XIIth?
    I wud be thankful to u if u giv a detailed answer to this question.
    Plz do RePLy.

  • Bess says:

    Okay when i opened my favorite game, Life, today 2 play it with my family, the majoritory of cards are gone. Career cards, Salary Cards, House Deeds and Stocks are all not here anymore. Can some1 give me the information thats on each card plz? Whoever does it 4 all 4 decks gets 10 pts.

  • Phil says:

    I was wondering what the difference was between a real estate broker and a real estate agent? How long would you have to go to school to be either one?
    I pretty much got my answer to this question. Can a real estate broker act as both a broker as well as the agent? I plan on starting my own realty but want to do both jobs.

  • Tracie says:

    Hi all,

    Basically I’ve had a little bit of drama in my recent career, essentially everything was set for life, I was joining the Parachute Regiment, I had my start date, Army number and everything sorted out- but then I met the girl of my dreams, so I chucked the Regs in adn went for the Teritorial Army instead, so being the optimistic person I am, I want to try and get my own little business started, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s the service that;s most required but not nessicarily the most luxurious… so a cleaning company has been my idea, with our busy lives we need some time to relax, especially if we’ve worked hard, and msot of us can only really relax in a clean home… a clean home that’s been cleaned for an amazing £14 an hour! ;) (varaiable) so I can take knock backs and stand my ground… so jsut how hard is it starting a business? I’d be very much willing to do my bit in the labour at the beggining, this is basically my first port of call- what things do I need to gather? from business cards to CRB checks to cleaning equipment, uniforms and an easy to remember name… please throw in your ideas and I’d be very grateful!

    Kind reagrds,


  • Dwain says:

    1. What players would you put at each position, including a DH?
    2. Who are your top five starting pitchers?
    3. Top four relievers?
    4. Who manages the team?

    5. Optional: What 5 non-pitchers (not in the regular lineup) would you have on the bench?
    (useful if one of your favorites doesn’t make first string)
    Thanks for the responses so far, awesome!

    PS: I may extend this for a couple of more days to allow editing time and new responses.

    FYI: One user created a Major League lineup (a few American Leaguers listed). I have a separate All-time A.L. question. Thanks.

  • Morgan says:

    Korea’s economy and English education market is growing at an astonishingly fast rate and Koreans are learning how to be competitive in today’s global market. To further achieve proficient global growth it is essential that young Korean’s attain strong English communication skills.
    **Please note that candidates with a Bachelor s degree in any field and from a native English speaking country will only be considered.


    We are seeking energetic individuals from native English speaking countries who are looking for adventure and the cultural experience that Korea has to offer. You qualify if you have a three or four year Bachelor’s degree.

    – Minimum of a Bachelors Degree from an accredited university in America, Canada , Australia, New Zealand , South Africa , Great Britain or Ireland
    – Must be a citizen of one of the above mentioned countries
    – Must be a native English speaker
    – Must be in good physical and mental health
    – No criminal record

    The Job

    You will be teaching English to eager students. We focus exclusively on recruiting for institutes and schools that work with children, ranging from pre-school to high school.

    Why Korea ?
    -Annual salary of USD $28-$34K at 25~30 hrs/wk
    -Renewable 12-month contract
    -Gain international experience while enriching students lives
    -Safe, modern country with the highest investment in private education in the world
    -Intriguing language, rich culture and central location for continued travel in Asia
    -Great ongoing positions available year-round
    -FREE furnished housing, FREE round-trip airfare, paid holidays, health insurance coverage, etc.
    -Save up to $15K/year (Korea’s cost of living is low compared to most Western nations, i.e. USA. Also, the tax rate is only 3.3% – 4%).
    Korea is in the middle of Asia, so many ESL teachers take advantage of this by traveling to see the Great Wall of China, going diving in the Philippines, or beach partying in Thailand for their vacation time. All of these places are just a few hours away, and because they are still developing countries, you can have a great time for as little as 20 USD a day. Korea has 16~19 days of paid National holidays per year. Thanks Giving and the Lunar New Year are 4~6 days long.
    Airport pick-up and introduction to your new school is arranged by G’Day Korea.
    If ever you are in need of bi-lingual support or help during your stay, G’Day Korea provides contact numbers for instant on-call assistance.
    Feel free to apply online or call 1-800-220-7013 (Toll free for U.S and Canada)

    Check out our website for more information

    or email your questions and resume to G’Day Korea Company ( )
    G’Day Korea will call you ASAP and provide more valuable information to help you find a reputable ESL position.

