How To Apply For A Bank Card In England

Before you apply for credit cards it is a good idea to secure a credit standing. You can easily uncover your credit score with there being businesses online that work it out for you. Two main credit rating companies are Equifax and Experian. They acquire details from the UK creditors. If you don’t have access to the internet you can buy a duplicate of your credit rating from Experian. Once you’ve have a credit score you might be then capable of finding out what type of charge cards are for sale to you.

Imagine If You Don’t agree With Your Credit Rating?

In case you have a disagreement with your credit rating you could challenge this through the use of Credit history Skilled. This will aid to manage your credit history. When you have your bank card you’ll be able to test by means of it to ascertain if there is certainly something that might keep you getting a card. Credit rating Professional can also be very helpful if your Identity is taken. Studies have shown that it can take up to 15 weeks prior to individuals recognise that their Username continues to be ripped off and anything at all up to 300 a long time to clear their title.

What Forms Of Credit card Can Be Obtained?

There are a number of credit card types available for example low charge cards, compensate charge cards, cards for people with unfavourable credit rating and cash back bank cards.

Which Minute card Is Ideal For Me?

There are several credit cards and some find it hard to decide which credit card meets your needs since you need the one that meets your credit track record plus your objectives. Here are some ideas on doing exercises what type is ideal for you:

Equilibrium shift cards Prepaid cards allow you to shift all of your debt from a higher interest rate to a low interest rate in order to see wherever all your costs are. You should just be sure you examine all of the fine print when transferring your cash as you might want to pay big money to achieve this.

Low interest rates Prepaid cards offer you preferential from something only %. This monthly interest lasts around eighteen months with regards to the credit card that’s been opened.

RewardOrCommitment playing cards Prepaid credit cards provide you with sets from cashback to enjoyment benefits with regards to the minute card that you choose. Many people provide these cards such as numerous food markets like Tescos.

Vacation cards Prepaid credit cards may offer you benefits including airline miles, resort lodging etc.

Low credit score credit cards There’s no part of fretting about to your credit rating simply because this is not going to solve the problem. If you find that obtaining a new credit card will improve your credit rating then you will be mistaken. So that you can improve your credit score you’ll want to make payments on your creditors regularly as well as on time.

Applying for a charge card needn’t be an undesirable knowledge. So long as you have all of the details before you decide to implement you will be good. When you need any assist ensure you confer with your lender before selecting how to handle it.


  • Cheri says:

    What does it mean when a person has the term “esquire” or “esq.” following their name? Does it denote that they have their Juris Doctorate (J.D.)? Or that they have passed the Bar exam, or that they are admitted to practice law in the state in which they are located?

    Can the term be used by someone who has the necessary qualification but works in a non-legal field (i.e.- a J.D. or admitted attorney working in the business field in a non-law related context)?

    Finally, is there a masculine and feminine version of the word, such as with the word “executor” and “executrix”?


  • Kareem says:

    I will be moving to America shortly to marry my fiance. She wants to stay in America, I would like to buy a house, does anyone know the rules for getting a home loan for an english immigrant. What do I need? I have perfect credit and a great job here in England, will that transfer over to America? I will have dual citizenship after we marry and I file.
    I’d really love to surprise her with a home, can anyone help?
    Thanks so much!

  • Nu says:

    Im in England (Norwich) passing a vacations in friends house and already saw London,Cambridge and Norwich,liked very much and i have the desire to start living in This country but i have my life in Portugal,Job ,house that Things.How can i start living in England ,what steps should i Take ,for finding a job,house , and other things?Do you know any sites that explain similar situations?

  • Kimberli says:

    25 year old Egyptian male, he is trying to get into the UK for a week for two, no plans to stay for longer than this. Does he need a Visa and if so when/where does he need to get it? Also, he is under the impression that you need at least £3500 to get into England, is this true for a 2 week trip? He has never left the country but he has a passport.

  • Milan says:

    If you can name a consequent and/or benefit to a specific action -please do so

  • Masako says:

    I am an 18 year old College student who has a job but I cannot seem to get approved for a Credit Card. I first applied for a Student Credit Card through Sovereign Bank in New England, and got declined. Then I tried applying for a Secured Credit Card for Young Adults through Capital One and also got declined. If I can’t get approved for the most basic of credit cards, how am I suppose to build credit?

  • Leonardo says:

    Having reached retirement age and sick of the cold wet weather in England we are thinking of moving to Cyprus. We have been there a few times and love it.

    Can anyone tell us how we go about this please ?

    What requirments do we need ?

    Is work easy to find if needed – part time painting decorating etc.
    Also for a daughter who works in Fitness/gym and also been letting estate agent. may come with us.

    Is it better to rent or buy property – how long does it take to do this and what costs are involved ?

    What about health service costs – hospital, doctors, dentists.

    any other information would be very welcomed.

