Cheap Tips For Family members Budget

Some individuals apparently live far better on modest earnings than other families go on big versions. Do you want some assistance so that you can be more economical together with your cash? You could have been struck through the recession, or you might have allow financial debt get out of control. In either case, a far more economical way of life may help you recover.

A lot more people need some intense frugality ideas due to the fact they cannot discover how to be a little more cost-effective. They already know that their mother and father and grandparents was previously really cost-effective, but people lessons have already been lost as decades handed and society started to be much more client primarily based. Really, it’s not at all a lot of work to deal with funds much better if you know how to begin.

The first thing is always to evaluate what you are spending money on now. You should try to jot down your expenditures going back 30 days possibly even. This is the best way to see where money is seeping from your individual spending budget. Frequently, folks can see the issues immediately.

There might be excess amount used on easy such things as eating at restaurants or stopping off at the convenience store many times every week. You should try to look for a cheaper electricity organization or greater motor insurance costs. All of these items that you can do to reduce your fixed expenses will save you lots of money by later with out a real changes in lifestyle. You may just shop around for a way to suit your needs without having to spend just as much income.

If you need to reduce your finances a lot, you may have to have the painful selections. If you need to commit 100’s of dollars, each month, in order to preserve financial debt obligations current, it will likely be a lot more difficult to get fiscally safe. If you need to minimize this credit card debt, you will have to produce a prepare in order to decrease that debt. While you’re assaulting your debt, it is usually agonizing. Even so, once you’ve cut it, you’ll be far better away.

Your budget should always start adding some money focused in the direction of savings. Remember the old saying that you should shell out oneself very first? Which means that your financial allowance should include normal contributions to short-run and lasting cost savings company accounts. You can start by establishing an urgent situation account so countless uses for flash to pay for instant requires. This will help you cut your use of credit also. Do remember long lasting ideas sometimes. People need to save money for retirement along with other upcoming requires.

Whenever you do visit the market, it will help in the event you hold money. Once you bring cash, instead of credit cards, it is easier to stick to your allowance. if the money is long gone, you should quit investing!

It may look like very hard to start off staying economical. But you don’t have to live just like a monk or anything. You need to simply start keeping track of your expenses greater, then choose to make better selections!


  • Heriberto says:

    Me and mu Fiancee are planning to get married next year and our desired budget is £3,000 but as you guess we want to do it on the cheap if possible we have friends and family who can do photography, beautician for the bride, we are planning on making our own invites can anyone help use with tips on how to help keep in the budget

  • Noe says:

    I need some tips. My Daughter is 14 months and I’ve been out by myself less than 5 times. I love her to death but I’m starting to get a little overwhelmed.

    Or some ideas of some activities, me and my daughter could enjoy together.

  • Norbert says:

    i need how much the poeple make yearly in poland, brazil, and dominican republic.

  • Fredrick says:

    What portion of wealth Ws sticks to the greedy hands of important government officials placed in charge of re-distribution of wealth in percentage terms, what portion of wealth Ww is wasted simply in the process of covering the theft, and what portion of wealth Wp reaches poor intended recipients?

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    Total : 100%

  • Harland says:

    Just wondering if people have financial debts to pays off, of if you’re debt free? Are you managing to pay it off okay?

  • Regena says:

    I’m getting married in August and I’m on a very very tight budget. Does anyone have any cheap ideas to make it elegant?

  • Noemi says:

    per person?

    as a couple?

    3 people all throwing in (a couple and a 3rd person)?

    4 people all throwing in (2 couple’s)?

  • Shannon says:

    My fiancee and I have a really low budget. I want my day to be memorable and beautiful, but I need tips to help me get started and where I can cut some costs and I still get my dream wedding?

  • Ronnie says:

    I already know that the cruise costs $899.00 online, but am wondering how much all the extra stuff will at add up to cost. Like the tips, activities, etc. It is a Carnival Conquest 7 day trip to the Caribbean. Has anyone ever been on it?

  • Sofia says:

    I just applied to go to school and I had an appointment to meet with my financial aid adviser. She told me that I don’t have enough money for my tuition and that my mom would have to do the federal loan…which my mom doesn’t want to do.

    I have debt with Bally’s (do not sign up with them because they will get you!) and I haven’t paid a cent. I’m wondering if that is why I don’t have enough for my tuition. My mom doesn’t know about my debt with Bally’s. Thank you for you time :D

  • Jaime says:

    Hi :)

    I had the amazing opportunity to visit Disney World this summer. Since I won the trip through 4-H, my family was unable to come with me. As anyone who has visited Disney previously can understand, I immediately fell in love and have been trying to find a way to get my family there since.

    I am hoping to try to plan a trip sometime during 2010. 4 members of my family would be attending (the youngest being 16/17 in 2010, so it would be all adult tickets).

    We live in Lake Charles, Louisiana and would most likely be driving, So gas would need to be included in our budget. I know it’s very hard to count for gas, since there is no clue how much it will be in 2+ years.

    This budget of $2,000 would need to include:
    -Tickets(and bonus options such as fast-passes, park hoppers, etc)
    -Wheelchair/electric scooter rentals
    -And other things I’m probably forgetting :)

    I have many questions/options to conceder such as:
    – Is it better for us to buy a package or to buy tickets separately?
    – If we do buy a package, which one?
    – When is the best time to go?
    – Should we stay inside or outside of the parks?
    – Which hotels inside the parks and outside of the parks are the cheapest?
    – Should we purchase a meal plan?
    – Can you buy fast-passes for all of the parks?
    – Where can you buy fast-passes? How much are they? is it worth it?
    – Also, my father is physically disabled. What can we do to help him enjoy his stay?
    -Is it better to buy a package/tickets ourselves, or should we contact a traveling agent?

    I have done some research, so please don’t just tell me to look at the Disney web sites. What I really want/need more then anything is first hand advice from others who have planned Disney vacations before.

    Of course we would like to stay as many days as possible for our budget and be able to visit as many parks as possible for our budget.

    If anyone could give ANY advice on how I can make this budget work, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Also if I have not provided enough information, please contact me at and I will try to help you help me. (please title your e-mail : Referring to your Yahoo Post about your 2010 Disney trip…)

    Thank you so much for taking your time to help my family :)
    Hey guys. I think I should have been a little more specific about my father. He isn’t wheelchair bound. He has major back problems. He is able to walk on his own and gets around daily with out any assistance. However, with the walking required at Disney, he would need a wheel chair (preferably a motorized one).

    Also, we would not be going to either of the water parks, but we are interested in going to Orlando Universal Studios Islands of Adventures. We definitely would like to go to Magic Kingdom (of course), Animal Kingdom, and Universal Studios. As for Epcot and MGM…it would just depend on how long we would be able to afford to stay and if we could afford the tickets.

    Just thought I should clarify.

    And thanks SO much for every one who has responded, it really means a lot and I’m getting a ton of great advice!

