New Techniques I Training Frugality

I talk a lot about frugality with this weblog, but how do you know I Inchspeak the chat” and Inchstroll the go walking?” Nicely, I reckon that you’ll never know haha. On the severe note, I want to to write up an article conveying 5 new techniques I definitely training frugality on a regular foundation during my personal existence. Residing frugally is undoubtedly an productive, definitive option. It isn’t like you awaken one particular morning and inform oneself, InchI’m Mister. Frugal nowadays.Inch No, it will take more preparing and considered than that.

Allow me to share my most up-to-date InchesinitiativesIn . in trying to are living a far more economical existence:

1-Shop at low end grocery stores. Yes, you’ll have a struck towards the delight, however you have stored me 100s a month. My grocery store invoice was once about Money500Perthirty day period searching at top quality locations like Vons and Investor Joe’s. My grocery invoice concerns close to Dollar300Andmonth by shopping in the cheaper grocers like Foods 4 Less. Indeed, you will need to handbag your personal household goods. But you’ll save income along the way!

2- Use Groupon for time nights. Fortunately, I have the most beautiful lover on earth and she or he is just as cheap like me. This makes it cozy to search out package for night out nights. In the past, I would have never contemplated getting a promotion on the day. To the folks on the market, locate a lady that is as cheap because you. Keep in mind that, you will lay aside yourself a headache along with a going under.

3-Store at cheap retailers. You believe I look this good by spending my complete salary? Ohh, just kidding around. But honestly, I have experienced individuals inquire me in which I shop. I usually sound in their mind In .Ross or Marshalls.Inches Indeed, I’m proud to express I shop with the cheap retailers. But here is one thing, the secret is on those who go shopping at Nordstrom. I purchase precisely the same outfits but also for a 1Or4 in the cost!

4-Load up a brown tote lunch break. This can be a single I’m trying to confirm on. I did previously spend a massive sum on eating dinner out. Child, has that altered! Let’s consider some numbers. Let’s imagine the average lunchtime costs Money8. A standard dark brown bag lunch time to me charges Dollar3. Only make it happen 5 times weekly for work, that’s above $1,200 in cost savings! I will use that to bring about my old age accounts as an alternative. Bada-msn, bada rate of growth, carried out offer, brown bag lunch it’s.

5-Look around for health club subscriptions. This might drive some links, but are you wanting the spa rather child? Irrrve never purchased to the entire Inchesdelivering of toxinsIn . non-perception. All it is is an additional way a fitness center can improve their account expenses. Who cares regarding the private pools, hot tubs, or snack watering holes. Go discover a basic fitness center with weight loads and home cardio equipment. I’m a member of Entire world Fitness center in Hillcrest and like it. They have almost everything I would like for $25/month without a deal. And you should NEVER pay out indicative-up price. Should they do, appear in other places, as this is a sign the gym will likely draw something you to get more money.

Exactly what are some methods you’re wanting to are living frugally? Comment down below and discuss your knowledge!

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  • Jenell says:

    I know they are at least indirectly influenced by one another, and that Taoism is more of a spiritual philosophy, but how are uniquely different from one another? In what ways are they similar?

  • Barbara says:

    Please try to be sharp and precise. Pl don’t direct me to any web sites.

  • Lela says:

    From India, through China, to Japan. My understanding is that Zen picked up many elements of the Tao as it journeyed east. What did it incorporate and how is it different from the Tao, or even traditional Buddhism?

  • Annabell says:

    His existence is self evident? How do you think you got here?

  • Tammy says:

    Would like to know the following things:

    #1 If LLC is the kinda of corporation that will protect your personal assets if anything happens.

    #2 How long it takes to form a corporation

    and what is needed such as documents, etc.


  • Mark says:

    He is called the comforter, the advocate, the Spirit of Christ, and a variety of other names. These all seem to assert his personality or personal existence.
    Why do Jehovah’s witnesses say He is a force and not a person; it is obvious that the Holy Spirit is a person when one reads the bible.

  • Len says:

    I am asking this question out the my personal desire to search for understanding. I realize there are other sources for evidece of biological evolution aside from the genetic code.

    Granted, all living organisms are made up of DNA and species seem to have very similar codes. Does this necessarily have to mean that they all have a common ancestor? Maybe DNA is the essential structure of life, but all species are still independent of one another.

