How To Apply For Credit Cards In Uae

To be an individual you should very first analyze your need and may possess the document in addition to examination of your credit report. And fortunately if your credit is good historical past rating then decides on a card provider. And then go to the place of work from the card company and then try to go to the website of the card issuer, complete the required information and read their fine print, also provide your personal around the filled traces. Charge card approval is determined by the type of charge card you are searching and trying to get and then your credit rating. Your charge card software will be authorized as early as possible supplied if you have good credit credit card ranking.

Normally people go to bank where they can sign up for credit card. The safety provided by the banks allows the people to choose these cards more than other companies, specially should they be trying to get on the web credit card. A lot of the banking institutions provide people practically precisely the same functions regarding rules and rewards. The truth is these finance institutions have virtually the identical standards interest rates and fees also. If you truly desire to know this cards matches your convenience capacity then also eat consideration regarding the bank or the card issuer.

Always determine the finance past and statement of yours. Properly credit file reporting agencies will obviously provide the free replicate of your credit report. So make an effort to get rid of issues and problems before using for the greeting card.

To apply for a card it is also necessary for have a banking account. Many people do think that some wants a merchant account of active cost savings in a bank-account to enable them to submit an application for the charge card. But accomplishing this would certainly cost more than for what you’re really trying to get. On the other hand using an existing consideration in the charge card issuing bank would bring together a decreased restrict credit card for any basic payment strategies. So you’ll want to establish many thinks when you make an application for bank card in any of the giving lender.


  • Jamey says:

    My husband has applied for a job there and we would like to know what the day to day living is like especially for a british woman. At this moment in time I am unsure whether to go with him if he is offered the job. Many thanks.

  • Quincy says:

    i had taken a loan from nbd dubai, after paying the instalments for 3 years i got terminated from my job and now am in india, i could not pay the remaining instalements, now the people from india are calling me for the payments and they are telling that i will be in a criminal case if i does not pay the debts, plz help me i just want to know that if they can take any criminal case against me.

  • Jay says:

    Hey, I really need to know how or whether I can order from eBay if I live in The United Arab Emirates.

  • Alfreda says:

    our company usually have yearly company weekends,so all of the expenses are credited to our company,but since it’s my first time to go to uk i don’t have any idea of what credentials do i need to prepare,all i know that they need bank account.i’m currently working in UAE but i came from Philippines.Appreciate it a lot if someone can advise me.

  • Saul says:

    Hi All

    I will be travelling from Paris to Nice however I am not sure if I should buy my tickets online or take it from station. My hotels are booked so my date of travel is fixed and I will have 3 copassengers too. There are few questions in my mind, please see if you can help:

    Is there any difference between booking & reservation on train to Nice from Paris?

    I am getting 4 2nd class tickets on TGV-Europe website for 299 euros and there i can print my own ticket. i guess then all i ve to do is to take that print out and board the train. is my understanding ok?

    the fare at idtgv is also the same however they advertize 22 euros per person for the trip. is there any other way i can find a cheaper fare?

    Also , i m residing in dubai and do not have any credit card issued in Europe. Will TGV-Europe website accept my credit card issued in UAE?

    Looking forward to your replies. thanks in advance.



  • Tynisha says:

    Hello. I’d highly appreciate if a lawyer would be able to help me with my query as i have been trying to contact law firms in UK and most of them are looking for more than 120 GBP+ in advance and i dont have a credit card.

    I want to immigrate to UK with my family and the best visa/immigration policy i could find was of the TIER 1 ENTREPRENEUR ROUTE. I have got around 250,000 GBP in my bank account and i know its enough for the entrepeneur category. I have 5 children, my eldest son is married (32 years old), second son is working in UAE (28 years old) and is living independently. 3 of my sons whose age is 26, 22, 19 years are still dependent on me financially and are living with me.
    I intend to make my eldest son (who is married and 32 years old) a partner (team of 2 entrepeneurs)

    From the UKBA website i have learned that dependent children under the age of 18 can accompany me but here lies the problem for me since 3 of my sons are still dependent on me but all of them are over the age of 18. Can someone help/guide/advice me that is there any way I can take my children with me to immigrate to UK ?

    Any advice regarding this matter shall be highly appreciated!


