Strategies for Determing the best Cash Back Bank Card

The gives to generate money when you spend some money may be tempting to the modern-day buyer. Which has a cash return charge card, you can make rates that can reap rewards at the end of 4 seasons. So to select the best cashback charge card for you, below are a few questions that you will need to ask.

1. What number toward the money again?

Although it might seem that any obtain or accessory for the overall cash return plastic card balance would bring benefits, this is not usually the scenario. Many times, balance transfer offers and funds advances tend not to contribute to the share back. If you find that you’ll be using the cash return plastic card for the people uses, you will are interested in if you are planning recognized you aren’t.

2. What kind of money rear are you currently receiving?

Obviously, if youre trying to find a cash back credit card, youll want to decide on the 1 with all the greatest amount of portion that you can get back. As well as the charge cards differ widely this is because. Have a look at several money back credit card companies to ascertain if 1 looks specially large.

3. Can you increase your cash back?

Aside from enhancing the total stability and adding to the bucks back again, some cash again credit card companies also motivate customers to regular particular stores to secure a bigger cash return amount. In case you currently go to these establishments, these cash return creditors may workout much better.

4. How may you earn the bucks back again?

If you are using a money back charge card, you want so that you can get your advantages as frequently as feasible. There used to be an occasion when you had to wait until eliminate a a dozen calendar month cycle to receive the rewards, nonetheless it has changed. Some companies are now allowing customers to get their again as installments towards their stability in order to bring about a nonprofit as frequently as specific amounts are accumulated.

5. What are the charges?

As with most charge cards, you will want to make certain that the cash back again charge card you subscribe to won’t cost a sizable fee that basically angers any rewards that you could be receiving. Try to look for a cashback credit card that would not allow you to pay for your money back.

Using a money back bank card, you can earn a little money as you invest in issues that you previously need to have.


  • Mollie says:

    I know you should not close credit cards because they give you credit availability which helps you score, but what about a charge card such as the American Express Gold? Is it bad to close since there is not credit limit anyways?

  • Domenic says:

    I got a new amp and to replace the old one I need to de charge the cap. I lost the charge card that came with it. If I hook the amp to the cap will it like kill the amp? I heard you can use a light bulb to do it but idk how.

  • Luther says:

    How does a charge card work? do you put money onto the card and then you can make charges to the card or do you charge things to the card and then pay the balance?

  • Carlo says:

    Who sets the limits on the Bulls charge card, anyway? And where can I get one? Assuming the bull wins the bull fight, and the unlucky matador bites the dust, is the bull fighter’s estate relieved on the obligation to pay off the charge card?

  • Vernia says:

    I get how credit cards work for the companies that issue them, but how does american express profit from charge card since they´re paid in full, and do not have an interest rate?

  • Clayton says:

    I’m a student and I want to apply for an american express charge card, preferabbly someone with experience applying for one with american express and who is a student, what credit score would a need to get an amex charge card, Currently i have limited credit history, though its all positive and I do have an income.
    Thanks for people’s advice not to go with them at all, however, I want a charge card as i’m then required to pay it all in full every month, if you still think i should not go with them can you at least anwser with some detials on how they are bad and which companies i should choose to get a credit card from and what credit score i would need from them, but again, I would also really want to know what credit score I would need for an AMEX charge card

  • Kermit says:

    I need to know what is the best charge card not by interest or the offers alone.
    I need to know why this charge card works the best based on your experience of using it. Did it work for you or was it terrible?

  • Michel says:

    I read somewhere that western union was the first company to issue charge cards. Does it still do that? Where can I get a card from western union? Does the gold card issue by western union works as a credit card?

  • Kristan says:

    I found four different charges made on the same day to my credit card that I did not authorize. I found out they were for companies that sell software licenses online and software that once purchased is downloaded to the purchasers computer. I have disputed these charges with my credit card company and am waiting for a reply. My questions are should I cancel my card or have my card number changed. How likely it is that I would have to pay these charges even though I clearly did not purchase anything.

