Bank Card Images On The Homepage Increase Income

Show Charge Card Art logos and Increase Internet Product sales

Whenever you are buying with a shop or support company whatever you end up finding whilst on the way to the entranceway are the business a long time, and a card logo design, showing what minute card varieties the store welcomes. Customers count on seeing this. From time to time the customer will vanish, and the keep doesn’t quite get from the transaction if they don’t see the images.

The ecommerce globe is not distinct! Studies have revealed that one of the first goods a web-based buyer looks for in your webpage is often a logo for a credit card. A logo design such as this is important, in this it informs the consumer of some points. 1st it explains to the potential purchaser you have a merchant account, like , and that you do welcome lender and credit cards. Next, the emblem shows the client expressly which playing cards you’ll consider. Final, although not least, seeing the charge card logo picture provides consumer with certainty. The consumer knows you are Inchesa genuine companyInches because the charge card emblem shows them which you have a web-based credit card merchant account and you also encouraged some kinds of charge cards.

To experience on the web good results, you must present customers with as many selections for repayment as is possible. At least, your credit card merchant account ought to let you go ahead and take right after types of credit cards: U . s . Convey, Mastercard, Discover, and Visa. By pleasing these kinds of cards, you’ll be about the same playing field as other retailers. When you usually do not demonstrate the charge card logos on your site, you can be sure, your visitors will keep looking till they uncover your competitor’s home page. When you experience existing site visitors in your site, adding a credit card picture will increase on the web revenue.

There are many new ways to present the cardboard logo design on the website. Once you subscribed to your internet processing account, you most likely received a welcome equipment within the email from your bank account processor chip. This pleasing equipment usually has duplicates of the charge card pictures. Should you be decent which has a scanner, then you can certainly check the art logos, change these phones an jpeg or presen format, and distribute them on the internet site. This technique just isn’t way too hard, but it’s certainly not the ultimate way to get the logo design on your internet site.

You will discover multiple sites online offering charge card logos. Some websites charge a fee on their behalf, some is not going to charge. Possessing carried out investigation about this issue, a thing that we found out is that there are tons of reduce quality art logos in the marketplace. In the event you a specialist web site, plus you’ve got an unhealthy quality credit card logo on your home page, what impact does giving your visitors?

Considering that we could hardly discover a single good remedy, we decided to style several web pages with the top free bank card logos available on the market. We’ve provided charge card trademarks in a variety of sizes, measurements and levels. We are delivering all of these logos zero cost. The operation is extremely simple. Have a look at world wide web.TakeCardsToday.internet, and click on the “Free of charge Bank Card EmblemIn . hyperlink. Over fifty exclusive images are all around totally free. Also included is an easy Inchesminimize and pasteInch code enabling you to basically reduce and stick it straight in your web coding. You will have bank card images in your site in seconds (and you’ll raise your on the web income). Only if you do not recognize html page, we shall set the credit card images on your internet home page to suit your needs (for free). Do not squander ever again time, display your totally free trademarks on your website today, and do not allow your credit card merchant account to go inactive.

This academic post was authored by Todd Nelson, Advertising and marketing Movie director for Money Vendor Remedies, Incorporated. ( world wide ) Funds Service provider Solutions has been in the web plastic card control company in excess of 10 years, and provides free plastic card pictures and no cost merchant accounts to internet organizations as well as retail corporations. The content might be republished on the situation that no changes are created, and also this final part is protected. Copyright 2007- Money Vendor Solutions,Inc – All legal rights reserved.


  • Pura says:

    I have a business and I need to charge my customers credit card,but don’t have the volume to justify the cost and ongoing exspense to establish a merchant account.Paypal is not an option.

  • Reanna says:

    I am opening a Gutter Business to install gutters on peoples homes. I was wondering, if you pay for someone to work at your house, to provide some service, how would you like to pay? Cash or Credit card? I am just wondering if I should get a Merchant account for my business. Thanks

  • Emmett says:

    I am starting my own online business and need to accept credit cards. I have looked at the services that paypal web payments standard have and like them. However i need to know if i have to have a merchant account or can i just use my own/business’s account ?

