Joining together Credit Card Debt

Bringing together personal credit card debt

Is bringing together credit card debt a great choice?

Effectively, the solution will often be indeed than no. Bringing together credit debt is often regarded as the initial step in direction of personal credit card debt elimination. Nevertheless, even before you progress to consider 1st step in direction of bringing together personal credit card debt, you need to that consolidating credit card debt (or stability shift) is an actions that you’re having to eliminate credit card debt. Joining together unsecured debt is not an method of deferring the challenge for later on.

Joining together credit card debt is actually a great choice in several perception. You don’t only get reduced the speedy increase in your unsecured debt, but in addition get other benefits as well. Provides for bringing together credit card debt are in great quantity and therefore are really attractive indeed. Most of the gives for joining together unsecured debt offer an initial lower APR time period when this is usually Per-cent (or some lower determine). The truth is, this is one of the major points that make consolidating personal credit card debt a very appealing alternative. Aside from this reduced Annual percentage rates, the delivers for joining together credit card debt also can consist of no interest rate around the acquisitions created in the course of very first 5 weeks (along with other initial period) of stability exchange. That is one other thing that decreases the speed from which your credit card debt gallops. So these are the two most important advantages that bank card suppliers utilize to attract men and women into consolidating credit debt using them. There are other rewards which can consist of additional compensate points for the member’s reward program of the greeting card you’re consolidating unsecured debt to. These reward items could be redeemed for other interesting merchandiseOrconcessionsOrreturns etc. At times, the newest charge card (i.electronic. the main one you might be consolidating credit debt to) can be quite a charge card that accommodates much more for your latest shelling out wants the two in terms of the credit history boundaries and exactly how spent your hard earned money. For instance, the newest bank card generally is a denver colorado-brand name one made available from an airline you have commenced exploring with sometimes within the recent years and joining together credit debt on such a minute card might throw open much more rewards when compared with your present plastic card which took it’s origin from your preferences at the time of you looking for your overall charge card. The cardboard you happen to be consolidating unsecured debt to may possibly throw open low cost offers to you.


  • Nickolas says:

    hello everyone, well I have a few questions. But, first of all I want to explain my situation and then go from there. I am 21 and my husband is 22. My husband is in the USMC and I am in college (for clinical psychologist) and working as a CNA. Well our problem is that before we got married my husband as well as me started using our credit cards slot and we end up with debt. And my husband had a car crash and he also owes that money. Well thinking that well have a better life in the corps, he join. I mean I don’t complain I love being a marine wife and I love my husband with passion. The thing is that we had dreams of buying a house and a nice car and have a good life. But, unfortunately our debt has makes it impossible for us to start from fresh. I have the mirena birth control for five years so in five years me and him are not planning to have kids. So I actually was thinking a lot and I came with the conclusion that I should join the USMC myself so with my extra paycheck we could pay off all our debt and in five years buy a house and a new car and start a family. I mean this didn’t pop from my mind I actually have always wanted to join the corps but I never took action on that and my best friend now my husband join. Our debt together is about 20,000 including student loans. The only thing that I am ultimately scared about is that we end up departing because of the hardship of both us being in the corps. I love him more than anything in this world and I don’t want to ever divorce him. But Im doing this for us, for a better future. Please give me advise. What do you think I should do? Any opinion I know it’s my decision but I just need opinions. Am I thinking wrong by thinking this way? Well we get separated in different duty stations?

  • Alfredia says:

    I just turned 18, and I have been doing tons of reading and studying on finances and money. I’m trying to develop a plan for my future and my money, so that I can be successful and not worry about debts and payments as an adult. I’m figuring this stuff out now, so that I can be well-off later in life.

    I am joining the Navy to be a Nuclear Engineer, which will help me out a lot, since they pay for my education, housing, food, and healthcare. If I decide to make a career out of it, I can even retire after 20 years. I am determined to save and be responsible with my money.

    My parents, though, are terrible with money. They have several thousand dollars worth of credit card debt, and are sitting on a house they don’t live in anymore, simply because someone once told them it’s a better idea to rent it out. They have renters on and off, but even when they do, they collect less rent than their mortgage payments are for (mortgage is $720 a month, and they are getting $520 a month right now from rent, which they turn around and shell out for the house we currently live in). They have 2 car payments (one is a few months from being paid off, but still…) and they put almost no money down on either of them. The mortgage is a 22-year adjustable rate. Plus my mom still owes over $20k in student loans.

