Can Your Family Take Advantage Of Cheap Suggestions

You possibly will not anticipate to obtain a huge batch log cabin and commence increasing chickens. Nonetheless, you may well be prepared for something different to a lot more economical lifestyle. A lot of people have got actions to become far more cheap, and they have enjoyed the advantages. The items we obtain might not genuinely make us that content, but a more secure life would be the point we need!

Getting many things, after which working hard to pay them down, may not make you smile. Undoubtedly, it is possible to rationalize looking a safe and secure home, reliable transport, and appropriate food choices. However, will we really need an enormous residence, an elegant automobile, and dear connoisseur food on a regular basis? Would we actually be more comfortable whenever we just set foot back again, lowered our dwelling standards, and also realized we did not have to placed ourself underneath so much pressure? Maybe you would prefer to retire early, appreciate your time more, and realize you can be pleased with significantly less goods!

Maybe it’s time for it to swap your consumerist way of thinking for intense anti–consumerism.

The advantage of the brand new excessive frugality movements is centered on to be able to hang around doing items you want to do, reducing your personal debt, and boosting your financial savings. Consider the positive aspects it is possible to enjoy. This way you can be happier because you can do what you should do, and never what a employer informs you that you need to do. It is possible to relish the wages you do make because you will not have to devote a lot of it having to pay excessive charges. And you will probably be more comfortable and safe since you will have an overabundance funds to set away. You’re likely to be earning awareness or returns from a funds as opposed to investing it on points you absolutely do n’t need.

The new frugality activity is all about eliminating oneself of a consumerist state of mind. Self worth mustn’t be entirely determined by your task reputation, what kind of money you create, or that which you park in your car port (if you have one). We must price yourself due to our efforts, regardless how much cash we get paid for them!

You will find individuals who will make extreme alterations using some weeks.. Other individuals try taking some small steps toward realizing a much more economical life-style. An amount get better because of your self?

If you are in the beginning stages, it could be a lot less complicated. It can be simple to wash your clutter, change your standpoint, and initiate a new cheap life. If you already possess a family group, and especially if you already are in charge of a home loan, automobile financing, along with other obligations, you might be smart to plan out your technique like a prolonged sport. A lot of people have to simplicity into frugality. This really is a long term goal with short-run milestones.

You may not ever before go to the extremes of many of the famous severe zero-consumerists you might have find about. But you will still get more reassured and, possibly, saner, than before you possessed commenced in any way!

Keep in mind. Sometimes we make progress in modest steps, occasionally using a take a step back, and sometimes complete velocity ahead. Start checking out the modifications you can create next week, in a few days, or annually in order to enjoy a more secure, cost-effective life!


  • Jordon says:

    Family of four really, really, really wants a Disney vacation in Florida. Currently living in North Carolina. Any suggestions for making like a 6 day trip (4 days at the parks) without breaking the bank?

  • Patria says:

    It’s very hard to find a good vet, so I’m wondering are there any websites that will help me find good dog food with vitamins and without the bad stuff?

    Also, where can i find good things for them such as flea repellants.

  • Thea says:

    I am thinking, specifically, of Digital Photo Frames I would like to give to my family for Christmas Presents.

    I would like to take advantage of the great exchange rate without actually having to travel to the states!

    Any suggestions?

  • Vernia says:

    Like socially and economically. It’s not really like I’m planning to move there anytime soon, I’ve just been interested in visiting (not because of cannabis either) and would love to learn about their culture.

    A key question is how tolerant the Netherlands are of Americans? I’ve heard the Dutch are very tolerant of the LGBT community as well (same-sex marriage is legal after all). Is that true? And as said above, what is the economic situation and several other civil and human rights I should know about.

    It’s easy to Google this information or simply search through Yahoo Answers. But I’d prefer having information specifically told to me and having questions I specifically ask answered. Thank you to everyone who answers and all. Hope I don’t sound too naive, haha.

  • Sabina says:

    Now I am aware through a bit of Googling that there are some tribes in Central-Southern China that have a cheesemaking culture, but for the most part Cheese is foreign to Chinese cooking (as is the consumption of non-human milk I guess).