  • Jae says:

    I am looking for a reloadable charge card that will allow me to put money on it from another credit/debit card.
    I am looking for a reloadable charge card that will allow me to put money on it from another credit/debit card via online or through a customer service rep. I am incurring expenses for a friend out of the country and they want to do this to help me pay it. I do not have a bank account.

  • Evita says:

    I went into a debt consolidation program, and paid off all my cards last month, YIPEE!! Now I have a balance of zero, but got charges interest…


    What do these mean? and why did I get charges for them if I had no balance?

    I was young and stupid when I got this card, so feel free to add some advice, and explain things in-depth.
    Thanks! and the interest isn’t counted as part of the balance, thankfully. That all makes sense though :)

  • Lane says:

    I have a fraudulent charge on my credit card bill. I spoke to my credit card company and they said they will cancel the card and mail me a new one, and they will investigate this charge. I have excellent credit and I don’t want this to mess it up.

    I always pay my credit card bill in full when I get it, but I don’t want to pay for this charge (which happens to be the only charge on the bill) since I didn’t make the charge. I’m wondering if I should in fact just make the minimum payment so that my perfect credit stays intact. The credit card company said that if it is found to be a fraudulent charge, anything I pay towards the charge will be refunded back to me, including any interest paid.

    Has anyone had any experience with something like this. I’d like to hear how this was handled by someone who experienced something like this.

  • Adria says:

    I’m booking a trip to NYNY and when my total comes up it shows a total and a deposit. I’ve never booked directly through the hotel and I was wondering when the deposit is charged to my card and when the left over balance is charged?

    My guess is the deposit comes out immediately and the balance is billed after I check out. Is this correct?

    Also, if the price drops before my trip do I automatically get the better rate even if I booked through one of their online promotions?

    Yea i know. 1 time in 10 years sounds like pretty good odds that I’ll be fine. It could have happened at any hotel on the strip. I stayed there last year and had a great time.

  • Kit says:

    i have a chase credit card and have diputed a charge they say that i have to pay without ever calling me and asking me my story on the over the phone charge of $80.00 deposit and then adding another $485.00 a day latter. how can i dispute this with the company were it does not hurt my credit?

  • Alana says:

    One that is for people who are not in collage but is only 19 going on 20. Also if possible one with no fee’s (start up fee or anything like that I can handle a late fee). Also I would reather have a charge card and not a credit card.

    Also if possible one you get in seconds online instent approval that they give you an temp printable card once approved.

  • Dewey says:

    I was recently approved for the green amex charge card, does anyone have the card? I know its around a $95 annual fee, but do you like the card and are the benefits good?

  • Dwight says:

    How long does a merchant have to wait before they can be sure that a credit card transaction will not be charged back? Is there a certain period of time that a credit card company or consumer have to initiate a charge back after a credit card purchase is made? Thanks:)

  • Bobby says:

    I do not have an American Express credit card or charge card, nor am I getting one in the foreseeable future. I have a credit card with a different company. I was just wondering what the penalties were on AM-EX charge cards. I know the website says that each purchase is paid in full at the end of the statement period. However, they mention nothing about interest? If for say, someone got in a sticky situation and couldn’t pay the full amount, is there a hidden fee charge that comes with failing to pay in full? How are AM-EX charge card holders supposed to know these penalties? Just wondering, Thanks!

  • Micah says:

    Ok, so I finally added my credit card information to iTunes. Now I’m looking at my credit card pending charges and I see a transaction from APL*APPLE ITUNES STORE for “Merchandise” for the amount of $1. is this just their way of confirming it and it’ll be reversed? because I didn’t buy anything. btw, I’m new to this whole online credit card shopping thing

  • Alethia says:

    We have been making payments on our charge cards with Bank of America, however, they haven’t been the minimum payment each month. We are now being told that they are going to charge off our accounts as a bad debt. Can they do this if something is being paid on the accounts each month?