    Teaching in Korea could be one of the most fascinating and rewarding experiences of your life.


    1-800-220-7013 (Toll free for U.S and Canada)

  • Queenie says:

    okay… so me and my sisters are playing this game called the game of life but we can’t find the other cards. we don’t know the careers and how much they pay for stuff, etc… we really really need to know the informations so please tell me! okay thanks. please!!!
    we need to know how much money they give away from the bank when it’s pay day.

  • Morton says:

    Give me specific examples of what Obama has done in his career. And don’t tell me he’s a great speaker and that he’ll bring change. Those are not valid standalone reasons.

    Don’t refer me to his website, either. I want to know from YOU, and exactly what he has done to earn your vote.

    I am convinced that most people are voting for him because he is a great motivational speaker and he makes voters feel good. Hitler was a great speaker and was very motivating.

    Voting for Obama based on speaking skills alone is purely irresponsible.

    Tell me there are other reasons why you are voting for Obama.

    Of the 5 questions I posted on Yahoo Answers, I have not asked this question before. I may have answered questions on the topic of Obama, but I have never asked the question.

  • Zackary says:

    My Mom is married to a nice well paid guy she’s bossed around her whole life, but he loves her anyway. They’ve had alot of fun together, she’s been the creative energy in their relationship. Now she’s regressing and acting like a brat, spending money she doesn’t have. He never was the “boss” and he’s having trouble controlling her terrible behavior now. She shouldn’t be driving anymore but he doesn’t have the heart to take away her spite of the fact she will soon be a menace on the road. We’ve known this fate has been coming for years, her mother, my grandmother, also passed from this horrible disease. It will probably be my fate as well as my two sister’s fate as well. I live halfway across the country and have a chronic condition that would keep me from being able to get private health insurance so I need to hang onto my job. BUT my Mom and her husband (not my Dad) are in denial about her condition. She actual found a quack Dr. to tell her she was just fine, though she has no concept of numbers, money and has lost her ability to read in the last couple months. I’m almost 50, my Mom is 68 and her husband is the same age. My youngest sister who stayed closest to home is trying to keep them afloat and currently, she can do this b/c she’s married and supported by her husband BUT she would appreciate the help. I’m posting this in the “GLBT” section b/c most “ya’ll are my ppl”. I don’t expect any one person to have a clear answer here but thanks for letting me talk…and I appreciate any feedback. Thanks for commenting. ‘Sad for Mom in Minnesota’
    @smartass – yeah, – Going to the doctor = Finer things in life. Welcome to the new reality of third world America.
    @MCS – Thxs – I was just a little older than you when my Grandma went down with it. My Mom was so freaked out by her condition, she wouldn’t go see her in the care facility though I begged her to go before Grandma couldn’t interact with ppl anymore. My Mom isn’t really an awful person, just kind of a proud, fearful, creative narcissist. And she’s my Mom and nobody deserves to go like this.
    Here’s to finding a cure or treatment for Alzheimer’s! Cheers!!! *glug, glug*
    @Dee – yeah, my sister and I talked tonight and we Mom is like a small child…driving a car!!! My sister is suggesting disabling her car but my Mom has been ‘Wiley coyote’ her whole life and some of her critical survival skills are well intact even if she can’t read anymore. She’s got a blackberry and would find a way to get her car towed and repaired! She’s in that horrible place of being incapacitated enough to be a hazard to others but being capable enough figure out efforts to control her. This won’t be an issue in another year when this disease has advanced..but for the next year, she is a danger to herself and others.