    Why was this the case? There are a number of water buffalo that would have existed in China since ancient times, yet cheesemaking never became widespread. Even the Indians have paneer, and India isn’t that isolated from China.


  • Josette says:

    We are thinking of moving to France in a couple of years. We will be retired with an income between $80k – $100K per year, but are concerned about the strong euro versus the dollar. since transferring two million would result in a loss of about half a million, switching to euro-denominated investments may not be a viable solution. Can anybody offer any advice, suggestions, comments about cost of living comparisons of the feasibility of this plan?

    All answers are appreciated
    I might add that I am somewhat familiar with costs in France, since we go there once or twice a year. Still, staying in hotels and eating in restaurants is different from living there. I suppose my question deals more cost of living, such as how much of a sacrifice would it be to live on 60,000 euros per year as opposed to 80,000 dollars, and also advice on how to achieve the best use of my investment capital, i.e., keep it in dollars or move it into euros.


    I appreciate the answers I’ve received, but none has really helped. It’s fine to tell me about living conditions in France, but as I said in my previous details, I go to France once or twice a year; my wife is French, and we have family over there. I know how the French live.

    I’m primarily concerned with the exchange rate. Yes, my portfolio is also diversified and earns in various currencies, including euros. Yet, to transfer two million dollars at today’s rates would net less than a million and a half euros. Forget about ranch-style homes, that means less purchasing power just buying butter and eggs, doesn’t it? If I’m wrong, please explain.

    A pound of iron may weigh the same as a pound of feathers, but it doesn’t have the same value. Purchasing power makes a difference between two million dollars in pesos and two million in euros, if one is in Mexico with the pesos and France with the euros.

    When I was in France last July, I quite often paid 4 euros for a coke in a restaurant. In the same class of restaurant in Los Angeles, I would pay between two to three dollars. @ 4 euros per coke, 60K euros would buy me 15,000 cokes; @3 per coke, $80K would buy me 26,667 cokes. Using a cup of coffee in this equation, I often paid 2 or 2.25 euros in France, and $1.5 to $2 in Los Angeles. Two goes into 80K 10,000 more times than it goes into 60,000.

    This would translate into a lower material standard of living, which is what I’m questioning.

    Of course, this is not scientific; some items, such as cheese, are much better value in France, not to mention just better. I will get a better measure of prices in France this summer.
    One more point on material standard of living, and cost differences between the euro and dollar. I drive a Mercedes CLK, which, as it is equipped, sells for about $58,000 dollars in the USA. The same car in France sells for about 58,000 euros, which at today’s rates is about $77,700, or a cost of almost $20,000 more dollars. If my income is derived from investments denominated in dollars, this obviously costs me more because of the exchange rate.

  • Pierre says:

    what else can they do to give you help if your suicidal if you go to a doctor or got sent to hospital other than medication? because i cant take medication like that because i have a strict straight edge lifestyle

  • Cody says:

    I am interested in becoming a judge for goat shows and figured being ADGA certified would give me a good advantage over other judges in my area. How do I go about doing this, and does anyone have suggestions for becoming a judge who is NOT affiliated with ADGA? I am in New England, if that helps or matters.

  • Maryanne says:

    Hey all, I am planning to go to Europe alone this weekend for a 2.5
    week long trip for the summer to see some relatives as well as traveling around Europe for fun. I’m think about starting off in Norway, then to Germany by car or on foot, then travel to France by car or on foot, then taking a boat or plane(whichever is cheaper) to England, then end in Norway. Will it be possible to do this within 2.5 weeks only on foot without ever stepping foot in a car or bus? How about sleeping, I don’t want to spend a lot of money on motels almost every night for 2.5 weeks so I’m thinking about sleeping on the streets, bad idea or are there cheap motels across Europe? Any other important tips? But I guess most important question is if it possible to accomplish traveling throughout west Europe (starting from Norway, then to Germany, to France, to England, then back to Norway) on foot within 2.5 weeks. By the way I’m a male and was born and raised in Los Angeles so I know how to deal with crime and bad guys when I see it, but crime isn’t as bad in Europe as it is here in Los Angeles, right? And how much are the cheapest boat tickets to travel from England to Norway and from France to England by boat? Any helpful sites to help me out? And if you haven’t noticed by now, i’m kind of on a budget here. Thanks ahead!