    But that’s not the only issue. They both blame each other for all their financial shortcomings. My mom is bitter with my dad, and thinks that he “takes advantage” of her. She constantly threatens divorce because of it. My dad refuses to even think about finances, and gets upset when people bring them up.

    My parents earn over $80k a year put together, but are still broke at the end of each month. Their current “system” is that my mom pays all of the bills that she can, and completely drains her bank account, save a few hundred dollars, as soon as the month starts. My dad puts about half his check into bills. The rest is for grocery shopping and miscellaneous spending (mostly the latter). They have no savings or emergency fund.

    But whenever I try to talk to them about it, they just get mad at me. My dad just dismisses me and says I have no idea what I’m talking about because I’m just a kid, and I don’t know how the real world works yet. My mom always gets defensive and says that she is powerless to fix anything and blames my dad for everything. The root of the problem is that neither of them trust or respect one another.

    I just don’t know why they dismiss everything I say, even though most if it is sound advice. For example, I recently told them they should try to hire a financial adviser to help get their situation straightened out. My dad said that would just be one more bill to pay, and my mom told me that my dad never listens, so there isn’t any point.

    Neither one of them will ever be able to retire (or at least retire without living in poverty) if this keeps up. Any advice?

  • Janita says:

    I’ve been having financail problems which enables me to pay my credit card bill so I’m am looking for a credit card company that will put all my credit cards all together into one single bill and not charge me as much interest.

  • Russell says:

    I only look for honest answers here. I feel as though I need some help, or at least some encouragement with the way my life is going right now. It would seem great that I moved out on my own, found the love of my life, and have plans to be married. The problem is I’m depressed. My fiancé and I live together, but no matter how hard we try we’re always behind. Our bills are overdue, our rents over due, and we have a wedding plan by July! We don’t waste our money, we try hard to save. He has two jobs. And we both make just enough money to support ourselves. I just feel in a rut. I cant even afford to join the gym so I can shape up for our wedding (My weight gain doesn’t help the depression), I’m even in a credit counseling program to help pay off the credit debt I have. Can anybody Please offer some ideas, plans, words of wisdom, any help in any way PLEASE. I’m 21 and I really hope there’s more to look forward to in life than all this stress and worry!

  • Luciana says:

    like did they kind of rebel like strikers or what?

  • Jerri says:

    like a good life with good money and even a little college, im thinking about joining the military before my child is born
    im a guy, my girlfriend is pregnant
    well, she may be pregnant
    i am being a man, im taking care of the baby while im in, im not running away.

  • Jude says:

    Hi, next year I’ll be applying to Georgetown (my dream school), but i noticed that they dont give out any merit based scholarships except for sports (which dosent apply to me). However, Georgetown does offer financial aid. How poor does one have to be to qualify for financial aid?

    My dad is a cabinet maker and my mom is a nurse, and together they earn about $100,000 before taxes. I have a brother and a sister that also need to go to college in 2-3 years. We have no college savings, but we do have A LOT of credit card debt.

    I know I’m not poor, its just that we can in no way afford Georgetown! If accepted, is it likely that I will get financial aid?

  • Renato says:

    I am 20 years old, about to get married. I am fairly well of in my career ( I make $30,000 a year) and while filing my taxes the tax preparer talked about putting some money away in an HSA and an IRA. Right now I have a savings account that I put money into from each paycheck, but I know I should be doing more.
    Now my fiancée has some debt, but we aren’t joining our bank accounts until December of this year and he wants to pay down some of that before then. I have no debt, but also no real credit. I have a credit card that I put a tank of gas on once a month in order to get some credit, but he has bad credit because he has student loans out against him.
    What advice do you have for me that you wish someone told you at my age?
    What advice do you have about joining bank accounts with my husband and getting our finances on track as a unit?
    The HSA and IRA are the one’s I’m already working on, but I wanted to get some advice from some other people as to what other wise investments I should make now before I have kids and such.