  • Marinda says:

    I have a final coming up for my college math course and it’s about applying math to my chosen career choosing from the sections we’ve gone over in class these sections are;

    1)Whole Numbers- which are rounding whole numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

    2)Fractions and Mixed Numbers

    3)Decimals- adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, decimal fractions



    6)Measurement and the Metric System- which includes conversion


    8)Real Numbers- integers

    someone please help…preferably someone in this line of work. Thanks!

  • Parthenia says:

    I am recently unemployed and have been receiving unemployment benefits for 2 months. I have recently been mailed the exact same Benefit Determination letter but this time with an ‘X’ in the section that states, “this indicated a monetary re-determination based on the receipt of supplemental information. This may result in a refund liability for any benefits paid.” Once again, nothing on the benefit determination has changed. I am confused as to what this means.

  • Gerard says:

    i’m considering a career in accounting. I’ve heard a lot about big 4 firms. Are there accounting jobs outside of these firms? i don’t want or need to make a buttload of money (30k is more than comfortable to me! not going to have kids, though i would need to care for my aging parents). I’m also not interested in playing corporate. I just want to do a 8-9 hour shift job, get paid a moderate amount, not have to be a vulture, and have a somewhat comfortable living. Are there accounting jobs outside of the big 4 firms?
    Doesn’t everyone live pay check to pay check? if not, then why would we continue to work? 30k would be comfortable if you don’t over indulge yourself with an expensive car every few years, designer bags, a big ass house you don’t need, kids you can’t afford, etc.

    in san francisco, rent for a studio apartment is about 1k. per month. food doesn’t cost much in america. a big chunk of money would got to rent (12k), another chunk to food, a small chunk to entertainment ( i don’t need much. i have my laptop <3 and the public library), and I can stash some the rest for a rainy day or retirement.

    thanks for your answer, though.

  • Daniel says:

    I would like to know whether an individual who plead guilty for driving without a car insurance (UK) get his name put on criminal record list.
    It seems to me unlikely because people normally get points of their licenses and a fine.

  • Dee says:

    can you please help me solve this problem? not sure how to go about it

    Assignment 1(HH 1.7 mod.)The Water Sports Company soon will be producing and marketing a new model line of motor boats. The production manager, Michael Jensen, now is facing a make-or-buy decision regarding the outboard motor to be installed on each of these boats. Based on the total cost involved, should the motors be produced internally or purchased from a vendor? Producing them internally would require an investment of $1 million per year in new facilities as well as a production cost of $3,000 for each motor produced. If purchased from a vendor instead, the price would be $3,350 per motor. Michael has obtained a preliminary forecast from the company’s marketing division that 2,500 boats in this line will be sold.

    a.Use a spreadsheet to display and analyze Michael’s two options. Which option should he choose?

    b.Michael realizes from past experience that preliminary sales forecasts are quite unreliable, so he wants to check on whether his decision might change if a more careful forecast differed significantly from the preliminary forecast. Determine a break-even point for the production and sales volume (below which the buy option is better and above which the make option is better).

    c.Does this type of problem occur in the world? If so how what other factors might you want to consider?

    Thank you so much. i really appreciate it

  • Anja says:

    I am making a career move and half way through my CIP (Chartered Insurance Professional). I hate dealing with irate customers. I love analyzing data and numbers. Can any one who works in insurance let me know if insurance underwriters enjoy their jobs and do they have to visit customers or work in an office?

  • Taryn says:

    So, I have pretty much been in college for the last 4 years. I tried a bunch of different classes and wound up getting my associates in Liberal Arts… which took about 3 years give or take. I graduated with a 3.4. Now I have been at a university majoring in business financing for the past year. I am just starting to get into the deeper classes and am taking calculus as well…. and I can actually say that I am 100% miserable. I made the deans list the 1st semester at this school and now this semester I am just barely getting by.