  • Norbert says:

    Is there anyway for me to add a credit card machine to my small business at home without having to pay monthly for these merchant accounts? Please be specific of how that works, and what specific machine would allow me to do this? can you link me?


  • Rubin says:

    What is the best way to accept credit card payments at fairs and markets without having a merchant account? Or is a merchant account a neccessity? Worldpay has been suggested but this is for the USA and not the UK. Any ideas? Thank you

  • Corey says:

    How will I collect credit card information from my on line clients? will the merchant account provider install that on my website?

  • Evan says:

    I am just beginning a website and want to accept credit cards. How much will a merchant account cost? Where is a good place to establish such an account? Thanks.
    Need a ballpark figure.

  • Gennie says:

    I signed up for a merchant account to accept credit cards for my new in-home business but my husband said that I probably made a big mistake cause they charge you a lot. I really didn’t see much writen about fees but he says there are probably tons of hidden ones, now I’m worried. It anyone in here has a merchant account could you give me a little more insight to them.

  • Arnold says:

    I just started my internet business and am accepting payments through paypal, but I need more features than paypal can provide me with, like one time offers and such, so I will need to get a merchant account and start accepting payments that way.

    Can anyone help me find out more about how to choose one?

  • Shawn says:

    Can you accept credit cards without a merchant account? or paypal?

  • Hillary says:

    I’m creating a website to sell some products and was wondering how I got about setting up a merchant account that will accept all credit cards. Do I need a business license? Also, do I need a separate tax I.D. for this particular merchant account or can I use my ssn? Thanks for any help.

  • Shanda says:

    I want to file some formal complaints involving my business merchant account and a credit card company. Trying to figure out the best way to go. Do I file a complaint with the state they are located in via attorney general? Appreciate any ideas.

  • Janita says:

    I am opening an online clothing store and I need to get a merchant account to accept credit cards. Bank of America takes 120 days to respond! (it says on their website) It’s way too long! I would like to start my online business as soon as possible without waiting 3 months for a response. Does it really take that long??? Do they at least have low fees???? And what type of fees can I expect? I am very new at this! :(

  • Denver says:

    You, the customer, are issued a credit card from a financial institution. Given your credit rating, you are allowed a certain monetary limit that you can spend with the credit card. When you go to make a purchase with the credit card, the merchant charges the credit card company the amount of the purchase. In about a month you receive a statement with all your charges and you are required to send a cheque of the amount you owe. The credit card company takes money out of your chequing account once they have received the cheque. Is this correct?

  • Nichelle says:

    I am starting a business and want to sell online. I cannot decide between an ebay store and selling directly on my website accepting credit cards with a merchant account. Anyone have experience with these two options?

  • Leo says:

    I’m starting an internet business and will need to accept credit card payments. Should I use something like paypal or should I just get my own merchant account and payment gateway? From my initial testing, my sales look very promising and I’m expecting a lot of business.

  • Nestor says:

    What are the tax and legal implications of accepting payments on behalf of someone else? Say I built a software product to help someone manage their service and it also allowed them the ability to process credit cards (with my merchant account) through that software…Do people do this? Clearly ebay does it by the very nature of Paypal. How does this work? How can one build a competing business model?

  • Jeff says:

    Is there any way to do this?

    I pay an individual (not a company) a large sum of money per month, and I would like to pay him with my VISA debit card so I can get miles from my expense. He cannot accept credit cards and he will not set up a merchant account or even a PayPay account. Other than that, he’s flexible. As long as he gets the money, he doesn’t care how he gets it (other than the above restrictions).

  • Reid says:

    Hi, I am suppose to start freelancing for that i need an online transaction account. So I just wanted to know what is the difference between normal and merchant account ? Also can I use my bank account for that or debit card ? Is it compulsory to have credit card ?
    All answers appreciated.

