Credit Card Debt Settlement-Take Advantage Of The Vulnerable Economy And Save!

Finding a very good negotiation for the credit debt could mean the gap of thousands. When you can obtain even 10% a smaller amount on the arrangement then you save a bunch of money (even though the typical funds are approximately 50%). Credit card debt settlement requires contacting your creditors or collection company right after your has very past due or possibly about to.

Following your pay out cost continues to be agreed involving you and the collector, you can expect to must carry out a one-time transaction right away or come up with a number of large repayments.

As soon as you never pay your credit cards, the result can result in your credit rating suffering, and financial debt collector begin making hostile and sometimes harassing phone calls to your residence and maybe at the office. This only increases your worries. Even so, customers have privileges. You’ll be able to compose a InchesQuit and DissistInch correspondence mandating that the debt collectors cease annoying you.

In that situation, you could possibly talk to professional financial debt negotiating organizations that you will save from pestering. Agencies which can help individuals are referred to as credit debt negotiation or settlement firms. These businesses function along with the bill collectors, and makes the offer of to drastically reduce the harmony of your exceptional credit card debt.

As an example, in case you owe Dollar12k in credit card debt, the debt arbitration company can phone your creditors and make a deal a debt negotiation of around Dollar8k. This can save you Money4k.Then, your financial troubles negotiation company would prepare a good repayment routine without the ability to pay the pay out fully. Following your debt is taken away, there’s no need to worry about exceptional credit card debt.

While this appears like a huge relief for quite a few, you can find concerned men and women. Everybody is apprehensive that credit card debt solutions might in a negative way effect their credit score. This can be clear. They fear that the FICO score will fall if they are participating in a debt negotiation software.

In reality, your credit score will reduce whilst you will find delayed obligations and outstanding personal debt containing long gone into series. Nevertheless, keep in mind that any drop within just the credit score is short-term. As soon as you eliminate your entire Inchesundesirable personal debtIn . and reconcile your balances with your creditors, to your credit rating will enhance.

So, if you’re weighed down with credit card debt, and you feel that you simply cannot see the light at the conclusion of the canal, unsecured debt arbitration will probably be your most suitable option-especially when you are creating lowest payments.


  • Bryce says:

    I am under pressure with credit card debt. What is the mode to relieve from it?

  • Tessie says:

    I recently heard on radio about a debt free program. They officially negotiate on your behalf with the credit card companies. What may be the Cons? Is it safe to rely on Debt Settlement Program to free from one’s credit card debts? How may it affect one’s credit score?

  • Dave says:

    I have credit card debt that I have the money to pay off. However, I heard that credit card companies will negotiate a lower amount, say $2,000 instead of $3,000 in order to get the cards paid in full.

    1. Is this true?

    2. Does this look bad on your credit report? Or does it even appear?

    3. How does this work and how do you go about negotiating with them?

    Thanks for your time!

  • Hoa says:

    I’ve racked up some credit card debt in school and now am out and want to pay the debt off in a lump sum settlement. It’s been about 2 years sense I’ve been able to make any payments and there have been a few different creditors that have tried to contact me. How do I know which one to contact to get this debt resolved? Any advice for getting these settled fast? I know you should send them a money order to hide your bank info and that you want them to write “paid as agreed” on your credit report… anything else? Thanks

  • Jackqueline says:

    I am making minimum payments with a few credit card companies but could have trouble paying these in the future. I don’t want to go through a debt consolidation company or a debt settlement company. Is it possible to call on my own and warn them I will file for bankruptcy and ask to settle before I stop paying for 30-90 days like most experts say? Can someone give me their advice or opinion on this? Thanks

  • Louise says:

    I have close to 20k of unsecured credit card debt from different creditors. Some of them have been willing to cut the balance in half in order to settle the account. Should I attempt to individually settle with them? Or do I take out a consolidation loan for 20k?

  • Michel says:

    because I thought the credit card company may not accept the offer of 40% or 50% of the debt.. and sue in court and win a garnishment.