  • Lewis says:

    My fiancee and I had our first date on Sunday October 10th, 2004 so we always celebrate our anniversary as 10/10. He proposed to me on 10/10/08 on our four year anniversary and so I really have my heart set on getting married on Sunday October 10th, 2010. 10/10/10 is a very special date to us. However, we are worried we won’t be able to have as nice of a wedding as we’d really like since there are budget restrictions at this time in our lives. We are only 23, we are trying to pay for him to get through college and we both work full time but we don’t make a lot. I have a new car payment I’m paying off until May of ’11 and we’re trying to move out together. In this economy, our families aren’t able to help much, so we’ll have to absorb almost all of the wedding costs. My fiancee will have a career in international business within a couple of years making a lot more money, so we considered maybe a small wedding loan for the meantime which would easily be paid off in the near future. Of course there’s obvious downsides to this option, I’m aware, but saving up any respectable amount of money toward the wedding is proving very difficult for us. And of course there is the option of waiting to get married, but then we would miss out on our special date and our grandparents are getting old, and well, I’d like them all to be there. What are some good budgeting tips for a formal wedding of about 100 or less guests??

  • Austin says:

    My fiance’ and I became engaged last month. We are planning on getting married sometime in March 2012 (around March 3). At the time of the wedding/honeymoon, I will be 23 and my fiance’ will be 26. We were discussing honeymoon ideas and decided that Walt Disney World would be the perfect place to honeymoon. We went to WDW for our first time together last Thanksgiving. It was his second time going (the last time he went, he was three years old) and it was about my dozenth time going (the last time I went, I was 18 years old). We had a great time and loved everything about it: the food, the rides, the hotel, and the free bus transportation from our resort to the parks. When we went, we stayed at Pop Century and absolutely adored it. I’ve stayed at Carribean Beach and Coronado Springs, but Pop Century was probably my favorite because it’s so colorful and is based on pop culture (which I love). We drove from New Orleans (where we live) to Mobile, Alabama on Tuesday, then drove from Mobile to Disney on Wednesday, stayed at Disney until Saturday, and then drove all the way back to New Orleans on Saturday. We really enjoyed the length of time we were there, but we were thinking about adding one more day so that we could see everything that we didn’t have a chance to see while we were there in Novemeber.
    I wanted to get to some ideas about where we should eat. We had a lot of great food last time, but we both want to try some new restaraunts.
    I also want to know if anyone has ever tried the Disney World Honeymoon Registry. We wanted to try it, but we wanted to know what others think of it.
    I saw that Downtown Disney has a hot air balloon. It looks like fun and I think it would be really romantic to go on it at sunset. I think it would be a good chance to get a lot of great pictures.
    Also, do you think it would be a good idea to drive there again? My fiance’ and I drove there last time and really enjoyed having a long roadtrip. We’ve also flown to Ohio to visit his family; I love flying but the roadtrip was a lot more enjoyable.
    Any ideas or tips would be very much appreciated! Thank you in advance! :)
    One more thing, does anyone have other resort suggestions? Like I said, my fiance’ and I both love Pop Century and we would be more than willing to stay there again. But any suggestions on other resorts would be great!
    Thanks! :)

  • Idell says:

    So we’ve decided to wait until March 31, 2012 to get married. It’s pretty far away, but my HTB and I are extremely tired of rush planning. We’re going to have a nice outdoor wedding with family and friends. We’re going to do this right for everyone, not just ourselves. It may be well over 3 years away, but we are going to go ahead and start looking at stuff fr our wedding. We don’t want to rush plan. I want to know what others feel would be a decent budget. There will be between 200 and 300 guests, we both have large extended families and lots of friends who would be hurt to find we were getting married but they were not invited. We would like the wedding to be at around 5 or 6 pm and have a reception that lasts many hours. We’ll have a catered reception and all of that jazz. We want to get started now because if we’re postponing our wedding this lone then we want the best of the best (or close to it). Can anyone help with budget options?
    I’m having to wait almost 4 years to marry the love of my life. Of course, I am more than willing to wait. But we want to include everyone who is important to us by inviting them to the wedding and reception. We’re going to save money for the next 36 months specifically for the wedding, honeymoon, and a down payment on a home. So we’ll have the money for a really nice wedding and honeymoon. We don’t want too fancy almost snobbish. We want relaxed, happy, elegant, and OURS (the last is most important). I’ve decided I would like to hire a florist and a photographer and all of that, we just need to know what percentage of a person’s budget they are putting into what.

  • Dana says:

    They prefer to marriage at the Beach! any idea?

  • Aleida says:

    Any tips on how to save money please!! Also would if be okay to do a destination wedding for two and then a small reception for friends and fam? We are going to be paying for this ourselves so anything will help! Thanks!

  • Lenny says:

    well im 15 and so far ive used mostly drug store make up and a few mac a sephora items here and there, but i want to start wearing better make up that will make me and my specific features look better. i will put a picture but its not great quality so you cant see that i do have freckles around my nose and cheeks. i use to try to cover them up but i dont like wearing tons of heavy foundation especially since my skin is clear.

    anyways, as you can see i really only wear eyeliner and mascara most of the time. i would like to start getting into bronzers, some subtle eye shadows, and things like that:) but basically im afraid im just going to go to the store and spend all of my money on a whole bunch of make up im going to end up hating. so just any suggestions and be as specific as you can! name your favorite make up you use if you want:)

  • Janelle says:

    A formal attire, open bar, yummy food, DJ, photographer and a nice, private location?

    I want to keep our budget around 3-4k for the entire thing….

  • Lance says:

    We are having 2 receptions (one in uk and one in australia) so need to cut costs as much as possible.

    Any tips will be appreciated?

  • Daniela says:

    I proposed to my girlfriend a few days ago. We have about 500 dollars to our name, I am taking about 3,000 out of my 401k to put towards our wedding as well as my tax refund at the end of the year which usually is about 1,500. We want to get married fall 2011, however If we can’t pull off the expenses it will most likely be about 2 years until we get married.

    We both have large extended families and lots of friends. I’m willing to cut my side of the guest list to about 25 to save. She is not as willing lol, I did convince her to cut her coworkers out though.

    Now the advice that I really need is on how to have a great wedding for very very cheap. I think when it comes down to it we can bring the list down to about 60-70 people. Has anyone done a great wedding with a small budget or does anyone just tips and advice.

    thanks in advance

  • Sabina says:

    My husband and I have been married almost a year, we have a 1 year old, so romance is basically out the window. We both work quite a bit, so not much down time, but we want to do something for our first anniversary… But we have no idea what to do? Any thoughts, ideas, tips? Thanks

  • Taren says:

    I found out today that My father has Lung Cancer and is in the hosipital with a calsp lung and namonia, he might not live too long. I need to Fly from LA to Cleveland, and on a tight budget. Anyone know about free to discount heavily flights?

  • Claire says:

    I am trying to plan a trip to Disney World for a week with my family. I keep getting a total of 2K or more. The lowest total I have gotten to stay in the park was 2K. Is there anything else I could do to help save money.
    NOTE: I am in a military family. I am also applying to the Disney Dining Plan.

