By law Walk Away From 100% Of The Credit Debt – The Hows And Whys

America Top Court has reigned over over and over that loan companies would not have the ability to lend you credit history. Quite a few Consumer Defense laws, including Truth in Loaning, Reasonable Debt Selections, and Reasonable Credit Scoring, and Professional and Commitment Legislation establish the way in which banking institutions and finance companies can legally purpose.

State and federal bank regulations let financial institutions to provide cash – not credit history. They aren’t allowed by law to produce credit or funds away from thin air. They can not loan you a thing they don’t really have, and so they cannot impose a fee interest on something which won’t exist!

A true Debt Settlement course of action will depend on many Client Defense legal guidelines, in addition to widespread legislations judgments in the process of law, which include the United States Supreme Court. They’ve ruled over and over again that banks will not have the ability to give you their credit history. State and federal laws allow banks to loan cash – not credit rating. They can’t lend you one thing they don’t have, and they can not charge a fee attention on something does not exist! Are YOU legally allowed to create cash from thin air? NO! Not can banking institutions, nonetheless they do. . .

Here is how the process performs:

You may send out a few characters to the greeting card company, consumer banking establishment, andPeror series businesses. You may ask them to provide evidence in numerous places, and tell them your motives when they are not able to offer substantiation, like:

1.Have they got the ability to lend you their credit score?

2.Internet site the legal right to produce cash or credit?

3.Should they don’t have the specialist, they concealed this reality. That is scams.

4.You suspect you’re bamboozled into taking part in their scams.

5.You may not want to be social gathering on their fraudulence and has to quit instantly.

6.Because they didn’t make known for your requirements the fraud, and since they understood about it when you agreed upon the loan request, the contract is prohibited.

7.A contract which is illegal during deciding upon is zero and useless.

8.You tell them that no quantity could be to be paid over a avoid deal.

9.You obtain a Money.00 (no) harmony on the bank account.

10.You are going to revoke your unique on all documents they’ve already.

11.Numerous State, Federal, and Top Court judgements about the make any difference are integrated.

12.Any evidence of a authorized personal debt or legitimate agreement must be shown to you promptly, or they’ll be in default.

They commonly give back a result, stating you closed a legal contract so you be forced to pay it, or proclaiming to offer you payment advising, or even minimizing the amount you owe and suggesting to pay the cheaper amount. They often claim to get the suitable expert, nonetheless they by no means supply any proof of any power. Whether they have the authority to give their credit, WHY Can not THEY Show IT?

After a number of letters, you could obtain a month-to-month affirmation with a Bucks.00 (absolutely no) harmony. They might cancel your debt, and write rid of it. Typically, any delinquent InchesharmonyInch about the deceitful bank account just disappears. Your debt may be billed-off of, or sold to some extractor. When you recruit a correspondence through the debt collection company, you will then request a consent from the debt, asking to show you owe them money and showing the collectors’ why no declare towards you may be managed. A genuine Credit Card Debt Relief Study course will even show you the best way to end each of the bothering calls and horrible collection realises.

The process may help you avoid the invasive character of individual bankruptcy and become frugal over which company accounts you wish to question. You can save thousands, which is probably not probable which has a debt consolidation loan software or credit advice.

If you inked a loan or credit score contract, you may have authorized an email or contract promising to pay them back. This deal apparently competent you to definitely get the income or credit rating. But did they supply ‘full disclosure’ of all the regards to this arrangement? Response the next concerns and decide on your own if the lender or bank card company was behaving in ‘good trust,’ which you received ‘valuable thing to consider,A and that your ‘signature’ with that agreement is valid. Had you been informed the Fed Procedures and Procedures as well as the Generally Accepted Data processing Ideas (GAAP) demands enforced upon all Government-covered with insurance (FDIC) banking institutions do not allow them from financing their own funds off their own assets, or using their company depositors? Did anyone show you in which the money was originating from?