    The debt settlement gentleman on the phone said “don’t worry, less than 1% of people who sign up with us get sued”, therefore I feel everyone can rack up huge credit card debt and sign up for it to only owe half or less.

  • Rocco says:

    Can you settle debt with a credit card company even in good standing?
    I am making minimum payments with a few credit card companies but could have trouble paying these in the future. I don’t want to go through a debt consolidation company or a debt settlement company. Is it possible to call on my own and warn them I will file for bankruptcy and ask to settle before I stop paying for 30-90 days like most experts say? Can someone give me their advice or opinion on this? Thanks

  • Darrell says:

    I bank with Bank of America and I have a bad debt on a credit card that I no longer have.
    My question is??

    With this bank I also have a car loan that I’m about to pay off in a few months and also have my mortgage thru them. I will try to settle the credit card debt but would they offer a settlement if I have a vehicle loan and a mortgage loan?

  • Julieann says:

    I owe around $45000.00 in credit card debt. I always paid off my cards faithfully but with me losing my job and the interest rates rising too fast (even when I always paid on time) I just couldn’t keep up anymore. It’s been almost 16 months since I made my last payment. Now some of the credit card collection agencies have sent me a letter and offered to settle for around 1/3 of the amount. Should I take the settlement offer or is my credit so messed up beyond repair, that I should just consider filing bankruptcy instead? Any advice would be great.

  • Norine says:

    I’m in over my head with credit card debt, can I get some advice as in what I should do?

  • Cathleen says:

    I heard the governement has added Credit Card Debt Relief to the Stimulus Package. But everytime I try and look it up, my search engine is cluttered with ads from organizations who want to “manage” and file for me for a fee. Where can I find information just for ME, the consumer, not from a third party? Someone please help me. Thanks in advance!

  • Ralph says:

    Is the credit card debt solutions companies on the up and up?
    I was checking on line about getting my credit card debt paid off. Is it a good idea in using a company to get out of credit card debt?

  • Allan says:

    After taxes, im going to have 12k in credit card debt minus my college loan. Does anyone know of anyway to pay less interest on this amount? Or any advice at all?

  • Marcellus says:

    I see a lot of advertisement from companies that claim they can reduce your credit card debt by 40% to 60%. What is the down side to using them? If they are successfull does it effect your credit rating? What do they charge? What must your situation be for them to be able to be successfull, Broke?

  • Ted says:

    I recently had to defer my salary at my job for an extended period and cannot afford to pay my credit card debt. What should I do? A friend advised me to not make the next payments and negotiate with credit card companies on the debt. Is this wise? Would you advise I do something else? Thank you.

  • Aleida says:

    My unpaid credit card debt was finally charged off. Now I have a letter from an attorney offering me a settlement. Am I in danger or is this just another attempt to get the money?

  • Mollie says:

    I will be going to court in a couple of days for a 5,000 credit card debt. I wanted to know what the best thing for me to do is. I want this to go away and want to settle for 2-3k at the most. What are things I should request if I want to settle? And what are things I should not agree to under any circumstances? I want to go to court prepared and not confused as to what I should be doing. Thanks for any help on the matter.

  • Carmelo says:

    I have a summons to court for next week for capital one credit card debt that’s indeed mine and if I go or don’t go the judgment will be filed against me because it is indeed my debt and I know I have to pay what usually happens at these court cases and what happens if I don’t show up?

  • Neil says:

    I was told debt settlement agencies know how much a creditor is willing to settle for and so they are better negotiators.

    Should I just use my debt settlement agency since I don’t know how to negotiate with my credit card companies?

  • Phil says:

    Seems like there is lil you can do to help pay them off faster or get them reduced but if its like credit card debt or another form of debt there are a lot more options.

  • Ruthe says:

    I have some credit card debt (ranging from 1k-4k) that I want to settle on. I haven’t paid a dime in about 2 years, so I should be able to get pretty low. The only problem is that I want to settle ASAP. I’ve heard people say you can settle for 30% of what you owe. I was thinking of a 40% settlement offer so make it quick and easy without having to negotiate back and forth. Any other info will help. Thanks!