  • Janelle says:

    Hello Friendly Folks! My family and I will be attending Disneyland for the first time next week. I am doing what I can; of course, to save as much money as possible. As with any vacation, we want our children to come home with souvenirs. We will get the regulars of course ~ the “Ear Hats”, the decorative and bulgy character cups, etc. However, I know that these items are also available at the local Disney Store in the mall. But I am wondering if Disney keeps their costs the same everywhere ~ or if I would actually save a lot of money by going to the store ~ purchasing these items, and handing them out to the kids along the way during our vacation. With that being said, I have found lots of wonderful “Tips & Tricks” to Disneyland Money Savers. Many have listed ways to get “free” souvenirs. But I do not want to rely on that as these opportunities are not always available. So at least for our favorite items, like the ones mention above ~ I am wondering if I should pre-purchase them as mentioned? So I suppose I am sending this question out to anyone who is quite familiar with actual Disneyland costs. As an example, the Disney Store sells the ear hats for around $12. Are they more on site? And so on! Thank you so much in advance for your time and suggestions!

  • Alexandra says:

    I’m 24 and I’m looking to get married in the next 2 years, money is tight with saving for a house. Does anyone have any money saving wedding tips?

  • Curtis says:

    I get pregnant so I will get married next year. Due to living on a Tight Budget, I would like to help a low price wedding. Can you give me some suggestion. I had read some tips on this website : It teaches me how to buy cheap flower. However. is it feasible?

  • Avelina says:

    I am trying to plan a wedding. We don’t have a lot of money right now for anything super fancy. So we are tying to plan on a low budget.
    What are some ways to help keep the cost down? Most specifically how to keep the cost down for the reception, but the whole wedding in general would be helpful too.
    all this will help a ton!
    Not sure if we have a sams club. We usually shop at the comissary. (new to this town). but we will look.
    Thanks for all the help! I appreciate it all!

  • Jarrod says:

    My husband and I are planning on taking our kids age ( 4,6,8)on a trip from missouri to Flordia ( Disney World/ Seaworld.) We are planning on staying in a home not in the park. It seems to be a bit cheaper since we can’t stay in a value resort they only allow 4. We are staying for one week. We are buying 4 day tickets non park hoppers. We have never been. I was thinking going to Magic kingdom for two days, Mgm for one day, and Animal the last. We plan on spending one day at seaworld. And we would like to go to the beach for a day or two. I would like any and all recomdations on what to not miss at the parks. What are the best beach to go to with young children. Just any tips to make this a great trip for the kids on a budget. We are not wanting to spend over 3500. Thanks.. Was thinking about going to siesta key beach?? Anyone know anything about it. Thanks again.
    The drive is about 17 hours. We were planning on leaving around 5 at night and driving for about 9 hours stoping off at a motel and then driving the other 8 hours to orlando. With one of two stops in between each drive for breaks. Does this sound realistic with children.
    I forgot to mention we were planning on going end of may or first of june.

  • Kareem says:

    In a little less then a month I am going to be holding my 13th birthday party. I am inviting 3 other friends along with many of my family members. Since my family is on a tight budget, I can’t do anything involving lots of money. The party has to be at home and (unfortunately) can’t be a sleepover. I want this to be the best birthday since it’s my 13. So can anyone give me some themes and tips? Thanks for your generosity! (hehehe generosity is one big word) :P
    No boys are coming

  • Maud says:

    I would like some tips on hosting a low budget wedding. I don’t want to spend a fortune on ONE DAY, but I don’t want it to seem cheap either. So here’s some info about what the plan is so far:
    ~Ceremony at the church we are members to, with about 200 people attending (he has A LOT of family), mid morning
    ~Reception of 50-75 people at the local park (here are some links to some of my pics I have taken of the park before: ) There are also “shelter” areas at the park with picnik tables, a covering (not a gazebo but not a tent) and everything, though I am not sure the cost for renting them.
    ~The reception will be a late luncheon (maybe around 1 or 2 pm to start), so no alcohol. And my father has offered to cook.
    ~I have found some low-cost wedding gowns, but have yet to pick one yet.
    ~We will have a friend of the family do the main photos, then we plan on collecting photos from the guests, too.

    Other than that, I’m a crafty person and have already looked up some ideas like making my own veil, so diy suggestions are good, too.Any questions, just ask and I’ll try to answer them.
    **I will not accept or appreciate rude, useless, or biased answers. If you are here to be rude, take it somewhere else** Thank you all in advance!
    Some of the 200 are people who we know but not super close to (and are only being invited out of accommodating to our parents). And its not like we’re gonna turn someone away if they come to the reception, and we’ve already discussed extra food. We aren’t having place settings…the reception will be very informal, so its not really that big of a deal. And we have talked to our families about this idea, and they didn’t have problem with it at all.
    And if you read about the separate locations, its not like some people would be leaving and some staying…it is 2 different locations, actually in 2 separate towns (small towns, so not like a huuuuuge drive)
    Krissyly: about accepting rude answers, I was referring to the people who go around trolling the internet.

  • Rickie says:

    Venue, food, music, flowers, dress, etc.

  • Virgil says:

    Me and my partner are looking to get married, but with finances being restricted, I’d love to hear of any tips or suggestions people have, to lower the costs.

    I don’t want anything big, I just want a small intimate get together with immediate family and maybe some food after.

    Would it be cheaper to go abroad or stay in the UK? I know the register office does weddings for a reasonable price.

    Thanks all!

  • Adrian says:

    I have been checking into Debt Settlement and I do not feel to safe going with the companies I have found on the internet. This group gives you the information to do it yourself. Just wondering if anyone found this to be helpful.

  • Ching says:

    I really need some wedding planning tips and advice for a small budget of $1300.
    My mom is buying my dress and his mom is making our cake. We thought of getting food at walmart/sams club for the reception. Do you have any other ideas that can help us have our wedding on a small budget?

  • Louie says:

    This summer I’m going to Europe & I’ve never been on a plane so I don’t really know what to expect so I have a few questions…
    1) Where do they put your luggage? (I know on some shows/movies they put it over top of your seat (theres like a ledge)
    2) Do you get billed for the amount of luggage & bags you bring aboard the plane?
    3) What should I bring in my mini book bag that I will keep at my seat?
    4) What should I do to keep myself occupied on the plane?
    5) I’m going with my friend and a few family members so will I be able to sit next to my friend on the plane or do I have to sit next to a stranger? (If I have to sit next to a stranger, is there any way we can reserve ahead of time to make sure that we sit together?)
    6) Do you have to pay for airline food? (It sounds like a dumb question but on some shows/moves they make it seem like its free)
    7) Do they allow you to bring your own food on the plane?
    8) Are you allowed to record on the plane?
    9) When your on the plane in the bathroom does it shake around or do you not notice your even on the plane?
    10) Are there any tips that I should know while I’m on the plane?
    Thank-you so much! :)

  • Thomasena says:

    Hiya so me and my boyfriend have been talking about getting married in the next couple of years. We don’t want anything massive and expensive. We have set a budget of £5000. We want to get married in a registry office (if anyone could tell me what i have to actually pay for here – – that would be great, i want the ballroom on a saturday but i don’t understand all the other bits like registrar and that :S

    What could i do for a reception though i have around 100 guests and a meal is so expensive like £4500 so way over budget and i hate wedding disco’s. I need ideas!! Nothing boring but something simple and cheap, also not outside. Oh and it isn’t possible to use our or anyone else’s houses to hold something.

