Can A Card Legal action Have Faults

Due to this aggressive conduct by the greeting card companies, you may find your account continues to be given over to a law firm for assortment. Numerous law firms consider the credit card companies on as clients for these to gather the greeting card records that are exceptional and a few of these lawyers are starting to appeal to credit card companies entirely.

It really is distressing to consider that the prospect of receiving prosecuted by credit card companies is more likely to happen due to these lawyers, but in addition distressing is knowing that some of the information utilized by these credit card issuers to file a lawsuit you may well be problematic, unfinished and incorrect. A quotation from The Big Apple Times reporter Jessica Sterling silver-Greenberg the latest post affirms, Creditors consider customers to courtroom above obligations without having value to accuracy. She procedes mention that, the cardboard information mill presenting client litigation based on erroneous paperwork and incomplete information.

In their write-up, Jessica continues using a offer from Assess Noach Dear, who claims he learns around 100 plastic card cases daily within the Ny condition court docket. Determine Precious goes on to say, I’d personally state that about 90 percent of the charge card legal cases are mistaken and cant show anyone owes your debt.

Following focusing on how persuasive this data is in regards to defective info employed by the greeting card organizations to go to court you, there isn’t any doubt you’ll need the help of a practicing law firm that is qualified to assist in bank card situations. You must work with a law firm who is certified to practice regulation in the express you live in to fully handle your case in court need to a suit be filed against you. To become lawfully manifested in the court in opposition to credit card companies, it should be legal counsel rather than a debt settlement organization. Moreover, any portrayal you will get from a legal professional centered debt negotiation business, make confident and realize that the lawyer have to be certified to practice law in your area and that she or he is in fact an accredited, rehearsing law firm.

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  • Hannah says:

    Recently at work we had a customer use a pre-paid credit card to purchase about $300 of product. The card was manually entered into the system, which it was also accepted and charged. We have the persons name and signature, but they are disputing the use of the card and the $300 they spent. The company sees this as my fault and has taken corrective action on me and is planning to take the money out of my paycheck? Is that legal?

  • Shena says:

    OK so basically this company is taking $80 a month off my debit card because I can’t prove that I sent their materials back, even though I did. So I was thinking of changing my debit card number. What would the company do if I did that? And how much trouble, if any, could I get in?

  • Myong says:

    I received a free night stay voucher in a hilton hotel. I called hilton reservations to book a room in the wembley plaza and requested to use my voucher which was accepted over the phone. I then checked into the hotel and the voucher was also accepted. However, 2 weeks later I received an email from the hotel stating that thevoucher could not be accepted and my credit card will be charged £114 for the night stay. I responded and said this was unacceptable and if I had known the voucher was not acceptable I would not have stayed at the hotel. This did not get the response I wanted so I then emailed the hotel manager and told him I would complain to my credit card company. He replied and said if I dispute this then they will take legal action to recover costs. I am absolutely disgusted by this and Im made to feel like its my fault. Im hoping I can claim via section 75 of the consumer credit act but I am not sure if I can go down this route. Any advice please? Thanks
    Thank you for your response candy. The voucher was actually issued by hilton. The hotel i booked was an associate hotel but are operated by hilton and say they have different policies to standard hilton hotels. This was never stated when I booked the hotel or checked in. I have kept the free nights stay voucher and the emails from them which actually incriminates them as they aplogies for the miscommunication at the time of check in. I have also cc’d a hilton representative on all the emails so hopefully this will be escalated.

  • Andrew says:

    €400 is gone out of my a/c that i tried to take but i never actually got it!! I spoke to my banker and they told me it could take 2/3 wks to get it back! But if wasnt my fault i shouldnt have to wait that long for my money…..i have bills to pay! What do i do, can i take legal action?

  • Len says:

    Discover Card wants to sue me for 3-yr. old debt that I wan’t able to afford to pay off because of Hurricane Katrina back in 2005. That’s when I had trouble paying off my debts & trying to find a job. I am STILL financially struggling. 1 debt collector called me a few weeks ago, yelling @ me & trying to say Hurricane Katrina was my fault. (I know it wasn’t my fault). I receive SSI & Social Security. Before Katrina, I was paying ALL my credit card bills ON time for a whole year. I was financially secure. Ever since Katrina, no one wants to hire me on a job because of my Tourette’s & other disabilities. Debt collectors don’t care about my situation. I’m WILLING to find (2) jobs if I have to. I’m willing to work & pay them off. But I’m stuck on a fixed income, & I’m very afraid of losing my gov’t. & health benefits.

    What should I do? They didn’t give me a specific date, but they gave me a civil suit #.

    I don’t have a car, I don’t have a way to get to court. It’s far away. & I have no money. I can’t afford a taxi. I live here in Texas.

    A non-attorney mediation law firm just sent me this letter, offering to mediate & be my power of attorney, & they want to charge me $$, but they can’t defend me in court. Neither Discover Card nor any courts have contacted me, regarding this possible court date. This is the 1st time I’m OFFICIALLY notified of a lawsuit that’s coming up soon.

    ***Maybe you can help me out here. I asked in the Law & Ethics category, but didn’t get a good answer.

  • Katelynn says:

    I ordered a bunch of clothes from an online store, and they sent it to some street called Wedgewood, instead of Edgewood – both bear the exact same address apart from the W. When my friend visited the address having found out via a post office that it was delivered there, the people who lived there refused to give her what was mine.

    Is there anything we can do about it? I have the tracking number of the parcel, an online reciept, I’m going to ask the store to clarify the address they sent it to, then ask UPS to investigate the issue.

    I want to ask them to hand over the parcel, or give me money coming to the value of the contents, or threaten them with some kind of legal action. Is this possible? As I live in the UK (wanted to order some stuff, got a friend to do it and then send it over here to us) my knowledge of law in the US is pathetic so was wondering what is in the realm of possibility for me at this moment in time – and as importantly the right thing to do.

    Thanks a lot for helping me if you know what I’m able to achieve :)
    Thanks everyone, and I mean that. You’re all really helpful and informative.

  • Cody says:

    My nephew is 12 this year, and he had been threatened by his classmate to give him his grand’s credit card number and personal details to credit for various online games since last year. According to my nephew, he tried to retaliate but to no avail.
    And this morning, grandfather called and told us that his credit card billing was $20K, all from the online games! ( I do not know why he did not notice them last year, maybe the figures were significantly smaller then.)
    So my question is, can I take legal actions against my nephew’s classmate, a minor?

  • Marian says:

    I get to the airport to be told that there are no tickets! Expedia tells me there are different numbers and it’s Delta’s fault for having incompetent check-in agents. Delta’s headquarters can’t even find the tickets that Expedia says are there… now I’m wondering if Expedia is calling Delta incompetent? I’m not the only one who thinks Expedia has issues:
    This is beautiful and gets even worse. Expedia is saying I am at fault for not getting on the plane. Now I am not a rocket scientist but it looks like I am being told by Expedia I should have committed a crime by forcing my way onto the plane. Any one have any suggestions?
    I’m having a mental cramp. I have to be sure I get this right…
    I purchase tickets from agent.
    Tickets are confirmed.
    Agent voids tickets the same day they were purchased, sends emails about changes made to tickets over a period of 5 months. When agents look in computer for said tickets they have to go into the archives and see where tickets were voided the same day they were purchased with no substitutions.
    No, if I understand this correctly, House Music Addict, this is my fault?
    This took place over a 6-month period, where I received emails from Expedia telling me of changes to everything from flight numbers to minute changes in the times. I wonder, do you work for Expedia?
    Here is the funny thing, ATA refunded the $ while Expedia continues to deny any wrongdoing. Now, I wonder who pays for the 4.5 hours I spent on hold with Expedia listening to Canon in d major, over and over again…

  • Violet says:

    one of mu friend and roommates went to basic training for three months and he asked me to watch his dog. a week before my friend got back i throw up in the backyard and when i wasn’t looking ate it with a lot of rocks. i took her to the vet and the did emergency surgery. it coast me about a $1,000. i put it all on my credit card maxing it out. hes back now and is refusing to pay. he says its not his fault and he shouldn’t have to pay. my point is its his dog and accidents happen. i feel some what responsible and offered to pay $350 of the bill. he says he needs a couple of days to think about it.
    if he refuses to pay what if any legal action can i take. i don’t want this to get between are friendship but i cant pay this bill and don’t feel like i should. please help.

  • Orlando says:

    Okay, so yesterday, I was at my town’s 4th of July carnival with my friends. I was hanging out with one of my friends that happens to be a girl. Now this kid that is obsessed with her comes out of nowhere, and pull a knife on me, and tries to stab me. My natural instinct kicks in, and I disarm the knife and dislocate his shoulder with a kimura shoulder lock. He said he is going to sue me big time when he is better. Do you think I could claim the “Self Defense” card here or what?