  • Chantal says:

    What is the best way to reduce this overwhelming debt? I can just about pay the minimum payments.

  • Mee says:

    I am young and went a little over on my credit cards. I have about four credit cards and it equals up to about $4000.00 they are already in collections and are closed. Due to me being out of work and having some other personal problems I wasn’t able to pay anything for several months. I was lucky and was able to save a little over a thousand dollars from working two jobs. I want to call them to try and settle one company already sent me a letter saying I could settle for about a hundred and I owed six hundred. How should I go about settling with the other credit card companies?

  • Taryn says:

    Over the years I have acquired a lot of credit card debt. I was paying my cards just fine but then suddenly lost my job. ever since then, I have not been able to even pay my minimum payments. I want to get out of debt and improve my credit. can anyone recommend a good credit consolidation company that I could contact for some help???
    And I do have a job now…

  • Etha says:

    i am in it way over my head and i fell behind with my payments. i am looking for a credit consolidation company or something that will help me get out of this mess. does anyone know the best thing to do?? please help!!!!

  • Tangela says:

    We are a married couple, both are 32 year old, we lost jobs 2 years ago & came up with $125k unsecured debt. Now both are working & our monthly income is around $6k before tax, which is $4500 after.
    Our expense for home rent, car payment, … is about: $3500. So what remains is $1k to pay minimum payment of credit cards, which is much higher than that; however we do not have any late fees so far.
    We do not want to go to any program that affects our credit scores as both of us now have professional jobs with the very good income potential in 6-10 years from now.
    We have been thinking of the followings:
    -Enrolling in a debt consolidation program & pay $7k over 3 years instead of $125k in the cost of our credit
    -Enrolling in a “hardship” program & pay $155,k ($125k + interest) over 5 years & save our credit. (monthly payment 3K)
    -Finding another better way!
    We would appreciate if somebody tells us which of the options is better for us & why?

    With warm regards,

  • Kris says:

    Seeing a friend fall deep in debt in no time, I like to help him, get an idea of what his options are – Bankruptcy or Settlement.

    He made huge debt (over 50 thousand) to 4 major credit cards while in New Jersey.

    Since Feb 2006, he has no job, no nothing … literally nothing, stopped paying, moved out of state, no contact with creditors or response to court orders. (A lot happened with other cards). Now,

    With Original Creditor
    Principal 10K.
    With penalties 15K

    Been sold 3 times and with an outside recovery company.
    Principal 19K.
    With penalties 27K.


    We understand Bankruptcy may be best option… its apparent it’s quite easy in his case. BUT please advice on the below.

    1) In this scenario, how much these agencies would agree for one time payment?

    2) How should we proceed OR should we hire an attorney to do this work for us?

    3) Are there any better options such as consolidating?

    4) Plz recommend attorneys, consolidators, any thing.

    Big Thanks.

  • Robbie says:

    My income has dropped and all expenses have risen. I pay more than the minimum , but some of the companies have raised my interest rates and it seems I can’t make any head way on them. I have never been in default, but I can’t continue paying these cards for the rest of my life. I don’t know what to do. I need to get out from this debt.

  • Kit says:

    I had a credit card I let default for about two years. It was only a credit line of $500. I had about another $500 in collection fees.

    I’ve paid the Original $500 should I pay the $500 in collection fees?

  • Hollis says:

    Has anyone ever done credit counseling or debt settlement? I am looking for an option other then BK. Any advise?

  • Tad says:

    I have a debt with Citi bank for $3200 for about 1-2 years now. I’ve been receiving letters from Monarch Recovery Management regarding the debt which offers me a reduce balance of $1200+. On my credit report, it states “account charged off.” It is my first debt and I need some advice. Should I contact Citi or Monarch and what or say when I call? If I pay my debt for the lower amount/in full, can Citi/Monarch file papers to somehow remove the “charged off” on my credit report? What’s the pro/con of paying the lower amount vs the full amount?