    Any suggestions would really help and also any ideas or tips to keep to my budget :)

    Thanks x
    Also if i got married here – – would this include someone to conduct the ceremony or would i still have to pay for the extras through oldway mansion, im so confussed how much this would cost x

  • Terry says:

    I am getting married in June of next year and was wondering if anyone had suggestions for colors, (I know I want an Aqua blue but what goes with that), inexpensive tricks and tips for having an elegant wedding on a budget. Here is what we know we have : a cute little chapel that is already decorated beautifully and needs nothing more than maybe some pew decorations, the reception is at the bed and breakfast a block away and will be outside in the garden area. They provide the minister, tables, chairs, linens an arch and a gazebo and we are having my finances parents cater since they own a restaurant in town and thats about it. I need some ideas I have no idea what goes into planning a wedding.

  • Rosendo says:

    I turn 18 in 5 months and I plan to move out. I have a job and saving up money for a car and insurance. I want to become completely independent from my mom. My dad isnt in the picture I havent seen him for many years. My mom is driving my up the wall and being insanly controlling and manipulating. I want to move out now but legally and financially cant. When I turn 18 i SHOULD be able to financilly. I have a job now and my plan is to save as much $ as possible, move in with friends to a cheap apartment, buy a motorcycle (cheaper and more mpg) and insurance and pay for my own cell phone and own everything. Any tips on how I should do this? Advice?u

  • Curtis says:

    My fiance and I are planning on getting married this year and we are on a tight budget. We are trying to spend as little money as possible. If anyone knows any sites with great tips or has any there self that would be great! Thanks in advance!

  • Benita says:

    Alright guys, I currently am about one semester away from earning my bachelors degree. It was quite difficult but look forward to beginning my MBA in International Business. I currently work full-time as well as going to school full-time. I try my best to save money, but going out on dates and being a normal college student can be expensive. I am looking at perhaps buying food in bulk and eating it at work, more than spending a dollar for a soda. So far I save about $20 a week from bringing snacks from home than the vending machines at work. Another way I would like save money is not to eat out as much, I plan on cooking more, even if it means eating food that won’t get me full.

    But any other tips? I have about 15k in student loans and would like to pay those off soon, but in the mean time, I feel like I should be a normal college student. I want to go to the football games and the fun parties. My GPA is 3.5 so it doesn’t affect my studies. But any tips though guys?

  • Everett says:

    our wedding budget is 10,000 dollars! is it even possible to have a wedding on that budget?? uhm… we want to get married on may 13, 2011. He hasn’t “officially” proposed yet but we talk about it all the time and we already set a date and all. Anyways, point is I need a cheap venue in Il. As close to the 60087 zip code as possible. So far we’re looking at the botanic garden in Chicago. it’s 2500 to 4000. but we have to do all the decor and furniture rental. PLEASE HELP ME. oh! And we’re catering our own wedding. and other tips and ideas you have will be of GREAT help.

  • Carlos says:

    I would like to use a local park, but I am worried that no one will be able to hear us say our vows. Are mic systems expensive? We can hold the reception somewhere else but we would still like to play some music before the wedding. Any ideas?

  • Devorah says:

    My fiancée and I are both on a budget. We claim we want to keep our wedding under 15k. This pretty much would rule out any hotel or reputable venue that claims to have 15k minimum food spend, and with add ons more like 23k. There is a lot of travel involved, for ourselves as well as various family members throughout the country, so that airfare with hotel rooms will probably take up plenty of expenses as it is, no matter what we do. So I suggested we rent a memorial hall at the state park or the parish hall to cut some of these exorbitant wedding fees.

    Is there something else we can do because she did not like the suggestion, that we go this sort of cheap.

    I am looking for practical, and within a budget, not trying to be cheaper than we have to be. I also look forward to your unique suggestions, because I am from the frame of thought that NOT every wedding should follow the same script. And not every wedding should cost 20k. I look at a lot of my friends weddings and it is apparent that the salesperson took advantage of them and sold them on things that went to waste, such as dessert eclairs and special ice cream buffets and ice sculptures which MELT in like 15 min. I am trying to be practical and actually not overspend the budget unnecessarily. At the same time, I do want my future wife and I to be happy and celebrate without having the salespeople in her ear telling her, it’s YOUR day, have whatever you want, because let’s be honest, the caterer is having a good day too.
    EDIT: I understand it is not my sole responsibility to transport family, however, in considering what my FAMILY can truly afford on their end, regardless of their being involved or not via donations, I know they are already buying plane tickets and rooms and most people should consider that “enough.” I am trying to avoid making their part of the experience more expensive than it has to be, and I understand that if I select an expensive venue, that THEY’RE going to be impacted, as well as me, and unlike other families that throw all their discretionary money at the bride, our family members will not be expected to provide everything for us, in addition to taking care of their own travel needs.

    This is what I meant by mentioning a travel budget. It is separate from the 15k, but it IS a strong consideration. Also, my fiancee and I have travel to consider, since we are getting married near her family, but we no longer live there. Therefore, it IS our responsibility to provi
    Therefore, travel costs are automatically going to be shared by us, depsite tradition suggesting otherwise, as we have decided to voluntarily fly to them, as opposed to “making them come to us” at even greater expense for all.

    My travel needs were misunderstood. \ I meant we wanted this budget to not include the costs of transportation. let’s talk about options to making the wedding itself cost under 15k, not including the travel costs for other family members, regardless of who pays for them it’s still part of our total budget consideration. We are trying to have a practical and affordable wedding for ALL parties involved.

  • Tangela says:

    My fiance and I have just gotten engaged. I have spoken to my family already and a few members of his. We are going to have about 120 guests most are close family (I have a large family as does he) so I can count on at least 100 of them showing up. All of our wedding party is paying for their attire and shoes. And for the reception we are having kind of like a pot luck. Both of our families are making big dishes to cover the food served at the reception. My mother is paying for my gown and her gown. Is having a 3k budget sufficient for the rest? I don’t really even know where to begin!!

  • Dave says:

    I know that if someone with a debt passes away a family member will inherit that debt.

    But what if someone is the last person in his known family. He becomes old and his parents died off, his siblings died off, his Aunts, Uncles, cousins and so on. This old man is also in a huge financial debt, and he dies. The closest family member the government can find is one of his his Great Great Great Great Grandmother’s Great Great Great Great Grandsons. Would he inherit that debt?

    Personally, I would be angry if I inherited the debt of a distant family member I’d never met.