Were you informed how the agreement you agreed upon (your promissory notice) would definitely be converted into a ‘negotiable instrument’ from the bank or bank card business and turn into a property on his or her accounting publications? Does they let you know that your trademark with that got ‘money,A based on the Even Professional Rule (UCC), parts 1-201(24) and 3-104? Have you been told that your particular promissory note (funds) would be taken, documented as a possible resource, and turn into offered for cash – with out ‘valuable consideration’ provided to receive your take note? Does they give you a deposit fall being a invoice for cash you gave them, just like a bank would normally present if you make a deposit towards the financial institution?

InchA country wide standard bank. . . can not give its credit history to a different by turning out to be surety, endorser, or guarantor for him, this kind of behave staying extremely vires. . .Inch Merchants’ Bank v. Baird 160 Farrenheit. 642 There are several a lot more cases to confirm that finance institutions come to mind in misleading financial techniques, which is the reason we ask a “no balance due” declaration. A lot of bank and credit corporations eliminate or end your debt balance simply because Scams is against the law.

What exactly is Credit history?

Credit could be the opposite of funds. Income, that is legal sensitive for that payment of debts, is placed by The legislature in 31 USCA Businesses 392. This basically explains all money and foreign currency issued by the us Govt as lawful tender for many obligations, public and private. For uses want to know ,, we’re going to call funds both money or currency exchange. Also, no effort will likely be made to argue that Fed paperwork are unconstitutional that is beyond the setting of this article.

Now, if you went to a bike seller to buy a fresh Harley without down payment, you’ll point out that Inchesyour credit score is a useful one.Inches Just what does this mean? It means that the guarantee to spend financial resources are excellent. To put it differently, they trust you. You indicator financing agreement to spend the street motorcycle seller some amount of money with awareness, and yourself indicator a security deal in places you promise the motorcycle as guarantee for your safety agreement. So, the bike dealer has accepted your credit, or promise shell out a sum of money, in exchange for the motorbike. Contemplate how distinct a bank loan is. If you make application for a loan from the bank, you indication that loan arrangement pledging to pay the lender a lot of bucks, with awareness. If the bank will take your promise to pay in return for financing, it indicates your credit rating is nice. Nevertheless, required is easily the most fascinating. What does the lending company give you?

The financial institution will usually give you a verify, the industry guarantee to spend you numerous money. In effect, what your lender did is swap a assure to cover. Quite simply, you might have accepted each others credit score, however no amounts has exchanged fingers!

Now what now ? with all the check? Almost certainly 1 of 2 points: both you put in it in your bank checking account, or perhaps you go on it to a vendor for instance, an automobile supplier. In any case, the check out, when deposited goes right to the bookkeeping section in which the numbers are transmitted in the examine and they are extra for your requirements being a taxes accessibility. As soon as this accessibility is manufactured a standard bank will state that its tissue have raised.

Just how can a change in quantities improve the build up? It Wouldn’t! This fictional improve is all for the guides while there is no enhance in the cost within the lender’s safe. All of these bookkeeping access build up are known as Inchesdemand debris,Inches so that the buyer can virtually approach the financial institution and desire the downpayment. These stats are positioned in the lender’s obligations line as cash, that your financial institution owes men and women.

So, which are the bank’s possessions? Interestingly, I’ve just protected portion of that. One sort of asset will be the InchdepositIn . which truly is made up of the check you merely moved for your requirements. It turned out financing, an IOU from the lender. Financial institutions will count the small amount of container cash on side as a sort of tool, also. But the majority of the bank’s InchpossessionsInch are typical the promises to shell out. Quite simply, its lending options.

Therefore, both bank’s possessions and its particular liabilities are practically all on paper. And, this is the case, the appearance from your e-book Contemporary Cash Movement, authored by the federal government Arrange Lender of Detroit, that Inchdebris are simply just guide itemsIn . is currently simpler to understand. Now, it’s also easier to know very well what the electronic digital transfer of cash is centered on. All of this amounts to can be a transfer of quantities, or book synonyms, from one bank-account to a different. The same thing occurs when you write a check. Numbers known as money is transmitted like a taxes entry out of your bank checking account to someone else’s. When a credit card is employed, standard bank credit history or book items are set up and utilized in somebody else at the same time!