    These are the hobbies and things that interest me in life.

    1) I’ve always been into working out and lifting weights. Whenever I talk to someone about working out I wind up asking what their goals are etc… and give them pointers and steer them in the right direction.

    2) I am very much into Martial Arts, that is another thing that I can go on and on about in a conversation and feel very passionate about.

    3) Believe it or not… I am a bit of a computer geek. Even though I have played sports and been very active my whole life, it is not out of the ordinary that I spend an entire day playing online games etc..

    I am not bad at any subject and I am smart enough to learn anything, my problem is if I am not interested in something, I find it impossible to apply myself and certain classes you can not get by in by cramming or missing class.

    Classes I hate :
    -I hate math, but I understand that it is necessary in majors.
    -I despise working with numbers for whatever reason.

    I have been working since I was 15 and I don’t mind working hard, being physical, or breaking my ass at a job.

    -I am looking for a job that will pay decent and allow me to live comfortably and support a wife and a kid or 2 in the future. I am not looking to become a millionaire or anything like that. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am 22 years old and I just need to get things moving. I am only covered until I am 25 under my parents insurance as long as I am a full time student… soo times a waistin ;P

  • Arturo says:

    So, I’m not sure what to do right now. Basically I’ve spent the last few years trying my best to avoid studying. But now, after 6 months of working and going out to see the world, I think it’s time I surrendered and get myself a degree. I started with work in the fast food industry, then retail and then sales. Currently I’m an insurance agent and it’s made me realize how important experience and knowledge of financial matters is. I think it’s hard for older people to trust a young guy like me to buy insurance (or any other financial product) from me.

    So, I’m thinking of pursuing a degree in Finance. But I heard it involves a lot of calculation. Maths isn’t exactly my strong point but I think I can manage. My question is, does Finance involve a whole lot of Accounting? Because it’s this kind of tedious repetitive calculation that I can’t stand. And my basic in Accounting is very weak.

    But I’d still to like to learn more about Finance, specifically money actually, and how money works. Why? Because I find that money has always been a problem in my life, I’m not good at handling it, I’m not good at making money. I want to change that.

    Now I know some of you may talk about aptitude and I have taken aptitude tests and it says I’m more of a creative person and should be an artist or creative writer. But in my time in sales I’ve met people who gave me this advice, “What you love doing won’t always earn you a living.” And I have thought hard about studying art. What if I’m no good at it? Artist get paid according to how good they are. And it’s rather subjective, what if people can’t appreciate my art right now? Business is more standard and I think it’d be better because I don’t think it’s fair if I study art and can’t repay my parents later. Maybe I’ll do art as a hobby in my free time later on.

    I’m also considering Marketing since I’m better with Language and Reading. But it’s such a broad subject. It has something to with sales and I have experience in sales, not much, but some. But I’m pretty burned out with sales right now since I’m not doing so well with insurance. I’m afraid I won’t be able to meet the challenges of Marketing. But sounds like a Marketing degree is easier to get? Hmm?

    Another thing I’m thinking about is Psychology because I have interest in studying people’s behavior. But it’s another matter about Interest VS Actually being able to make money. Psychology is still in it’s infancy in Malaysia and there’s not a lot of job prospects here.

    So, any thoughts, comments, advice? I’d really appreciate it.

  • Tessie says:

    I am currently pursuing Bsc in Mathematical Science and going for second major in Economics next year.

    Is this a good platform to pursue a career in Acturial Science.

    I will be writing my first exam P1 in May 2008.

    With a double major in Math/Econ and passing atleast 1 exam, can I get an entry level job Acturial Job in Insurance company ?

    any comment would be appreciated.


  • Rubin says:

    I am planning on moving out ASAP. I’m 17, I finished High school Aug ’07. I will be 18 in January. Here’s what my brainstorming has led to:

    Rent: $650-$1000
    Electricity: $200
    Groceries: $200
    Cable/Net/Phone: $100 (Many places this is free though.)
    Water: $50
    Miscellaneous: $50

    Any other bills you can think of please tell me.