  • Michel says:

    We’re all concerned with the time pattern of our human form, from cradle through school, and through a career and posterity, the yearly weather time pattern, and we all probably think about the eternal in some way, but what about other time patterns, such as the lifetimes of our pets, and the national, scientific, global economic time patterns, etc. How do the time patterns of these other agencies interweave with our personal existence? Do they matter, or is it unwise to ignore them?

  • Buster says:

    When people die, it’s not like the affects they’ve made to their surroundings disappear. Of course their existence may be forgotten, but I’m assuming someone that cares about other people wouldn’t care if they were remembered, and is more focused on how their actions will affect other people once they are dead.

  • Diana says:

    Is it the only one that believes God desires to have a personal relationship with us?

  • Tamatha says:

    I want to know what the most powerful and advance computer there is that I can buy and use as a personal computer? I would also like to know if it would be really expensive or cheaper than I think etc.

  • Jessi says:

    My whole question is: If the US Govt came out and said that extraterrestials do in fact exist and their spacecraft have indeed been recovered. Then what do you believe the reaction would be in your culture. Or what would your personal reaction be? I personally would not change my day to day habits and would be very glad to just finally know the truth.

  • Tracy says:

    I’ve been using the noble eightfold path of Buddhism as a tool for personal development, but for me Taoism seems to provide a more holistic explanation of existence and a better perspective than Buddhist metaphysics (karma, nirvana, reincarnation, etc.). When stripped of all mysticism, are the path and the Way, in essence, pointing to the same thing (cessation of suffering)? Or are they completely different views and I’m just missing something?

  • Jessi says:

    -If god must exist in both the absence of cause and design, was his existence a freak accident? why or why not?
    -Without a designer, is there an explanation for gods rational intellegent mind, his sense of beauty, or his ability to imagine things which do not exist?
    gods hitman – or how little we know about the origin of the universe, it was at a quantumm size, in which the laws of physics we know fall apart. quantuum physics defy our common sense or what we consider logical

  • Lance says:

    … then, why isn’t it good enough for YOU, with regard to OTHER’S “personal testimony?”

    Is it because you already understand that “personal testimony”, with regard to a god, is wholly useless?

    Referring back to this previous question:;_ylt=ApKyZNVe6ei1a2tvqc9CHNvd7BR.;_ylv=3?qid=20130610093526AA41Skh
    @Raisen – you claimed, in your precious question, that “personal testimony is evidence”, but, you DISMISS the self same “personal testimony” from those of OTHER faiths.

    Therefore, it is YOU who is claiming that “personal testimony is not evidence”.

    It can NOT be evidence when you want it to be, and not evidence when you don’t.
    It either is evidence, or, it is not.
    For 99% of all the gods ever claimed by “personal testimony”, you claim it is NOT evidence.

  • Alfreda says:

    Please Answer :D

  • Hilde says:

    ..and exercising your spirit? Like from the Bible. Do you have any experiences with exercising your spirit? What do you believe in?

  • Dave says:

    to Hotcarl:
    and wtf is Ergo Cogno Sum?

  • Elliott says:

    What do believers get that nonbelievers do not? Please don’t use Pascal’s Wager–everlasting salvation–because that has no value to nonbelievers.

  • Edmond says:

    Why do humans exist? Is our existence, our life, nothing but a random event, would the world be better off without us?

  • Shanta says:

    I’m 21 and never been in a relationship, nor desire to be in one. I’m probably asexual. I think society puts way too much emphasis on relationships and finding that special someone. Why can’t people just be happy with themselves? People think that being in a relationship will automatically make them happy and solve all their problems. Why is there obsessive interest over relationships?
    I’m not really that close to anyone. I only have one or two friends. It’s hard for me to get close to people in general…kind of because I don’t see why people would want to hang out with me. So I guess in some ways, I have low-self esteem. I don’t think I’ve ever emotionally opened up to another human being..
    My question is, am I missing out on what life is all about?

  • Damon says:

    The way my brain is wired makes it impossible to “choose” to believe in baseless claims. Please try to realize that not everyone has your type of brain wiring. It isn’t logical that a “loving” God would make some people incapable of believing in blind faith and then make it a requirement to avoid eternal torture. That is the definition of a sadistic God.
    “Though this is more of a personal belief than factual evidence”

    It’s as much a fact as the fact that I am incapable of lifting 2000 lbs.
    ” If I’m making a baseless claim for believing there is a deity, then you’re making a baseless claim for believing there is no god.”