Therefore, our money method can be defined as a Inchespersonal debt usuryInch cash program. For every single dollar of credit score which comes into lifetime, a debts are developed to banks and attention (usury) is recharged. Under our current funds technique, the Federal Government won’t be capable to harmony its spending budget, as well as the country wide financial debt will expanding by a lot. However, each mortgage manufactured in the us today can also be completely illegal, as all business financing loans depend on credit as opposed to money.

InchesUltra ViresInches

What In .really viresInch are crucial words and phrases. They imply that Incha binding agreement produced by a corporation after dark scope of their corporate and business power is against the law.Inches (See Black’s Legislation Dictionary) The legal courts have regularly dominated that banking institutions are not able to loan their credit score, but tend to only lend their cash, understanding that all loans of credit are super vires.

Because no lender or charge card firm hire provides them with (that are companies) approval to provide its credit rating, and Our elected representatives never offered them approval to generate money, these financial products of credit history are really wires, or against the law. By lending credit history they have unjustly enriched on their own. They don’t pay awareness for the use of the credit, but demand their clients the same amount of curiosity as if that they loaned out their own funds. This is a racquet and con sport, as you would expect. It can be lies and scams. The collection of curiosity on credit score is in violation of all usury regulations. All things considered, they’re accumulating awareness on funds which doesn’t exist. It really is no surprise that as more People in america are beginning to understand this challenge they may be suing banking institutions on fraudulence and usury fees.

Now that you’ve got been knowledgeable concerning what the usa Supreme Court has stated and also the Scam banking institutions are doing, you do have a choice to produce. Do you wish to maintain supporting Fraudulence? If the answer is InchNOIn . than I will help you discover a Debt Settlement Program that one could be use to reduce any type of credit card debt exactly where credit score was lengthy such as credit cards, personal loans, and certain school loans.

I have discovered one particular firm which will take you through this process with honesty. Inform me if you want to know more about the subject.

I can often be reached at 707-395-0585

or by way of my website at

Best Wishes



  • Margrett says:

    My credit score was 657 2 months ago. How long does it take to increase? I’m paying at least $100 more than the minimum due every month.

  • Geneva says:

    My credit score when I check it shows say 687 they get 630. Have made some corrections recently. Does it take a while to show? Is it updated only every month?

  • Francis says:

    About how long does it take to go from a shaky credit score to a good credit score? I have about five credit cards, should I pay them all off and wait? How long must one wait until their credit score is back in the “good” side?

  • Junior says:

    What is the minimum credit score that landlords want to lease an apartment to someone?

  • Kareem says:

    I had a credit score of 620. I used this score to obtain a loan to purchase a motorcycle. Based on my research, obtaining such a loan would improve my credit score after a few months of timely payments. My goal was to purchase a home once the motorcycle is paid off. Shortly after purchasing the motorcycle, several student loans were applied to my credit. I was under the impression that the student loans did not post until after I was finished with college, but that was my mistake.

    My credit score is now down to 577. I keep waiting for the motorcycle loan, which I pay religiously, to improve my score. It has been six months; how long must I wait?

  • Donette says:

    With the three credit scores being different, which do they use to determine you qualification for a mortgage? Or do they simply average all three scores. My husband has two scores at around 540 and his transunion is at 605. What are his chances?

  • Bill says:

    My credit score is 628 (not too good I know). However, is my credit score good enough to be approved for a student loan? I do not have a cosigner so that’s not an option.

  • Seth says:

    I want to purchase a home with the minimum down payment asking price required by the company selling the house. My credit score however isn’t that great. Even though I can make the mortage payments now, my credit history is kinda low due to my past. Step by step, what should I do?

  • Ricardo says:

    My credit score is 550, Ive never had a car, home, or furniture in my name, its just hospital bills that made my score low…Will I be able to finance a home?

  • Dee says:

    I really need a company that will tell me how to improve my credit score on MY specific credit report, not general tips.