  • Dave says:

    I have a second property in the North of England which I rent out and my tenant has slipped on a drain cover outside the back door to the property. She has broken her ankle. It was raining and it was dark, and she was taking the rubbish out when it happened. I am worried she can sue me. Does anyone know where I stand on this one. I don’t see how it can be my fault but you never know these days!

    Thanks for any help.

  • Mason says:

    I made a cashout from this site for $300 to my Barclaycard Visa around 23rd October last year. Then today 10th march 2007 they send me this email: “It has recently been brought to our attention by our processors that a batch of around 100 cashouts sent to them for processing around 20-23 October was re-submitted and therefore processed again on 23 November.
    This resulted in you being credited twice in respect of the following (Transaction No**** for $300/£159) Your PokerStars account is in good standing but we would appreciate
    your co-operation in repaying this money. Please confirm how you wish to go about settlement of this overpayment. We will not debit your account without prior notification and we can arrange for you to cover the amount in instalments. All the very best and thank you in advance for your understanding in this matter”
    Can they take this money from my card without my permission? I am from UK.
    Surely they are at fault as they submitted it twice or processor did?

  • Melina says:

    I’m asking this for a friend who has suffered a car wreck.

    The person at fault had a police report filed on them, and the person at fault lied to the police about having insurance coverage to the cop because all the insurance cards were in valid ,and then she handed over her husbands insurance card which went through. The driver was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance because she was knocked out at the will, and there was a passenger her husband he stayed behind to witness the lady trying to lie about her insurance.
    Yet the person who is responsible for rear-ended the vehicle is pulling every rotten dirty trick to get out of to not paying for the damages, and her car insurance is helping her because they’ve falsified the documentation of the damaged vehicle on behalf of this lady reporting to autocheck, and carfax reporting the crash happening in another state when it happened reported by Louisiana police in the state of Louisiana ,and the lady who is at fault does not want to pay a dime and has a rotten evil attorney backing them both her ,and her insurance company. My friends have medical bill that need to be paid ,and chiropractors bills that also need to be paid.
    What to do in the state of Louisiana , or what legal action can be taken?
    What can I do what best advice ,and approach can someone take in the state of Louisiana?

  • Jacquline says:

    My boyfriend has been a legal resident of America for 19 years. He’s 23 and I’m 22. I’m a citizen of America and we wanna get married in a few years. How long will it take for him to become a US citizen through marriage?

  • Louie says:

    Four days ago I applied for a loan and got a call back from a company asking me some questions in order to approve the loan for me. I gave my personal details, eg dob, address etc. I was then asked for my card details, which I questioned them about. I was told that I had been accepted for the loan and the last part of the process was to verify my identity and bank account. I asked the woman on the phone “But why do you need my card details” to which she replied “Oh its just for security purposes to confirm your identity”. I then went ahead and gave my card details and I was told my loan would be processed in a few days.

    Those few days have gone now, and guess what- NO LOAN!
    I noticed today that the company have now taken a £75.00 ADMIN FEE – without me even knowing anything about this. I called the company and they told me that i authorised this payment, as it was an admin fee. Obviously I did not authorise any such payment, and I know for a fact that the woman I spoke to had said to me my card details were being used as an identity check. The woman i spoke to today was a real COW and said its not her fault that perhaps I don’t understand English properly!!

    I cannot believe the nerve of this f****d up company, not only do they take my money without my permission, but they then go on to verbally abuse me. I kept my cool and said I would be reporting them, to which she laughed “it wont get you anywhere”. I really need that £75.00 they have taken from me. To make matters worse, they are not admitting to their mistake, and they are simply taking the P**S. Surely by taking my card details and telling me its for security measures, but then taking money from it is a fradulent transaction?
    I would really appreciate some advice / help on this.
    Can i take any legal action?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Danilo says:

    I usually buy something from this online store. They are in the US, and I am in canada. I have experienced some rude customer service in the past, but I would still buy things from them because they use a simple shipping stragegy where as the others might use UPS, or FEDEX and I end up paying brokerage.

    So I ignored their rude services at times and just buy it from them. If I had a problem by any chance, I can forget it about cuz I would rather suck it up than arguing it with them. I found it a waste of time.

    Now, my recent order with this store, when I checked out, something happened and they did not charge me and shipped me the order worth about 300 dollars without even asking my credit card number. They realized it after a week, and a rep called me and asked me that you order is ready to be shipped, can you pay. But I already know that they shipped it and it is on the way.

    Now, this store had screwed me a lot of times before, and I always let it go. I am in Canada. Am I obligated to pay for it or I can get back at them by ignoring them and just keeping it. Is it their fault that they shipped it without charging me or they can take legal actions. If yes, how does the US law affect me being in Canada.

    Any advice would be appreciated. Can I keep the items?

    (Extra info… whenever I say they screwed me, its mostly their false promises. like they would promise a discount next time and a free gift, but when I request that, the rep would just say thats not possible, no idea who said that to you and would agree to give the free gift, but never give me a chance to choose what I WANT, he would just say I threw in a free “product” that is totally useless to me and I would let it go coz its no point in explaing the whole story)

  • Gerard says:

    …We’re all wondering, as concerned family members, how much jail time he might get? It was his very first offense (legal action hasn’t been taken yet, but a threat to do so has ben made). He’s never been in any legal trouble, but did profit from the crime. So, given that info, do you think he’d go to jail for awhile? At all? We’ve been doing research for him online, and seem to find that credit card fraud has much lesser punishments than we thought. But it’s still a possiblility. Even though it was his fault for being stupid, I still wanna be able to tell what might happen.

  • Martin says:

    The questions are about a couple that just got married. He is a US Citizen, she is from Jamaica and came with a tourist visa. She is now working on doing paper work to get her Green Card.

    1. Can the mother of the US Citizen sponsor her daughter in law?? One lives in Virgina, the other in Texas?.

    2. Can a sponsor be a non-family member?

    3. Is the sponsor the first person responsible for the immigrant’s bills and shelter?

    Thanks for your help!!

  • Jaime says:


    I was surprised to get letters from a few credit card companies saying that my credit limits have been reduced to almost nothing due to some adverse accounts reported to credit bureaus. When I looked at the report I was shocked to see 3 accounts wrongly reported and for no fault of mine. In the case 2 credit card accounts, I never used them in the first place and they had deleted them from their system long ago. In the case of the other account, I never defaulted on my payments till date and they goofed up internally to account for my payments due to some software issues as confirmed by their employee. So, in all these cases I am not at fault and I have recently faxed them the details about these and waiting for responses.

    Now that I have been punished for no fault of mine and made to suffer mentally and financially, I am thinking of taking some action on those companies.

    I need an answer if I stand any chance of lodging a claim for compensation for the sufferings I am going through or some sort of legal action.


  • Lucas says:

    It’s not their fault they’re here illegally.

    Should their parents’ illegal action entitle them to get the rights and privileges of a citizen right away?

    Or should it only entitle them to apply for a green card and go through the same process any legal immigrant has to go through, and not have their parents’ illegal action held against them?

    What do you say?
    Moderate Somber, wouldn’t that be the same path everybody else gets?

    Oh, did I mention. They should be deported unless and until they get a proper visa to be here until they get their green card. Sorry, I should have said that.

  • Dominique says:

    i have a h&r block prepaid card
    western union deposted 260$ into the account by mistake about the same time my paycheck was deposited. i went thru the month spending my money and a month later western union took back the 260$ overdrafting my account.
    western union said they put the money in my account by mistake and were oviusley not going to bring my account back to a positive balence can i sue ?

  • Isreal says:

    I got a call today from my dad who says he recieved a letter at his address awhile back that one of the credit card companies that I defaulted on years ago. Supposedly they are going to garnish my wages and/or bank account. My dad says he waited to tell me because he didn’t want to stress me out while I was pregnant.

    Well, I guess my question is I haven’t lived with my dad in 5 years. I fill out change of address forms every time I move and my drivers license always has my correct address. Can they take legal action against me without warning me? Doesn’t the credit agencies have access to public records so they can see my current address?

    I just think it is bogus they mail an address I haven’t lived at in years with their notice, essentially giving me no warning to contest it. I know I owe the money and it is my own fault, but it just seems like they should at least deliver notice to me, not just any random address from my past.
    They haven’t actually garnished any wages since I’m not back to work yet from having my baby. They haven’t touched my bank account either though.
    It isn’t the IRS, my taxes are all paid. I also don’t have any student loans. I am so confused. :(
    Can an attorney actually do anything? Seems bogus other people can sign for something for me when I haven’t lived at that address in years. By that logic, couldn’t I go to my old house and serve my ex-husband, who doesn’t live in that state anymore, papers saying I’m randomly suing him? As long as the new home owners sign for it…

  • Patricia says:

    I am now a Junior in High School now in Memphis TN.
    As most of people now know, there have been many budget cuts, hurting school funding. I never knew it was this bad though until this year when I received my history book. Why my history book and not another torn up old book. Well this book is torn and also old (6 years old), but that is not what bothers me. The problem is that it is missing the first 200 pages and so happens to start in 1860, missing over 100 years in United States history. The worst part about it is there are no other books to give me,curtisey of Memphis City School Board. And it gets better… our teacher did a raffle to give out books, the catch is though if you get an “x” on a piece of paper, you dont get a book…(3 people in my class alone did not get books, even tough we have a test tommorrow. This is an injustice to all students and should be imediatly corrected.