  • Tynisha says:

    I posted an ad on Craigslist and it wasn’t accepting the first card I used, for some reason it said it wasn’t able to go through, I tried 3 times then gave up and used a different credit card and it accepted that one and sent me a confirmation email afterwards and everything, for THAT card. How do I contact them and have them take off the three charges of $25 each, so a total of $75 on the other credit card?

  • Rufus says:

    My credit card got charged off in September, and the recovery department called me to set up payments through them of $75/month. I heard that once a credit card is charged off, even if you’re making payments it won’t be reported to your credit. Anyone know how this works?

  • Ronna says:

    question in regard to my American Express Gold charge card I went to check my spending limit it told me they couldn’t approve the limit I ask for because I had no preset spending limit what those that mean

  • Hermila says:

    Explain the difference between the following items:

    Charge Card: _______________
    Debt Card: __________________
    credit card:_________________

  • Lashaun says:

    Okay last year I had problems with my sears card, some book online got my credit card number and began charging me without notice and sending me books my mail without my premssion at all I never really sign up the piece of crap. Okay so I decide to renew sear card with new account number. Sometime after that they began sending letters saying that I owe them and now I got a mail from Allied Interstate saying that I HAVE to owe them. Can they charge my credit without me given them my number? How do they work anyway?

    The book online is literary guild never even heard them and don’t care.

  • Bobbie says:

    Just ordered a few things off of Amazon… I used a $25 gift card and the order came to $27.20… I have cash on my card (which I was required to provide) but my account statement online hasn’t changed since I ordered. I figure if they didn’t get the cash from me they wouldn’t put the order thru but I’m just confused on if it worked and if they’re going to charge my card and when?

  • Yolando says:

    I did receive a Kohls Charge Card and register online. But it shows that I have to pay the amount of money that listed. Click the link below to see the screenshort:

    Any help will be appreciated.
    To view the clear picture you need to maximize it. Because I upload a really big one!

    I think you need to click on the pic and somehow it will be bigger

  • Oscar says:

    I need to order a few things online and I don’t have 100% trust in the site(AliExpress) and all I have is a vannilla visa card… Problem is I need that for another site(budk) to buy stuff and that card has just the right amount, and if I were to use it on the other site I’d only be spending half the money and the vanilla visa’s arent re-loadable… Upon checkout on the site ( it said it doesnt accept charge cards… I dont really know what a charge card is seeing as Ive never heard anyone call it a charge card…

    So are charge cards and prepaid cards the same thing?


  • Shanell says:

    I’ve got a few questions that would like to ask:
    1. Is that only London in the UK has tube?(i mean subway/metro)
    2. Is tube in the UK also called as underground?
    3. Is there any transportation card for bus or tube passengers? And how does it charge?
    Thank you.

  • Nolan says:

    If I place an order online, charge to my credit card, does anyone know when they actually charge your account? Is it right away? is it when they ship? Im getting paid tomorrow but if I order today i get free shipping but I dont want to overdraw just to save a few bucks…. if they ship to day and charge today then im in trouble….any help is much appreciated!!

  • Connie says:

    i bought about $200 worth of items last night using my visa debit card, and newegg says the it has successfully charged me but when i checked my online bank summary, it doesnt show up and says i have the same amount. usually things show up quickly on my online summary when i use my card. so have i been charged yet?

  • Ernest says:

    I’m always buying things at kohls for the regular or sale price. What would the card have to offer me? Do you get special discounts? Do you use the card each time to get the discounts. etc etc. For those who have one do you like it?

  • Man says:

    I just recently approved and use my amex green charge card on my daily transactions. My intention is to use this amex card as my primary card (ie use it for all my purchases which was previously with visa) and leave my visa for emergency and reference of how long i have it for. Would that be a good idea? I am a student and my intention is to improve my credit score and record… Since the idea of a charge card makes more sense and I understand that the rule of thumb to any plastic is pay it in full every mnth no matter if its a credit card or a charge card. So any advice if I should stay with amex or put it aside and start using the visa again? Thx in advance guys
    I will for sure keep both of them for sure, Im just wandering which will benefit me and also the effects on my record and score if i use the amex for all of the purchases compare to the visa, and i still a big believer of paying my balances in full every mnth for either visa and amex

  • Noe says:

    I got charged for some fees that I don’t know on my credit card. Is there any way for me to avoid those payments?