  • Holli says:

    I have a passion for photography and want to get a list of everything that I need to start off with in terms of equipment? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Note: Please do not leave any smart comments. That shit is annoying.

  • Huey says:

    I have a 3 year old Shiba Inu and we just moved back to the states from Japan. We never had flea issues in Japan, but since we’ve been back in the states for about 3 weeks now, she picked up fleas somewhere. I feel so bad seeing them run all over her and making her itch and dig all the time and I want them gone asap. When we first got to the states we used something by hartz. I dont think it was a very good brand considering we didn’t pay much for it and she has fleas on her. We are driving home now from visiting with family and I plan to immediately bathe her in a flea and tick shampoo and then head to the store and buy some better flea medicine. What is the best kind? I’ve read front line plus and k9 advantix 2 are really good. Also, we applied the cheap hartz medicine to her about 2 weeks ago. Is it safe to go ahead and apply something better to her now to control this? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  • August says:

    I’m considering switching carriers and AT&T has been one of my top
    considerations for a while now. My question is, what plan/set up would
    most benefit me with regards to my needs?

    My needs:

    1.) It will be a single user contract/plan (no family plan, no shared)

    2.) I don’t use much talk/voice, I’d like unlimited texting, and I’d
    like around 3GB monthly

    3.) I would like to be able to take advantage of the $99 iPhone 4S

    4.) I plan on using my iPhone as a mobile hotspot so I can tether data
    to my iPad 4 whenever in a non wi-fi zone

    5.) I’d like the cheapest available plan and set up that would satisfy
    the needs above

    Anyone have any idea which plan would best suit my needs at a
    reasonable price (although subjective – I don’t want a set a price
    limit to deter suggestions, instead, I’d like to see what you guys
    have in mind)

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks so much

  • Melony says:

    I don’t really want to go the iPod route, because I have a PC and would rather get something compatible with WIndows Media Player. I have a Dell DJ and I like it but it’s kind of outdated (doesn’t work with the PC since I updated Windows Media Player). Any suggestions?

  • Danilo says:

    Okay, so a family of 4 (maybe 5) we want to go to Disney in August 2011. We’re debating whether or not to stay in the World. If we didn’t, we’d rent a condo/townhouse… Any suggestions on what to do? Thanks!

  • Isaias says:

    I don’t fly a lot, but I’m going to start now that I’m moving to Cali and have family in NY. What I want to know is, how does stand by work? If I was going out to LA for a week or so but I didn’t really care when I got in, etc, would this be a good option?

  • Howard says:


  • Luigi says:

    My mother has Paranoid Schizophrenia, As of now she has no value over what anything is worth. Shes been giving away stuff from the house cheap or for free that originally costs a big amount originally. Like for instance she gave away a entertainment center ‘antique heirloom brand’ that costs $1000ish. She also sold a cabinet that was 250ish for $50, she also with her paranoid part she doesn’t believe that me or the family are her real family unless she got treatment that I don’t know of. The house as appraised for $69,000 and it went all the way down to under $30,000 within a matter of months. I just talked to one of the people who are selling the house and told me they will have the main person selling this house will call me. I told them the health of my mother but I don’t know what to say to the dealer because he obviously wants to sell it without a care because hes getting money for it.
    What can I do to get them to not sell the house, or at least where I can have a say in what goes and what doesn’t. I’m 21 years old and I don’t know nothing about this stuff , my grandpa told me about Power of Attorny but this is something I can’t afford with a lawyer. Any other suggestions?

  • Kylie says:

    ok so do you have anyways to save money??
    my family made rules having to watch less t.v, no more going out, buy less clothes, less time on computer, making cheap dinner, just really using everything less.