    No, that’s not the way it works. If you make a claim without evidence (baseless) then I can (and should) reject it without having to prove it doesn’t exist. How in the hell can anyone prove a negative claim? I claim that a skeedilywhatsit exists, now you need to prove it doesn’t, otherwise your claim that it doesn’t is baseless. Now can you see how ridiculous it is to expect someone to prove a negative claim? The onus is ALWAYS on the one making the claims and for good reason, it’s easy to simply show what you are claiming exists. That is of course as long as it does exist and you actually have the evidence for it.
    “My Faith is anything but blind”

    Faith by definition is blind, “belief that is not based on proof”.

  • Haywood says:

    I don’t know how to phrase all of my questions into one giant question, so I figured I’d better ask a the simpler one. Why do astrobiologists and astrophysicists believe that extraterrestrial life won’t mimic the the diversity of life forms here on planet earth.

    They seem to think that life on other planets are minute forms like single-celled organisms–how come?

    Also, if extraterrestrial life exists, how would that affect Christendom, and how would it relate to and affect philophies such as nihilism and absurdism?
    Nihilism and absurdism–you know the myth of sisyphus type stuff. I want to publish a comparitive essay about how it all would relate to life elsehwhere.

  • Junior says:

    1. Absolutely sure, without a doubt, that there is a god.

    2. Quite sure there is a god, but accepts the possibility there may not be one

    3. Agnostic, but leaning toward there being a god

    4. Strictly agnostic

    5. Agnostic, but leaning toward there being no god

    6. Quite sure there is no god, but accepts the possibility there may be one

    7. Absolutely sure, without a doubt, that there is a god

  • Foster says:

    what does reality mean in Buddhism

  • Hollis says:

    How can you explain the Origin & Existence of suffering ; Why is there suffering in the world ?
    – your personal analysis / interpretation / perspective.

    You can use religious teachings & texts to bolster your answer, but I’d appreciate avoiding religious texts & basing your arguments or observations on your own experiences & inferences .

    I’ve chosen this section because I find the Seniors a very sporting & grounded group.
    Thank you :-)
    @spanky : Altho’ it appears simple enough, it is not a textbook Q. It is one of the Qs that cropped up on reading an erudite, detailed, well-researched book by Arun Shourie : “Does He know a mother’s heart?: How suffering refutes religions”. The author explored all major religions to find answers to personal Qs, but was left disillusioned.
    @ V : That is superbly & honestly written ! A profound, yet Simple truth !
    @Jelloise : “life just seems a failed promise” – so poetic yet so pathetic (as in evoking/arousing emotions, not the negative connotation) !
    I do not agree with Any of the Thumbs Downs; but it is an open forum …. I appreciate All your answers.
    @Lady M : I’m still confused as to why God would want to bring pain & suffering to Newborns, toddlers, little innocent children? Is it His way of punishing/reminding the Parents about their religious duty? Seems a bit harsh, though.

  • Bess says:

    What is it supposed to mean?

  • Alexandra says:

    If there is no personal God, and if one can attain nirvana only as a result of the destruction of thirst (tanha) / desire, therefore the destruction of attachment, therefore the destruction of existence–from whence, do you suppose, did personality (or even the sense of personality) ever come? Exactly what is it, and where does it go when one ceases to exist?Without a personal God, on what basis can there ever exist any human moral standard or ethic–and therefore, in what sense do you mean f to understand the terms noble and truth, i.e. The Four Noble Truths, or the term right in the eight-fold path of right views, resolve, speech, conduct, occupation, efforts, awareness, and meditation?