    It’s actually some kind of trial product I signed up for. They started to charge me for monthly fees after the trial period, and I didn’t even know. They didn’t say anything about the monthly fees on the home page, either on the term and condition or FAQ, so it is really hard to know they actually charge for monthly fees. Here’s the site:

    To Heaven Lee: It doesn’t says how long is the trial period on the web site, only says free software trial, kind of get you sign up for the program without letting you know there is a actual charge for monthly fee

  • Harley says:

    I desperately need some advice.
    before my husband and i got married, he had a credit card which was paid off by the time we got married. (this was 10 years ago!!). he never closed the account though because somebody told him it was always good to have credit open for good credit scores. last week he gets a letter that he needs to go to a superior court. we have no idea what it’s for, so he contacts his friend which is a lawyer. apparently, there was a 6000 charge on that open account FROM YEARS AGO. we moved a couple of times so supposedely they tried to contact my husband but was nowhere to be found. now he is expected to pay this 6000 for something we never bought!!! the lawyer will call the credit card company today to see if they will take less. but my point is WHY do WE have to pay for a fraud?? anybody been in this situation before? they did verify with my husband it is his name and ss#.. what can we do?? please help with any useful advice.. thank you!! :(

  • Cory says:

    I want to make a paypal account. I don’t mind activating it with my credit card, but I was hoping to put money into the paypal account with my credit card, and when I wanted to buy something, use that money instead of charging directly to the credit card. Can you do this?

  • Rey says:

    i was just wondering is the american express platinum charge card only invitation only or can you apply for it?
    also what does it take to get the american express platinum charge card??? is it based on credit history? or is it on income? what score do u need?

  • Jeramy says:

    Would this plan help build my credit or are the amounts/numbers too low. I would like to get a charge card for a store and buy a $10 gift card using their store charge card each month. Then I would pay the bill off on time each month. Would using it once a month for $10 have a positive impact on report over time? thanks all

  • Elba says:

    Hello, I have about $5,000 of debt spread across 5 different credit cards. I’ll spare you the details but they are all charged off. I am currently trying to get a security clearance with the military and I need to get these all paid off. The problem is I have nowhere to start.

    My parents are going to help me pay off the debt completely and I will be paying them back in time. So I basically have this $5,000 to pay off my debt. Do I go directly to the credit card company’s? The collection agencies?

    Thanks for the help.

  • Alexandra says:

    I have a credit card with Egg. They recently cancelled my contract with them (like 1000s of other customers). So needless to say I never spend on my Egg card. I continue to pay well over the minimum payment each month but seem to go over the agreed credit limit and get charged a fee, then I pay enough tro get within the credit limit and the same happens the following month!

    Should the ‘minimum payment’ cover all interest charged?

    Can Egg continue to charge interest on an account that they cancelled and broke the contract?

    Any other tips for handling Eggs tactics?

  • Scot says:

    Citibank is charging around $50 on my credit card that has zero balance. They are charging an interest rate of 29.99% APR. I already paid off my entire balance.

    I requested them to lower my APR. They replied that the APR is already low.
    They are sending letters with the address from “Citibank early warning.”

    They are scaring me and insulting me and charging my account has zero balance.
    They are not closing my account.

    I am mentally and psychologically affected by this. I know as a single customer I am powerless in front of a big bank. But Please help me to get out of this.
    This is not an Annual fee. It is mentioned as interest for purchases and cash advances.

    1)The card has credit limit of $3600. My balance crossed the limit and went to $3605 during the statement date of 03/04/2011.
    2)The payment due date was 03/27/11. I paid $2350 on 03/15/11 and the entire balance $1255 on 04/01/11 bringing the balance to zero.
    3)In the statement date on 04/04/11, I was charged $57.23 towards interest charges for cash advance and purchases.