  • Carrol says:

    I have a financial aid debt I had to pay last week but it passed the due date and the letter that was sent to me said that if I didn’t pay withtin 45 days, last week, that it will be sent to the Dept of Education and I will not be able to receive financial in the country. Does this mean I can never pay it and will not ever receive money?
    And also if I tried to get new job, will this be on credit check or background check?

  • Joyce says:


    well for starters my parents don’t make alot of money
    and are always struggling and complaining.

    im 16 and trying to help out.
    the holidays are coming up and my mom wants a Volkswagen bug.
    and i’ll try to find one cheap. but what are some was i can save money on bills? im trying to convince them to drop digital cable and maybe we can live without a tv.
    or have atleast basic cable

    i just need to help them save money on bill.
    and we dont use the a/c or heat already. we use fans and the fireplace

    any good tips or idea’s
    so we can get that car?
    i have a job.

    but im trying to find another cause i dont work enough

  • Kristie says:

    We hope to spend $8,000 or less.. $10,000 is pushing it, but we could probably pull it off.

    Any tips for us, on how to have a beautiful and elegant event, without breaking the bank?
    I was hoping to have 80 guests or less. I am somewhat traditional. I would like to have a meal for my guests (I wouldn’t mind buffet style), or at least a nice cocktail hour. I definitely want lots of music and dancing, and I don’t know anyone that owns a home at which I could have the wedding.

    Thanks for all your tips so far!

  • Dwight says:

    Somebody probably asked a similar question at some point, or maybe not, maybe everybody gets it but me, but I just don’t understand to whom are the governments indebted and why can’t they start from zero? I’m probably extremely naive to ask such a question, but here it is.

    Please try to answer it as simply as you can…. Otherwise I probably won’t understand it.

    I googled financial crisis and I think I get it why the financial crisis happened (banks, mortgages,broken promises, etc), but what I don’t get is to whom are the governments indebted? To banks? Haven’t governments been bailing out banks?? I don’t get it at all…

    I just want to understand why it is necessary to curb public spending by cutbacks in most European countries because the countries have massive debts- to whom???
    Thank you all for answering, I got a bit of understanding of the issue from each answer, so I cannot possibly chose a best answer- I’ll have to leave it for others to chose.

    Thanks again.

  • Maurita says:

    My husband works full time and I work very very part time as a waitress when I can. We both are not very good with money. We got married young and it actually seems like we’ve gotten worse over the years. I just want to make sure the bills get paid on time, and we have enough per week for food, gas, etc. Give me your best tips. I recently opened another bank account to use only for paying bills and we are gonna use the other for spending money. I hope this helps. I really think I need to take my husbands debit card :)
    Thanks to the first two answers, i think your advice will help very much. and for that third answer was it really necessary for you to even bother answering with that? Obviously i have to “spend money” on food, clothes, gas ect…oh and i have taken care of the birth control thing even though that is none of your business and has nothing to do with the question and i do NOT consider my boys “unexpected expenses” waste your time some more being a jerk and giving useless answers to people who are just looking for some positive advice!

  • Collene says:

    I am trying to plan a trip to Disney World in Orlando Fl. for this Aug. with my 9 yr. old & 10 &1/2 yr old. Can anyone give me some advice/tips on hopefully making wonderfully memories without going broke. I am wondering if anyone knows too if for example priceline for hotel & plane together, while naming my price or each individually naming my price for each? I am starting from the very beginning in all of this. Any advice or tips are greatly, greatly, greatly appreciated. Please believe I am grateful for all & any tips/advice.

  • Nakita says:

    can anyone tell me the cheapest worldwide car hire
    im going to South Africa
    have tried avis, budget and hertz and they are no way the cheapest

  • Kareem says:

    I am having financial difficulties … would it be in my best interest to file for bankruptcy for over $8000 in debts.

  • Kristie says:

    My wedding is in less than 5 months and I havent done a thing.I’m low on cash and need help on getting things cheap for my wedding. Does anyone know where I can go online to get really cheap deals on invitations, center pieces, decorations, anything and everything that goes into making a wedding?
    I live in San Ramon, Ca.

  • Luigi says:

    I’m getting married July 28th in a church and we want a reception,not too big.Any suggestions to cut some costs?

  • Hershel says:

    I’m getting married next May and I’m strapped for cash. I dont want to wait any longer to get married so please dont say just wait till i save up. But i was wondering if people could suggest ways to cut down on things? or could people suggest cheap florists or photographers etc.
    Thanks heaps.

  • Corrin says:

    …please list if you are single, a couple or how many family members are included in this cost. I am including household items as well, such as laundry/cleaning and paper products along with edible purchases. I shop at the Kroger grocery store and at the Dollar General for our household items. I am trying to figure out if our budgeted amount is more than it should be for two people. We live in the midwest, USA. I have been thinking there must be some ways I can cut some of this cost somewhat. We budget 450.00 on grocery/household items. Any tips you can share on cutting costs? I am curious in comparison to others, if I may be spending more than needed for my husband and myself. I realize there are variances in prices of items in different areas. Do you have any tips you care to share as to how you cut your costs on groceries?

  • Teresita says:

    Im 24 years old and have at least $7000 in credit card debts.For some unfortunate situations in my life i couldnt pay my creditors for at least 6 months which made it go pastdue on my credit and affected my credit score really bad.Have a full time job now and trying to pay them off step by step but on top off that im in more financial distress,I need at least $2000 within a month and was thinking to apply for a bank loan….Due to my bad credit history within past 6 months do you think any bank will give me loan?? Need ideas……..PLEASE HELP!!

  • Marvin says:

    I’m in Australia, SA, I am wanting to keep my wedding cost down, what tips can you tell me? My guest list is very small, only 35 guest (close, family and friends) which should help with cutting cost on food. I have already brought my dress, which fits perfect and only needs to be pressed :) Any advice would be great. It will be a garden wedding. My partner and I have been together for 10 years and have 2 children, so I really don’t want to spend to much since I have 2 kids and if I did have a spare $20,000 it would be spent on them (education ect)

  • Joyce says:

    Hi so I’m a teen girl and I’m redesigning my bedroom but I need to know where to find furniture that’s cute yet affordable. My room is medium sized with grey walls. I want it to look glamorous and girly (but not really pink, poca dotted or zebra stripped or anything like that). I like white furniture, glass furniture and that wicker weaved kind of furniture. I need 2 matching end tables, a comforter/bed set, a tv stand a big comfy chair, etc. I basically want it to look clean, organized and luxurious but still practical. Any tips you have or stores that I can find furniture would be greatly appreciated! Thank you:)

  • Sunday says:

    The party is a Hollywood princess theme dinner dance. I found a cheap venue which is a church and my dress will be vintage. I am inviting 40 people. This is all I have to spend. What should I do for food and music? Party decorations?
    Linens? Cake? Should I have floral centerpieces or just ditch them? Please don’t tell me I should forget about it because 1 grand isn’t enough. I really want this party to happen on my budget. Tips please?