  • Estefana says:

    Maybe it can disprove the myth of creationism as it was understood from the Genesis (which, if you ask me agrees in many natural events, like the creation of the world), but it cannot deny the existence of God itself.
    Why atheists (not all) think they can hold such manichean views on something as complicated as the creation of the universe.
    Ikaros: What about the fact that everything is in a perfect balance? What about the very existence of everything? That is not an argument, there was no evidence that the earth was round for Christopher Columbus, being so close-minded and preaching science is not a smart thing, as scientist must be open-minded and consider every possibility.
    Andre L: Not good enough, because I actually see science as the ways God keeps the world moving. I do not look God for the unexpleinable, that is the manichean nature most of you, use to have. Do not judge me under your standards, you are the only ones who can content with such arguments.
    Johnny: I can call him Easterbunny, the name is irrelevant for me. What I care about is his function, but sorry… you are all too stupid and close-minded to understand such a complicated thing.
    Steven: A God is for me the creator, the all powerful, the one that makes everything possible. You might have other some views (like an old man with a beard on the sky), but I am not so close-minded to asseverate something as complicated as that. Now… I do not think it is an old man, it can be a force, it can the energy, etc. but I tell you: everything has a beginning and a reason and I do not content with the typical atheist view that mediocre wanna-be intellectuals use all the time: the universe simply pop up for no reason.

  • Su says:

    please outline your personal beliefs

  • Lacy says:

    that the people who came after him just didnt care about such things enough to protect them?

    does this mean that his followers either turned back to their old religions or worse, lost touch with the message of Jesus?
    Jesus was a carpenter, he MUST have had some belongings.

    As for the belongings not surviving, thats complete nonsense. How do you think we know about ancient cultures?

  • Salvatore says:

    If agnostics either not accept any deity, therefore religions and metaphysical claims, my question for you guys is: What do you believe anyways? Do you have a theory about existence?
    *Even though agnostics are uncertain about what it concerns, I believe you have a brain and probably have your own theory of Big Bang, God, or whatever…

    I’ve stated mine here many times, now I’m willing to read yours!
    @Count Capeula
    Can you live with an “I don’t know”? Don’t you have any interest about it?
    I don’t know… I’m always seeking for answers, I don’t accept an “idk” and keep on moving!

  • Glenn says:

    My homework this weekend is to create a personal philosophy or a few aphorisms. i have a few ideas, but i don’t know it they’re right…
    They need to be in our own words so don’t worry about me copying yours or anything like that. i just need a general sense of what i could write about.

    thanks so much!
    i’m just looking for like format kind of and to see whether people’s are more general or specific

  • Hollis says:

    In a previous question, most believers admitted that if they had not experienced divine revelation, the other logical/scientific arguments wouldn’t convince them of God’s existence.

    Do you agree? Or is there other evidence that you feel would convince any unbiased observer?

  • Clara says:

    I have to make an artwork and it has to be for personal/self identity but i need to explain how it relates to existence

  • Maurine says:

    I need MAJOR HELP!!!
    Can anyone explain to me David Hume’s argument in Of Personal Identity??

  • Lue says:

    Everything esle is Assumed to be God for lack of a better answer?

  • Dominique says:

    Theory or just thought reflection.

    -> Do you believe we are here to serve some purpose?

    -> How do you feel knowing that there is not a concrete – definitive – answer to this question?

    -> Does the realization of your own mortality frighten you?

    -> Do you believe in an entity, separate from the body, known as the “soul”?

    ->> Additional question: Do YOU feel you have a meaningful existence?

    Thank you.


  • Carrol says:

    Please avoid saying “it’s obvious”, “look in the mirror”, “everything looks designed” etc. Because it’s not scientific. Einstein didn’t present his theory of relativity by saying “it’s obvious, just look around you.” It’s pretty obvious to me that the earth is flat, just look out your window, it appears flat! It’s obvious to me that the sun orbits the earth, that’s what it looks like. It’s not very obvious that everything’s made of atoms that are 99.9% empty space. Rainbows appear to be created, even though they’re caused by the sun shinning on droplets of moisture. Because other than that, I haven’t heard any other evidence for God. I’m not an atheist by the way, and sorry if you found it hard to read, english isn’t my first language.
    @confused I’m not sure I’m following. We can’t see, hear and touch everything, so therefore God must exist? Should we say electricity need evidence? Absolutely, the fact that it works is pretty good evidence.

    @Roger “I have to wonder what evidence you could offer for the validity of the scientific method itself.” You live in a civilization that is completely dependent on the scientific method. Take the computer you’re using, how do you think it works?
    I don’t really understand your point. Unlike religion, science holds models of predictable capability. “how do you philosophically justify trust in the scientific method to prove anything?” Because it works, it’s demonstrable and can be tested and verified with experiments. “Science proves science.” No, but switching on a light proves the existence of electricity, phones demonstrate what science tells us about sound waves and electrical signals. If science is an unsuitable method to prove God’s existence, what other method could be used? If it was ever proven that there was a God, it would be in the field of science.