  • Tianna says:

    I was thinking whether I could arrange a mortgage on a house and pay the deposit using my credit card, in England. Indeed, in theory, I should be able to make a full purchase of a house on a credit card (if my card limit allows).

    Similarly, it is possible to purchase an expensive car on finance and pay the deposit using a credit card – why should the same principle not be applied to the purchase of a house?

    I would welcome any explanations. Thank you.

  • Jarrod says:

    I work for a finance company that helps people with their debts, however, the customers I speak with seem to think they will get a loan with their bank.

    Out of interest, how many of you have applied for a loan and had to pay a broker’s fee for it?
    If so, I may have some important information for you .

  • Glen says:

    Both my parents are deceased so doesn’t help. It gets better…she has lost her social security card and drivers license which is how she knew she lost her birth certificate…she was looking for that to replace the others. She now has no documentation that she is who she says she is. Who does she contact to get the birth certificate if she was born overseas and what would she need to document her identity to obtain it?

  • Travis says:

    im 13 and i know i cant have a credit card
    but i know some banks do under 18 accounts
    like 11+ and crap like that
    but whats the best? [ BTW I LIVE IN ENGLAND ]
    @runnercaiti1 Haha yeah i guess….but i do answer some questions seriously…sometimes lol

  • Leif says:

    i’m 17 and live in England. i want to be able to pay for things on the internet with my own card, can anyone tell me what documents i will need to take into the bank with me (e.g. passport?) when i try so i won’t have to make an extra trip back?

  • Willard says:

    Right so i have 6 weeks left of this years tenancy and my landlord has just said he’s kicking us out. I have already signed the contract for another year though (i havnt given him any predated cheques for this yet). What i want to know is how much notice i am legally entitled to to leave the house and because im getting kicked out, whos responibility is it to find new tenants (mine or his)?

    p.s i have no interest whatsoever in staying in this house even if it were to all blow over

  • Adolfo says:

    Hi there…
    So I am a Canadian citizen, who holds a dual citizenship in the UK (mum was born there), and I want to move to Newcastle in four years, after I finish my Bachelor’s. Will I need to have a full-time job in the area when I apply or will a letter of job offer suffice? Also, if I have a £25000 down payment on a £70000 property, is this sufficient to be considered for a loan? My friend who holds the same dual citizenship as I, will be a co-owner of the property, if that makes any difference. Thanks!
    No need to be rude… I am unfamiliar with the British banking system and everything that goes along with that. Sorry that my question wasn’t intelligent enough for you, but it is difficult to find resources on this stuff. I’m 18, just looking for a bit of help.

  • Fredia says:

    ok well i’m 22 years old i’ve only been in my job a week and i’m not sure how much i am going to be paid and i wanna apply for a credit card.. do u think they will say yes? i’ve not had a job for a few years because of personal reasons.. but yeah what do u think they will say? i only want a limit of 300 pounds.. maybe 200 pounds..
    and i’m not sure who i should go with, i live in england so i might not know some of the american ones.. sorry…
    any info would be good.. and yes i do want one, i’m not a big spender so i’m not very worried…
    well thats the thing when i use the credit card i will just take money from my bank account and pay it off… i just need the credit card for some online things that doesnt take my bank card…
    lol my mum and dad dont have a credit card and i dont really see or talk to them.. but i will look into the pre paid one

  • Mi says:

    can i apply for a rail card online? if so can you give me a link to the website. do i just apply for 1 rail card and i can use that on any train system? how much do they cost and so how much savings would i get off the cost of the train? and how long would it take to get one?
    im a student and im 18. i live in england.
    signing up as in getting a student loan from them you mean?

  • Ruben says:

    So, next year around July-ish, a friend and I plan to stay in England for about a year. We’ve been planning for quite some time, financially, and now we’re getting into gear work/accommodation-wise and I just have some questions…

    My first question is: Where would probably be the smartest place to look for an apartment/small house? I’ve looked at places in the city of London but they’re all quite expensive, so where would be a less expensive place to look that’s sort of just outside the actual city of London? (and also, what’s a few good real-estate websites to be looking at??)

    Second question: How hard would it be for an Australian to find work in London? Not specifically qualified work. Mainly just things like receptionist work, or at a bar, or jobs like that.

    Third question: What are things to be aware of, manner-wise and things to cautious of, society-wise if I were to live there??

    Fourth question: what documents, etc. would I need before I can go and how would I attain them? (Visa, etc…)

    Fifth question: any other important tips or points that would be helpful, please add!

    Please answer in detail if you could, that’d be so so helpful! Thank you!