  • Lupe says:

    My merchant account service provider(credit cards) refuses to give me my money back. It is a well known corporation based in Utah. Is there a lawyer I can contact? Please help if you can. I need to sue for the total lost funds and all attorney fees. Also, the amount is $7000. Is that too small for many attorneys to handle? I contact them many times but they refuse to give me my money back.

  • Darrick says:

    I own a restaurant and need some extra money for remodeling etc . I was told you can get a cash advance on your credit card merchant account instead of going through the process of a regular loan but I’m not sure. Anyone heard of have any experience with these? Do you need good credit to qualify?
    I am asking specifically about credit card merchant advances, not fundraisers, grants etc.

  • Fred says:

    Starting an Online Shopping Store…If someone buys online with a credit card, how long does it take before I can withdraw the funds from the purchase, from my bank account after it goes through with my merchant account?

  • Noel says:

    Is it standard to pay a small fee, like .25 per credit card swipe plus the interest fee with all merchant service accounts?

  • Taren says:

    I am planning to start an online business (e-commerce) and I need to accept credit cards online. it is really hard to get a merchant account from banks as they have many requirements. Not good for start-up businesses like mine.

    Can you please suggest a good online merchant account provider for an online business?

  • Madeleine says:

    Hey guys,

    We are based in India, we are running online tech support to provide online technical support to people in US and Canada. And for the same we need to accept payments from them through credit cards. We have tried contacting several merchant account providers for the same and most of them have denies by saying that they don`t provide merchant services for tech support business anymore, some of them needs processing history (which we do not have being a start-up). Can anyone suggest what would be the best way to get merchant account / payment gateway for online technical support business. We need high risk merchant service, so we avoid companies like paypal, 2co, alertpay and all. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

  • Dwain says:

    Do I need a merchant account from my bank to accept credit cards on my online store?

    Would I need one if I used PayPal exclusively?

  • Su says:

    I’m a self-publishing writer and wish to sell my own books myself online, I have a website but it’s not e-commerce ready, and I don’t wish to get a merchant account or internet terminal so I can accept credit cards from costomers, instead I wish to find a site where I can list my books at or even just refer books buyesr to it, and they take care of accepting money from byuers, deduct their commissions and deposit my share into my credit card. Is there such a thing?

  • Clayton says:

    I am setting up a merchant account and I’m wondering how long it will take before I see the money in my account after processing. Also does it differ depending on the credit card? (Amex, Discover Visa)

  • Annabell says:

    I am just beginning a website and want to accept credit cards. How much will a merchant account cost? Where is a good place to establish such an account? Thanks.

  • Clarisa says:

    Can anyone recommend a low fee and % merchant account in order to accept credit cards at my shop? I think Chase is giving the card machine for no fee with their merchant services. Any others?

  • Linwood says:

    I just recently started a new business and I need to be able to accept credit cards (preferably electronic fund transfer included). However, I have extremely poor credit and I am wondering if there is some way to still get some sort of merchants account. Any suggestions?

  • Sheldon says:

    1. If someone stole other people’s credit card and make a purchase on a web site, and the victim filed a dispute with the credit card company, the website merchant will receive a chargeback. What should the merchant do to avoid this type chargeback record, especially the web site offers online services which is not tangible goods?

    2. Even the merchant proved that this is someone else’s fraudulent transaction, will the fraudulent transaction amount counted toward the charegeback amount in the merchant’s merchant account? Who will suffer as a victim here – the merchant service bank or the merchant or the credit card issuer? It doesn’t make sense to hold the merchant responsible for the fraud since this is an online transaction and there is no way the merchant can prevent this, especially the fraudulent transaction has the correct 3-digit or 4-digit number and correct street address.

    3. what should you do? report to the police and get the police to catch those people?

