Economical Scrapping – Five Techniques to spend less that will create Fantastic Memory book Pages

Have you been a scrapbooker who’s wanting to conserve a little more and invest rather less today? Becoming cheap does not imply you simply can’t generate great scrapbooking pages. In fact when you lament the fact that you lack technology scrapbook goods, try out one of them ten ideas to boost the two your budget and your creativity.

1) Alter It

A few elementary craft materials can significantly help to altering circumstances to organize with the design you’re taking care of. Use paint to alter large of chipboard or material items. Include a tiny glitter with a plain decoration. Fresh paint or doodle upon ordinary papers for any customized history.

2) Borrow It

Terminate your journal dues and use scrapping idea magazines and books from the catalogue as an alternative. And check online – most significant mags have a electronic digital variation or distribute additional content on their sites.

3) Bit It

Papers piecing is definitely an aged approach that can be used in new methods to produce custom web site advancements. There are lots of free habits online you can also make your own. Pick a simple impression and attract it on some pressboard or perhaps a discard of large report. Pull further information on their own. Cut out and conserve these to use as habits. Trace them on to leftovers of papers inside your put and reduce. Item the reduce-outs together making use of scrap booking mastic and add the completed decoration to your web page.

4) Produce It

Your personal computer and printer’s are among your very best self practical information on cost-effective scrapbook. Digital camera scrapbooking provides the epitome of regarding-usability. When purchased, digital scrapbooking reports and touches can be lso are-utilised once and for all. And several electronic scrapbook applications and products are available free online.

Generate digital camera memory book web pages and preserve the crooks to produce whenever your local photograph builder includes a specific. Or publish and share web site with relatives and buddies on the internet and remove the requirement of printing completely.

Takes place digital scrapbooking program (or even a standard word processing plan) to make things for standard scrapbooking design pages. Produce term artwork, rates, game titles, electronic digital documents and adornments on to basic 8.5 a 11 document, minimize them out and supplment your web site. (Tip: Look online for royals free of charge clip artwork and Document scrapbook reports)

5) Punch It

Blows are a good way to utilise cardstock leftovers that will create cute embellishments. Boxing techinque out various styles from leftover papers waste and shop in a small container or field for later. Attempt adding hit forms to produce new styles or pictures.

6)) Rediscover It

Dig out those tools you haven’t found in a very long time…papers crimpers, pretty pair of scissors, embossing discs, web templates and tracers etc. See if you can use them in a new way to fit your current type of scrap booking.

7) Repurpose It

Shop around your own property for items that could be applied to your scrapbooking pages. Buy office supplies over (like tag words, videos) stitches notions (buttons, ralph holder, adornments use dental floss) and youngsters things (book drawings, memory foam create parts, water pipe purifiers) can be lso are-utilised. Should you be concerned no matter whether a specific thing is acidity-free, squirt it having a p-acidifying misting initial.

8) Reveal it

Purchase items in mass – brads, buttons, cardstock and so on. and break up the product or service and cost which has a pal. (And it’s best of all if you possibly could buy by using a voucher.)

9) Swap It

Keep a Scrapping Swap with a group of pals. Everyone brings items they not use or like, and trades them for items they think they could use. Leftovers may be generously donated with a scrapbooking nonprofit. Maintain a crop afterwards to use your new supplies.

10) Apply It

Spend time (not funds) experiencing your personal assortment of reports and touches and hang with each other systems of strong and designed paper and matching adornment. I shop my kits into XL plastic-type zipper storage hand bags and after that look my very own hide once i am ready to generate.

With any luck , these tips remind you that scrapbooking doesn’t have to be expensive. Utilize your own creative imagination to come up with more ways to retain charges minimal while experiencing and enjoying the pastime you’re keen on and creating amazing internet pages!


  • Winona says:

    Are they using photoshop and clip art? It looks like some kind of digital scrapbooking.

  • Clifton says:

    I want to create an online store so I can sell digital scrapbooking products. What is the best eCommerce/Shopping cart program that is FREE, and where can I sign up for a website for FREE, so that I can integrate my store into this website?

  • Allan says:

    I’m creating a yearbook and am wondering what a good free digital scrapbooking website would be to make these yearbook pages on.

    Thanks a bunch in advance.

  • Gil says:

    I am doing a blog design for my cousin (I give credit to the owner – I do not claim the designs as my own!) and the blog button needs something. I’m looking for glitter, jewels, bows, sparkles, diamonds, etc. Otherwise if you could point me to a good free digital scrapbooking website! THANKS!

  • Lewis says:

    I am an avid scrapbooker and have just recently gotten into scrapping digitally. I use Photoshop to scrapbook and I download pieces and parts from various digital scrapbooking websites.

    My problem is that I want to journal on these pages, but can’t find any easy way to do that? (Right now I have to paste each letter, and it’s difficult to do more than a few words).

    Any tips?