    I yet to have a car, so I think $3000 towards a used car would be good?

    What do you think I should make, it will probably an hourly wage job at least at first. I know I wouldn’t make it on $7.

    Insurance? What would that be for an 18 year old male?

    I’m not moving on good terms so I need to be as self-efficient as possible…

    I get tired of a parent and jump to the other one, then it happens again, so then the grandparents and it just keeps on and on and on… I need to figure something out.

    Thanks for any help.

  • Nola says:

    spending the night at my house and they want to play the board game “The Game of life” by Milton Bradley. If you have the instructions PLEASE help us.

  • Yaeko says:’s immediate cause of the nursing shortage is that…
    a….fewer people are entering the profession.
    b…men are reluctant to enter the profession.
    c…there are few career opportunities for nurses.
    d…there are not enough educational opportunities for nursing students., the greatest cause of death among young people in the U.S is…
    a. cancer
    d.kidney disease

    3,Assisting in the death of a person suffering from an incurable disease is known as…

    4.Which of these is the most common way people in the U.S pay for healthcare?
    a.private insurance programs
    b. a national universal health care plan
    c. HMOs
    d. Medicare and Medicaid

    in modern time (that is, industrialization), medical professions in the U.S. tend to be considered prestigious because…
    a…physicians and technicians were most qualified to learn the latest technology.
    b….doctors were the most qualified to educate new immigrants in American health habits involving diet, nutrition and hygiene.
    c…trained specialist were needed who could address new diseases, such as polio, cancer and alcoholism
    d….White,upper class, European-trained males took steps to dominate the field, making it elite and exclusive.

  • Darrell says:

    Sorry, if this may be deleted, but I just read that question from that girl, who confessed to ‘just killed someone’ and was asking since it’s raining if the officers would still come? and she wasn’t sure if she was going to make up a lie or not?
    If you read this question, and reported it, as I did. Ok, but I’m kinda worried about her. I don’t think she was kidding.
    I was very curious about her. I’m not going to rationalize for her why she killed someone and then decided to post it on YA. but, I am sure she’s in shock, as well, as used to talking on here and asking for personal advice. I’m worried. I think she was telling the truth. Even if she wasn’t, she could get in trouble for saying that, ya know?

  • Titus says:

    My Passion is earning money

  • Shiloh says:

    just wonderingggg

  • Garth says:

    How hard would they be compared to the other? Which has the best job prospects?

    Computer Science and Pre-med (graduate in minimum of 4 years)
    Information Technology and Pre-med (graduate in minimum of 5 years)
    Biology and Pre-med (graduate in minimum of 3.5 years)
    Applied Mathematics and pre-med (graduate in minimum of 4 years)
    Graphic Design and Pre-med (graduate in minimum of 5 years)

    ***not pre-medicine, but pre-dentistry & physical therapy
    Statistics and Pre-med (graduate in minimum of 4 years)

  • Luther says:

    hello everyone. I am a junior in high school. I have a 4.1 and got a 28 on my ACT. I really like math and science, but not so much biology. I want to have a job where I come in and solve equations that apply to the needs of a client like an insurance company or a big business. I have always been good at math and I like working with numbers. I would also like a high paycheck, as close to or above $100,000 as I can.

  • Tai says:

    okay… so me and my sisters are playing this game called the game of life but we can’t find the other cards. we don’t know the careers and how much they pay for stuff, etc… we really really need to know the informations so please tell me! okay thanks. please!!!