  • Brock says:

    I want to create a credit card merchant company. That runs debit cards also. Visa, Mastercard, Discover etc etc. What kind of servers and software is needed? I need to also know what type of regulations I need to follow. Also how much a year this industry makes a year? From the ground up what do I need? Can someone ever answer this question? I always get dead ends.

  • Hobert says:

    I am shopping around to find the best solution to charge my customers (in store) who pay with credit cards, and the cheapest too.
    I was looking at Quickbooks credit card processing software, and it seems like a good deal. But do I have to have a merchant account in order to use it?


  • Nestor says:

    1. If someone stole other people’s credit card and make a purchase on a web site, and the victim filed a dispute with the credit card company, the website merchant will receive a chargeback. What should the merchant do to avoid this type chargeback record, especially the web site offers online services which is not tangible goods?

    2. Even the merchant proved that this is someone else’s fraudulent transaction, will the fraudulent transaction amount counted toward the charegeback amount in the merchant’s merchant account? Who will suffer as a victim here – the merchant service bank or the merchant or the credit card issuer? It doesn’t make sense to hold the merchant responsible for the fraud since this is an online transaction and there is no way the merchant can prevent this, especially the fraudulent transaction has the correct 3-digit or 4-digit number and correct street address.

    3. what should you do? report to the police and get the police to catch those people?

  • Polly says:

    What is the best merchant account servive? I need a cheap one. One that has their own shopping basket. The more features they have the better. I need this to accept credit cards online for my software website.

  • Reyna says:

    I’m starting my own online business and need to process credit cards. I’m familiar with paypal and clickbank but would like to see if getting a merchant account with credit card processing features be a better fit for my business.

    However, I know that many banks do not like internet businesses, so is there a company that specializes in this type of accounts?

  • Miguel says:

    What is a merchant account number exactly? I’m trying to enter a new payee in my online billing with my local bank. Is the merchant account number my credit card number?

  • Garnet says:

    I’m trying to pay someone by debit or credit card but nobody likes paypal. Is there an iPhone app or something online that will let me send money without going through the whole bank merchant account and that doesn’t require me to send them my credit card numbers?

  • Stewart says:

    Hi guys, thanks for reading this thread!
    I am trying to make my eBay selling account to accept credit cards payment.
    I have upgraded my PayPal account to premier account and now it gives me a merchant ID, and there is a merchant account-credit card payment option on my ebay checkout, but without a payment gateway, eBay asks buyer to contact seller how to pay with a credit card.
    And now I am confused, I don’t want to pay for a payment gateway, because my sale volume is not that high, so the fees are expensive to me.
    Bottom line, Now I have a merchant ID, how do I advice buyer to pay with a credit card?

  • Phil says:

    I have just started an online store and I only accept pay pal because the fees for a regular credit card merchant account are outragous. Do you think this will effect my sales or will most people be ok with checking out pay pal. I plan on eventually offering both but not for at least a year.

  • Karyl says:

    I need a merchant account to process credit cards online, can I open one online?

  • Ashlie says:

    PayPal limited my account for bogus reasons and i am sick of them anyways so i would like to sell on eBay without having to use PayPal. Now it is to my understanding that i can create something called a merchant account that will allow me to use my credit card to accept Payments. Now, how do i go about doing that?
    So is there any way around PayPal??

  • Candida says:

    For an e-commerce site targeted at consumers living in Dubai, what is the best option for online payments?

    Who are the leading merchant account providers and payment gateway services operating in the UAE and what currency are citizens most comfortable in using to pay online in? Do most residents hold credit cards or do they prefer to pay using bank transfers or PayPal like services?

    Are there any governmental regulations I should be aware of?

  • Ralph says:

    I have a customer that wants to pay with a credit card today but I don’t have a merchant account.
    I know PayPal does it if my customer doesn’t want to use paypal then there is nothing I can do about that.

    Does anyone know a company that doesn’t take 2-5 days to set up?