    What should I do to get our school more books? any ideas will help

  • Fidel says:

    I usually buy something from this online store. They are in the US, and I am in canada. I have experienced some rude customer service in the past, but I would still buy things from them because they use a simple shipping stragegy where as the others might use UPS, or FEDEX and I end up paying brokerage.

    So I ignored their rude services at times and just buy it from them. If I had a problem by any chance, I can forget it about cuz I would rather suck it up than arguing it with them. I found it a waste of time.

    Now, my recent order with this store, when I checked out, something happened and they did not charge me and shipped me the order worth about 300 dollars without even asking my credit card number. They realized it after a week, and a rep called me and asked me that you order is ready to be shipped, can you pay. But I already know that they shipped it and it is on the way.

    Now, this store had screwed me a lot of times before, and I always let it go. I am in Canada. Am I obligated to pay for it or I can get back at them by ignoring them and just keeping it. Is it their fault that they shipped it without charging me or they can take legal actions. If yes, how does the US law affect me being in Canada.

    Any advice would be appreciated. Can I keep the items?

    (Extra info… whenever I say they screwed me, its mostly their false promises. like they would promise a discount next time and a free gift, but when I request that, the rep would just say thats not possible, no idea who said that to you and would agree to give the free gift, but never give me a chance to choose what I WANT, he would just say I threw in a free “product” that is totally useless to me and I would let it go coz its no point in explaing the whole story)
    No, I didn’t sign for it. It was sent to my office address and I believe if anyone had signed for it, it would be someone at the reception at that time. Any employee wandering near the reception can sign for it. But I didn’t sign for it.

    If they ask me nicely again, apologizing I would consider paying. But, if they don’t I wont. They can’t do anything to me being in Canada right?

  • Robin says:


    In 2008 I got a $1,200 leather jacket. Very nice, comfortable and I LOVED it. I didn’t wear it often because I didn’t want it to get dirty. In December 2009 I decided to have my jacket dry cleaned. So I went to the dry cleaners and they said they don’t do leather cleaning but they will send it to their partners. I agreed. After a few weeks and a few my phone calls I finally got a message that my jacket was ready to be picked up. When I came to the cleaners I almost had a heart attack! My used-to-be yellow soft leather jacket was yellowish/brown with white stains. The leather was so rough. It look terrible!!! The owner told me that they did their best… I was so upset – nobody told me my jacket will be ruined, I was not informed the color will be totally different and overall the jacket would look like somebody just had a bath in the paddle. I told them I want them to fix it – the jacket was sent back to be cleaned again but returned the same – some big brown stains, some white stains and different yellow shades. The owner of the place wants me to contact their insurance. BTW the owner and his wife are so RUDE. I cannot buy another jacket like this because they don’t make them any more… I don’t have any receipt because I did not know I should have kept it! What to do now? I even found a different jacket (similar) for $460 but the owner started laughing and told me they are not going to pay me any penny. Please help. Thank you.
    There is no disclaimer on the receipt. I did not sign any waiver. I did not do anything wrong with the jacket – just wore it a few times. The jacket looks terrible now.

    Yes, I am single and yes, I have no kids but I worked hard to save money and buy this jacket.

  • Isreal says:

    when a sales staff give a false info about a product to a buyer and that buyer bought that prouduct based?
    when a sales staff give a false info about a product to a buyer and that buyer bought that prouduct based on “the” very info given . Later found out that whatever mentioned is not true , is that against the law.

    I bought a bag , it was mentioned as Italian made , based on that very info i bought the bag, later i found out that the bag is not Italian made .

    Can i ask for refund or take legal action , based on what can be done, anyone care to help me out.

    Am aware of buyers be aware, but when the very buyer is given a flase info , from a popular shopping destination , am i the buyer at fault or the seller ?

    what is the outcome like…. what can be done

  • Cornelius says:

    okay, so apprently i owed Zellars money from 2005. i would have been 18 or 19. I have since moved serveral times lived in other cities etc.

    Never once did they contact me via phone or email or mail…(yes i know moving makes it hard lol)
    I did change my addresses for things like bank, phone, etc.

    Now they are saying my $500 card that i owe for is now over 1600… they refuse to cut off any of the interest (as im sure its their company that gets it) .is it not thier fault they never contacted me once?

    I know i am the one that owed the money but its the only thing on my equifax history. I didnt even know i owed anything until i tried getting approved for a loan.

    So my question is, can they legally ask for that much interest if they never tracked me down to inform me of my debt owing anyways?

    also can i take legal action against them for not informing me.

    PS… this woman la’saber or whatever … when i told her i could only make very small payments she said “that’s no good, it wont do anything for you.” and she than kept insisting i pay it all off right now. but i have already explained to her that im on disability with no job and attending full time school. ugghhh what to say to get it thru her head!

  • Eliseo says:

    I bought an expensive unit from a company and it developed a fault. It was under warranty, so I sent it back to them for repair.

    They quoted me 2 weeks, it took 6. At this point they were obliged to offer me a replacement unit, which they did, but they were ‘out of stock’ and advised me it would be quicker to wait for my own.

    When it did arrive, it was still broken! Nothing has changed!

  • Delora says:

    Yesterday I got a call from my bank that my card had been captured at an ATM in a city close to mine but i realized I hadn’t been there in a while. I then contacted the fraud department to see if any charges were made. The last month the culprit had my card there were 55 charges totaling over 1400. I disputed them all. After getting home and checking my statement I realized that a lot of the charges were places my sister in law frequented. My husband called her and sure enough she had been using my card. She claimed she didn’t realize it wasn’t her card but she doesn’t bank at my bank. She tried over 10 times at 5 different ATM to get my pin number right to get cash but when she put my pin in to many times wrong the ATM took her card. I KNOW that she was being fraudgulent but she is my sister in law so I will not file police report. My question is will the CC company or merchant do an investigation and press charges on her?
    Husband did not let her use it. He was out of town on business. She managed to take it from me somehow on Halloween when all our kids were trick or treating together.
    I must have left my purse in her car while out walking with the kids. WE WILL NOT PAY FOR THE CHARGES!

  • Drema says:

    I am 8 1/2 months pregnant and really wanted pizza so I called and ordered a pizza for delivery from a huge pizza chain. The employee taking my order took my phone number, which is routine. The pizza arrived and I signed the credit card receipt. 10 minutes later when I happen to be on the phone with my husband who was out of town I received a text message that said hi im the guy who just delivered your pizza and i think you are absolutly beatiful im sorry i hope i dont sound creepy???? This might sound crazy but I feel so violated and freaked out that this man now knows where i live and my phone number. not only that my husband called the gm and complained, now im afraid that he got fired and wants revenge. Im really afraid now. there are crazy ppl out there these days. Not to mention my husband is LIVID!!! Can i sue the company for this?

  • Ross says:

    TALLAHASSEE — Mentally ill patients are being placed on waiting lists for treatment because Florida’s mental health institutions are crowded with illegal immigrants.

    The crisis puts Florida at the forefront of a national debate over whether illegal immigrants should enjoy the same rights to public health care as legal residents.

    Florida’s mental health facilities spent $19.6 million to care for at least 86 undocumented immigrants counted during an informal November survey, and more unidentified illegal immigrants could be in custody, state officials said. The growing population has put a strain on the state’s mental health resources, contributing to a waiting list of 60 beds.

  • Augustine says:

    I decided to withdrawl my petition to make her legal, now she may be deported. Do i need to get a divorce (married for 8 months), or ca i get this marriage anulled

  • Elliott says:

    I enrolled with a debt settlement company about 8 months ago and I am now being sued by one of the credit card companies. I forwarded the information to the debt settlement company and they are going to send me response information, but I am very worried about the whole situation. I do not have enough money accumulated with the settlement company to settle with the credit card company and don’t know what my best course of action is. I am worried that the debt settlement company does not have my best interests in mind and want to protect myself, but I don’t know what my best options are… They are suing me for about 20k and I would like to avoid any big legal issues, but cannot make a large settlement payment now. I am wondering what will happen next and what are the best and worst case scenarios? I really want to take care of my debt, but need time to do so. I am a single mother and don’t own a home. I would like to avoid any wage garnishments, etc… Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  • Patria says:

    -How does this more fully describe the actions of humans and their desire to find excuses in destiny, fate, and divine interference?
    -Where is justice?