  • Sheron says:

    Illegals Are Destroying America – A Letter To Rep Tom Tancredo 1-9-4
    The following letter was received by the heroic Congressman, Tom Tancredo, and posted on his site as part of ‘Tom’s Mailbag’…
    My story.
    I live in a world where I do not count. I am White. I am poor. I don’t have coalitions rallying for what I feel is important. I don’t have news reporters writing about “poor me”. But, I have views. I vote. I pay taxes. And, I know there are millions of people in America just like me.
    I live next to a shelter built by politicians who are afraid to have an opinion about closing the border. Daily, 1,500 illegal Mexicans visit that shelter. It was supposed to keep these “poor” people from urinating and defecating on the streets. It didn’t. If I $hit on the street, I would get fined.
    My home and vehicles have been broken into 22 times in 5 years. I stopped calling the police each time now, because they don’t come anyway. Instead, we bought a gun. Scared off the last illegal trying to steal our truck. He knew enough English to say, “Sorry”, as we pointed it at him. 3 months later, we still have a towel over the smashed driver’s side window. Last week, I was ordered to pay a $85.00 fine for a false alarm. Police showed up for THAT hearing. The police couldn’t find any criminal at my home when my home alarm sounded. I am curious how long police think bad guys “hang around” after an alarm has been triggered.
    When I was rear ended in my car, the policeman said I would have to wait while he called for back -up. My baby was screaming. The police had no film in the camera. The back- up police had no fingerprinting ink, or film. The illegal had an ID, but the police said there was nothing that could be done. The illegal would just get another fake ID and would never show for court. He didn’t have insurance. The illegal who hit me said, “Sorry”, as he was walking away. He was free to go. I was free to pay the deductible on my car, and the chiropractor bills for my children and myself. If I drove without insurance and hurt someone or their possessions, I would be forced to pay for the damages.
    My husband works 6 days a week as a framing contractor. He pays FICA, Social Security, State taxes, Federal taxes, General liability insurance, Workman’s comp insurance, and probably others that I don’t remember. His Workman’s Comp. just skyrocketed from $5,000 per year, to $28,000 per year. Now I ask you… WHERE are we to come up with an extra $23,000? We had NO CLAIMS! Should I take it from my food budget? We often go weeks without meat! Should it come from our clothing budget? We buy our clothes at thrift sales and Savers. How about our entertainment account? Does seeing a movie every month qualify?
    My home insurance costs me $100.00 more yearly because I live on a border state. How long until Kansas becomes a border state?
    I have had no medical insurance for years and years. I can’t afford it. At 33, I got cancer. My doctor told me to go to ACCHS. I don’t remember how to spell the state’s medical system, since they declined me. My husband ‘s company had no profit in 6 months, due to theft, and lack of laws at the time to force general contractor’s to pay . Without studying my receipts, I was declined. Interesting that the hundreds of illegal Mexicans standing in line, were being given food stamps, and medical care. They did not have social security numbers, and did not speak English. If you don’t believe me, look at the application DES uses yourself, spend 5 minutes at DES and remind yourself why you pay taxes. You won’t leave smiling.
    Taxes. We fell behind 1 year. I contacted IRS and told them we want to make arrangements to pay. We now show the IRS EVERY thing we buy. From tampons to chewing gum-they see the receipt. For the next year, we will be scrutinized. For the next 5 years we will be audited. Maybe I should never have “done the right thing” and told them. Maybe I should change my name to Garcia.
    My son cries nightly because his legs and arms hurt. He has cried for almost 7 years. My husband often walks on one leg because his back and leg pain is almost unbearable. Monthly, I have mini strokes. During those times, I lose the ability to speak well, and have seizures until I lose consciousness . We don’t really know what is wrong with any of us. We may never know. WE can’t afford a doctor. God forbid we need emergency services. 30% of the time, hospitals are on divert status, because there is no room. The illegals take their kids to ERs for colds and sore throats. I would only go if I lost a limb, or my heart gave out.
    2 years ago, I announced to my family there would be no turkey for Thanksgiving. We would eat pasta and be thankful we were a family. My Catholic friend made arrangements for me to get a food box from her church.
    I went, reluctantly. I drove up in my broken old van, and saw a lot full of new (stickers still attached), suburbans. My van was the worst vehicle there, and it hit me that I really was poor! I stood in line for 20 minutes amazed at the number of Mexicans taking box after box of food. When it was my turn, I had to show ID. I was told to leave. There wasn’t enough food for me to take a box. I looked around- there were boxes of food everywhere! For a minute I forgot I was White, and in their eyes, not deserving.
    At church, our pastor reminds us to stay hopeful. I struggle to make sense of a system that has taken from me, and given to those who have more than I do.
    Who will be my voice? Where is my coalition? I thought it was the leaders of America. I was wrong. They have sold out me and millions like me out. What’s worse…I don’t know why.