  • Emmett says:

    Our company is planning to open an online store and accept online payments using Paypal (which we know can be used for credit card payments).
    We are already an accredited credit card merchant, so do we need to get another MERCHANT ACCOUNT in order to accept credit card payments ONLINE?
    Also, will ONLINE INVOICES created in Paypal be enough for BIR/government audit?

  • Shin says:

    I would like to accept credit cards for my small photography business. There are a number of companies out there offering to sell merchant numbers. Has anyone had a merchant number or know a company that is good to work with. Ideally I would like to run the credit cards over the internet as I don’t have a land line phone but will be selling more like retail.

  • Cecila says:

    I didnt see any phone option on a paypal merchant account. Is there an online site that I can just enter the credit card numbers and the total bill, and they can process this for me? For a percentage?

  • Tashina says:

    I am a 33 year old male and I just laid off from my banking job and I am considering getting into outside sales selling credit card machines and other services to small businesses. The job is 100% commission and it is extremely appealing to me. The company basically sets up appointments for me and I got out and sell small businesses on saving money on their merchant account . Im scared to try it because Im not sure if its a secure income. On the other hand, I dont want to go back to work a 9 to 5 job because I like the freedom that being an independant sales gives me. Can someone tell me if outside sales is a lucrative career ? What about the competition ? Can you make consistant income from it ? Is the merchant bankcard business a good business to be in ?

  • Matt says:

    I have a website that sells things, online and would like to accept credit cards. But in order to have a merchant account I need to have some proof of business. What is the simplest way to get some proof of business without registering the business?


  • Ronnie says:

    I’m posting this question on my Mother’s behalf. She recently got a Chase Visa card which is linked to our house and the equity on it. She’d like to buy a car in Australia, and doesn’t want to incur the 3% merchants credit card free on a $2XXXX car. Would she be able to transfer money from the equity credit card to her Australian Bank account?

    Thanks in Advance,


  • Bobbie says:

    Of course it will be 1/10000 of services StormPay provides , but if I wanted to offer my website members the ability to add funds using their credit cards to their accounts , and then use it to transfer money to their friends or shopping in affiliated websites ( with mine ) ,, do I need a merchant account , payment gateway or what exactly ,,, sorry I’m not familiar with such issues.

  • Danette says:

    I have a friend who want to launch an online store but doesn’t want the hassle of opening her own merchant account.
    PayPal would be fine but she knows there are still sales that would be lost without the ability to accept regular credit cards.

    Are there any online ‘malls’ that can accept credit cards for you?

  • Denae says:

    We will probably have more credit card transactions than cash.
    Please advise. Thank you!

  • Evita says:

    got an accounting question, that I am not sure about…

    The Credit Card Expense column would most likely be found in
    a. the purchase journal
    b. the cash payments journal
    c. the sales journal
    d. the cash receipts journal
    e. all the special journals

  • Georgette says:

    Just found out today, while going over the details of my credit card activity, that there is someone in NY (I’m in OH) that is buying things with my credit card number!!! And they are actually swiping a card! There is only 2 cards with that account number and me and my husband have them in our possession!!

    How can this be?

    Thankfully we aren’t being held liable for the fraudulent charges, and I’ve contacted the merchants in NY that the card was swiped at, and they are going to go over security tapes to see who it is.

  • Roman says:

    Please i want to apply for a credit crad but am soooooo confused and really want this ff questions kindly answered best for me.1.Which credit crad is the best and less problematic in using?(Visa or Mastercard?) 2.Which is the best to purchase,ie mostly used everywhere or accepted aalmost everywhere in the US? 3.Which is the best to use,Credit cards or Debit ccards? 4.Why do sooooo many people complain about having bad credits,debts,huge bills etc on their credit cards? 4,How do i apply for a credit card,do i need a bank account first,and with what bank? 5.How can i have the best credit card usage history without debts,bad credits etc? 6.Do i pay fees on the credit crad am gonna use monthly? 7.Is it safe buying online with your credit card even if the receipient talks about security of credit cards info?Kindly advise me on the best pleasssssssssse.