  • Terry says:

    I have substantial credit card debt with a number of companies and i was wondering if anyone could let me know if these companies except settlements and if so what percentage i should offer.
    The companies are
    American Express
    Capitol One
    Orchard Bank
    First Premier Bank
    Thanks in advance.
    All of the credit cards are atleast six months in default.

  • Regena says:

    I am over my head in credit card debt and would like to know if I can settle it for lesser amounts than my balances. What are the steps that I need to take in attempt to achieve this? How will my actions will effect my credit score? Thank you

  • Orlando says:

    I enrolled with a debt settlement company about 8 months ago and I am now being sued by one of the credit card companies. I forwarded the information to the debt settlement company and they are going to send me response information, but I am very worried about the whole situation. I do not have enough money accumulated with the settlement company to settle with the credit card company and don’t know what my best course of action is. I am worried that the debt settlement company does not have my best interests in mind and want to protect myself, but I don’t know what my best options are… They are suing me for about 20k and I would like to avoid any big legal issues, but cannot make a large settlement payment now. I am wondering what will happen next and what are the best and worst case scenarios? I really want to take care of my debt, but need time to do so. I am a single mother and don’t own a home. I would like to avoid any wage garnishments, etc… Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  • Jeff says:

    As everyone must have noticed, there are now hundreds–if not thousands–of debt settlement companies out to make even more money on people that are almost in a state of bankruptcy. They all seem to “claim” that they can reduce your debts by 50% or more without damaging your credit score. So if it’s that easy, does anyone know how to go about doing it yourself without paying someone?

  • Taneka says:

    My capital one credit card went into collections about 2 years ago..i just contacted alliance one about settling my debt. i owed about 1350 dollars and settled for 950 to pay over three months and then my account will be settled. was this smart? how will this look on my credit report? will my score go up from paying this debt or go down because i settled? thanks

  • Maryanne says:

    Please advise, how is it work? What’s a good non profit company to go with? Is it worthed?

    At this point I don’t have a good credit and I don’t care to have a bad credit. I just want all of my debt to go away.

    Thank you so much for your time.

  • Mathew says:

    I have around 50,000 dollars in credit card debt. I make 40k a year, and I may end up getting fired. I barely make enough now to pay all my bills. I am maxed out on all my credit cards, but I have been making all of my payments on time, by using my other credit cards. So my credit score is good right now, but unfortunately I have reached my breaking point. Starting next month, I will not be able to make all my payments and will start going into delinquency on my accounts. I know to settle I have to have delinquencies. Should I wait a few more months for my credit to go bad and then reach out to a settlement company? Should I try and file for bankruptcy? I have reached my limit and now realize that no matter what I do, my credit is going to suffer. I just want the best option to get out of debt as quick as possible, I realize the consequences for my credit will be horrible, and know it will take a long time to get back into good standing, but I need a solution asap to get me into a situation where I can afford my monthly payments. If I lose my job I’ll be in a worse situation then I already am in, if that’s the case should I file for bankruptcy? If i don’t lose my job should I settle? Will I have to wait for a few months till I go into stages of delinquency? And if I do settle for half of my debt, going from my full 50k that I owe to now only owing 25k, how much would I have to pay back in taxes on the 1099? Please help me, I have reached the point where I can no longer make my payments, what should I do? Thank you in advance for your advice, it’s much appreciated.

  • Tammy says:

    My husband had to have emergency surgery in January to remove a cancerous tumor. Was out of work for a few months,(he’s now back at work) I got behind on the one credit card we have and now they have closed the account and I owe a 1000. I don’t have 1000 I am paying his medical bills for the cancer.
    The credit limit is 500.00 the extra 500 is all the late fees.

    How do I offer a settlement and how much is a good settlement.

    Please serious inquiries only and no bashing me for not paying, I already feel lower than low. Advice please.