    Rep Tom Tancredo
    DC Office
    1130 Longworth HOB
    Washington, DC 20515

    And No!

    This is not an E-mail hoax.

    I, Sci Fi Fan Revolutions, was the first person to post this woman’s story off the City-Data site onto Yahoo Answers.

    From there it was copied to other sites by various others with different agandas.

    The original is still on City-Data.

    Look it up if you don’t belive me!

  • Carmelita says:

    Can you make a living or have a comfortable life by working for ups? or should I look into another career route? Because I want to start a family and be married within 5-6 years and want to know if me and my gf can have a comfortable life without any struggle with financial problems if you work at ups.

  • Ruthie says:

    I need step by step guidance in what is needed to receive my P&C License in California?

    Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • Dwana says:

    I’m in my early 30s and it’s my first pregnancy. I don’t have much of a career after the last 2 years of lots of ups and downs – since I have been temping for most of it. I am wondering – I’m very early in my pregnancy, and have a feeling that I really would want to be a stay at home mother (passing no judgment – my mom was a career mom – and I really missed her in my young childhood – and would like to try to give a different experience to my children).

    Ideally I would like to stay home until the baby can go to Nursery School (about 3 yo) – but that would mean 3 years of diminished family funds. But I have pretty much made up my mind – just don’t know how to go about it. Or if it’s wise or necessary.

    How many of you went back to work after 8 weeks leave?
    Did your family budget suffer very much if you didn’t go back?
    What did you do to try your best to get supplemental income (small business, etc…)?
    What were your thoughts on your experience of staying home – or going back to work?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Silvia says:

    The only thing I wanted to do when I was a kid was to fly. I’ve wasted a lot of time in flight simulators, but I enjoyed them a lot. With the family issues I had, I didn’t have the money or the time for a PPL, and I didn’t like the military, so I didn’t take any serious steps in flying as a carrier.

    I’m a PhD student now, in Physics, in Long Island, NY. I have a 4 year College degree in physics. I’m in my early 20’s and don’t have any money in my bank account.

    My primary employment goal is to become part of the academia, and do flying part time. I’m saving up to go to flight school and get PPL next summer.

    Q1: How much will it cost for me to get the PPL? How long will it take? Will I be able to do it during the summer?

    After getting the PPL, I want to complete my PhD. After that, I will have to do postdoctoral studies, and that doesn’t pay very well. The only way I’ll be able to finance my flying is going to be by flying itself.

    Q2: Will I be able to get employed part time in aviation in some way with a PPL? (That way I can get flying hours WHILE getting employed. Doesn’t have to be airline. Ferry, cargo, mail, bush pilot, anything will do) How many hours will the job take per week? Will I need additional qualifications? What are they? How much money will those additional qualifications take?

    After I get enough hours, I want to get a CPL, and then think seriously about getting employed flying. (But it doesn’t have to be as an airline pilot. I’m quite happy being a bush pilot.) If nothing goes wrong, by this time I’ll be a College Professor. If necessary, I’ll take a break from that job for a while. (I’m beginning to hate my desk already)

    Q3: Do you know of any people who balance a flying job with another full time carrier? I’ve heard of people doing this. But I’d like to know for sure.

    As of now, all of this is just a dream. I’m trying to explore my options and make a 10 year plan. And like I said, I hate my desk already. Also, I’m used to working very hard. I’m open to any suggestions. Please give me the links to any web sites you think will help.