  • Izola says:

    is cardservice international a good merchant account to use?

  • Yolonda says:

    alright so i bought this item on ebay and it’s paid for and everything, im just wondering where does my credit card number go? and what happens when i recieve my item, does the person i gave it to keep it?

  • Imelda says:

    My company is in process of creating a POS software. We have a merchant account for credit card processing that charges us a discount rate of 1.56%. We want to offer the POS and as a value add (and benefit to us) do their credit card processing as well. We want to charge them say 2.5% discount rate and take the difference for processing the payments. It’s great for them since they don’t have to get their own merchant account or payment gateway.

    My main question is, are there any possible legal issues with using this method? Do I have anything at all that I would have to do in order do this without repercussions?


  • Jordan says:

    is there a way to bill a credit card if im a small repair shop without a merchant account?

  • Zelda says:

    Someone got ahold of my credit card and made a couple of purchases totaling about $100. The credit card company is crediting the money back to my account and issuing me a new card. I am assuming there will be some sort of investigation about the charges.

    I am curious how the company goes about “investigating” these charges. The reason I ask is because I feel like I have an idea of who made the purchases. I put the card in my sisters name also and gave it to her for emergencies. Her daughter has used it in the past to buy gas or groceries, and I believe it may have been her daughter who used it based on the purchases. I did ask my sister if she thought it was her daughter and she said no, that her daughter has not had the card. I think she may be covering for her.

    I don’t really care either way, since the charges are being credited back. But I am worried because if it is my sister or her daughter, I do not want them to get in trouble with the CC company, and I myself do not want to get in trouble. Credit card fraud is very serious.

    Should I be worried? The total of the purchases was only about $110, will the CC even investigate for such a small amount?

  • Dawne says:

    what do they do? and whats the difference between checking and a credit card?

  • Clara says:

    we are looking for merchant account plz

  • Rosa says:

    Which card is safer for online shopping ?????
    I have an idea about debit and credit card but i don’t have any idea about a paypal

  • Rubin says:

    I am thinking of using Google Checkout for my website. I was curious if anyone has experience using it as a merchant? Can you process individuals credit card information manually? Is there an option for that so I can by pass having them enter into google and do it themselves. The idea is to be able to collect payment if I’m at a trade show, etc and enter the payment information later.


  • Mahalia says:

    So, I’m working on building my credit. Here’s what I have:

    – Car loan (cosigned w/ 8 mos perfect payment history)
    – Credit card (secured w/ 10 mos perfect payment history)
    – Credit union loan (secured w/ 2 mos perfect payment history)
    – Jewelery Store account (w/ 2 mos perfect payment history)

    The jewelery store is Crown Jewelers, and they have a “no credit check” program. If you make a down payment, they’ll issue you a nice sized credit line and report to all 3 bureaus. I’m looking for another merchant card like this with no credit check because the collection accounts I’m working on removing are hurting my score so bad I can’t qualify for anything decent.

    Does anyone know of another store like that?

    Even if a purchase and down-payment is required — that’s ok.

  • Taryn says:

    I see many jobs advertising for merchant credit card services and payment solutions. How competitive a career is this? Can anyone recommend some good companies to work for?

  • Reuben says:

    I want to accept credit cards on my website, problem is that it’s very hard to find any company that does this, especially for a Canadian…

    Any recommendation?

  • Fletcher says:

    Do merchant account providers give free terminals? any referrals? I wanna expand my market and I cant do that by just accepting cash or checks.

  • Evita says:

    All of our buisness’ equiptment and vehicles have been financed without personal guarantor. We would like to accept credit cards for our services, but will not put our personal numbers on the contract.