    They have the 25 days rule that no interest will be charged for the amount paid before due date and the interest accrues only from due date. So they charged an interest of $57.23 on $1255 for 8 days (from 03/27/11 to 04/04/11).

    When I asked them they are saying, they have reviwed it and the charges are correct. They are not answering to my request to close my account.

  • Tristan says:

    What is the difference between a Charge Card and a Credit Card?

  • Enrique says:

    I’m referring to CHARGE cards like American Express and Diner’s Club, NOT credit cards like VISA or MasterCard.

    I don’t really see the purpose of a charge card or why anyone would want one. Unlike a credit card, you have to pay off the balance every month. This means that you must have the money anyway, so why not just use a debit card? Charge cards all have annual fees that are quite high compared to credit cards, which may be no-fees or have very low fees. The advertised advantages like reward points and membership in airline/rental car clubs seems gimmicky and hardly even worth the annual fee. Things like rental car insurance and other travel-related advantages can be equally achieved with pretty much any gold credit card.

    The only time I’ve ever used a charge card is when I had an AmEx from work for charges on my expense account, and that’s really the only time I can see it being useful: for keeping track of business-related purchases. I can’t see the usefulness of a personal charge card where a debit card or even credit card would work just as well without all the fees and risk of overspending and blowing your credit rating.

    So, if anyone thinks they understand the purpose of charge cards, or if you use a charge card yourself, I’d appreciate some insight.

  • Ethelyn says:

    So, I ought a laser from like 2 days ago. Recently my parents switched credit cards to lower their interest rate. The thing is that you cant even charge one penny on your old card or your rate will go back up. And of course when I was entering billing info and stuff I put in the wrong credit card. The item is already in the shipping process by now and cannot be canceled or modified. Is there any hope that I could refuse the item and have it shipped back for no shipping charges? My dad tried rejecting the charge, but it didn’t work. Any ideas? because I am so screwed if our rate goes up again.

  • Rossie says:

    What are those Visa (I think?) credit cards where you charge money to them called and how do you get one (where to buy, etc)? If you can help I would be forever grateful. Thank you.

    Well I found it but does it really cost $10 to activate? That’s crazy.

  • Cliff says:

    Ok, so the situation is I went to Atlantic City with my family. We booked the hotel room online and we went there, checked in and went to our room. I checked my bank account and they took the money from it, and an extra $100 for deposit. On the last day, I went to check out at the reception and asked the lady when I will get back the deposit and she gave me the receipt. When we got home I checked my bank account again and there was no charge for the hotel. They put all the money back into my bank card. Not only the deposit but the whole amount which was on the receipt. Did they make a mistake or they will take the money after a certain days? This is the second they since we checked out from the hotel and they still didn’t take the money for the one night.

  • Loreta says:

    Is there a flat fee for each credit card transaction, in addition to a %of the amount charged to the card? or is it only a flat fee, or is it only a %? (if it is only a %, why would some restaurants have a ‘minimum $x purchase with credit card’ limit?)

  • Harvey says:

    I filled out the form to dispute a charge on my credit card that I authorized as a deposit for something, was told it was refundable, but then after I cancelled they refused to refund. What happens next?

  • Josef says:

    i had a gift card already in the “redeemed” place, and i got my receipt and it said it was $14 and whatever cents
    did it charge my brother’s credit card, or did it get deducted from the gift card?
    it had Order Total: $14.75
    i don’t know if they charged my brother’s credit card or not.. help?