    Do you have any ideas thanks.

    also we cant get rid of our internet since i need it for school.

    any suggestions are greatly appreciated

  • Jeramy says:

    & another neighbor that lives next to me have problems with a neighbor that lives next to them (2 houses from me). The family that lives there have at least 1 17 yr old teenager (that he says he can’t control nor can he kick him out because the law here says if he does, then the father goes to jail). This kid & his friends terrorize the neighborhood by throwing garbage in other peoples yards (mainly mine & my neighbor), vandalizing our vehicles, vomiting, urinating, etc. into our yard as well as our vehicles. We have called the police but they never show up. We have no proof of them doing it (the police says we need proof). I want to know what I can do to be able to catch these people doing it. Is there some sort of cheap but undetectible device to record their activity in and around our yards? I am disabled & don’t have much money but they have already done around $5000 in damage so far just on my properties. Please any help & advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Unfortunately the way our 1 front window is positioned (2nd level, center of the house), it wouldn’t get the proper recording needed since they mainly do their “stuff” along the side of the houses. They also seem to do most of their “stuff” very late at night (past 2 am, I know because I am up till then).
    Wow, all of this is EXCELLENT information. I have tried contacting our local newspaper & the TV people as well with no response. I forgot to mention that on numberous occassions when I go out ide in my front yard (can’t smoke cigs in the house we rent), I have watched drug activity going on, these punks smoking pot & selling/buying drugs in their driveway (in lain site). I know it’s pot because when the wind is blowing to my direction, I get a high (I don’t want) right in my face. I shouldn’t have to go through this or tolerate this. I shouldn’t be the one to move from the area. I believe the law enforcement here don’t do their job. I have called them so many times on these matters & after getting off the phone, I would wait hours outside to see if they would show up. Well, guess what? They never did. As for a neighborhood watch in this area, I don’t think even 10% of the people on our block would get involved since most of the people here are punks too & they all run together.

  • Deanne says:

    I’m 21yrs old and I’ve lived with my Grandparents since I was a baby. They are living on a fixed income, and cannot afford their taxes this year which will be about $2,600. They asked me to take out $40 from each of my paychecks every 2 weeks, and keep it in my savings account. There’s a problem though, I work part time, and I only make $8.50/hr. On top of that I have to pay $132/month for student loans. Plus, I buy my own groceries, and I help them out with groceries too. I’ve actually helped them a lot with money problems. I buy my Grandma gas every 2 weeks, and put between $20-$40 in her car for her, since she can’t afford to. I’ve thrown out ideas about getting rid of the premium cable, which we do not need, especially with money being tight. I don’t understand why they have premium channels. I’ve told them basic cable would work perfectly fine. Getting rid of the land-line phone. We have cell phones for a reason. Suggesting to them they should try to get a part time job somewhere. They’re only in their early 60s, so it’s not like their 80yrs old and can’t do anything. They don’t seem to understand that I need to save money for myself. I have things to pay off, and food to buy, ect. It might sound weird, but I feel like they’re taking advantage of me in someway. They’re being extremely stubborn, and will not listen to anything that comes out of my mouth. I’ve suggested that we sell the house and move to one of the towns 15-20minutes away, where houses are significantly cheaper. But they quickly turned that suggestion away simply because they do not like those towns. So, now they’re basically mad at me, all because I told them it was going to be hard for me to save money, but I told them I’m going to try. I’ve even thought about getting a 2nd part time job and take all that money and put it towards their taxes…and I just realized I have to pay taxes too. This is utterly ridiculous that they act all melancholy, and angry because I’m going to struggle helping them. I don’t think it’s fair the way they’re treating me all because of this. I really have no idea what to do.

  • Polly says:

    I went on based on suggestion from others for cheap pet meds. I ordered K9 Advantix for my 50lb dog and got a package that is from Bayer, but just says Advantix. Is this an older version of K9 Advantix that is just as effective? Is this just a packaging difference since I ordered from Australia? Am I over-thinking this, or getting swindled?

  • Tracie says:

    My family will be moving from Atlanta,GA to Denver,CO in May 27th, 2007. I want to buy cheap airline tickets for them. I have my wife, 2 kids and my mother who will be flying to Denver,CO.

  • Dusty says:

    I have been “weekend” babysitting for a family with 2 kids (ages 7 & 9) for 4 years. When I started I was 17 years old so making $10/hr was great. I just turned 22 and the family still only pays me $12/hr. I have recently started babysitting for other families in the area and they pay me between $16-$18/hr. I know that I deserve more money, that is not the issue…

    I was talking to another sitter the family uses, and she told me that she gets paid $18/hr! I feel really hurt because I have grown so close to the family and they always tell me I am their favorite sitter. Sooo…if I’m your fav and you use me the most, why would you underpay me so much!? I feel like they should have offered me more by now, especially since they pay this other sitter 1/3 more than me!!! (Now it’s obvious why they use me so much, b/c I’m cheap!)