  • Jake says:

    I had a minor fender bender the other day and i called the police and traded insurance cards with the other party. I decided to make the claim with her insurance since she was at fault. the insurance company called me back and told me that they might deny the claim since her insurance wasn’t paid up at the time of the accident and that she had paid it about an hour after the accident. I wanted to avoid making the claim with my insurance company (USAA) since i would have to pay the deductible and wanted to avoid having my insurance rates go up and i don’t feel i should have to pay because she caused the accident. what other options do i have to get the money necessary to repair my car. There were no injuries caused by the accident just cosmetic damage to the vehicles.

  • Glen says:

    back in february,Geico insurrance company rented me a car through enterprise rental. Geico supposed to pay the bills but it did not. Geico adjuster, he said he was mistake and he will pay the bills.but the thenticemente’agent took his own action by taking money from my bank account without notify me that he will do such things.i found out when i was trying to pay my mechanic and my debit card did not go through.does he have a right to make transaction wihout telling me? i did not sign any contract with them.i came to get rental car because Geico told me to do money has been refunded but i want take legal action against enterprise rental company because they did not notiy me before.

  • Delora says:

    FYI: SELLERS CANNOT LEAVE NEGATIVE FEEDBACK FOR BUYERS. This means that a buyer can defraud multiple sellers with many different forms of chargeback fraud and there will be no negative feedbacks for the buyer.

    I’ll try to be as brief about this as possible.

    1) I sold a $260+ video card. 170535938289 (Transaction ID)

    2) I noticed that the buyer who won the card has a pattern of buying video cards, leaving negative feedback for the seller, and attempting a refund. As sellers are not able to leave feedback, I assume there may be more cases of this behavior. See the following transactions below.


    Also, between October of 2009 and August of 2010 the buyer had ONLY left negative feedbacks for others. On September 21st 2010 he began leaving positive feedbacks (after I asked his representative why he had only been leaving negative feedback for sellers).

    3) I could not reach the buyer to verify his contact information for a few days at the beginning of the transaction. That is NEVER a good sign.

    4) When I finally reached him (by phone) I discussed that the card does require some technical knowledge to install and he assured me there would be no problems.

    5) As this transaction was for a large amount of money I covered myself by doing the following:
    *Shot a high quality video of the video card installed in a computer and working which was uploaded to a publically accessible website. See the link below.
    *Took photos of the card for identification purposes.
    *Insured the video card for $300.

    6) The buyer did not sign for the package as he was supposed to, he had someone else sign for it. I thought it may have been delivered to the wrong address so I called the buyer to confirm that he received the card and that it he was able to test it. He hung up on me in this conversation.

    7) I then called his eBay store to confirm that the card was received and had been tested working. I offered a link to documentation and a video explaining features of the video card and how to install it properly. I was told by the buyer’s representative that I was harassing the buyer and not to call again. This person also stated that the fact that I had shot a video of the video card working was an indication that I was attempting to defraud the buyer and his business.

    8) The buyer had his representative send me an email stating that the video card did not work and wanted a full refund for the item. I contacted customer support and was told not to respond until the buyer started a dispute. The buyer did not contact me himself.

    9) I contacted sellers that had a problem with this buyer and three of them confirmed that this buyer had attempted (and failed) to force a refund for merchandise he bought from them.

    10) The buyer started a dispute. I replied by stating that I would offer the buyer a refund provided he send the item back in its original condition with all accessories and parts.

    11) The buyer did not agree to those terms and escalated the dispute!

    12) I contacted eBay customer support over this matter several times. Each time I had to wait over an hour to speak to a representative. I attempted to provide links of a video showing that the video card worked and links to photos of the video.

    Though the representatives hesitantly notated this information, they indicated this evidence had no real bearing on the outcome of the dispute. They also told me they were not allowed to view the video (not their fault, obviously).

    13) EBay informed me via email that the matter was now out of my hands and they would make a decision within 48 hours and that to avoid punitive action taken against my account I could give the buyer a full refund (no mention of getting the merchandise back).

    14) I called and spoke to a representative and was told that I would have to appeal the decision once the matter was settled.

    What should I do?

    Any advice?
    @Laughing Boy:
    “Ebay just provides a service. If you don’t like the way they provide that service, by demanding unfair resolutions, then go elsewhere.”

    I didn’t say eBay was being unfair, I said the buyer was trying to unfairly manipulate the system and I was asking for advice as to how to deal with the problem. Reading comprehension is a valuable skill.

  • Columbus says:

    Basically a company that I had a store credit account with failed to get any bills to me. I did move during this time but set up a proper forward with the post office and was receiving all of my other bills. A while later I received a collection notice from the aforementioned company. As soon as I received it I went straight the the store steaming mad and explained what had just happened. The employee apologized and called the credit company. I spoke with them and they said that they would consider the account paid in full if I paid a set amount. I then received another bill, went in again angry and paid that amount. I checked my credit report and disputed the item on the basis that I did not receive bills and paid the full amount with all the interest when I did finally receive a bill. They did nothing. Do I have any legal action I can take because this is really the only scar on my credit report and it is not my fault!?
    The problem is that they did know how to contact me… they sent a collection notice?? So if i received nothing until that point, i see it as 100% their fault. It had been almost a year and i did not realize i had a balance on the account, i thought it had been paid. I did try the calm a collected route but i was taken advantage of again. They told me on the phone that they would mark it as paid in full and report the details to the credit companies but they did not do either. They only applied the payment i gave to the account and reported nothing to the credit companies. I then paid the rest of the amount when i received another bill and disputed it on my credit report. I wish i had a recording of the conversation because this seems like BBB stuff to me…

  • Yaeko says:

    Hey everyone ,,
    Over 2 weeks ago , I had some problems at Warsaw airport .
    First of all , I had to buy a new ticket from LOT airlines , which I did , but unfortunately , they kind of stalled me until my flight was closed which caused huge inconvenience to me .
    I could not simply accept such an action , so I went to the ticket office and asked for a refund , and because I paid using credit card , the refund had to be done using the credit card machine and I was given a receipt that said ” transaction voided ” and I was told that the money would be in my account in the next 24 hours , but I waited for two days but I received nothing , I had to go to the ticket office in the airport again but they said it might take a week maximum and I was ok about that . But after a weak , I still hadn’t received any money into my account and I went to talk to them about this and they said there’s nothing they can do and it isn’t their fault and that I should contact my bank which I did , but my bank told me that there hasn’t been any deposit from that airline company and that I should talk to them because the bank can’t do anything .

    It has been over two weeks now , and I don’t know if I should take legal action against this company or not , is there anyone who can help me or give me an advice ?
    I have the receipts and the bank statement .

    Thank you . .

  • Kendrick says:

    We have paid our bill consistently on time. Due to a financial and medical hardship we want to offer to make a settlement to the credit card company and close two accounts. Will this settlement offer become negative on our credit reports since we have never missed a payment but just are seeking to close these accounts.

  • Guillermina says:

    Hi, i have 2 credit card debts..i have not paid the bill for last two months..i would like to know wheather i would be added into the defaulters list and if iam added, how can we verify wheather i have been added or not and how can i try to remove my name from default list.I don’t think that i would not getting any personal loans and also please let me know what can be email address would be
    please reply ASAP.


  • Annett says:

    I worked for Kmart for almost 2 years. It was a high school job and it sucked, but it was a job. I had been thinking of quitting for some time but it was so easy to just stay where I was and not complain. Now, all of the managers and employees liked me and I was a good worker. However, there was one thing that I hated about the job. The managers try to force you to sell things called ‘Smart Plans’ and Sears Cards. A Smart Plan is like a warranty, but it’s available on the most retarded things, like a $15 barbie doll. No one is going to buy a warranty on a doll! Anyway if you did not sell the amount they wanted you to, you were threatened with ‘corrective action, possibly resulting in termination’.

    I always thought what they were doing was wrong, but I wanted to keep my job. I was unable to sell the required number of smart plans because 1. I was only getting 10 – 20 hours a week and 2. NO ONE WANTED THEM. The store manager had taken me in the back and told me to sell more at least twice. My year review was bad solely because I did not sell enough sears cards. I was tired of all this but I still (for some reason) wanted to keep my job. So in order to make my number acceptable, I figured out a little trick for smart plans. At the beginning of my shift I would ring up a small 1.99 smart plan, then ring up a 1.99 coupon and total it out, then trash the receipt. I did this for about a month and no one seemed to know or care.