  • Lavina says:

    From the outside looking in, Christianity seems like a bunch of cute stories written down, and basically a pile of non-sense. I used to think that too, until I experienced God’s love and power for myself. I grew up in a Christian home, and when I found all the Bible stories quite empty, so I searched for God and He revealed Himself to me. But, if someone is never compelled to do that searching, is there evidence enough to convince them?

  • Sheila says:

  • Lucas says:

    I know there are a lot of skeptics out there, and that’s okay. Maybe one day they’ll have an experience that changes their mind. I’m a believer, but I want to know what all of you think about it. Rude comments will be reported.

  • Slyvia says:

    Does one persons exsistence have more value then another persons – how?

  • Garnet says:

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  • Lela says:

    is it too personal, or do you not have any?
    cuz, the whole “the bible says” doesn’t fly with most people.
    but if you said, “god is real, i know, cuz he touched my life” folks might listen.
    ah, so it’s the ridicule. no one know who you are, so why not spread the truth with a personal message? some truth as you see it. besides, a little ridicule never hurt anyone.

  • Linwood says:

    …and not the existence of anything else that lacks any suportive evidence, or has contrary evidence?

    is it;
    a) makes you feel better
    b) social/political/monetery gains
    c) indoctinated
    d) You just really, really know/believe. See c for further details.
    e) you like churches
    f ) you like small boys
    g) You realized there was something quite amazing going on, but rather than admit ignorance, or think about it, you just picked the first( or second, third, whatever…) explanation that came along.
    h) Other.Please comment.

  • Marcela says:

    Please follow along the lines of the question! Thank you.
    The question was, ‘what personal experience do you have that supports or disproves the existence of God’?

  • Leonardo says:

    What is your personal philosophy about life?

  • Orlando says:

    Could they be delusional?
    Howcome people who claim to have personal relationship with Jesus disagree in doctrines and in their interpretation of Scripture?

  • Zoraida says:

    Just interested in peoples points of view. It could be as simple as Descartes’ famous “I think therefore I am”??
    Also, how do your personal spiritual beliefs affect your answer?
    Does someone grant you the right to exist or…?
    And going deeper, if you dare, what is the reason for your existence?
    Dont get to caught up in my questions, just roll with your first instinct and take a jab at the first question. There are no wrong answers!!!!

  • Garnet says:

    Is substance abuse a personal problem or a social problem? Explain.

  • Candida says:

    I don’t believe in a supernatural force or god who interferes in the lives of mankind, therefore I think from this it follows that I must take a hard determinist view of the world (By that I mean there can’t be such a thing as free will as that would require a supernatural phenomenon(force/god) to exist which would defy nature and logic) -> It makes sense to me that free will is just a complex “illusion” of our brain similar to consciousness and emotions.

    If you agree with what I have said above then my question is how do you reconcile the idea of personal responsibility with hard determinism?

    •How can we punish murders for murdering, it was out of their control in their genes etc
    •How can we praise athletes for being naturally gifted at a sport
    •How can we blame the suicide bombers who think they are doing God’s work through religious indoctrination (and how can we blame the people who did this indoctrination!)
    •Why do we thank people that help us, they couldn’t not have helped us so there is no reason to
    •How can we punish the psychopath who doesn’t understand “right” from “wrong”

    These all seem like terrible inconsistencies to me that I find a struggle to rationalise. I don’t think it is acceptable enough to just say that that is the way it has to be otherwise society wouldn’t function as then one would be living to a lie much like you say these religious people are.

    (Even if you don’t agree with my hard determinism view totally, you can still appreciate the huge impact that genes/surroundings have on our actions… the same point stands….that even if we have free will, it can be and probably is so suppressed by our genes and surrounding influences that it becomes irrelevant leading to the bullet points above)

    no answers from people who are just gona say “open your mind and turn to god!!!” …. how bout YOU open ur minds ;)


    cheers for replys

    cheers for your reply, I agree with what you say totally, however your answer doesnt address the logical inconsistancys with for example excecuting a psychopath.