  • Lawrence says:

    1. Math (CP)
    2. History (AP)
    3. Bio (CP)
    4. French (CP-going to try to bump up to honors, was too late last year)
    5. Film Studies (elective)
    6. Psychology (AP)
    7. Gym/Health
    8. English (Honors)

    What letter grade would I have to get in each class to reach a 4.3?
    Everything but Gym gets 5 credits. Gym gets 2.5 Credits

  • Silvia says:

    Im 20 getting paid 16 an hour is it possible for me to go to nursing school and live in my own i bed apart rent around 580 a month + bills and also buy a car that cost $10,000 dollars?? Making this much an hour is possible for me to have all three things at the same time ??

  • Ayako says:

    Okay please guys, I want these answers short and snappy and straight to the point.

    1) Okay, what courses in high school should I take to become one?

    2) If I just go to college, without any pre-med or anything and want to become an dentist, HOW LONG would that approximately take?

    3) How much money does a starting orthodontist make hourly/annually?

    4) How much money does an orthodontist that has been working for like 5 years make hourly/annually?

    5) What degrees would I have to get in college to become one?

    Remember, short and snappy makes me very happy! LOL. But please :)

  • Shena says:

    I want instructions for the game of life (1985). Plz help

  • Leida says:


  • Olivia says:

    I recently got this email from a “Swedish Insurance Company”

    Career Builder: Resume is approved.”Swedish Insurance”
    Your resume is approved. Famous Swedish company, named “Swedish Insurance”, is pleased to offer you a job as a Insurance Manager. We trust that your knowledge, skills and experience will be among our most valuable assets. Should you accept this job offer, per company policy you’ll be eligible to receive the following beginning on your hire date:

    – Salary US $ 2,600.00 per month +5% of each transaction

    The 1St working month (it will be paid) should show to the Employer the skills and experiences of the Employee. During this period your will receive the complete instructions how make the business in our Team. The 1St salary in amount $2,600.00 will be paid once the 1St working month was ended. 5% of each transaction will be paid once the payment is approved.

    Once this period is successfully ended you will receive the “Contract”. It should be signed by the both sides.

    – Employment Period: three working months. Once the Employment period is end the Contract can be resigned by the both side for a long time.
    NOTICE: This is part time JOB, so you can combine it with the main work.

    Job Description is attached:
    – visiting the Financial branch any day (except weekend);
    – communication 2-3 hours per day by phone or email;
    – providing clerical support;
    – providing phone support;
    – control reception the insurance payments from the “Swedish Insurance” Customers such as: PayPal, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo!, uBid.
    – handle registration payments and other financial transactions;
    – protecting all accounting and financial information;
    – preparing monthly financial statement;
    – operative reception and sending the insurance payments, and execute other financial operations;
    – act as the “Swedish Insurance” Representative to the general public in the United States.

    You will be working as “Swedish Insurance” Representative in the United States. Further Employment will be based on reception the insurance payments from the “Swedish Insurance” Customers in the United States such as: PayPal, eBay, Amazon, Yahoo!, uBid.

    Before filling the Employment application please read an attached information:
    – Job offer is valid only if you have: PayPal account which should be registered more than one month;
    New accounts will not be approved because it will be reflected on the payment processing.

    Feel free to fill out an Employment Application by visiting the “Job for you” section of the “Swedish Insurance” website (click or copy and paste this link into your Web Browser):

    We’ll be awaiting of your application.
    This offer is in effect for five business days.

    Sincerely yours,
    “Swedish Insurance” Team

    Now, to me.. this seems a little ridiculous. But I couldn’t find anything about it being a scam, it seems very sketchy. Considering it says “a insurance manager” not “AN insurance manager” amongst other things. Sheesh. Anyone else have anything to say about this?

  • Ross says:

    i’m thinking about becoming one but i want to know for sure what one is. So, what exactly do actuaries do? where do they work? starting salary and what can my salary become?

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