    After a month of this the loss prevention lady called me into the back and fired me. They made me pay around $47 for the smart plans I rang up and a pair of nail clippers I used while working (I admit to using them but my nails were long, what can I say I didn’t figure it was a big deal and just put them back). I asked why they didn’t at least warn me and they said it was because they weren’t allowed to. What the hell? So I took my stuff and my last paycheck and just left.

    Now my question is, is what they did right? The smart plans I rang up were basically imaginary money. The coupon vendor got mad and demanded the $40 even though it didn’t exist. The only thing I got out of doing this was like $2 commission for the smart plans (which they honestly couldn’t think is why I did it) and to KEEP MY JOB. About a month later I got a letter in the mail from a law institute in Florida requesting $250 to settle a case of theft. THEFT? What are they gonna do if I don’t pay it? What, if anything, can I do to counter this? Do I have to just pay it and shut up?

    The loss prevention lady was very understanding and said this wouldn’t go on any kind of record and I’d be fine to put Kmart on my references at new jobs. I just don’t understand though why they made me suffer for something that is obviously their fault. Can anyone help or are the odds against me?
    To those who would say it was fraud, I had no idea what I was doing was anything but just telling the system I had sold a smart plan, and I hardly benefited from doing it except by keeping my job. When Kmart hired me they said NOTHING about having to sell anything! What would you do in my situation? Just let them bully you and threaten to fire you?

  • Loise says:

    I recently found out my 35y.o. cousin activated a credit card that was sent to me a few months ago. I stay with her my last year of high school so i still have mail coming to the address. I found out about it when i recieve a bill from the company. She activated the card on her cell number. She made 2 paymenys then stopped and I owe them close to $500 and it still adding intrest weekly. I cancel the card and let the company no what was going out and they told what actions i can take. One of the option is file a police report take her to court. My mother also agrees with me filing a police report. I made sure there wasnt any more accounts open in my name and change all the numbers and address to make sure anything with the account comes directly to me. I do want to legal actions against her, but i dont want her to go to jail for it. They told me she will be charge for 3 federal crimes (opening my mail, unauthorized use of my social, and credit fraud).

    What you think about it?

  • Mark says:

    I just found out that for the last 3 months my payments to my credit card from best buy have not been going through. The reason, was insufficiant funds because I as unkowningly sending the money from the wrong acount. This was completley my fault, and I have been charged $75 from both my bank and the credit company which sucks. Heres the part I feel am entitled to compensation, every time I checked the account on the site to see if the payment has gone through, it CLEARLY showed that there was a payment made. The format is as follows

    Current balance:$###.##
    Available credit:-$###.##
    Total credit limit: $#.##
    Last payment amount: $105.00 <—-
    Last payment date: 04/07/2010 <—-
    Minimum payment due: $156.00
    Payment due date: 05/04/2010
    Recommended mail-in date: 04/23/2010

    It says NOTHING about a returned check, a fee of $25 (x3) or about it hurting my credit. Please any legal advice would be appreciated I'm due to ship to basic training on the 25th of next month and bad credit is a good way to be kicked out of the USAF delayed entry program.
    Thanks for the answers I feel better knowing that it was my fault and this is a common practice instead of feeling like I was tricked, Live and Learn.

  • Vincent says:

    There is a manager/coworker guy whose name is Jeffrey that works for the same company as I whose behavior is starting to be very suspect. Jeffrey is a field manager and who basically what he does is to check on different sites and officers out in the field, and makes sure that the site is running smoothly.Well,First off, when we first met, I was working as a security officer at an apartment building, and while I was doing my foot patrol, I get a radio call to come downstairs to the lobby by my co worker Ignacio, I go downstairs and I see Jeffrey,and he jokingly tells me that he was hurt and jealous that I had sent a text message to his friend(Jayson) (whose also a field manager)which I have been told are long time childhood friends, sent a text message to Jayson for overtime. And so Jeffrey so he gives me his business card to call him. And he was very giggly, happy, smiling, grinning, and as he left he smiled and cheesed”I heard so many good things about you” I’ll see you soon”
    We met, again he was there doing a post check,I happen to walk into the lobby and jeffrey was there talking to my co worker and when i saw him he just stared in my eyes , and he started talking to my co worker and I noticed that he kept glancing at me.He came back to my site an hour later to pick up some paperwork and his body language was strong, he was squinting his eyes, and leaned into me, and as I was handing him the paperwork, he reaches for it, at the same time I am and touches my arm, and i thought to myself,there is somethng there.

    So ever since then,weird things have been happening. I’ll hear from other co workers thatJeffrey will ask (my site field manager William) like what is going on at my site,or he ll ask my co worker George How am I doing, and has even called up to my job on three different occasions asking for me. Plus, the other weird thing is that I have had four different officers all tell me that they are working under Jeffreys supervision or at one of his sites, when there are plenty of people out of work and there are three differnt field managers, but yet hes the only one calling anyone that used to work with me.

    Plus,I know that he goes to my myspace/facebook page and copies me.And I did call him, and we talked for a long time, and he told me that he couldnt believe I liked him, he didnt want to fantasize about that, ahd that he would want to do that to himself.And he told me to call him anytime.But when I tried to meet up with him, he flip the script and told me that he had to be realy careful with me because he is my manager, and he has a sexual harrassment case filed against him, so he didnt know if I was recording him its crazy, two weeks later his friend jason calls me to see how me and my coworker was doing,he was very suspect,because his friend just kept saying, Oh i’M just calling to say hello” amd that that was the last time I talked to him, and that Was in febuary

  • Johnny says:

    I started the process cashing out a 401k and it dragged on for a couple of months before getting the funds, but the institution’s practices left me strapped with bank fees and questioning the legality of their process. The story goes like this…

    • I requested the funds be deposited by electronic transfer.

    • My bank rejected the transfer, and later I discovered that it was because of an improper routing number given to me by my bank.

    • The sending institution couldn’t provide documentation that the transfer was attempted, so it was impossible to track the transfer.

    • My bank gave me a second routing number and another transfer was attempted, and again the transfer failed being “confirmed” by the sending institution, but they still couldn’t provide any tracking documentation.

    • I requested that the sending institution just mail me a check, which they did.

    • I deposited the check, the funds become fully available, and I started paying my bills.

    • Four days later, the sending institution informs me that the second electronic transfer was in fact excepted, and that they are stopping payment on the check I had already deposited.

    • They provided a tracking number for the transfer which my bank used to try to locate the funds, but it produces nothing. Incidentally my bank informs me that the tracking number is the wrong number of digits. The sending institution followed through with the stopped payment on the check.

    • My bank account goes into the negative by about $1300, and I incur hundreds of dollars in fees.

    • With the expected amount of outrage, I requested another check.

    • They promptly send it, but it’s $100 less than the previous check, with a “distribution processing fee” indicated.

    • I informed them of the fees, which they say they’ll “investigate”, yet today I’m told that they will not pay 100% of the fees, because they don’t feel responsible for them.

    My position is this… the sending institution forgot to take out a $100 distribution fee (part of which is the $25 electronic transfer fee that they can’t confirm with a legitimate tracking number) so they lied about the second transfer being excepted by my bank, for the opportunity to stop payment on the first check and take out the fee on the following check. The result is they made a complete mess of my bank account with my debit card cancelled, and left me with over $300 in fees.

    Of course I was given wrong routing numbers, but I could be given 100 wrong routing numbers and it not justify the practice of removing funds from my account to recover a questionable fee missed by a clerical error.

    I have to see what they intend to do, but I’m not optimistic. What legal action is worth taking? I just want my bank fees covered, but it seems like the practice of stopping payment on a check, which results in one’s bank account going into a tailspin, should be investigated by a governing agency. Thoughts?

  • Vida says:

    Like if they said only spend like say $50 but you spent alot more, can they take legal action or is it just their fault for being stupid? nothing like this is really happening, just curious.

  • Tana says:

    So I looked at my birth certificate and the surname that’s on it is my mothers maiden name, Miller. My dad isn’t even on the birth certificate. It’s just my name and my mothers name.

    I’ve always thought my name was Aidan Jack. Everyone calls me that: teachers, doctor, dentist etc. how did my parents manage to register me at school with the name Aidan Jack if my real name on my birth certificate is Aidan Miller?

    So my bank account is Aidan Jack. My mothers friend works there, she opened the account for me so she didn’t ask for any birth certificates or passports or anything because she’s known my parents since before I was even born. So I’ve had my bank account registered under a ‘fake name’ without me even knowing at the time.

    My national insurance card has Aidan Jack when it’s not my legal name. My credit report has Aidan Jack when it’s not even my real name.

    What’s going to happen when I apply for a passport or driving license?

    This is all too confusing and I don’t know which action to take. I might be at risk of getting done for fraud surely. Giving false names. It’s my parents fault. I never even knew I had a different name until last week. What am I supposed to do about this?