  • Liliana says:

    I need credit card payment to sent the buyer or customer to fill out their credit card for payment receive without merchant account.. I dont want Paypal and Google Checkout.. so I had bad credit, Just need anyone know what the website for me to apply new member became Seller without use merchant account?? for example Alertpay without use merchant account and Paypal and Googlecheckout and Moneybookers.. Moneybooker arent available for usa right now only UK? help me find without use merchant for need trhough credit card payment thank

  • Oswaldo says:

    I have a debit card, but I wonder what would be the difference if I got a credit card.

  • Evelyne says:

    how i use
    how i take a credit card
    & which bank
    if any problem then tell me

  • Pierre says:

    I need to process credit cards for customers of my small business.
    I own a computer repair shop – service, sales, and support.
    Most of my transactions are between $50-150.
    I get between 3-15 CC transactions per month.

    Here is what I would like to be able to do:
    Have a phisical terminal that allows me to swipe a card in person for a low rate.
    Be able to process online through the merchant website in case it is an on-site job or internet sale.
    Maybe if they have an app for the iPhone that would be a bonus. Not necessary, but would like.
    No setup, annual, rental, termination, cancelation, equipment, minimum, etc. fees. No BS.
    I just want to pay a low monthly rate, and low transaction fee. PERIOD.


  • Marg says:

    Why do merchants prefer credit cards to debit cards although the former are more expensive for them? I have seen many a places (esp online) where merchants even refuse to accept the debit cards.

    I understand why credit cards are better for liquid customers (who enjoy the interest free loan if they pay the bills on time), networks and the banks (they get the commission) but I fail to understand what would merchants gain accepting credit cards when they have a choice of accepting a relatively inexpensive and almost equivalent medium of payment in the form of debit cards. Anticipating higher sales doesn’t sound very convincing to me!

  • Terri says:

    I have been using debit cards for a long time. I know they work by simply debiting the expenditure on your bank account. But I have seen that most merchants prefer credit card. I know the reason well. It is simply because merchants who deal with customer using debit cards first have to confirm that they have sufficient funds in their accounts and then proceed with the payment, which demands a real time communication between the bank and the merchant. This contrasts with the credit card as they do not require any such confirmation, because any time you use it you lend money.

    Now I would like to know how do people pay off their credits? (whether deducted from bank account or paid “physically”). I have heard that some people get credit card bill. What is it? Does only a bank issue a credit card? Does the bank or the issuer charges any interest? Are credit cards related to bank accounts? (Is it required that I must have a bank account)

  • Pura says:

    I usually go to different places…merchants etc.

    When doing transactions with my visa card they ask me to give them the card..but at times you never know what kind of people you’re dealing with so if for any reason they note down your credit card account number along with all the info like….expiry date and all.. what kind of measure should I take…even if apparently there are not transactions done on my statement…it’s just the thought of knowing that someone may have wrote it down and what not.

    can someone give me some advice as to how I should deal with such parties…(though you never know the good from the bad)

  • Youlanda says:

    This is a “follow up” questions from my previous question…
    I currently have VISA but I do visit Europe a few times a year (major cities though): London, Frankfurt, Munich, and Paris. Is it still true that many places in Europe only takes Mastercard but not VISA?
    also, how does closing an account (credit card) affects my credit? and how badly would it hurt my credit?

  • Jake says:

    I need to create groups of accounts for a company in Tally or other accounting software. I have 2 merchant accounts with different credit card companies. One of them credits my account in their bank and only sends me a statement of amount and commissions – other sends me a cheque after deducting the commissions. – How do I account for such accounts while making entries in to accounting software? Thanks for your time and help.
    I appreciate your answer Mr. Soni. My question was for a merchant account where customers pay me using their credit cards and then I receive the amount from credit card company. One directly credits my account with them while the other sends me a cheque. How do I open these accounts – under which group? Thanks again for your time.

  • Rodolfo says:

    how can i get this funds back whitout hiring a lawyer they holding funds i have no charged backs, need answer?

  • Cecila says:

    Has you used Costco’s Merchant Credit Card Processing?? What can you tell me about it?
    Or tell me about others that you use.