  • Kurtis says:

    My credit score right now is around 750, but I recently wasn’t able to make a payment on one of my credit cards. I’m just wondering how much will my credit score be affected?

  • Tana says:

    I have 680 credit score and I also would pay at least 20% down payment for $150,000 worth of loan if it is approved. I have also one year history of car loan which was paid in time. Please suggest me,would l be eligible to get home loan with low interest rate? Or I have to pay more down payment? Or wait 4-5 months and more so my credit score will be atleast 720 and more ?

  • Fletcher says:

    My credit score is 616 and I make 40000.00 a year. My wife has excellent credit but makes about 25000.00 a year? Am I going to stop us from getting a decent home loan?

  • Tomas says:

    My credit score is currently at 632 (Equifax). Among open accounts I only have 3 credit cards with total credit limit of $21500 and balance of $12273 (57% utilization ratio). I’m about to pay off the balance on one of the credit cards which is $9500 leaving me with about $3000 total remaining balance (for all credit cards).

    Will this improve my credit score? By how much? I’m looking to lease a car and hoping that paying off the credit card will improve my credit to get approved for a lease.

    Additional info: I’m a single man – 26 years old – fulltime job making about $75k.

  • Alfredia says:

    I’m signed on for BOfA Credit score monitoring service, and it updates me with all 3 agencies credit scoring 4 times a year, in the middle of any quarter, for instance the next one is going to be on Feb 25 2013. Does it mean big lenders are updated that rarely as well? I’m asking because I’m going to take a home loan and every credit score point for me does matter, so may be it make sense for me to wait till Feb 25 to gain better rating. Thanks

  • Lekisha says:

    What does your credit score have to be in order to be approved for a secured loan. Mines is bad it’s 650.

  • Harley says:

    The best way to start building my credit score is ask a credit card at my bank?

  • Columbus says:

    Being fairly new to credit I know most of the basics. When I comes to credit score though I keep hearing different stories. What really goes into finding your credit score and does it go down ask to know what it is?

  • Danilo says:

    Lets say a person has a bad credit score, what can they do to make their credit card better?

  • Valentine says:

    I really want to improve my credit score from being fair to good.

  • Staci says:

    If I have a good credit score but still have unpaid collection accounts on my credit report will lenders expect me to pay those before they would give me a mortgage? Or if my credit score is high does that mean they won’t really care about much else?

  • Su says:

    I cant understand how in the world my credit score actually fell lower than it was last month. No late payments in the past 4 years, no new credit inquiries or accounts since May (the same inquiries were on last months report), and I actually paid off a $4000 credit card. This makes no sense to me whatsoever….Can anyone explain why my score dropped?

  • Perry says:

    1. If I apply for a new credit card (visa signature) but cancel my old visa card? If my current credit score is 750, what will be my score after doing so?

  • Annabell says:

    For a conventional mortgage, what should your credit score be? How low can it go for an aproval on a conventional mortgage?

  • Leonard says:

    I have the feeling my credit score is a little low and I am about to try and get a MacBook for college on finance but am sure if it’ll go through :/
    just to add, i’m located in the UK so I can’t use the first suggestion I’m afraid great answer tho thank you!

  • Dustin says:

    I am 25, I have awful awful credit scoring and this makes things worse. The more I am not allowed credit cards and overdrafts, the worse things get. I need simplistic bullet point advice on how to raise my credit scoring! NO STUPID ANSWERS THAT MAKE YOU FEEL BIG AND CLEVER – THANK YOU.

  • Pamala says:

    My Boyfriend and I have gotten separated and I’m about to get a job. I need a good credit score to get a apartment or even something like that for us to live in. I Don’t like the fact of getting a credit card thou because people easily get in debt and I want to stay away from that as much as possible. Unless someone can tell me a way to get a mobile home or apartment without credit score. I need someone help for this none of our parents will co-sign the lease… We don’t want to wait for the Section 8 housing either. If anyone can give me any information one the credit score or getting stuff with no credit score Please tell me.