    I’ll be applying for a drivers license and passport soon and I don’t know which name to give. I want to fix it so that everything has my legal name which is Miller. I can’t believe I’ve had a fake name for 18 years and my parents didn’t bother to tell me.

    What should I do? Thanks

  • Garland says:

    My 21-year-old daughter lives in a 2-bedroom basement suite. She has been living there for over a year now and has great standing with the landlord. In June 2012 her friend/roommate (23-year-old female) got a job in another city and had to leave immediately. Another friend (31-year-old male) expressed interest in moving in. She was in a pinch and had to make the decision quickly or risk having to pay for the whole suite herself and she let him move in. She had been friends with him for just under a year at that point and they were pretty close.

    A few months later they decided to go on vacation to celebrate her birthday. They agreed to split the cost of the condo and transportation. She has a vehicle and a credit card; he doesn ‘t. They put the reservations on her card and he promised to pay her when they got back. This totals $390.

    Since her name is on the lease, she is the one responsible for paying the landlord. Her roommate would give her his half in rent and she would write a cheque for the full $1300. In December, he gave her his cheque on the 1st as usual and she gave theirs to the landlord. My daughter has excellent standing with the bank and so does her landlord, so my daughter’s cheque went through right away, taking the $1300 out of her account. A week later, her roommates cheque bounced due to insufficient funds. He apologized, made a million excuses and promised to give her his half of rent as soon as possible. This is not the first time he had problems with cheques bouncing and coming up with rent money, but previous to this he had always managed to remedy the situation within a week. After that my daughter spoke with the landlord and asked if they could give two separate cheques instead. She hoped that this would show the landlord that the problems with rent were not her fault. January was fine and then sure enough her roommate did not pay rent for February so the landlord asked him to leave. This guy still has yet to pay for either of those months. February rent is not our concern, but he owes my daughter $1040 for the vacation and December rent.

    She says there were other smaller things, like he asked her to bring home rum after work a couple times and promised to pay her back and didn’t, and then she was charged $65 in bank fees as a result of his bouncing cheques, but she is not going to press for those expenses. He did give her $200 cash mid-January and promised the rest would come within a month. She does have text message and some email proof of his promises to pay her back.

    We live in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Is this a small claims court case? Can someone walk us through the procedure?

    What makes me angry about all this is that it’s not as if he asked to borrow the money and she took the risk of lending it to him. That’s slightly different. She didn’t physically have this money to give him (her account went into overdraft when this all happened). He indirectly stole it from her, in my eyes.

  • Arnulfo says:

    Am looking on how I can resolve this issue . Here is the story.

    Back on June 2012 I open a account with my Water company There was no question asked other then my Name SSI# and address. Then they look me uo on their system and indicated I have been a customer with them since 1984. Due to that there was no requirements on my part to establish another account, such as deposit, or proof of that I live there. Since the after the account was open I lost my employment due to no fault of my own Then I was having hip problem and was told by the doctor that I need a hip replace.After all f this I was getting very behind in paying my water bill and they shut the service Dec 2012. Since then I have sent may emails to them to have my service re instated. I asked them several times via email if they could put me on a payment plan to get caught up and the plan must be reasonable for me so I won’t fail. I ask them for a payment plan and to take in account of what I could pay now and the balance I need the plan.2. If there are any reduced rate for low income and 3. If they had some type of forgiveness policy to reduce the amount due. Then I told them I will commit to notify them ASAP if I have any issue my any payments and let them no how I wilt recover to get back on track. This was asked several times and not once did the even responded of what I asked for so this issue could be resolved. The only response I received was I must make full payment before service is re instated. I continued to send emails asking for help.
    Then I received a email (which I was not to be copied on). That person replied back to all stating I am not trust worthy, that I had many opportunities to resolve this and so on. Once I saw that I replayed back to all asking that person what were those opportunities and what makes you think am not trust worthy because no from the company did not give me several opportunities. and that your company only gave one option period and the fact you attacked my character :I was to pay the full pass due amount. Then a few days when by and received help from family members so I could pay the full amount. I then contacted them and told them the full amount would be paid via credit card. They told me that I could not pay with a credit card and the person that is paying would need to come to there office and pay cash. I the look up the policy on there website and it stated very clearly that they would accept credit. I then call back to tell them what I was being told was wrong because your website does not indicate that and plus the my family member to not come down in person because the live out of state. The after all that they told me they would call be right back.
    They did call and said they will take the credit card and the person would not have to be present. The all of the sudden a new requirement was throw at me. Which was before they could re instate service but I need to provide them a rental agreement indicating I live at that address based on their rule number 11 D.. Now I am very upset and I then looked up there rule number 11 d. That rule only applies to a new customer with no customer history being service by them. so I looked up all the other policy and I fall under customer that have had existing account and I would not be required to to provide a rental agreement or a deposit. I call them back to go over the policies and I do no need to provide this info. But they still want one. I told them this should not be any concren for you at all. I am paying you what I owe you and want my service re instated, They continue to stated before any service is re instated I must provide them those doc. I just plane out refuse to provide them ther requirements. So as of today I still done have any running water. I just can live like this. I can;t cook any good meals, got to go out to use reset room to take brib baths and on things like using the toilet. Due to my hip problem I can’t lift and carry water bottles. Am at my wits end with this company. Does anyone no how haw to resolve this. Heck this is just all over a 600 dollars. If I take them to court it will cost them more then 600 bucks. Heckthe amount of time they consume on me was way over 600 dollars of time spent and getting nothing.
    Can some help me.

  • Mariette says:

    This is for my friend – not me. But I don’t even know where to begin to help her find answers. She was in a long-term relationship with another woman. They had been “married” four years ago. She moved into the woman’s house. They refinanced and put the house totally in my friend’s name. Now, 4 years later, out of the blue, the girlfriend dumps her and kicks her out of the house.

    The girlfriend is living in the house, NOT paying the house payment, my friend is getting legal foreclosure notices. She cannot pay for the house by herself and has no credit to refinance or anything. It is my belief that they owe more on the house than it’s worth. They tried to sell the house a year ago and failed. The house is currently on the market, but it probably won’t sell – or it won’t sell for the money they owe.

    The girlfriend is living there with her adult daughter. They are not paying anything that we know of. All the utilities are also in my friend’s name. The two cars they both drive are in my friend’s name (cars for my friend and her girlfriend – my friend is going to keep her car and the girlfriend wants to keep the one she is driving). They also have loans and credit cards together.

    Their marriage was (of course) not a legal one (we are in Kentucky) and they had no legal papers that dealt with any kind of breakup. I say my friend needs to talk to a real estate lawyer at the very least.

    Has anyone ever been in a situation like this or do you have any suggestions on where to turn for advice?

    What I think:

    1. I think my friend needs to draw up a document on the house that says if the house sells for more than they owe, they split the extra 50/50 (this will never happen in today’s housing market). If the house sells for less or is taken by the bank, they need to split the amount owed 50/50 and pay it off.

    2. The girlfriend needs to figure a way to (A) pay off the car loan for the car she wants to keep or (B) get the car loan in her name only.

    3. My friend needs to make the girlfriend sign a piece of paper about the utilites stating that she will pay them until she leaves the property. This way, if she fails to pay them, I am thinking that my friend could take her to small claims court.

    More info (sorry so long): My friend has filed bankruptcy in the last 10 years, so that is not an option. She also makes very little money and has a child to support by herself (receives no child support or other help). The girlfriend makes more money and has more education than my friend. The girlfriend also has not been friendly during the breakup. She has stiffed me on a business arrangement before and I have no doubt she would lie, cheat and steal to protect herself and get out of paying money.

    So, that’s the background. What would you do?

  • Georgette says:

    One of my credit cards sent me a letter stating that due to “inactivity”, the account was going to be closed. Period. No opportunity to re-initiate account use or anything. Its being closed and nothing can be done about it. Problems:

    1) can’t find jack about this in the account terms and conditions,
    2) can’t even get access to account terms and conditions on account’s website,
    3) the closing of the account will damage my credit score, and
    4) the closing of the account will deprive me of the available credit in the account.

    3) and 4) are clearly injurious to me as a Consumer, through no fault or action of my own. The account is in good standing, zero balance, with no late payments ever made, and is about 6 years old.

    How the F&^% is this legal?!

  • Antone says:

    Hi, My husband and I came home from work and a police man knocked on our door to inform us that a courier had been to drop off a parcel for us and had been biten by my dog when he put his hand through the letter box. the police man said he had a puncture mark in his fingers and had two stitches. The police man informed us that this was not a matter for the police as the courier was in the wrong for putting his hand inside my mailbox in the first place, there really is no need to do this to put a calling card through.
    He said not to worry about it. 2 days letter we have a letter from one of those vulture solicitors saying they are seeking compensation for his loss of 2 days work plus his damaged hand!!! they said the dog should have been properly trained etc. the thing i don’t understand is we were not due any parcels and there was no calling card on the mat?? plus if he had a parcel he would have knocked on the door first and heard the dog barking so why would he then put his hand all the way through the letter box if he knew there was a dog there. My dog is good as gold but like all dogs goes for the mail when it comes through the box. we have never had a problem with the normal mail man.