    Thanks! :-)

  • Dawn says:

    As a seller, I dont want to just be limited to pay pal options for my buyers. How can I set it up so they can just type in their credit card number as a guest and i will recieve payment

  • Coy says:

    I recently purchased something online from a merchant, and it was one of those “buy 6 or more and get a discount on each item”, so the order went through and i got charged for the 6 items with the discount

    a few hours later, they charged me for the difference of the item without the discount without notifying me (i found out via automatic alerts to credit card charges)

    are they allowed to do that? can i dispute the extra charge since it wasn’t on the receipt they sent me?

    example of situation:
    item A cost $2, but if i buy a quantity of 6 item As, then it will be $1 each instead

    thus, if i buy 6, it will be $6 instead of $12

    on my order receipt, i was charged $6, then a few hours later, i was charged the difference $12-$6, as if they took back their discount

    Can i dispute this with the credit card company/bank?

  • Tena says:

    A couple months ago, two of my credit cards (I currently have 3) were reissued due to what the card companies claimed were break-ins to merchant databases (they happened within weeks of each other). Both are the oldest accounts on my credit history, aside from school loans. Since the card numbers had to be changed and the first cards were shut down and the balances transferred, will that negatively impact my credit score?

  • Cliff says:

    are the policies like not checking for ID but verifying signature still apply to bank card being used to purchase as credit transaction.

  • Wes says:

    I own my own business, and would like to know the best way to accept credit cards. Thanks.
    You misunderstood me, Consulting. I want to be a credit card merchant-to be able to accept peoples credit cards as payment for my services. I already have credit cards.

  • Elbert says:

    My wording could be off but…
    Can a credit card company deny you from using their card because you pay on time and they are not making any money in terms of interest off of you ?

  • Selina says:

    I want to use a Credit Card for marketing in my home through internet and as I Travel extensively I am but to own it.

  • Harley says:

    So, to process credit cards as a business, do you apply for a merchant account at your BANK? OR, are companies like and intuit the merchant account providers?? Confused! :(

  • Jermaine says:

    i know it’s not totally free, but what else can I derive from this merchant account? thanks everyone! :)

  • Josette says:

    If I buy some shoes and they dont accept paypal but only major credit cards…….where will the payment be deposited??

    Will it be deposited into their checking account or something?

  • Ayako says:

    I recently submitted an application for a business credit card merchant account. It is an existing business with an existing merchant account with another company. This new provider wants me to give them my social security number even though the company has its own EIN/tax ID. Why would they want my social? Does this open me up to financial liabilities of the company? I know if they hard pull my credit information, this has a negative impact on my personal credit rating. The other option is to jump through hoops of sending several years tax returns and months of bank statements. What is the best course of action?
    We have been in business for almost 7 years so it is not from lack of history.
    This is not for a business credit card, it is for a merchant account to process credit cards.

  • Scot says:

    Hi, I am looking at something on eBay and I am looking at spending 7000 pounds, if I bought the item could I use my credit card (through PayPal) to pay for the item and what, if any fees would this result in? Would the seller then just be able to transfer the money to his bank or would this incur fees? Also, if I paid through PayPal and then phoned them could they push the payment through straight away? Thanks

  • Warren says:

    I run a small landscaping business, and once in awhile (not very often) I get a request from someone who wishes to pay with credit card. Because I rarely get this request, it’s not worth my time/money to set up a merchant account, however, I don’t want to lose business by not having the ability to accept credit cards. Is there a service available, with which one can accept credit cards on an as-needed basis….something that’s not too horribly expensive?

    I should add that I’d be working with payments in the multiple $1000’s. An average job might be 10K (most of this goes towards purchasing materials/labor) when all is said and done. I’m looking for an option to PayPal, as I think their fees would kill me, with the above amounts in mind.

  • Shanta says:

    Can someone please describe what a merchant account is? Also what are some good companies to go with?

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