  • Nolan says:

    I am on a budget, successfully last two years. Before then, we racked up nearly $9000 total in credit card debt on five cards. (home repairs, stuff). We have paid our credit cards on time, and have NO credit cards now. My problem, I am aggravated. Before my budget, I was late paying on two cards , and all cards jacked my rates to nearly 30%. So, even paying on time the last two years, the companies still deem me ‘risky’ since I only pay minumum. I still owe $9000!! I asked for a payoff amount, since half of what is owed is interest and penelties. They all say no, nor will they reduce the interest rate. (heck, they have a gold mine with me!) Anyone have luck with a letter asking creditors to take a lower payoff amount ?? I am caring for an ill son so i can’t work, and my husband’s job cut back so we are getting half of what we were earning. I don’t want to do debt consolidation, since they tend to be a scam. If I can’t negotiate a lower payoff amount, how can they?

  • Christine says:

    how many point will i lose in my credit score when a credit card company turn my name in those Collections agency because I ddidn’t pay. I owe them $656.00 dollars and I will not pay them. they will turn in my name in 30days from 11/10/2008.
    mis s I cant pay them i need to pay $550 for rent. and i get paid 7 dollars and hour. and i need to buy food and staff

  • Angela says:

    I had sent two credit cards to Consolidated Credit Canada a non profit credit counselling service. 1 of the banks eliminated my interest rate and was paid in full for the complete balance, they reported that all was good, payments were on time no issues.

    The other charged me a 5% interest rate, they were also paid in full. However this bank left an R9 on my credit report. I am looking for the best advice on resolving this. Currently unable to obtain loans or credit. The report itself reads “bad debt charge off” The bank has told me that this R9 will remain for 7 years, I am under the impression that this is equivalent to bankruptcy.

  • Jewel says:

    Is it good to tell the judge that I’m in the debt settlement program?

  • Garnet says:

    I have a query and would like to have your advise on it, if anyone can please help me out.

    I have a credit card of HDFC Bank on which i have an outstanding amount to pay of Rs. 40000 and i am regularly making minimum payments for it. Now due to stringent financial conditions, i want to settle the balance and surrender my credit card. I can pay an amount upto 10000-12000 for the settlement. My card is not blocked. My credit card limit is Rs. 100000. I wanted to know how can i work this settlement so that my credit score isn’t affected much? Also i am a preferred customer of HDFC Bank and also have a savings accounts out der. Will it affect my preferred status????

  • Arnold says:

    Ive heard various radio commericals pertaining to this topic. I have alot of credit card debt well over 20k i would say; however, my credit is pretty good (timely payments, no overcharges, etc…) My question…if i were to settle my debt as described in these radio ads; how bad would i hurt my credit?

  • Geneva says:

    I have some old credit card debt from my college days (probably going back 4 years) that I have started to receive collection notices for. I’m in a better financial situation now, by no means rich, but I would like to clear my name and not be handcuffed by my prior situation.

    What’s the best way for me to handle this? I got a letter offering a “one-time only” payment to a collection agency at about half off, which is very attractive, but I want to make sure that I’m both clearing my conscience and boosting my credit rating. If I can do that and pay less than I theoretically owe (considering most of it is probably finance charges), all the better.

    For the record, I have a couple of open accounts that are perfectly clear. I’ve looked into it a little and the state I lived in when I opened the account has a six year statute of limitations.

    Looking for solid advice as I’d like to buy a house in the next couple of years.

  • Maryanne says:

    she owes 25K on credit cards and unsecured loans. 1 option is Debt management, a higher payment over more time but less credit damage. Another is a settlement, less $ paid off sooner but seriously dinged credit. She still may move once in her life, meaning a lease or purchase. Suggestions?

  • Ralph says:

    Is a long story but to cut it short, I can’t get back my money now. I was being setup as boyfriend and gal friend. The girl pretending to be my gal friend told me that she was in financial difficulty and ask me to help her out by swaping my credit card in advance first after which she will pay me back at end of month. She bought herself clothes, shoes & bags which amounted to RM4.5K. It is only through trust and verbal agreement i agreed to help her out. Later on I found out that she was cheating me of my money. Right now, she refuses to settle her debt and even threaten to file sexual harassment report against me not unless I cancel off her debt. I thought of taking this to small claims court but then I was told that if I do not have any written agreement to support my claim it will be of no use. I do have recording evidence but was told it cannot be accepted as an evidence. Has anyone come across this situation before? I do not know what to do now. *sigh* Any advise is welcomed.
    The person who passed me the small claims forms told me that recording evidence cannot be accepted. I will check further on the law in my country.
    My legal advisor told me that audio or video cannot be used as evidence in court as the contents can be manipulated. :(

  • Benny says:

    I have received a debt settlement letter from a credit card company that I owe $6,000 to. The settlement is for about 50%.