  • Joye says:

    ok so here is the story. me and my ex bought a tv together and agreed we would both pay for it since we thought we were going to get married. NOT! ok so he wanted the tv to him self and took full responsibility to pay for it and keep it to him self. he decided this once we just bought it. about 1 year later we broke up. we bought the tv with a credit card and it was a joined credit card. i have never once used the credit card or payed for it. so i tried getting off the card and they said i can not due to my ex boyfriends income and credit report. this is not fair because it is ruining my credit and i don’t even have the tv. it is a 2000 limit on the card and he has only payed 250 in 21/2 years. what do i do?? is there a court we can settle it at? can he get some one else to join it for him?

  • Rickie says:


    I will be entering university next year and currently have plans to launch my consultancy/education business together with a high school classmate. Is this a good idea?

    My other options are to:
    1) Wait until I graduate and get a job before starting my business
    2) Don’t bother starting a business

    To be honest, I’m passionate about launching my business. However, I’m fearful of running into debt. I’m now in a confused state.

    What should I do?

  • Adalberto says:

    (Note: This is a continuation of the Cookie Chronicle from Chapters 1 through 11.)

    Natalie’s high school friend, Katy Peterson, has been operating a bakery for approximately
    18 months. Because Natalie has been so successful operating Cookie Creations, Katy
    would like to have Natalie become her partner. Katy believes that together they will create a
    thriving cookie-making business. Natalie is quite happy with her current business set-up. Until
    now, she had not considered joining forces with anyone.
    From past meetings with Katy, Natalie has gathered the following information about Katy’s
    business and compared it to her own results.The current market values of the assets and liabilities
    of both businesses are as follow.
    The Baker’s Nook Cookie Creations
    Cash $ 1,500 $12,000
    Accounts receivable 6,000 800
    Allowance for doubtful accounts (750) 0
    Merchandise inventory 450 1,200
    Equipment 7,500 1,000
    Bank loan payable 10,000 0
    All assets would be transferred into the partnership.The partnership would assume all of the liabilities
    of the two proprietorships.The bank loan is due February 17, 2014.
    Additional information:
    • Katy operates her business from leased premises. She has just signed a lease for 12 months.
    Monthly rent will be $1,000. Katy’s landlord has agreed to draw up a new lease agreement
    that would be signed by both partners.
    • Katy graduated from cooking school. She has no personal assets and a lot of student loans and
    credit card debt. Natalie’s personal assets consist of investments in personal U.S. Savings
    Bonds. Natalie has no personal liabilities.
    • Katy is reluctant to have a partnership agreement drawn up. She thinks it’s a waste of both
    time and money. As Katy and Natalie have been friends for a long time. Katy is confident that
    any problems that arise can be easily resolved over a nice meal.
    Natalie thinks that it may be a good idea to establish a partnership with Katy. She comes to
    you with the following questions.
    1. “Do I really need a formalized partnership agreement drawn up? What would be the point of
    having one if Katy and I agree on all major decision? What type of information should the
    partnership agreement contain?”
    2. “I would like to have Katy contribute the same amount of capital as I am contributing. How
    much additional cash, in addition to the amount in Katy’s proprietorship, would Katy have to
    borrow to invest in the partnership so that she and I have the same capital balance?”
    3. “Katy has a lot of personal debt. Should this affect my decision about whether or not to go
    forward with this business venture? Why or why not?”
    4. “What other issues should I consider before I say yes or no to Katy?”
    (a) Answer Natalie’s questions.
    (b) Assume that Natalie and Katy go ahead and form a partnership called Cookie Creations and
    More on November 1, 2013, and that Katy is able to borrow the additional cash she need to
    contribute to the partnership. Prepare a balance sheet for the partnership on November 1.
    Accounting 1

  • Lupe says:

    Hello Everyone,
    I am 20 yo and will be financing my first car on my own without a co-sighner. I have been approved for a loan at 6.9% APR through Ford Credit for a $10000 very low miles ford focus. The only thing that the dealer has asked me for was to fax or to bring proof of income. I have a full time job as a delivery for a privately owned pizza place. I make $7 an hour plus tips so I average $500-$600 every two weeks from the actual checks that the owners give me but I cant prove the income coming from tips.All together I make $1000 from paychecks and another $2000-2500 in tips per month. The company doesnt make the drivers claim the tips so there is no way for me to prove it so I can only prove that I make $1000 a month and not the money in tips. Is there anything that I can do to prove my income? I know Quicken has a software to generate pay stubs and checks but I think that would be illegal if I used the companies name. Is there anything that the owners can do to vouch or to give me something that would prove my income? I have 30 days for the finance offer. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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