    So here’s the thing….I feel so close to this family that it almost makes it harder to talk about something like a raise. I love the mother of the kids I sit for, and I don’t know how or when to bring this up. But I know it needs to be done. Any suggestions on how to go about it?

  • Cecille says:

    Background Info-
    Mom’s car just recently broke down, and we made a deal that she would take my recently-bought-car and put her name on a new one, for me. We went to Kia a few times to look around, never thought that anything came from that; however, I just recently discovered Mom bought the Kia Soul, which is a great and terrific car, but not the one we settled on. The problem is, and because I did not know to tell her any differently, she bought the base version–cheapest-$13,900-which does not have some safety options I need and is a manual which will not stand up to any of the hills in the beautiful Colorado.. Kind of a pathetic situation I am in,I am not able to keep the car, and because of family situations etc etc she needs the one I currently have. She bought the Kia about 2 to 3 weeks ago, will not know how many miles are on it Bu hardly any more than 150 would be a fair guess. I will see the car tomorrow, so I will update about that then.
    We both will be going to the dealership after Christmas to try and exchange for the next version. (Which is only $1000 more.) I know by law, you can only return a car 3 days after you buy it, but I need to find possible ways the dealership would be interested in negotiating. .. I know if I were to point out a problem in the car it could work to my advantage but I am not a fan of playing the system like that, I just need a way to get myself out of this. Does anyone out there know any tricks-of-the trade, Worked at a dealership, heard of things like this happening, tips, suggestions, Any and all helpful, positive feedback would be Greatly appreciated.
    Thank you all in advance for reading.

    What can I do and say to get the dealer to exchange it in? I’d like to know what I am getting myself into before I go in.
    This Needs to be possible, I will not settle for No until I have tried everything. I will be reading up on Lemon Law but don’t think it will work for my situation. Please Please Please let their be something my hopes are low by this point!

    Happy Holidays

  • Ludivina says:

    i`m going on a crusie this summer with my familyy (: haha. . ohkayy
    well we dont know wich crusie to go on, we`ve herd of some but we
    dont know if their anygood. soo if you have any suggestions PLEASE
    tell mee.! thankss (:

  • Zachary says:

    There are 5 of us 2 adults, 2 eight year old girls, and 1 ten year old boy. Also we would like to give everyone a bed but we do have a blow up mattress and would like a kitchenette to save on food cost. Any suggestions would be great, including package deals, attractions, cheap and good places to eat ect…
    Oh yeah we would like to take our dogs, but they could stay home as well, so hotels that allow them would be great,but not nescassary
    we want go before school starts AUGUST 14

  • Patrica says:

    So my family is like really picky about Christmas gifts. My mom hates it when she recieves something from my family that was from avon and most of those gifts go to the basement. But btw she’s really nice and I don’t blame her since most of my family takes advantage of her. My dad usually will play with his gifts for like 1 day and then u never really see them again. My sister, she likes makeups and stuff like that so ya typing this I don’t really know what to get her since she has like a whole makeup collection but she kinda likes xbox so suggestions would help. I’m a 14 year old and currently I only have like $30 saved since I am a weak spender. I am also considering takeng all of the coins in my piggy bank to a coinstar machine at pathmark. Please help me I don’t have that many ideas. Oh and btw, my dad likes camo and deer and sstuff like that but I have no friends who can take me to get really good Christmas presents. Last year I got my family crappy gifts like shampoos and ect.

  • Chana says:

    Me and my family really wanted to go to my mom’s house for Christmas until we just found out almost like 10 minutes ago, that her water pipes broke so we need to find a new way to spend winter vacation. My sister got all upset that we can’t go since she lives really near my mom’s so me my kids and my sister and her kids decided to hit the road to go to disney world but we can’t really afford to blow our money on this trip so does anyone have any suggestions???

  • Dominique says:

    what are the advantages and disadvantages of Domestic LPG gas as Auto fuel?

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