  • Lora says:

    I have one question i cant find the answer too.
    Ming Company began operations on January 1, 2008. During its first two years, the company completed a number of transactions involving sales on credit, accounts receivable collections, and bad debts. These transactions are summarized as follows:
    a. Sold $1,349,600 of merchandise (that had cost $979,600) on credit, terms n/30.
    b. Wrote off $20,900 of noncollectable accounts receivable.
    c. Received $672,000 cash in payment of accounts receivable.
    d. In adjusting the accounts on December 31, the company estimated that 1.40% of accounts receivable will be noncollectable.

    e. Sold $1,581,400 of merchandise (that had cost $1,287,800) on credit, terms n/30.
    f. Wrote off $27,500 of uncollectible accounts receivable.
    g. Received $1,210,900 cash in payment of accounts receivable.
    h. In adjusting the accounts on December 31, the company estimated that 1.40% of accounts receivable will be uncollectible.

    Prepare journal entries to record Ming’s 2008 and 2009 summarized transactions and its year-end adjustments to record bad debts expense. (The company uses the perpetual inventory system. Round your answers to the nearest dollar amount. Omit the “$” sign in your response.)


    a) Accounts recievable 1349600
    Sales 1349600

    Cost of goods sold 979600
    Merchendise inventory 979600

    B) Allowance for doubtfull Accounts 20900
    Accounts Recievable 20900

    C) Cash 672000
    Accounts Recievable 672000

    D) Bad Debits Expense 30093
    Allowance for doubtful accounts 30093


    E) Accounts Recievable 1581400
    Sales 1581400

    Cost of goods sold 1287800
    Merchendise invertory 1287800

    F) Allowance For doubtful accounts 27500
    Accounts Recievable 27500

    G) Cash 1210900
    Accounts Recievable 1210900

    H) Bad Debits Expense ?
    Allowance for doubtfull Accounts ?

    That is the whole question including the work that I have already done. Please help me figure out this problem. I have worked it over and over and I can’t get it. Thank You for your help.

  • Wes says:

    Im 19 and in debt. me and my husband bring home about $1200 a month.

    We owe collections 4000 and food stamps from another state 1800

    I’m really lost on what to do and how to do it.

    We also do not have a car and are really struggling without one. So on top of all our debt we need to somehow save up for a car, nothing fancy.

    Last i spoke to the debt collector he said i had 30 days to pay it all or start a payment plan. we of course did not have the sum and the lowest payment plan was 225 a month for 16 months. thats impossible! I asked him what would happen after the 30 days and he said id be sent to credit. Now where does that lead me?

    I dont want to be in debt for 7 years. I’m young and trying to get my life on track but it seems like im in a black whole.

    The debt for 4000 was from our last apartment. When we first moved in my husband had a great paying job with 40 hours a week. One day he went in and got fired. being a right to work state (FL) there was nothing we could do. And never found out the reason why this happened.
    At the time i had an ok job and then switched jobs. In the end we could not come up with the rent. The landlord wanted all or nothing each month.

    Anyways, im trying to find guidance.

    Please don’t reply with stupid answers. This is my life. If your just looking for points go bug someone that wants to know if their ugly or not.

    thanks, Jess.
    I don’t have any bills except for rent and phone. and i have metro pcs. And still i have no money. my rent is only 660 a month!!!!!!!!

    My parents have helped as much as humanly possible. i feel bad to even ask my dad to use his car to do laundry.

    … If we dont have jobs then tell me how we make 1200 a month. O yeah i forgot about that money tree i grew in the back yard!

  • Huey says:

    It’s not a loan or repayment program. The person posts their financial dilemma then the board decides after reading and voting on the need. They make sure it is legitimate too by having you send in paperwork etc. Requests come from all over the country and donors as well. It’s all based on donations.

  • Cory says:

    I am looking for a company who will give me a debt consolidation loan of around £10.000 (UK). I am a tenant on long term disability benefit and income support, so have no home to secure a loan on, and no employment.

    I have an outstanding debt, and I am currently using a debt managment plan which I pay £70 per month for, they company then pay 6 of my lenders reduced payments. I also have a couple of more debts not managed by the debt managment agency.

    I am not satisfied with te copany as I often still recieve letters, saying companies have not being paid, and have no idea what debt I owe now, as I do not get any kind of statement.

    I have current debts that i am paying, but that are affecting my daily living, such as provy and greenwoods, and alltogether with all the different companies I am paying out near enough £250 a month.

    I have tried to look for a loan that would pay off all my debts, so i can cancel my debt managment plan, however everyone I look at wants full time work, or a homeowner, and also my defaults go against me.

    Can anyone offer any advice, on where I can go. I dont really want to go to a debt managment company as I am not happy that they take so much of a cut, and it takes longer to pay off the debt.

  • Margrett says:

    okay, so apprently i owed Zellars money from 2005. i would have been 18 or 19. I have since moved serveral times lived in other cities etc.

    Never once did they contact me via phone or email or mail…(yes i know moving makes it hard lol)
    I did change my addresses for things like bank, phone, etc.

    Now they are saying my $500 card that i owe for is now over 1600… they refuse to cut off any of the interest (as im sure its their company that gets it) .is it not thier fault they never contacted me once?

    I know i am the one that owed the money but its the only thing on my equifax history. I didnt even know i owed anything until i tried getting approved for a loan.

    So my question is, can they legally ask for that much interest if they never tracked me down to inform me of my debt owing anyways?

    also can i take legal action against them for not informing me.

    PS… this woman la’saber or whatever … when i told her i could only make very small payments she said “that’s no good, it wont do anything for you.” and she than kept insisting i pay it all off right now. but i have already explained to her that im on disability with no job and attending full time school. ugghhh what to say to get it thru her head!

  • Delfina says:

    Ok over due, i need to pay my debt, its not much ( $1492 to bank of america) and ( $256 to Macy’s) i had debt to Alltel, but since Verizon bought them it dissappeared from my credit report.. Main question is, both have had collection agencies contact me, but i just trash those. but i got in debt cause i had some really hard times last year. now im back on my feet and ready to go. So who do i go to start paying off it? just walk into macys and say here you go? and when i do that will the cards be cancelled afterwords or will i be able to keep using them, cause i cant now obviously? like i said it only happened cause i lost my job, before that i paid everything off in that month i made the charge. But now i make enough to get what i need and have spare to put into small stock (walmart) and to save, but id like to put some of the savings into payin off this debt, i have another credit card that is in good standin and has been for over a year (cause i never use it lol) so what do you suggest? just pay macys $128 2x’S and work on payin off the BOA afterwards? im bi weekly paid and can do about 150 per check to pay off debt. im tryin to get back into the game and reboost my credit to its once glorious state, my credit score is like 361 last i checked.. i think

  • Louis says:

    I took two personal loans from the Bank of America after my father had a heart attack. He ofcourse did not ask me for money but I wanted to help him since there was no great insurance, and no money.

    Now I am in a bad situation. I have approx 20k debt totally and completely stressed out since I work in a finance company and anything can happen any time, we were told recently.

    Is there any way to reduce my debt without filing for bankrupcy?
    Do you have any contact information for Bank of America collectors?
    Can I request them to please reduce it so I can pay off within say a year.