  • Aubrey says:

    I have a low credit score. do i need to hire someone to reapair it, and who? wanting to try and buy a house in less than a year and i want to have a decent credit score.

  • Margarite says:

    I want to know my credit score but can’t seem to find a site that offers your score with no gimmicks. How much does it cost? I have gotten my credit report but I couldn’t get my score there.

  • Verona says:

    I have recently paid off everything on my credit report. My credit score is slowly creeping up. I, like a lot of people, screwed up my credit when I was younger and am paying for it now. My Scores range from 579 – 618. Can someone give me some feedback please?

  • Tilda says:

    Last year I did my annual free credit score, which takes your score from all 3 bureaus.. and did one of those free 30 day trials to get my credit score like 6 months ago and it was 517. I havent made any payments to my only negative account, but now my score is like 624 on a free experian one i did today. how different are the two scores?

  • Jae says:

    Why is your credit score different between Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax? All three credit reports are very similar. How much difference is normal between them? When you apply for credit do they look at all three reports and scores? Do loan companies prefer one agency over the others?

  • Rafael says:

    How long would it take to get a credit score that is acceptable for dealership financing on a $10,000 motorcycle making on time payments for gas on a credit card ($100-150 a month) paid on time.

    Would financing a $2000-$3000 auto loan making $200 a month payments be considerably faster?

    Is it possible to do this in a few months time?

  • Brian says:

    When I apply for loans and tell the creditors what my credit score is they still run my credit. All the reports I read talk about the imporatnce of knowing your credit score and that’s fine. But what’s the importance of knowing my score when the creditors run it anyway? Also, how do we know that the rates that we qualify for are true based on ourcredit score? Is there a chart tat we can put our credit score up against and it tells us what rates we qualify for?

  • Christine says:

    What is the minimum credit score to get approved for a mortgage?

  • Marinda says:

    We are hoping that our credit score has improved greatly now that the bankruptcy is off (it was a long 10 years) and we haven’t acquired much debt.

  • Trina says:

    My current credit score is 574. I have been paying my bills on time and haven’t applied for more credit recently. I want to know if this process will take years or months.
    I payed off 2 credit cards recently with a loan i obtained. I also payed off another installment loan.
    Any idea of the point value on these types of transactions.

  • Lenny says:

    So my credit score took a plunge from about 760 to low 600s after having my credit report run about ten times by the car dealership amongst other things. However, my credit REPORT is flawless. Not one single missed payment in the past 3+ years, and every payment above the minimum. I currently have a car loan and about four credit cards with balances. I would like to get a loan or do some sort of bill consolidation that way instead of making four separate credit card payments every month I can just make one payment. What would be the best way to go about this? Thanks in advance.

  • Temple says:

    i want to know my credit score but do not currently have a credit card, and all the sites require one.

  • Hana says:

    Your credit score is your credit score. There is very little you can do about it or with it. It is like your age or I.Q. How will knowing what it is help you?

  • Collene says:

    If someone has a credit score of 750 and gets sent to collections what will their credit score look like? I want a numerical answer and not one of those “it stays on there 7 years” responses. I know that once you pay it off you can dispute it, how do you go about doing that?

  • Sana says:

    What impact does closing credit cards have on your credit score?
    I have a number of credits that I am not using. What impact if any would closing some of these accounts have on my credit score?

  • Abe says:

    Ok, past credit messed me up. I have a judgement thats almost paid off. I am trying to raise my credit score.I have 3 new accounts that I’ve paid on time for over 1 year. I read that one way to raise your score is to ” piggy back” on a relatives good credit ( have them add me to one of their good accounts and not use it) Is this safe, is it legal. I would love to hear constructive ways to increase my credit score. Please don’t judge me. Almost all of my ” bad” credit accounts have been paid off. I put my sons first when the divorce came. They lived in the house that I paid for while I lived in a basement.

  • Pierre says:

    Our credit score is 670. In the 8 years of having a mortgage, we have been late 2 times. We are able to put 20% down on a 100,000 home.