  • Cruz says:

    i have like 8 maxed out credit cards. i missed two payments on a couple and now because of that, the late fees and payments have trickled down into all of them. i am overwhelmed with credit card debt that i cannot pay. seriously–i have no money. i am trying to get another job-applying and such. but in the meantime what do i do when the credit card companies keep calling me to collect the money that i don’t have??? do i file for bankruptcy? how would i even do that? i can’t get a loan from the bank because i owe the bank money even. i dont know what to do. help!!
    i am not in the u.k.–i am in the u.s.–but wish there was something like that payplan here…

  • Tracie says:

    I am planning to work with my Uncle in England and I have a few questions.

    1. Is it difficult to get a work visa in England from Canada? How long will the application process take before I receive one?
    2. Will I need some sort of number card like Canada’s SIN Card?
    3. Is it easy to set up a bank account in England as a foreigner?
    4. Is there anything else I will need besides the items mentioned in questions #1-3?

    Thank you very much, in advance

  • Milo says:

    Which debit card will charge little to no fee for ATM cash withdrawal and for card purchases in Europe? (I will be traveling to England, Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Ireland and Greece)

  • Olen says:

    i live in England, UK and i want to apply for a student card. i think they are called NUS Extra cards.. but i am unsure and dont really want to put my bank details in online incase of any scams. if anyone could help who has got one of these cards and tell me where to go or how to apply etc. that would really help, thanks in advance (: xz

  • Emely says:

    Does your address where you live affect what kind of credit rating you have? And if someone just used a parents address would the banks know if you asked for a mortgage or such like?

  • Zita says:

    My father was born in England in 1961. He got his British Citizenship/Passport then. He immigrated to Canada in 1970. He then got his Canadian Passport…therefore he has both his Canadian AND British Passports…Can I have this too?

  • Arnold says:

    Hi just wondering if anyone could help me here. Me and my friend are looking to move to California next September for about 6 months – a year. What areas are best for 2 young girls to stay we want to rent a 2 bed apartment in a safe area and also friendly how much does rent start from in a good area on average we will be on a budget nothing to expensive. We also want to be near shops restaurants and the beach but that is not a priority. Also one of us drives would we be able to rent a car at the age of 19? Is being able to drive anywhere important in California? As in England you can walk most places because nothing is to far away. Where would be the best place for us to get a job we are not professionals i work right now in a letting agents but I know in america real estate is much different I wouldn’t want to get into that Maybe cleaning, being a nanny, store assistant? And how much spends would we need to say 6 months – a year? As I say this is not a luxury trip we will be on a budget and not eating out every night or going places all the time. Looking forward to a fun experience hope someone can help me and will award to best thank you xx

  • Kerry says:

    i want to know because after a finish school i want to move to England for a year.

  • Loren says:

    I am travleing to Edinburgh, Scottland and Ely, England what money system do they use? Pounds, Euros, ect.

  • Lucas says:

    I am new and just opened a bank accound here and have a few transaction. Is there any way that i can get a credit Card? Please suggest something.

  • Jermaine says:

    Or some other kind of welfare program? Im doing it for a school project.

  • Lupe says:

    I’m from another country, can I still apply for credit? If so, what is the best company to apply through?

  • Jeanette says:

    Hi, I was born in England in 1994 and moved to Australia when I was 9. I plan on moving back when I finish my apprenticeship to live. Whats the process for moving back permanently and how hard is it?I thought it would be reasonably easy seeing how I was born there and still have my passport but I’ve been told otherwise…

    Ye, I’m a dual citizenship owner now and my passports still valid. Do you know how long the process is for getting a tax file number and stuff for me to work?

    I’m an Electrical Apprentice working for a Government funded Company. I’ve been told if your a sparky in England you have to take a course over here in Australia to become one here so I’m going to assume its vice versa so I’ll have to look into it. I’m only getting the trade as a backup though, I plan on changing career and heading to Uni in the UK once I can get in.

  • Wilber says:

    Hi, I know I should be paying for any profession advice but I just can’t afford it.

    Here’s my story, I booked a ticket with Emirates Airways through a travel agent for a flight over to Perth costing me about 1000 U.K pounds.

    I decided to cancel which was agreed with the travel agent no problem
    they contacted Emirates and the refund was made but instead of crediting my account they charged it again so know I’m 2000 pounds out of pocket.

    Let me explain what happens when you ask for a refund (this is just what I have been told so I hope it makes sense.

    Travel agent applies to Emirates for the refund they say ok then it go’s into a sort of holding account called a (BSP) billing statement program or something like that.

    I will point out at this stage that the flight was booked using my mum’s credit card that is through her bank in England (I booked it through a travel agent in Sweden where I live).

    Ok then once its in this BSP thing it go’s onto Visa Sweden who then forward the payment onto my mum’s credit card BUT instead of a refund the money was taken out again.

    The travel agents are saying they can not see anything wrong with Emirates refunding the payment and Visa Sweden forwarding the payment.

    So the payment was sent I guess but why has my mums card been billed again.

