Boat Living – Our Absolute Favorite Economical Old Age Way of life

Sailboat residing… of all of the cheap retirement life life styles we’ve skilled because 1994… by far and away essentially the most entertaining was the time that we spent on our boat Shadowtime within the Carribbean.

We had no idea that a sailboat is essentially an RV that glides… motorboats, both sail and power, are completely do it yourself-included way of portable travelling.

Our 35 ft . boat was where we consumed, slept, and usually enjoyed ourself for 8 great decades.

Our eyes were opened up to the possibility of sailboat residing whenever we were in Saint. Thomas on a cruiseship… we took a shore excursion in addition to two other young couples in the cruise liner for any a number of hour or so adventure, over a 36 foot boat that’s the place to find two pleased and ordinary individuals… I became definitely amazed by the concept of living on a fishing boat from the time we moved up to speed.

If the luxury crusie ship still left the harbour that nighttime I went up prime and roasted the few 12 sailboats inside the Charlotte now Amalie harbour… and made the decision that people would toasted bread the cruise liners after they quit Street. Johnson from my very own boat within just five years.

We moved up the plan and made it happen in 4 years… to have us all set we required rental sailboat holidays inside the Uk Virgin mobile Destinations… to begin with using a Capt. and prepare food… later on we required a boat out by ourselves.

The last time we chartered on our own, called bareboat chartering, we that for three directly several weeks to find out if this life style really was for individuals… that presented us time enough to visit the grocery store repeatedly, the lending company, the post office, and do the far more boring items of everyday routine like having the trash through the vessel to some open public rubbish.

This final vehicles expertise led to an order individuals vessel from the Kemah, Tx location… where we traveled the world the vessel for the British Virgin Island destinations that very same 12 months… nine weeks and then final constitution.

For the next eight years we had the time of our own life, we were safe, spent almost no money… less than Money1000 30 days, remained healthful, and usually liked ourselves for the fullest.

Looking back on those ten decades, it turned out clear if you ask me that if we, without prior enjoying water sports encounter of any sort, can learn how to live correctly and with assurance with a vessel… i quickly need to come up with all the actions we latched onto get us to some life-style that we’ll never forget.

This can be done too.

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  • Jenell says:

    Hi, I am looking for a small 12ft to 14ft fishing boat (prefer Aluminum) thats some what cheap almost like a row boat with a 5hp outboard on it. I have checked craigs list and a bunch of dealers but there all like $1200 plus even if i get the boat without a motor any suggestions of a good place to get one, or a good boat in general. (companies..)
    I live in massachusetts USA.

  • Karyl says:

    I’ve seen a lot of these dual-hulled inflatable pontoon boats used in America for fly fishing and i’m interested in getting one for my father’s birthday.

    They’re also know as catarafts i think or as a variation of float tubes. They have two inflatable bladders with a seat suspended between and a bar to rest your feet on and they make great inflatable fishing boats. I can see plenty for sale in the US but none in the UK.

    Are there any businesses out there shipping these to the UK?

  • Denae says:

    other resources or any book that i can found the ranges of fishing boat (trawler)

  • Holli says:

    I am bringing a fishing boat to Key Largo (mile marker 95) in Feb 2008. Where can I launch/ store the boat for two months?

  • Fredia says:

    These are small (10 ft) fishing boats. They are sold at Dick’s Sporting Goods. I asked them. They don’t know>

  • Brock says:

    There are a few tiny spots on the aluminum fishing boat that are missing paint. Like tiny spots. Can I use auto touch up paint for them? Will it hurt the boat aluminum?

  • Warren says:

    Me and a few buddies live around the Tampa Fl area and are wanting to invest into a deep sea fishing boat, nothing to big. Just big enough for the 4 of us. And we don’t know what to get, nothing to expensive. Thanks for all the suggestions and have a great day

  • Gil says:

    I have a 2007 honda pilot 2wd and looking forward to buying a fishing boat, but I dont know how many lbs. the boat and trailer has to be under? And do I need the whole towing package or not for a 30 minutes flate road drive to the lake?

  • Sal says:

    I have an old Edson 16 ft. fiberglass boat which has been converted to a fishing boat with 2 captain’s chairs. I want to add a bench seat to the boat to be able to take the kids out fishing too but am not sure how to attach the wood framed bench (which I am planning on making) to the fiberglass floor of the boat. Does anyone have any ideas, suggestions, etc. I would assume that I could attach a wood framed bench to the floor using fiberglass/resin but I don’t know how to do that. Is there an easier way?

  • Roman says:

    I am researching a plot for a movie. It is about a fishing community. I need someone who was once a fishing boat captain, but is no longer. Can anyone come up with a “back story” (plausible) as to why he no longer captains a boat?

  • Tammy says:

    I am approaching retirement and live in Fleetwood, UK. I would like to buy a small fishing boat (not a yacht or anything with sails) to be able to fish away from the shore but maybe also to sail around the coast as well. Purely for personal pleasure not for professional gain. I would a) like to undertake the relevant courses/examinations to acquire the permitted certificates but I don’t know what they are, where they are or costs involved and b) the type of craft (small) that i would require. Can anyone out there please advise me. I would really appreciate that! Thanks

  • Darrell says:

    How many years can a commercial crab fishing boat last? I know that upkeep is critical, but let’s say that a boat is kept up really well, then how many years could it last?

  • Oscar says:

    I have a small 12 foot alum fishing boat with a small sonar and a 38# thrust trolling motor. I also have a 1yr old car battery (from a totalled car) available for use.

    I know the car battery isn’t a marine battery and that there’s a reason to use marine over auto batteries for boats, but I won’t hurt anything by using the car battery in the boat, will I? (Other than shortening the eventual life of the car battery.)

  • Maud says:

    How many years can a commercial crab fishing boat last? I know that upkeep is critical, but let’s say that a boat is kept up really well, then how many years could it last?

  • Leonardo says:


    my father is very interested in a fishing boat. or to be more exact, a fishing boat that has diesel engines, and able to live in it for a few days. he’s looking for a 25-32 footer. but there is a problem. he’s a bit of a tightwad, he’s only willing to spend 15,000 for such a boat (lol originally it was 6000). i was wondering if people actually sell boats like this at that price, and if they do, can anyone direct me to their website?

    and no he’s not expecting it to be new. oh and it the place must be in the state of Florida.
    thank you all for your info. i told my father from the start that this isn’t going to be a very easy thing to pull off, even with me having zero knowledge of boats i could tell that. we are from the Bahamas with no real idea about how to get around in America, florida is the only place we are slightly familiar with. but i’m sure i can convince him to take a relative who knows the country and travel out of the state of florida IF needed.

    as for what kind of boat, the link Mark T gave is the ideal boat he’s looking for. it will most likely be modified a little bit to hold a few fish pots with a wench that will be used to pull them up, at least that was his plan lol. diesel engines are needed due to the fact that where the fishing grounds we intend to use are a good distance away and a gas engine would be too hard on gas, with a gas engine it can make it to the fishing grounds and back, but that would mean refilling every time, something that would cut into his profits (yeah he plans to
    opps details got cut lol.

    (yeah he plans to do some light commercial fishing)

    i’ve tried looking for auctions but they don’t seem to work, that or i need to be a paid member to even see if the site has what he’s looking for. i’ve heard alot about those law actions but we have no idea how to track them down, even our family that lives in Florida can’t seem to find them. can someone please give the website and the street address to one of these law auctions in Florida, we’d be forever grateful

  • Leonardo says:

    good quality boats?

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