  • Mathew says:

    My credit score is just shy 18 points from getting a decent loan. But if I could get it higher I will certainly try. I’ve made a few late payments and I’m planning on cutting all my bills in half. Would that be enough?

  • Lettie says:

    Hello everyone,

    I wish to know how fast it would take for my credit score to go up after i’ve paid off all my debt. I plan to get a loan this week and will pay off each card in full. Does the process of getting my credit up take hours, days, weeks, months even? Any information would help, thanks!

  • Adrian says:

    I understand that credit score isn’t necessarily based on income but here’s my situation. I have about 16,000 in revolving debt with a 600 credit score. My yearly income has recently increased 10 fold which obviously improves my debt to income ratio. How long after this increase should I see improvements in my credit score and by how much. Also what triggers the credit bureaus that this increase in income has occurred?

  • Melanie says:

    Currently my credit score is 655. I have 4 cc’s and have not gone above half of my credit limit. I always pay at least double my minimum payment. I do have 1 negative thing on there from 2003, it does show it is paid tho. What are ways to get my score better. Right now im right on the brink of the fair category almost in good, but I want excellent credit. How can I do this?

  • Dianne says:

    I want to repair my credit score from 540 to 720 or A+ credit. What is the best place or way to do it. i do have charge offs.

  • Leif says:

    My credit score was near perfect before this and I was reported just once for a small amount of $13. I am desperate and I have no clue what this will mean to me. Please provide some resources if possible!

  • Myong says:

    my credit score is low way low and it is due to credit cards… im trying to get a loan, but no one will lend due to my score, how can i raise it up?

  • Sabrina says:

    My aunt received her credit report that has three credit scores from the three bureaus. How do you calculate them to get the final score? Do you average the three numbers?

    She is just trying to find what her actual score would be. Do people usually just say their highest score?

  • Louise says:

    What happens to my credit score when I apply for a few credit cards and are not approved because they require excellent credit? Does it affect my ability to get approval on another credit card? How long is this for?

  • Rickey says:

    My credit score is 709. Is this excellent credit or should I try to get it higher? BTW im a very young student in college and this is my third semester.

  • Virgil says:

    I’m 20 years old and I am looking to lease a new Subaru Forester. Will a credit score of 670 be good enough to qualify? I have proof of employment with a very good company and no major mistakes on my credit report.

  • Tyson says:

    I pay to check my credit score and all 3 of my credit scores are showing above 600. Im trying to get an FHA loan and the bank checked my credit and my score is averaging 591. Why is this and what can I do to increase this up to 600? My banker and my realtor said this should be an easy fix but haven’t given me any suggestions yet. I’m trying to buy a home soon so I need as much input as I can get. Thanks!

  • Lenny says:

    I know that there is a government website that allows you to check your credit score for free, but it only let’s you check annually. I just cannot remember the name of it. Does anyone have any idea what I am talking about. Appreciate it, thanks.

  • Shad says:

    I would like to see what my credit score is at but I don’t know what site is the best one for the price. Does anyone know where I can get my three scores for a good price?

  • Nettie says:

    There were small medical bills that slipped through the cracks from a surgery I had, which collectively amounted to 500$. Upon running my credit score to obtain a line of credit, I found it and paid them in full with cash immediately (this was the 19th of last month.) My score is currently at 664, how much can I expect it to raise after paying this off? I am 25 years old with only 2 years of credit history..

  • Ernesto says:

    I need help to improve my credit score which is 586.
    In fact I have no experience of using my credit card, I use the debit card instead of it for buying my needs and for shopping.
    What is the fast way to improve it? I am employed and planing to buy a house in the next year.
    Anybody please tell me how to use the credit card in good way as I am new to this. In other words when I can use my credit card and how?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Miguel says:

    What is the minimum acceptable credit score when applying for a job where the employer checks your credit?

  • Ranae says:

    Can someone tell me how to check your credit score please, I really got to get this done for my paperwork so I can apply for a credit card. Where’s the best place to check your credit score online at?