  • Mabelle says:

    I design digital scrapbooking kits, and I was wondering if anyone knew of some good, free or low cost web sites to advertise my work. I already know of, are there any more like that?

  • German says:

    I am looking into buying a software program to do digital scrapbooking with. I own a Mac but since it’s a brand new I also have Windows installed on it. I prefer to use the Mac part of the computer.

  • Taneka says:

    I’m doing a scrapbook page about a visit to the Shelburn Museum in vermont. They have an old school house and I’m looking for some Digital Scrapbooking Kits that focus on Old School Houses (1900’s)

  • Rebecca says:

    I am new to digital scrapbooking and created a scrapbook page that I like in *.ppp format. How do I set this as my Windows Vista wallpaper? I tried saving it as a *.bmp but the proportions were way off (much too big).

  • Micheal says:

    I recently started digital scrapbooking. I have purchased quite a few kits and things. A friend recently told me there are tons of sites with freebies. I googled and found a few but does anyone have any they use that are really good? I’ve spent so much, I’d like to get some fresh things for free! :)

  • Dana says:

    I don’t have wireless Internet, so always being hooked up isn’t possible. I’m looking for a good digital scrapbooking program that I can use whether I’m on line or not. Does anyone have any recommendations?

  • Leroy says:

    I do digital scrapbooking. So I have tons of files and pictures. I have a desktop computer here at home and my husband, who lives out of the country has a laptop. I would like to be able to carry the hard drive back and forth so I can do my scrapbooking. Is this possible?

  • Oscar says:

    I am learning Photoshop and the other Adobe programs and would like to find a career using this. I am also learning digital scrapbooking. I do not have a formal education and I am learning all on my own through friends, books, online tutorials. What kind of job can you get doing this, what fields, titles and how much is an average salary? Thanks!

  • Luke says:

    I would like to sell (indiviually or to a company) my digital scrapbooking pages, embellishments, alphabets, etc. What is the best way to do this? What about just starting my own line, starting out small and selling to local stores? Do you think it’s better to do only digital or only paper or do both?

  • Rafael says:

    I recently started digital scrapbooking and I tried scanning my scrapbook paper, but there is a lot of noise and grains in the scanned file. I scan on 300 dpi and 4 x 6 in. The scanner’s glass has no problem since I tried scanning receipts and magazines. Would I have this problem if I bought a scanner designed for scanning scrapbook paper?

  • Raymond says:

    I ha ve been scrapbooking for several yrs. But I would love to start digital scrapbooking because I am so busy with clinicals right now and cant find time to scrap. I have no idea where to begin as far as what program to start with so I am seeking advice from anyone who is familiar with digital scrapbooking and or photoshop . Thanks Michelle

  • Kareen says:

    Im new to the digital scrapbooking. Any tips/websites and software you love? Care to share please?

  • Princess says:

    I have free fonts and free digital scrapbooking products that I have downloaded zipped files of and before I unzip them, is there a way to scan them to make sure I’m not opening viruses of some sort?

  • Mark says:

    My location has very limited internet connectivity, so the usual online scrapbooking sites are out I’m afraid. Are there any especially useful programs designed for digital scrapbooking that don’t require an internet connection?

    Free is always great, but all suggestion are appreciated (please just mention if the price is especially high). Thanks!

  • Michel says:

    I just got Photoshop CS4 on a trial basis because I saw some of the cool signatures and pictures people have done with theirs. Now I’m stumped! I don’t know a thing about digital scrapbooking so I have no idea what to do next. I’ve googled tutorials but they go on and on about everything BUT what I’d really like to know. Have any of you ever done digital scrapbooking? Do you know how to download the template and make it look decent? I just want to know what to do after I find the template I like. Thanks!

  • Robby says:

    Which do you prefer ? paper Scrapbooking requires alot more time (going to the store, buying the stuff etc.. )

    I personally find digital scrapbooking alot more time efficient, especially with my newborn.

    I was wondering if there was any nice creative way we can print the pages and put them in a binder, plastic pages and decorate the binder cover?

    Any ideas ?

    I dont want to spend too much money creating a scrapbook.. and all the scrapbook stores a re so far away from my house.. And im not into online shopping for that..

    Any ideas? thanks!!

  • Corrin says:

    Sell me on this hobby. What got you interested in digital scrapbooking? What makes you happy about it? Is it a stress reliever for you? Do you like creating memories out of memories?

    –I’m writing a paper for class & have run out of my own reasons for scrapbooking. So whats yours!

  • Cortez says:

    Free digital scrapbooking software to download? I want to download kits from So is it like Photoshop? I can download brushes from deviantart or other sites? DIGITAL SCRAPBOOKING SOFTWARE FOR FREE, WHERE I CAN GET KITS FROM SITES. I DONT want smilebox.
    Hey! I just downloaded this! Do you think I can use kits from different sites?

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