    I am terribly worried, overwhelmed, and wont survive this without help.

    Please give me your advice.

  • Ethelyn says:

    I am being harassed by this company for a debt they cant/wont prove I owe and I have complained to the Office of Fair Trading about them but the OFT cant get involved, who can I go to who can step in and help me get to the bottom of the matter/ would it be the financial ombudsman?

  • Christen says:


  • Mason says:

    hey guys am currently completing my application..there is, on the app, a section that asks for field interested in. it has the following options
    finance – hedge funds
    finance – venture capital
    finance – investment
    finance – investment management
    finance – diversified

    so what i basically want to deal with is derivatives, debt securties. my question is under what category does this fall under….

    Thanks people!!

  • Polly says:

    Im going to start off saying that I AM looking for a new higher paying job right now. Next, my issue is I need to find $325 by the 1st of December. Third, is I have a total of $11300.00 in credit card debt with 3 cards. Im looking for advice on whats the best decision to make as far as lowering my monthly payments. Iv already altered my way of spending but I barely make enough money to spend on anything anyways but food and bills. I don’t go out to eat anymore and I don’t even have fun going out. Im fine staying at home. Should I do debt consolidation? What website is the best place for me to look? Please any help would be greatly appreciated! Please serious answers only, nothing dumb.

  • Catharine says:

    Am a novice to accounting, I need some direction on how to go with this question…
    Thanks in advance

    The following accounts were taken from Green’s trial balance at December 31, 2007:

    Net credit $750,000 (Cr)
    Allowance for doubtful accounts$14,000 (Dr)
    Accounts receivable 410,000 (Dr)

    If doubtful accounts are determined by aging to be 3% of accounts receivable, determine the bad debt expense to be reported in 2007.

  • Augustine says:

    I am 23 and I have roughly 37,000 in debt. This is all including student loans, credit card debt, and missed payments on mortgage. I am working part time for 9.50 and a full time student. I know most say to switch to part time school and full time work, but I can’t right now. I missed 4 years of college with my age group because I was active duty in the Marine Corps. I am pre-med, and I need to finish school because I don’t want to finally be graduating med school in my late thirties. Basically my question is, what steps can I take? Has anyone else successfully managed large debt without filing bankruptcy? If I call each and every company will they usually understand and try to work with me? Are there programs for struggling students or mothers? (i have a two year old as well). I know a lot of this is probably online, but I have no idea where to look, it is all overwhelming and I don’t want to get involved in a scam. I live in Arizona, and the state funded programs seem very strict. I’m not sure that I qualify for them even though I’m barely making ends meet. Some months the ends don’t even meet. I’m behind on almost all payments and I’m just looking for a way to fix it.

  • Arlie says:

    My boyfriend and I just had a financial analysis done but haven’t gotten the results on our options yet. Is it really worth it to go through with this? Has anyone had experience on it? I mean we have debt but not so much we can’t handle. On the other hand we are both mid-twenties and have no retirement savings started and we are not able to put much, if any, in our savings accounts. We will have the option to consolidate debt, start retirement accounts, have money to put in savings, and get better life insurance. Is this just a ploy for the financial company to prey on young people or is this real? Please help!

  • Dave says:

    My son owes over 15K in back taxes because he hasn’t filed a return in 5 years. I can’t pay it (and I don’t think I should) and he can’t pay it in full. He doesn’t have a good job because he is still in college. Will this affect his financial aid? Also, what are his options to settle this tax debt?

  • Luther says:

    I was involved in a car accident and I did not have car insurance at the time, simply could not afford my payments. Now I have a collection agency coming after me on behalf of progressive for $7,000 and progressive had my license suspended. If I file bankruptcy will it eliminate my debt therefore allowing me to get my license back?

  • Sheron says:

    I have a one year old and currently living with my boyfriend, best friend, and her brother. I have tons of medical bills that have piled up because i couldn’t afford medical insurance before i found out i was pregnant and had to go to the ER several times. I have car payments, rent, utilities, and credit card bills. I stopped spending money on buying lunch, stopped buying coffee. Haven’t gone out to any restaurants [fast food included]. Only drive in between home and work, and picking up my daughter from grandma’s (babysitter). I can barely make the minimum payments on these things and now i’m in a big hole.

  • Tom says:

    How can I consolidate my credit cards? I’ve asked the Banks, but they tell me that my credit is shot and they can’t help me. I’ve gone through a company called, “Canada Financial assistance” which was good, but they closed my account due to my losing employment. I don’t know what the hell to do….I am only paying the interest on my credit cards therefore it’s still climbing up higher and higher…..and yes, I have closed all the credit cards a couple of yrs ago….HELP???

  • Dawne says:

    NCO Financial keeps calling me saying i owe a debt of 200 dollars.

    Is this a legit debt agency? they have stated what the debt is from and have the last 4 numbers of my social…

    Can i have them send me via mail anymore proof?

    I remember the debt being only $150 or debt agencies add on fees?
    The debt was a cancellation fee from a University because i could not afford to go attend their school after they were late in sending me my financial loans/aid information, i had to then cancel my registration from the school.

    but NCO calls me every other week or so telling me to call them back and pay this debt.
    Would any other Debt collection agencies be calling me?

    OH and i cannot check my credit score yet because I’m not 19 for another couple weeks…but this is my only debt issue..

  • Denver says:

    Will America’s increasing National Debt eventually cause a cut in financial aid given out to college students?

  • Kareem says:

    My DOB is 19/09/1974
    TOB 2.25am
    Place of birth hyderbad Ap India
    sir i am very much in troubles as per my horoscope plz advise wat to do to clear all debts and settel in any good proffession wat suits me as per my horo also

  • Enrique says:

    We are in debt from my our recently divorced father’s Mother’s house in CA of which we are struggling to find a tenant who is willing to rent it out, my college tuition, and are struggling to pay for our own house. My family is beginning to take heavy tolls in deep emotional stress. I dont know what to do.
    I’m the son in my family. And bankruptcy can not be an option. My family would be devastated.

  • Oswaldo says:

    I just read in yahoo finance
    For assistance, you may want to turn to your financial advisor, who can help you to allocate your resources wisely to address your credit card debt.

    Are they serious? A person with cc debt has a financial advisor?
    What world do they live on?

  • Nova says:

    If a corporation goes out of business, are the corporation officers responsible for the debts owed.

  • Jason says:

    I am 17 and am “in debt” with NCO financial regarding paypal it’s their mistake not mine!!! I received a letter from them…
    then, I called NCO ..and they asked for my social to look my problem up… I refused then I told them I was 17 and then they said then it’s my parents responsibility.. I was wondering are my parent’s credit gettting ruined by this incident? Does NCO financial have that capability? thanks!!!!