    Imagine for example you were a psychopath (go on give it a shot!), you have no choice but to make peoples lives a misery, how would you feel if everyone was having a go at you and treating you like shit or sumthing, and u get put in prison.

    Its definently a case of the greater good for society, however its still feels very unjust and punish/execute a person that cant change no matter how much they want to

  • Clayton says:

    Which is more important, do you think?
    If there was no reality, existence couldn’t exist.

    Reality > existence imho.

  • Clifton says:

    Theory or just thought reflection.

    -> Do you believe we are here to serve some purpose?

    -> How do you feel knowing that there is not a concrete – definitive – answer to this question?

    -> Does the realization of your own mortality frighten you?

    -> Do you believe in an entity, separate from the body, known as the “soul”?

    ->> Additional question: Do YOU feel you have a meaningful existence?

    Thank you.


  • Valentine says:

    convinces you that He is real?

    This does mean that personal experiences and revelations that Hindus, Buddhists, Animists, and Pagans, among others, experience from their respective deities prove the existence of said deities?

    Or is the explanation for those experiences psychological or another reason?

  • Robby says:

    Aren’t you all tired of debating this ad nauseum? I bet not a single person’s opinion has been altered by the endless debates on Y! Answers.

    Everyone has faith. Even those who deny God’s existence cannot PROVE God’s nonexistence, so their faith is in the nonexistence of God.

    This is something that cannot be conclusively proven either way. That’s why faith is required. As a Christian, I believe in the existence of God, and in the deity of Jesus Christ. However, I can’t prove either of those. Nor can you, if you disagree with my claims, PROVE the opposite is true.

    Shall we move on to subjects where the discussion can be more fruitful?

  • Rey says:

    Why is it that people use their own personal experiences as solid proof for the existence of their god? ( and no, this is not the same as “eye witness” accounts)

    People claim that they have “seen” god, or have seen other divine visions. Some even say that god talks to them. While this may be enough to convince an individual and the religious folk surrounding them that they have had a first hand encounter with god, it is not enough for the majority of the population. In fact, I’m pretty sure that when people go around saying they have seen and heard things that no one else has, they end up in the hospital for a psychological evaluation. I won’t deny that the experience may seem very real for the person going though it, but it doesn’t’t mean that it is real.

    Even when I was involved in the church, I “saw” and “felt” things. In hindsight, I realize now, that I was simply feeding off the emotions and promptings of the people around me.

    As far as signs go, I have found that anyone looking for a “sign” from god will find one no matter what. I will use a recent example:

    I work with a very religious woman. She shared with me that she and her husband were having some problems. She asked for my advice and I told her that she needed to confront her husband and work it out. Her response was ” I thought about that, and then decided to pray for god to give me a sign so I would know what to do. I told god that if he wanted me to let the issue rest, then make my husband kiss me before he went to work, and my husband did kiss me before he left, so I know god doesn’t’t want me to bring it up and everything is fine with my husband and I now.”

    Now, I know for a fact that my co-worker is a non confrontational person and will do anything to avoid an argument. She also knows that her husband always kisses her when he leaves for work, so she picked a constant to serve as her sign because she knew it would happen anyway, and then she convinced herself that it was really god telling her what to do, thus keeping her out of a situation she wanted to avoid in the first place. She set herself up to get the “answer” she wanted. It’s not god’s handiwork as much as it is manipulation and it certainly offers no proof of the divine.
    cadisney: i did realize this when i posted it and figured someone would point that out
    Cross: Thank you, nail on the head
    re: cardisney’s edit, i believe in the first paragraph i did say that ” i won’t deny that what the person experienced didn’t seem like it happened to them” i am fully aware that i cannot deny someone their truth if they are convinced of it, but at the same time they cannot possibly think that their word alone would be enough to prove anything

  • Glen says:

    i’m creating an essay for a scholarship and it asks that i describe my personal and career plans including how the scholarship will help me attain these goals. I have an outline of what I want to say I just don’t know how i would begin the essay. Any suggestions (best answer gets 10 points)

  • Chantal says:

    “we hunger for significance for signs that our personal existence is of special meaning to the universe”

    would it be
    “we hunger for significance, for signs that our personal existence is of special meaning to the universe.”

    “we hunger for significance; for signs that our personal existence is of special meaning to the universe.”

    or something else?

    I honestly have no clue, so an explanation would help. Thanks!

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