  • Jamie says:

    I checked my credit score on two different credit agency privacy matters and credit I have to different scores. Can that happen?

  • Sabrina says:

    Need info on how to raise credit score?

  • Jamie says:

    My credit dropped from 700+ down to 380(?). If I make ALL of my payments on time and payoff my car 2 1/2 years earlier, does this boost my credit score?

  • Devorah says:

    I don’t understand what credit score is..can someone explain in very simple terms? and what a good and bad credit score is? How do you get a good score or a bad one??

  • Claretta says:

    Hello can some one please tell me how to check my credit score at 16? I tried so many sites and they all require me to be 18 to check my score can some one please help…

    P.S. if you are not sure please do not answer!!!

    Thank You

  • Lupe says:

    my credit score is under 600, but I can’t get it to go up.
    i have tried getting a credit card for people with bad credit.
    i don’t’ have any current debts, and all the negative items on my credit report are really really old, like 1999 and 2002.
    how can i raise my score and get the bad stuff off my report?

  • Gene says:

    My credit score isn’t real good right now because I made a bad decision, but what can i do to improve it?

  • Roscoe says:

    Does having a lot of credit cards affect your credit score?

  • John says:

    My credit score was 622 in October last year. Is that considered good enough in today’s economy?

  • Kit says:

    For a person in their 30’s is a credit score of 560 good or bad?

  • Lavone says:

    My credit score is 601. I’ve heard from some that the score is good, and others have told me it’s fair. Which is it? All answers are appreciated.

  • Maurine says:

    I just graduated and I have no previous credit history. So does this mean my credit score is simply zero…or what? Also if you have negative funds in a checking account, does it lower your score?

  • Josette says:

    If i apply for another credit card even though i dont need it, and dont use it, will it still help my credit score?

  • Mitsue says:

    So I’m working on my credit score… right now it is LOW at 576, in order to get the loan that I want it needs to be at least 600. I’m getting ready to pay off a couple debts ($998, $24, $110) that were cell phone, medical, and long distance. Will paying these 3 off raise my credit score enough? For paying off a $500 debt will it raise your score 2 points 20 points? I need to know how this works? Thanks!!
    None of it is credit card debt. Only like a cell phone bill (that was shut off years ago and never paid) a couple long distance bills, medical bills.. etc.

  • Georgina says:

    How do corporations compute your credit score?

  • Karin says:

    I am 21. My credit score 708. Is that good?

  • Scot says:

    i want to know if i transfer a credit card balance to a 0% apr credit card, will it affect my credit score. my credit card bal. is 4,000.00

  • Marian says:

    OK i might not make sense and i might misspell a lot of words so here i go….

    ok lets say i pay something that is $74 will my credit score go up higher as in getting fixed how does all that proses works?

  • Chet says:

    if i have a credit score of 670 is that good or bad?

  • Allan says:

    what exactly is a credit score? how does it work? my mom just got me a credit card and I have no idea about credit cards other than using it for shopping, dining, bills, and gas.

  • Christine says:

    My Credit score is a 659, I’ve paid my bills on time. I have a Visa Credit Card from American first credit union as well as a line a credit, A personal loan witch i just recently got. My my credit history is only about 6-7 Months old.
    I heard from people that a secured card may help my credit score, or just by raising my credit limit. any ideas?


  • Merle says:

    Right now, My credit score is 513. I’m trying to have a credit score that will be decent enough for almost any apartment.

  • Edmund says:

    What can I do to increase my credit score?

  • Kylie says:

    Is a 559 credit score good for an 18 year old? I just started too

  • Lettie says:

    how do you get a high credit score?

    how long does it take to get a good credit score starting from no credit score? (ie first credit card)

    how do people determine your score?

  • Renato says:

    I checked on free credit report and it indicated it was 631. Is says it is fair ? Can i purchase a vehicle with that credit score?

  • Eugene says:

    need to know what a good/bad credit score is.

  • Arnulfo says:

    My credit score has went down 138 point in less than a year. I have not been late on any payments and I have only opened 1 more line of credit. Do you think it’s a mistake?