    If I were to settle with them, would I still be eligible to use their credit card again? Or is my credit card completely shut off forever?

  • Margarite says:

    I had opened a credit card for a very good friend of mine several years ago. He owes several thousands of dollars to the IRS and now they are taking $2000 from each paycheck…so he is unable to pay on this card. The credit card company is willing to settle for 80% of the entire bill. I am wondering if I should just pay off the settlement fee (it is about $13000), or if I should try to transfer the debt into my friend’s name? Do you think that is at all possible? I’m not sure the credit card company would allow that since his credit is pretty bad.
    Thanks for your help!

  • Leroy says:

    i just want to know the correct option of credit card releif

  • Delora says:

    During my glorious graduate student days I accumulated some debt (around 9 grants over four years… the stipend wasn’t exactly high, and health-related costs and the car took care of it. What I’m trying to say is that I am responsible, and did not blow the money on strippers and coke. Not that strippers or dealers accept credit cards, but you get the picture.)
    Anyhow, I needed to come back to Europe, and back to school… which kind of makes the payments hard.
    What should I do? I don’t want to leave the debt there, because it’s not a very honest thing to do, and frankly I might need to go back to the States to work.
    The question is twofold: can I call the bank to negotiate with them? Would they give me some decrease (either in the debt itself or the APR) if I told them that I still want to pay, but I need their help with it? (I have some money saved up; some of it I could offer to pay, but it’s not enough to cover it fully.)
    Also: it costs money to send money to the US. Would they be able to offer some kind of an assistance with it?
    As I see their either help, or risk to default on the whole debt. (I’m not overpaid as a gradstudent… again.) The question is: are they persuadable to see that?
    Thank you for the answer. The card is still active, as I’m paying the monthly fees. (As far as they are concerned I’m still in the US…)

  • Catharine says:

    Do you hafta be past due to have a credit card debt company help you? Does anyone know of a legit company that will help pay off credit cards?

  • Jake says:

    I currently have around 40,000 in credit card debt that i am current and have not missed a payment at all every….trying to figure out if i should start to miss payments and then go into debt settlement (diy) so i can get out of debt ……feels like i will never get out of debt…i have two kids and a wife that doesn’t work…i need a cash and this might be a idea to get me out of debt sooner then later…….i have good credit score about 780…..any helpful ideas would be great…thanks

  • Dudley says:

    my boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend (not wife) broke up 6 months ago after dating for 10 years. through their relationship they acquired some credit card debt. after the break-up my boyfriend agreed to pay half of the debt, leaving her to pay for the second half while SHE kept everything that they bought with the credit cards (bed, appliances, washer, dryer, kitchen set….). i think that was more than fair. now, 6 months later, after he paid his half, he is getting debt collector calls talking about garnishing his wages if he doesn’t come to an agreement with the credit card companies. meaning, she hasn’t paid a dime. i guess my question is…. is there any way to make her pay? get a lawyer? since they weren’t married there isn’t a divorce settlement or anything to is there anything my boyfriend can do OTHER THAN just laying down and paying the second half of the debt to avoid bad credit/wage garnishes??
    she IS a joint cardholder on the accounts.

  • Garland says:

    Can someone please let me know the name to a credit card debt settlement company that does the right thing.

  • Maryanne says:

    hi , i live in new york, and i’ve hear some stories, that after you would settle with a collection agency to pay 50% of your credit card debt, they either sue you or start harassing you again for the rest of the money. I also hear that having account “settled” on your credit report is extremely bad for you and stays there for long long time, so my question is, what steps should i take when i am trying to settle my debt for the lesser amount then the original debt to make sure they dont get a judgment for the rest of the money, or start calling me again, to get the rest of the money ?