    I have travel agent working on this and my mum will be talking to her bank today.

    Can anyone give me any advice on this as I’m totally confused?

    Very tricky question but any advice will be most welcome if anyone wants more info I’ll try and provide it.

    Thanks for reading

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    Ignore them 2 stupid spam mails

  • Cole says:

    I am English but moved abroad at the age of 9, i came back to england 3 years and 3 months ago, i have been refused a credit card, but i have a new look store card, finance for a sofa and finance for a car. My experian credit report is “Very Good”. I currently bank with lloyds TSB, they will only give me a “current account” and that they cant change that until i dont go overdrawn for 6 months
    I am in full time employment and have been for a year and 1 month, previous to that i was also in full time employment with a different company

  • Kerry says:

    1. How do you establish credit?
    2. What is “credit rating”?
    3. How do you find your credit rating?

  • Jeremiah says:

    ……if I have moved and lived in Canada for over 20 years? I am a British and Canadian citizen – I hold a passport for both countries. I would like to open up a bank account in England – would I need the National Insurance Card?

  • Jerri says:

    So I am 15 & I have not ever had a bank account. I am going to get one set up because in my savings I have £500. What do I do to set up an account? Like forms, details? How can I get a debit card? Also which bank is the best? I live in England.

  • Saul says:

    hi .i am an international student and i want ot open a current account from which i can apply for a credit card.but none of the bank is agree.what should i do?i came to england 1 time about 5 months ago.

  • Leonardo says:

    My ex is taking my kids on vaction in january for 15 days and i’m seriously thinking of finally taking a trip to England which i’ve wanted to do for a long time. I’m 43 and a female, tips would be helpful. I also understand that it’s really cold during january. Anyone care to share there experience with me? (female/male responses are welcomed. Thanks!!
    By the way, i’d be traveling by myself, without the kids. Just me ,myself and i for the first time!

  • Kermit says:

    My mom has duel citizenship, because she was born in england and was raised in the US (she moved when she was six). My mom’s family is from there, and i want to get citizenship before i am 18, because i am 16 and a half now. so how can i get duel citizenship there? how long will it take? and will i have to go to england?

  • Fidel says:

    I’m going to travel to Western European countries. Should I bring cash, traveler’s checks, or ATM? How do I use ATM there? How American bank charge for the fee?

  • Marya says:

    I make about $20K a year and have a short sale on my credit report. I have no other credit cards, only a charge account at my place of employment that I pay off every month. Any chance I can get a Discover Card? (I want to buy a ticket to England to see my bf!)

  • Ismael says:

    My fiance and I are travelling to England to get married, and would like a credit or debit card to use over there as my parents are giving us cash for a wedding gift. I don’t want to carry cash or pay conversion fees by putting the funds onto my Australian debit/credit cards. All cards I can find stipulate permanent residency as a condition of applying. Any ideas anyone please?

  • Anthony says:

    my credit rating is poor, what can i do to get a credit card?

  • Benny says:

    Moving to England shortly, and it will be so much easier to find work and move into a new place if we have a car first. What information will we need to get insurance? We will be living with friends, so we could use their address and phone number until we get our own place. But will we need a national insurance number before we can get car insurance? British bank account? We’ll be getting those things, but it would be so much easier to have the car first. Basically, what is required for us to provide in order to get a car bought, insured, and on the road? (We’ll be paying cash.)
    It’ll be a used car, and I’ll be buying directly when I arrive. Will they require me to have a job or bank account?

  • Avelina says:

    I need a prepaid credit card to pay for a hotel, but am in the army and based in germany, so my bank card address is in germany not england. Everything I apply for online just rejects because my card is registered to germany. I have my mother’s uk address to send a card to if needed. Help
    Both my British and German cards are maestro, I need either visa or Mastercard to pay for the hotel I want to stay in

  • Phung says:

    I’ve been in England for about 4 months now. I’m self-employed so I do work at the moment. I get paid in cheques but I’d like to get it in cash so I need to open up a bank account here. I want a basic account/debit card. I’m a gap year uni student as well, if that helps, and might go back to Estonia (it’s in the EU) to complete my studies. My bf has an account at Alliance & Leicester so he gave me a Basic Cash Account application form. But I’ve also checked out Abbey since it has a Student/Postgraduate Account altho I dunno if that applies to a foreign gap year student as well. Then I checked out HSBC which has a Passport Account but apparently “you will need £1500 in which to transfer into your account”.. dunno what that means cuz I ain’t got that amount of money. I really dunno what to do. I actually already applied for the Abbey one. My bf thinks I won’t get it cuz I haven’t been in the UK long enough, I’m not a UK student (I thought this applies to all EU students)? I’m confused.

  • Tomas says:

    I want to buy a gtx 670 evga sc graphics card as it is much cheaper but i’m from England.. This is the graphics card i want to buy:

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