  • Hershel says:

    in order to improve my credit score should i pay the cards off every month of leave a balance? and why
    if leaving a balance is recommended explain why and how much balance

  • Siu says:

    I checked my credit score earlier on creditkarma or whatever its called i have a pretty low credit score but it also said Car Credit Score? what does that mean?

  • Darnell says:

    Can you get a free credit score? If not, where would I be able to get my credit score for a good price? I prefer those with experience. Thanks.

  • Waldo says:

    I don’t have a credit card, and I owe about, 4 over do bills on diff. magezines. Do I have bad credit score? And if I pay them, can I fix my credit score?

  • Jarrod says:

    First :Im 19 And just got a credit card. When you first start building credit how high of a score do the start you off with.

    Second: I’ve paid off the credit card amount 4 times each time with a balance around $180. Each time I paid it was on time and paid in full. Keeping this trend going , how fast will my credit score rise ?

  • Val says:

    how can i boost my credit score i have had a few late payments on my credit file which are 12 months old now and i have 2 accounts that have been 7 months old and up to date every month. my % of your total credit being used is 0% with no money owed to any one.

    yet my score is still only 706 how can i give this a boost?

  • Tristan says:

    what kind of credit score do I have to have to get a job?

  • Maryanne says:

    Okay, I have a great credit score. My fiance has a poor credit score.

    What happens after we get married? Do we have a credit score together? Or separate? Or both? How does it all work?

  • Parthenia says:

    Does having cash available in checking/savings effect my credit score? Or is it better to take that cash and pay any debts?

  • Bill says:

    I just received my credit report and am baffled.
    Equifax says 669, Experian says 683, TransUnion says 662.
    Can somebody please clarify what a ‘good’ credit score is, numerically speaking? In other words, is my credit good, bad, average, terrible?? How long does it take to improve credit scores? (Weeks? Months?)

  • Tyesha says:

    what are the different credit score ranges for each risk level?
    i know it goes up to like 800, but what are the ranges for low risk, medium risk, medium-high risk, and high risk?

  • Darci says:

    Is 630 a decent credit score?
    We are looking to consolidate our debt (hopefully). They said my score is 651 and my husband’s is 630… but we both have been bogged down with medical bills… everything else is being paid on every month, on time.
    Medical bills is what is making my score so low.

  • Annett says:

    Is 700 a good credit score ?

  • Dawn says:

    My three credit scores have always been excellent, above 800. What would make Experian go down to 773, which is “Good” instead of excellent and at the same time Trans Union goes up from 803 to 811? Doesn’t make sense to me.

  • Loralee says:

    I have credit cards that I use and immediately pay-off once it shows on my activity. Is this something I can do to improve my credit score? Or should I leave the balance on the Credit card until the statement date and then pay off in full?
    Can you please tell me if I have to pay off the balance once it shows up on my activity or leave the balance on the credit card until the statement cycle and then pay in full when I get the statement in the mail? Which way will I be able to improve my FICO score?

  • Sherika says:

    In the Transunion credit score range of 221-950, what are the parameters? What equals a good score? 850? 800? 750?

  • Huey says:

    i want to see what my credir score is, but i don’t have a credit card at the moment, all the credit score places asks for a credit card number??? anybody have any websites where i can get a free credit report that doesn’t require a credit number!!! please help!!

  • Callie says:

    Is 677 a good credit score

  • Allan says:

    i just got my credit score 585 from one credit bureau and 620 from another. they both have information that is not up to date, ex the account was written off when i actually paid it in full. i have a school loan which im paying on time and should i obtain a credit card to help improve my credit worhtiness. any advice will help. thanks

  • Rebecca says:

    My husband has a 570 credit score and I have no credit score according to FICO but we both make great money. Can we get approved for a home loan? Neither of us have had any major purchases in over two years, and the major purchase we did have two years ago, we have paid on early every single month. We are desperately wanting a house, anyone know what I can do to get a good loan?

  • Arnoldo says:

    How much does canceling a credit card lower the credit score?

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