  • Jacqualine says:

    I hav been working in Dubai for 4year and 8months and due to family reasons I have to resign and have my visa cancelled but after I can sort out my personnal problem,I will come back via visit visa again to apply for work.Now I am set to leave next month but Im worried,I am a good payer but my loan is not finished yet and my credit card still hasnt been closed.Will they stop me from leaving for fear I may not come back to pay them their money?Pls help me and tell me what to do.I dont want to be held with my visa already cancelled.I will be trapped in the UAE.

  • Scott says:

    Hi I am Indian National, moved to UAE in 2008 had been working until feb 2012 I resigned my job as I got my new opportunity and had to exit country in order to get new visa, however my new visa was rejected due to security reasons, HR called me to informed that my visa has been rejected due to security reasons hence they will not be in position to reapply until this issue is resolved, since then I started communicating MOI, DNRD, DUBAI Police etc…. but none of the departments are ready to reveal any information. During my stay in UAE I have never violated any law or have I been involved in any criminal activities and also I don’t owe any debts to banks credit cards or loans, I have always been loyal to the foreign laws and abiding citizen, but still I am denied to enter the UAE to work and there is no specific reason. As per UAE law I have completed more than 3 years in the company before applying for the new job and also I have followed the proper cancellation.

    Plz help me!
    I dont no how to apply for pcc, as i am currently in India, and i did apply for visit visa, even that got rejected, please advise!! Thanks a lot

  • Hobert says:

    I worked for a UAE company and was asked to work from Oman. It was a new job, but due to the liquidity crisis, I was laid off just after two months. Since the company did not pay any compensation at the time of lay off, I got scared and tried to save every last bit of money.
    I also had some credit cards from UAE banks and since I did not have finances left, I stopped my monthly credit card payments. I did tell some of them about the termination and also sent them relevant documents to lodge an insurance claim but since it was a new job, the claim was rejected on the grounds that I have to be in the current job for at least six months.
    I left Oman and came back to my home country and now I have a job offer in Saudi Arabia and the company there has already arranged a visit visa for the upcoming meetings. Two of the credit card banks have filed a police case against me, although I promised them that as soon as I get a job, I will pay them back in big chunks but they refused to accept that.
    Now I am afraid and confused, does this police case means that I can not enter Saudi Arabia, even though the police case was lodged in UAE? The credit card banks knew that I was in Oman, does that mean that I can not enter any GCC state?
    I would really appreciate if someone could help me out with authentic and accurate information and for people who just want to preach without knowing individual circumstances, YES, I know its my fault and my burden, and I will pay it back, so save yourself of writing sarcastic preachings and suggestions.
    Thanks once again.
    Dear H
    I do not have a UAE visa, since I was based in Oman, I have an Omani visa but the company was kind enough not to cancel that one so I can still roam around GCC and look for jobs.

    Also, what about my main query? If I have a police case filed against me due to non payment of credit card, can I still go to Saudi or some other GCC states?

  • Lionel says:

    I had a bank loan in Dubai and i lost my job , i had to come to India and after one year’s time now bank has contacted and asking me to pay or else they will file a legal case.I have to arrange the money and pay which will take time.Now i m in Tanzania after getting a job offer and since that UAE bank has their office in India, will there be any problem to my family which is in India? I heard that the rules of banks in UAE does not apply out of UAE. What will be the consequences ? so that i can arrange to avoid it. It is very much sure that i will repay the amount once i get the money but the collection agents from India office are calling me every now and then and threatening me saying we will transfer the case to Chennai office and we will start harassing your family in India.

    Please help ,me to avoid these credit investigators calling me all the way from India to my Tanzania number….
    Please note they have my office number and i don’t have any idea how did they get all these information, they are calling in my office numbers also..

  • Blossom says:

    I just recently approved and use my amex green charge card on my daily transactions. My intention is to use this amex card as my primary card (ie use it for all my purchases which was previously with visa) and leave my visa for emergency and reference of how long i have it for. Would that be a good idea? I am a student and my intention is to improve my credit score and record… Since the idea of a charge card makes more sense and I understand that the rule of thumb to any plastic is pay it in full every mnth no matter if its a credit card or a charge card. So any advice if I should stay with amex or put it aside and start using the visa again? Thx in advance guys
    I will for sure keep both of them for sure, Im just wandering which will benefit me and also the effects on my record and score if i use the amex for all of the purchases compare to the visa, and i still a big believer of paying my balances in full every mnth for either visa and amex

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