  • Tyra says:

    let me explain… yesterday i approached my 6 year old nephew about 6 bucks he owed me— from halloween!(i didn’t really need it, i just wanted to be annoying,lol) he had been avoiding me, well, since halloween. finally, i sucked it up because i knew darn well he would never be able to pay me back, at least not anytime soon,lol. what’s the point? i know the average adult has a little more debt than 6 bucks,lol, but isn’t forgiveness, um, let’s see, the basis of humanity. 30,000 dollars in debt huh? gone, poof. why can companies just forget about it? creditors probably are owed billions, but obviously if they are still around , they are doing just fine with out it ya know? my newphew had an obligation to pay me back, it was a loan! but i did not die of starvation because he didn’t. please have a sense of humor with this question guys, obviously there is a big difference between 6 bucks and 60,000 dollars….
    John L. nailed it! you figured it out. here’s ten. my nephew really doesn’t owe me any money guys, have a sense of humor for crying out loud!!!!.. by the way I am going to school for economics………. i was asked this question by a professor as a essay question…..
    wisenheimer, i think a lot of people feel that way and it horrible…. but what john L said is the real truth behind it…..

  • Odell says:

    she did not make the debt.,he did not spend the money on her.She makes more money, he is self employed.

  • Agatha says:

    I’m a 22 year old man from Ontario, Canada and I am about $12,000 in debt right now. I have a maxed out credit card at $2,000, a student loan that’s I owe about $5,000 on, and a bank loan of just under $5,000 owing. I am unemployed and need to make payments each month obviously for each of my debts. My dream is to travel the country, get off the grid as best I can, and one of my best friends wants me to join with him this spring to travel. I need to be out of debt by then. I know there are obvious answers like work my way out, but realistically, can I get out of this? I’ve considered bankruptcy and running away but I want to be responsible. I made a bad mistake of putting myself in so much debt, that I will never make again. I will never spend another penny I don’t have.. Im stupid stupid stupid!!.. and I think it’s right that I fix it..even though I feel ripped off anyway lol. So can anybody offer me any advice? Its been very difficult to find employment, I can’t remember how good it feels to be debt free. Thank you for reading.

  • Felipa says:

    I have debt around $ 30,000 and have difficulties to pay. And in the same time, I am planning to accept a position in financial related company, where I will get more salary. But, my new company will going to check background history and as part of back ground check, they will do criminal, job, credit check.Everything fine other than my credit history. I am very much worries about my credit check: (1) does it impact my new job ? (2) My new company will do what level credit check ? any idea ?
    (3) Do I go for any debt management or debt settlement plan to reduce my balance and relief ? I don’t have any plan to file bankruptcy, but some how I need to reduce my balance ? Please fiends advise me. How can solve my problems. Please advise.

  • Elden says:

    I’ll try to make this short. When I was younger I got into some serious debt with 4 credit cards. Since then I have paid off 3 of them (1 garnishment, and 2 just paid off with lump sum settlement). All 3 were different agencies. I did some research on those 3 agencies and found 99% of people said they were legit. One week after I paid off the last 2 I receive one from NCO Financial Systems Inc. for the 4th one. It gave me 3 options on how to pay (lump, 6, or 12 month settlements). I looked them up and said wow how badly split the answers are to this agency. I can find with some saying they are real and others saying negative things like paying agreed amount and then later on getting another letter wanting more even after agreed in writing. Best I could do for now is a 6 month. Should I make that first payment? Thanks.

  • Kit says:

    I just graduated college and very soon I have to pay back my school loans. I want to look into consolidation, but I don’t know if it’s a good option and how to even consolidate. I want to know my options. I also want advice about future education investments as I’m going to further my education. Besides that, I just want general financial advice about how to manage my assets, being a recent college grad with a temporary job.

    Who would I see about that? What’s their title? What do I look up in the yellowpages?

  • Shannon says:

    I enrolled in a college here in my town and got financial aid for my classes. I have a skin condition and have to have many surgeries. I had to quit college. A few months later I got a bill to pay back the financial aid, the amount was about 600 dollars and of course I didn’t have that. Earlier this year I received a letter from a debt collection agency requesting 919 dollars. I recently got approved for SSI but my husband is unemployed and we cant afford that kind of money. Why has the amount been knocked up and is there anything I can do to resolve this? Thanks.

  • Jacki says:

    I owe a community college about 1500 dollars. It has been due almost a year. I have not been able to pay it off, and now I want to go back to school at another college but they won’t transfer my transcripts until I pay off this debt. What can I do??

  • Roman says:

    Unfortunately, we had to let some investment properties go into foreclosure. Now we have debt collectors calling to collect amount owed for the 2nd Mtg.

    Should I give them our financial information? I’m concerned about being sued for mortgage fraud because our current income is much less than the stated income when we refinanced and obtained the loan(s).
    The properties are located in Georgia, USA. We reside in California, USA.

  • Georgeann says:

    Im 24 years old and have at least $7000 in credit card debts.For some unfortunate situations in my life(was in jail for 6 months) and couldnt pay my creditors for at least 6 months which made it go pastdue on my credit and affected my credit score really bad.Have a full time job now and trying to pay them off step by step but on top off that im in more financial distress.I need at least $1500 within a month for paying the court fines and stuff and was thinking to apply for a bank loan….Due to my bad credit history within past 6 months do you think any bank will give me loan?? Need ideas……..PLEASE HELP!!

  • Patrica says:

    I have a personal loan with Easy Financial and I was wondering am I still able to get debt management after a few months of being on a contract with them. Their loan did not help me with my personal debt struggles if anything it made it significantly worse for me! So please any advise would be wonderful! Thank you.
    I understand that, however I was dumb and dug myself with loans and payday loans, this is a monthly fee from a credit counselling company that enables me to pay significantly less and pay it off to them to distribute to other companies.

  • Rodney says:

    I`m wondering, what financial responsibility I have to take for my husband`s debt. Am I responsible to pay off his debts generated during the marriage, if he takes out the credit on his sole name. What about debts generated before the marriage, as he has quite a lot. I`m worried as we got separated (not legally, he just left me for his ex-girlfriend), so he lives on a different address now and has constant financial difficulties. On top of that, he is from a foreign country, so he can disappear quickly. How much should I worry about debts he leaves behind, in case he disappears while we are still married.

  • Voncile says:

    I am looking to help from elite financial services to consolidate my loans and bills. How will this affect me in the end credit wise? Does it hurt your credit if doing so?

  • Bryce says:

    i have a lot of obligation to pay. but i cannot pay them on to eliminate stress on financial debts

  • Ashlie says:

    I’m 23, full time student and waitress.. gotten myself into a bit on debt.. looking for people who have done the same and what they did to help straighten it out..

  • Christen says:

    Hi, Im 37, and have a large student loan debt. One that makes it almost impossible for me to get a mortgage or finance a car.

    I feel deep in my heart that no man will marry me because of my debt, Im sure at one point I may have to declare bankruptsy because of it… I have a career , but still it’s the debt that I worry about.

    Have I written off my future by not being able to pay this, or am I being too hard on myself?

    I’d really love to hear honest, mature opinions or experiences,
    Thank you.

  • Ernest says:

    Have anyone tried using one company dealing with debt consolidation? I was wondering if that really help with managing ur debt. And what the process is and how much lower u paid. Thanks.

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