    Please can anyone help with the legal side and if they do have a case how much can we expect to have to pay out? I do not have pet insurance but I do have home insurance. It makes me so angry that in his two days off work due to stress he managed to instruct a personal injury lawyer!! .

    thanks for any advice.

  • Sandy says:

    had put the wrong amount in the paperwork. It’s $9,700. Can I sue the attorney for mental anguish. (Got the paperwork on a Friday and had to go the whole week-end thinking the worse). Felt suicidal. Put my family through a lot of grief also. Do I have any legal course of action against the attorney?

  • Arthur says:

    One of my credit cards sent me a letter stating that due to “inactivity”, the account was going to be closed. Period. No opportunity to re-initiate account use or anything. Its being closed and nothing can be done about it. Problems:

    1) can’t find jack about this in the account terms and conditions,
    2) can’t even get access to account terms and conditions on account’s website,
    3) the closing of the account will damage my credit score, and
    4) the closing of the account will deprive me of the available credit in the account.

    3) and 4) are clearly injurious to me as a Consumer, through no fault or action of my own. The account is in good standing, zero balance, with no late payments ever made, and is about 6 years old.

    How the F&^% is this legal?!

  • Ismael says:

    I had a HVAC installed at my house a few months ago. It didn’t work properly, and they came back not once, but twice to fix it. They admitted that they had wired it incorrectly, and told me that my heat and air conditioning had been running at the same time. My electric bill turned out to be over $500 more than normal. They agreed to compensate me. I have e-mails acknowledging the receipt of the bills (which did not dispute my written description of the problem), another one telling me that they had filed an insurance claim on it, and would credit my credit card in two weeks, and then another one telling me that they couldn’t do the credit card thing because of the system they used, but that they would cut me a check.

    I did not receive a check as promised. Two phone messages were unreturned. I sent an e-mail threatening legal action. The owner then told me it was my fault because I didn’t install a thermostat they had recommended, and had given to me gratis on the third visit. I don’t recall that recommendation, but even if they did, they certainly never said that I must have it installed for the system to work properly, or that failure to do so would result in the problem mentioned above.

    Am I missing something here? I know no one can give guarantees or official legal advice here, but does anyone see a way that him changing his story would fly in court and that I could lose? I’m just in absolute disbelief that he even has the nerve to try.
    I’m in Florida.

  • Kris says:

    i have ajudgement against me, can credit card company take away my car? They say they can.

  • Edison says:

    My immigration attorney didn’t file my papers correctly (No LCA was filed) and is currently in jail for visa fraud – he sold 140 fake visas which I didn’t know about. 6 months before he went to jail, he had his friend attorney take over my case. Apparently, this new attorney never reviewed my filed and my papers were filed 10 days after the expiration of my first H1B visa. We have proof of this and an affidavit where she admits fault. However, this does not help me that much because after all, they both messed up my papers even though I tried my best to always follow up with them. My employer wanted to do my green card for me and now that’s all messed up.
    My current attorney is telling me we can sue her but we should wait to see if my appeal will get denied. However, after waiting for 7 months I have grown impatient and want to take action now.

    Can I sue her now for over $10,000 for malpractice? They took $2000 from me and didn’t do their job and my appeal cost $6000.

    If I don’t sue, I want to file a complaint to the bar of attorneys as what she did was serious neglect and my whole future is messed up now. If I file a complaint, will she get disciplined??

    I believe it’s my right to take some action. I am not asking for approval here. If you know what my rights are, please lmk.

  • Cecila says:

    I have no idea the check book I have it has wrong account number on it.
    I did pay a few times my minimum credit card payment by phone without knowing that each time I make the call charged 20 dollars since the account number was wrong in fact the payment never gone through but I was told that the payment is made.
    Each time I used a check for payment obviously the check was return not to me but to bank.I was kept in dark for over three months received no phone call no letter in that regard.
    One day I was checking my credit rating I saw two late payment on my account.
    Each month when I wanted to pay 20 Dallars a minimum payment I was charged 15 Dollars for phone call 35 Dallars late payment 20 Dallars return check this was going on for over three months. What is the best course of action I can take?

  • Enrique says:

    I have a good credit score, I always make more than the monthly payment, and never have been delinquent. However, my balance is high. Today I read about credit card companies that would let you pay as low as only half of your entire balance if you agree to pay it all off at once. My question is, would doing this lower my credit score to the point where I would never be able to get a loan, such as a home loan?

  • Isaac says:

    I noticed that more and more people are filing for bankruptcy. What happens to all the money that is owed? Someone has to pay and that is the credit card company. If everyone files for bankrupcty, what would happen to the credit card companies? Can they go bankrupt? If they can, what happens to the average people if all credit card companies go bankrupt?

  • Karl says:

    What would be the chances of filing a Class Action Lawsuit against the Government
    for the manner in which the credit/debit card system is funded?
    It is manifestly unfair to those who choose not to use the system, by surcharging
    the retailer, and thus eventually raising all prices, it hides the cost from the consumer
    and places a surcharge on the entire economy.
    This is, in effect, a sales tax, levied not by any Government, but by commercial
    It seems to be a tort on the face of it and it seems that a case could be made,
    and a social wrong righted.
    If it’s a ‘service’ then it should be charged to those who use it.
    If we are to believe the gasoline industry price structure, the costs rum about 5%.
    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I could use that kind of break at the supermarket.
    It might even be on a Constitutional basis as it deprives a consumer of property, (cash),
    without due process.
    Anybody with real legal knowledge out there?
    Edit: The suit would be to require the Government to amend
    the offending law to make the charges for the service transparent
    to the user and remove the unfair burden from the non-user as
    was customary before that law was promulgated.

  • Isaac says:

    What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of switching credit card companies to take advantage of short term offers of lower interest rates? PLEASE I NEED THIS ANSWER FAST!

  • Norris says:

    I know it’s probably an oxymoron but are there any credit card companies that don’t try to rip people off?

    My mom got ripped off by Chase credit card company. A check scam!

    I have Citibank and I’m pleased with them.

  • Aubrey says:

    Need help writing a paper, i need some topics/points on how credit card companies take advantage of Americans? Or like the effects of having a credit card.
    I have no knowledge about credit cards what so ever.

  • Vanna says:

    heyy i am gonna get a credit card and since its the financial crisis credit card companies should have some good offers. i wanna know what company gives you the best stuff and offers from which banks. Visa, american express, smart card ect…

  • Shirley says:

    I am thinking of having a credit card as i have heard it can safe gaurd you if you ever need to get your money back and its better than paying with your debit card if this is true which credit card company has would give me the best for my money.

  • Libbie says:

    I have 3 credit cards.

    2 of them I’ll need to stop paying for now, but I’m not going bankrupt yet.

    Can I keep the third credit card if I keep paying it?

    Or will the 2 other credit card companies call them and tell them to cancel me also?

    I would like to add that I will NOT ask for aditional credit from the existing card in positive balance.

    So they will not contact the credit bureau.

  • Beulah says:

    On reading some the messages today with hearing about balance chasing and interest rates being increased to what I think is outrageous, and people saying they will pay off their balances and cancel their cards. Won’t the credit card companies eventually cause harm to their own companies? It seems to me that people who have been responsible are getting a raw deal and they have had enough. I know the credit card companies will always be there but it seems to me that they are asking for trouble. What do you think?

  • Johnnie says:

    What are the ways that credit card companies earn income?
    What is the financial relationship the credit card companies have with retailers?
    How do credit card companies decide what interest rate to charge prospective customers?
    How is the minimum payment required calculated?

  • Roselyn says:

    why are credit card company’s allowed to raise interest rates anytime they want and to what ever percent they want. There should be a set interest rate based on the amount of the loan.

  • Melony says:

    I scheduled a payment for my credit card with a new bank account i just added..the payment didnt go through because i put in the wrong banking information “as they say”..and when I added the bank said it was added succesfully..they never notified me to tell me the bank account info was wrong….so i have to pay a $35 fee..i complained and all those indians could say is “I’M SORRY SIR, UNFORTUNATELY…….” what should i do..this is going to be the first late payment on my credit report..FUCK!
    i’m gonna cancel that freakin HSBC credit card

  • Torie says:

    Since November last year I have defaulted on my credit card dues that card companies have dropped me from their ‘members in good standing’ rolls and their lawyers have been sending me collection letters. My action on this is pay a little sum as I can afford. I want to know if they have already written off my debts and collect equivalent sums from insurance.