  • Denver says:

    I am in Ohio and do not want to file chapter 13. Looking to make settlement to credit cards. I am looking for reputation companies that do credit card settlement. What do these companies charge. 50,000 in credit card debt at 23% apr.
    Do not want to go to consumer counseling, we can get a loan from family for 25,000 to pay off total. Can not afford to pay anymore. We need to help our son who has some medical issues.

  • Gerry says:

    So, I have about $3,500 in credit card debt. What’s the best way to pay it off?

    Does anyone have any experience with those debt consolidation services seen on TV?

  • Antonio says:

    I have been with Bank Of America for 4 years and never have i had a problemt with them, Lately i been going over my limit. and they bust me with these 34 dollar charges.
    I dont have the time or energy to be wasting my time on stupid fees like these when i havent even used my card since December.

    Yesterday i closed my credit card and at the time there was no one i could talk to about doing a settlement.

    I would like to know what are my options to paying this off doing an agreement because i been paying the same 2,000 since 2005 and it hasnt even gone down more than 1,700.00 Especially if they keep adding retarded fees, Right now i was under but some how they decided i was over and they aded 34 to my balance and that brings me over and NEXT payment they will do the same.

    What can i do I HATE BANK OF AMERICA. i dont want to NOT pay them i just want them GONE OUT OF MY LIFE. they probably have already made 3 times what i already owe.
    Well its kind of difficult to get a transffer to a new credit card when your debt to income is WAY too high, You got more than 10 accounts open, n you really dont make that much a year. And inquiries are killing my score. Only thing i have to back me up is that i have never been late on any of my accounts BUT NOT EVEN THAT they dont take that into consideration, so IM STUCK here. I guess getting it charged into my credit wont hurt me more than i already am LOL. I mean right now the less debt i have the better. Soo if anything it will hurt me but will help me in some way because eventually i will be getting rid of it and my debt to income will re-calculate and look better at a % scale.
    So yes i have tried to get a balance tranffer, No help there =(
    Yes i know the terms and conditions, but when i got on my online banking it said i had 4 dollers left, 3 days later they bust me with a fee. Reason is they dont put the % of interest on the online banking when you do purchaces soo i might have had 4 dollers available but when the purchace intrest calculated on what i had bought a few days ago it made it go over.

    Its the banks fault for not providing the correct calculations on my online banking, right now it might say 2,019.00 but when i pay it to go under it ill show i paid that much but it will not calculate that exact calculation on my online banking and THATS where it messed me up.

    Purchace of 300.00
    is going to equal 1,700 on my online banking but in reality its not 1,700 because there is a purchance Intrest added to it and it wont show you what it is untill you get busted with a fee for going over.

    I can afford it, Its just that they busting me for dumb stuff when theys online banking LIES to me

  • Gerry says:

    If I stop paying on credit cards will they put a lein on my home? I can not afford the payments anymore and they are to high to consolidate?

  • Jordon says:

    I’m back in hope of getting some answers for my friend and her family. She is considering filing for bankruptcy, but we were discussing those companies that help you consolidate your credit card debt.

    How do those “debt settlement” companies work? What is a name of a good one? Is there another way to consolidate your credit card debt? Don’t those companies let you pay less than you owe?

    Sorry for the million questions! I know nothing about this topic. Thanks!

  • Izola says:

    Is it a good idea to go with a debt settlement company? I know it will affect my credit score for the time being, but it will be affected either way because I can’t make the payments. I have $15,000 total. $9000 with my GM card, $3000 with US Bank, and $2000 with Regions. I just want to make sure that debt settlement is the way to go. There’s no way I can afford to pay the $15,000. I also had a good realationship with my GM card we were always paying on time or paying in full with our tax money. But this past winter I had a baby and was on maternity leave for longer than required for reasons and my husband was laid off for 4 months so we had no income but some money in savings which didn’t last long. Please can someone help me?

  • Chad says:

    I can’t afford to pay my credit cards , will they be willing to make a settlement with me even if I’m still current on payments? If so how do I do this

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