  • Hershel says:

    Would using a credit card (Chase Visa, specifically) to pay household bills incur any extra charges? The site says there are no monthly charges and it’s free to use. I scanned the site and I didn’t find anything about them charging anything (but companies normally never put that face in an easy to find place). The site always mentions paying with your “Chase Card” for all these no fee things, does it mean all cards from Chase? Just debit cards? Just credit cards?
    Would using a credit card (Chase Visa, specifically) to pay household bills incur any extra charges? The site says there are no monthly charges and it’s free to use. I scanned the site and I didn’t find anything about them charging anything (but companies normally never put that fact in an easy to find place). The site always mentions paying with your “Chase Card” for all these no fee things, does it mean all cards from Chase? Just debit cards? Just credit cards?

  • Alton says:

    So I ordered a Blu-ray DVD player from for Christmas for my husband and received an e-mail it was backordered. As I needed it for Christmas I canceled my order. A day AFTER I canceled it they charged my card! I called them complaining and they said it should be off in 48-72 hours, blah, blah. I think this is completely unfair! It was over $300.00!! I wanted to go to the actual store and purchase one, but not now…not until I have my money back! I just was wondering if this seems right to anyone else??! I’m sitting here stewing and would just like your opinions! Thank you!!

  • Ignacia says:

    My last 2 Credit Card Bills have come up with Communic8 (Telstra) charging $20- $30 in My Account around about 7 times. The last time it equalled up to $300. My daughter and I are the only ones with access to the card and neither of us are with Telstra in out Phone Plans. We also don’t pay our Phone Bills with this card. Even if the Bank cancels the card the people who are taking the money are out are still going to get it. Help? I’m not sure what to do, or why this is happening?

  • Emma says:

    I got into an accident. I was 100% prepared to pay the damages ($1600) in payments, like discussed with the manager. The card that the car was rented on was maxed out. They went ahead and charged a card that I had used once to extend the rental (we do monthly rentals and extend weekly). So, the only authorization they had on paper was for the original card. They only had a verbal copy and authorization on the second card. Is it legal to charge that $1600 to the second card?

  • Isaac says:

    I have been using one visa card for 2 years through pay pal…we had a large charge, refrigerator went out, so I used the same card as I have been using to purchase items through Ebay, you have to use Pay Pal…I switched back to my original card, Pay Pal charged me $1.95 cents, to verify it was my card, after using it for 2 years….has anyone out there had a problem with pay pal…I will not use them anymore, nor will I purchase from Ebay…what did you do? Its the principal of the thing, anything to get a buck out of us.

  • Gregg says:

    Hi I need to pay for the ESTA fee $14/£8 but I’m not even sure if we will be traveling to the USA after all but I heard it last for two years. However, if I pay with my debit visa card will my bank charge me for exchange rates?

  • Andy says:

    How charge card is different from credit card? how payment is done for charge card?

  • Arthur says:

    Okay, here’s the deal.

    4/15 I check in to this motel in Georgia. Paid 160.00 Cash for one of their lower cost rooms.
    4/22 I pay the weekly fee of 168.00 for a better room.
    4/30 The motel calls my room around 11:00 asking when I am going to pay for the next week. I tell them it will be one hour and go and withdraw the money from the ATM. I then come back and give them this money. Everything is golden, right? HELL NO.
    5/1 I checked my card at around 10:00 and find that I am NEGATIVE 335!!!!

    After looking on my online banking account and then calling an associate at my bank, I learn that there was a charge from this motel on 4/30 for 168.00 at 10:52 a.m. So, they charged my account and then still asked me for that week’s rent?!?!?!

    I talked to the Manager and his son and after a HUGE process of trying to prove this transaction to them the son says if I can get my bank statement and show it to them where they took an extra 168.00 dollars from my account they will refund me.

    Shouldn’t I be compensated for the non-consented 168.00 charge they made before they still asked me for the money for this week ANDANDAND ANY OVERDRAFT FEES BECAUSE OF THIS?!?!!

  • Yolando says:

    I went to a strip club 2.5 weeks ago. I used my AMEX credit card for a cash advance of $110. They swiped the card, I signed the slip, and they wrote down my Driver License # on the slip, Why? Am I going to have someone knocking on my door because of their error? Why wouldn’t the charge show up on my statement? I have been checking almost every day.

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