  • Miquel says:

    I really need to get something off of a credit card but ever since I was young I was taught the dangers of credit card companies. I don’t want to be tricked into paying money I don’t owe or a contract that is nearly impossible to get out of. I need a simple credit card for a simple shopper.

  • Robert says:

    I mean can credit card companies go to the extent of auctioning/selling off debtors underwears, toothbrushes, combs and possibly one’s shampoo and bathing soap to settle debts owed them if one doesn’t have other properties they can sieze?

  • Marhta says:

    I posted another questions earlier regarding the fact that I am being sued by a credit card company. I am enrolled with a debt settlement program, but don’t have enough money saved in the program to settle with the credit card company. I was advised to respond to the legal papers and then appear in court. I was also told that the credit card company will win the judgment. Now I am wondering, what will happen next? When I go to court, what will happen? When the credit card company wins, what will happen? I don’t own a home and don’t have any money saved up. Should I continue with the debt settlement company to try to settle some of my other credit card debts, or will the end up suing me too? How long will the legal process take? Any information and/or advice would be greatly appreciated!

  • Ted says:

    I would like to accept credit cards for my small photography business. There are a number of companies out there offering to sell merchant numbers. Has anyone had a merchant number or know a company that is good to work with. Ideally I would like to run the credit cards over the internet as I don’t have a land line phone but will be selling more like retail.

  • Guillermina says:

    I have a debt with credit card. I sent them settlement letter. Yesterday I received a letter from a collection company they says they bought my debt and needed to pay. Today I received a letter from the original credit card company and says they accepted my settlement offer. I am confused. Whom I need to pay?

  • Salvador says:

    I want to negotiate my interest rate on my credit card. Do I call the bank my credit card it through, or contact VISA?

  • Sherlyn says:

    When do credit card companies report account activity to the bureaus? For example, i I have a Macy’s bill that closes on Jan 20, does Macy’s report my closing balance the 20th to the credit bureaus? Or do the credit card companies post information to the bureaus at the end of each month?

    Secondly, how quickly can a credit score change? Another Macy’s example: f I am using 85% of my available credit on my Macy’s account, but pay the balance down to 10% of the available credit, how quickly will my credit score reflect the positive change?


  • Taneka says:

    I have capitalone FYI…and I bought some products(Send money through paypal and they wont accept my claim…because the seller did send me part of my order WTF??

    will the credit card company do anythng…

    ordered 10 shoes and only got 8 of them… will it be a ridiculous procces been working with the seller for a week and only rude responses… they arent going to admit to not sending them all..

    what can I do? their from china so local police cant do much

  • Arnoldo says:

    I tried to get one of my credit cards apr lowered and the guy told me they don’t do that.

  • Melanie says:

    I will be getting a credit card soon in order to build a credit history, as I am only 18. I know that some credit card companies do not report your credit history/ payment history to the credit bureau, and I want to avoid those as I am trying to build a history of payments on time, etc. to build my credit score. Thank you in advance for all answers!

  • Melony says:

    …I know that there has…
    been some recent legislative action or concern about the unlimited power of these companies to retroactively increase your interest rate (that is, on money you’ve already borrowed at a lower rate) or to arbitrarily (as the fine print says) “do anything they want to at any time they wish for any reason they wish.” So why is there so little public attention directed toward this?. We are all concerned about predatory mortgage practices and predatory payday lenders, but I hear nothing about predatory credit card agreements. Someone tell me what is going on in this area and what their attitudes are…?

  • Carmelo says:

    i read an article about credit cards @ and it seems that soon or after a certain amount of days of an idled/inactive credit card. the company will shut you down (close your account) and that close will hurt your credit score MORE than the consumer closing the account.

    CURRENT SCORE = ===749===
    amex cc – $0 balance / idled (used it for 3-4months max longtime ago)
    macys store – $0 balance / idled
    century21 mastercard – $800 balance / 1500 credit limit
    chase visa – $500 balance / 1300 credit limit
    bloomingdales store – $600 balance / 2000 credit limit
    bloomingdales visa – $0 balance / NEVER used. but active i think

    i’m scared that if you put you’re card on idle/inactive. that after a certain time they will close it for you and it will impact a lot worse on your credit report rather than the consumer closing it. Is there any suggestions? should i close any cards or let them close it? i’m not sure how long they let you have it inactive for. but from reading it will hurt more if they close it. damnit. i wish i just had 2 cards…..arg……what is highly recommended here….close the newer ones? how should i do it? i have a friend that closed 3 credit cards 10yrs ago and 10yrs later hes credit score went from 650 to 740. but i don’t wan’t that to happen to me. how many points will drop if i close an account ? i make $11 an hour & go to school.

    i’m thinking of transfering the $800 from century21 mastercard to the chase visa cause of lower interest rate. i hear that some companies can rise the interest rate cause of this? overall this detailed info, do you suggest it? if so replay separately concerning this transfering

  • Sondra says:

    I currently have a credit card debt and the credit card company has sold the debt to a collection agency. I recently contacted the agency to make payment arrangements, however if I don’t pay them the amount they want, which I don’t have, they won’t accept it and on top of that they will add attorney fees to the debt. What are my options?

  • Matt says:

    I was issued a company credit card and have made company approved purchases on it. If my boss doesn’t pay the bill for one reason or another am I responsible for the purchases? My name is on the card along with the company name. The credit card company just called and basically threatened me personally that if my boss didnt pay I’d be liable for the charges made on my card? Is that possible? I pulled my credit report last week and did not see this card on my report…I have had this card for almost 2 years. It would’ve shown up on my reporty by now right? Also what can I say to this “threatening” man that calls 4 -6 times a day within a 7 hour time span?

  • Cherise says:

    I want to pay a utility bill for the company that I work for using the credit card, but the payment dialogue prompts me to fill out first name and last name.
    the card says the business name LLC

  • Dawne says:

    Someone got ahold of my credit card and made a couple of purchases totaling about $100. The credit card company is crediting the money back to my account and issuing me a new card. I am assuming there will be some sort of investigation about the charges.

    I am curious how the company goes about “investigating” these charges. The reason I ask is because I feel like I have an idea of who made the purchases. I put the card in my sisters name also and gave it to her for emergencies. Her daughter has used it in the past to buy gas or groceries, and I believe it may have been her daughter who used it based on the purchases. I did ask my sister if she thought it was her daughter and she said no, that her daughter has not had the card. I think she may be covering for her.

    I don’t really care either way, since the charges are being credited back. But I am worried because if it is my sister or her daughter, I do not want them to get in trouble with the CC company, and I myself do not want to get in trouble. Credit card fraud is very serious.

    Should I be worried? The total of the purchases was only about $110, will the CC even investigate for such a small amount?

  • Jacquline says:

    Can someone please let me know the name to a credit card debt settlement company that does the right thing.

  • Dusty says:

    Okay, the credit card companies (5 of them) got me when I was 18. I was young and stupid and decided to rack up debt that I couldn’t pay off. I decided to do a settlement (on all 5). Now, when I really need the cards and I would be able to pay on them monthly… I unfortunately cant get them. I look back now and think of all the useless silly things I purchased and regret it! Now there are so many things I need but I cant afford to pay cash for. Will these places ever give me a credit card again? Is there a way I can get it off my record without having to wait the numerous number of years? Any other ideas?

  • Lemuel says:

    I know they do not really care but when one files chapter 7 bankruptcy the credit card company gets none of their money. I say they get what they deserve for not accepting partial payments from someone temporarily.What is your take on this subject?

  • Perry says:

    Some one filled out a credit application that usually gets sent out to homes and they put my information on there with my SSN. They received the credit card and maxed it out and now i have a balance of 1200.

    I have never purchased any credit card and the reason i found out was because i was getting declined when trying to apply for one and i didnt know why since i never had one.

    Can i sue the credit card company for not taking the neccessary steps to assure that things like this don’t happen?

  • Dwight says:

    I have a small LLC with only a couple employees. One of my (now ex) employees had a company credit card that was in my business’ name, that he used to rack up thousands of dollars in personal debts. He has disappeared and I have no way to find him or repay his debts. What avenues does the credit card company have to recoup this debt? Can they come after me, since I am the founder of the company (I figured they can’t since it’s a LLC)? My company is small and repaying the debt would pretty much put me permanently under. What impacts would filing bankruptcy have on my personhood or ability to create an LLC in the future? Would it even eliminate the debt?

    Thanks in advance, I really appreciate the help.

  • Mollie says:

    Ive heard some people doing a few things to get rid of their debt and am wondering if it would work for me. They offer to pay one lump sum that is slightly lower than what they actually owe and the credit card company will actually accept it as paid in full. I have a little over 3,000 left to pay on my CC…if I offered them 1500 or 2000 would they clear all my debt or does it not work that way. I’ve been making my payments every month on time for a while but just want to get rid of it if at all possible

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